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Not your average after school special. She Is Millennial was created for military spouses, stay at home parents, virtual assistants, and entrepreneurs to have a place to go to chat about careers, mindset, & millennial life mixed with satire & anxiety.


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Not your average after school special. She Is Millennial was created for military spouses, stay at home parents, virtual assistants, and entrepreneurs to have a place to go to chat about careers, mindset, & millennial life mixed with satire & anxiety.




Welcome Back: 100 Day Challenge

Have you ever started something and just forgot it even existed.... or ever found yourself at the beginning of the year planning to do all the new things, and then October comes around, and you have done nothing that you set out to. That's what this episode is all about! But with a semi-plan in place, I'm going to challenge myself to attempt to accomplish everything that was initially on my list in January of 2022! I invite you to join me on this journey as I set out to ride a horse, fly a...


What is She Is Millennial

I dive into where I’ve been and why did I changed the podcast name from stay at home profit. I also explain why I named it She Is Millennial and what does it mean!


Leadership and Goal Setting with Claudia Bazaar

In this episode, I talk with Claudia Bazaar about leadership and goal setting. Claudia is a military spouse and she is an executive director and a mom. She used to be a Government Travel Agent for years until she got introduced to direct sales. Now she’s in her position now for 10 years! Together we talk about the importance of seeking the right job until you figure out what works for you, big why’s, and goal setting. [1:03] Meet Claudia Bazaar [1:55] Claudia talks about her backstory...


So Whats Your Soul Purpose? With Guest Hailey Noa

In today’s episode, we’ve invited Hailey Noa. Hailey focuses on helping millennial women uncover their Soul Purpose and change careers so that they can finally do the work they are meant to do in this lifetime. We go into her amazing and brave decision leaving her career in Law and redefining herself with purpose. In less than 2 years time, she has helped 100+ women on their journey of uncovering their Soul Purpose and creating their destiny life. Together in this episode, we can uncover...


Lead Yourself - Mindset with Megan Maundrell

Lead Yourself - Mindset with Megan Maundrell In today’s episode, we’ve invited Megan Maundrell. She’s a photographer that has dove extremely deep into that Mindset thing that everyone is always talking about. And it could not have been a better choice for her. I’m sure if you’ve gotten into the online/digital business world you’ve heard people say mindset this, mindset that. And if you’re anything like I was, you’re probably thinking “Okay yeah great, but when do we get to the tactics, when...


Why Mompreneurs Fail and Why You Need To Be Unapologetically Profit Producing with Guest Brittany May

Why Mompreneurs Fail and Why You Need To Be Unapologetically Profit Producing with Guest Brittany May In today’s episode, I talk with Brittany May about what she does to help mompreneurs from all around the globe. Brittany is a military spouse entrepreneur and mother of 2. She’s built brick and mortar businesses, online businesses, and everything in between, including a 7-figure business! I think it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing. Now she’s focused on helping mom entrepreneurs...


Scaling your business without signing on more clients or upping your pricing

In this episode, we talk about passive income and how you can utilize this method to scale your business without trading a massive amount time, adding on more clients, and raising your prices. What you will learn: [1:16] What is passive income? [2:22] How to scale your income without adding more clients to your portfolio. [3:01] Method 1 - Get into the Education space and have “VIP days” [3:45] Method 2 - Create digital downloadable assets and products. [5:50] Different types of...


How to kick Burnout’s Ass (Also what the heck is burnout?)

How to kick Burnout’s Ass (Also what the heck is burnout?) In today’s episode I’m gunna get a little deep about something that has been affecting me lately. Burnout. It creeps in and sneaks up on you like nothing you’ve ever seen. But I’m gunna teach you how to deal with it! What you will learn: [0:40] Why I haven’t been uploading podcasts! [1:23] What we are going to talk about today on the podcast. [2:02] What the heck is burnout? [2:25] “We are at a greater risk of burnout today,...


How One Mistake Cost $5000 - All Things SEO with Jarod Spiewak

Check out the show notes for this excellent podcast episode with Jarod Spiewak. 1:28 April introduces Jarod Spiewak, the CEO and lead strategist of Blue Dog Media, a boutique marketing agency 2:00 Jarod talks about how he got started in online marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and his first VA jobs 5:40 April asks Jarod about what he did to take the next step in his career (Upwork and web development) 8:50 Jarod gives his expert opinion on how SEO...


Lean Out to Level Up with guest Crista Grasso

In today’s episode, you meet Crista Grasso,"Business Optimizer", Crista has the ability to quickly cut through the noise and focus on optimizing the core things that will make the biggest impact right now to grow and scale your business. She specializes in helping businesses identify the most important things they should focus on right now that will drive maximum value for their customers and maximum profits for their business. We dive into how to achieve balance when you grow and scale...


Leaving Corporate and the "American Dream" with Guest Veronica Sagastu

Presenting this episode’s show notes with guest Veronica Sagastu. 2:00 April asks Veronica Sagastu what led her to leave her 9-5 corner office for her home office.(Veronica was a chief operating officer at a financial service company in the silicon valley) 5:00 Veronica describes her breakdown that led to her breakthrough. (Not always about the money or the healthcare. It’s about thinking bigger and in the longer term) 10:00 April inquires Veronica regarding what was going through her...


Working from Home: What It Takes with guest Shannyn Lee

In today’s episode, you meet Shannyn Lee, We dive into what it takes to work remotely and from home. Get ready to learn what remote work looks like, what it takes from multiple perspectives, and what it can look like from a team or supporting role. What you will learn: [1:48] Shannyn talks about her professional backstory and who she is. [6:39] The lightbulb moment that made Shannyn fully commit leaving her corporate side of work. [12:15] Specifics on how to work from home [13:05] the...


Military Spouse Finds Remote Side Hustle Unexpectedly with Guest Stacy Currie with Semper Savage

In today’s episode, you meet Stacy Currie: Military Spouse, mother, teacher of teachers, and of course entrepreneur. Listen to her incredible journey. What you will learn: [1:09] Stacy talks about her backstory and who she is. [3:43] It all started with red wine vinaigrette. Stacy talks about how her entrepreneurial journey started and how her husband’s love for salad created a “World Famous Dressing” [9:39] April asks if Stacy ever had doubts or questioned their decision to build a...


How to Repurpose Content Like a Boss

Hey listeners! Here are the show notes for today's awesome podcast! 0:50 April reveals the biggest issue with entrepreneurship and remote careers. 1:00 April is excited to announce that she will be a break-out speaker at Podfest Global Summit 2020 and she will be covering how you can save yourself 10 hours a month through content re-purposing. 1:50 Aprils reveals her top 10 tips and tricks for content re-purposing (audio mash-ups, quote cards, blog posts, demo reels, and more!) Link to...


5K VA Series Pt. 4: Corporate to Entrepreneur with Kiri Mohan

Here are this episode's Show Notes with guest Kiri Mohan. 0:56 April talks about an amazing partnership with Kiri that has actually already been announced. Find out more on April's LIVE Training this week! 2:00 Kiri tells her story of her first jobs, college, and careers out of college. 4:30 Kiri’s major career change to a full-time Virtual Assistant. 7:30 April asks Kiri what are the key steps towards signing-on clients. 12:00 Kiri talks about how she got her first clients. 14:00 Kiri...


Is AI The Future of Social Media? With Special Guest Arjun Rai from Hellowoofy

Here are the show notes for this amazing podcast episode: 1:40 Arjun Rai introduces his company, Hellowoofy, a marketing platform driven entirely by AI. Website: Instagram Account: @hellowoofy 2:30 Arjun talks about the amazing inventions he made for his home, even including a couple for his cats! 4:15 Arjun describes the problems of the small-business owners today, working without the data that is available to the larger marketing companies of the...


7 Types of Clients You Should FIRE Today!

Check out my onboarding templates and processes: CLICK HERE! In today’s episode, you will learn about 7 different types of clients that you should definitely avoid. Most people think “Oh I’ll just take every client, I can handle it”. Well, I have to say from my experience, that's not always the case. Some clients make your life so much worse, and no amount of money can make up for it. Today I’ll go over the top 7 types of clients that I’ve dealt with over the years. And also how to deal...


3 Amazing Military Associated Companies For You To Check Out!

3 Amazing Military Associated Companies For You To Check Out! In today’s episode, I go over something a little different: I highlight 3 amazing Military run or associated companies that are helping make the Military community that much better. Each of these companies has something different to bring to the table and all of them are doing amazing work in our community! Listen in to discover how to write a killer resume, or if that's not your poison, maybe where to join a community of...


My Thoughts on Current Events and Where I Stand

My Thoughts on the Current Events and Where I Stand. In today’s episode, I’ll go over something a little different. Instead of interviewing a high paid VA or teaching a way to make money at home, I’ll get a little personal with you. Right now in May 2020 things have changed a lot. More so than anyone could have predicted. And I am not saying that this is a bad thing. Actually to the contrary, I know this is needed now more than ever. So here it is, my thoughts on George Floyd’s death,...


5K VA Series Pt. 3: From Russian Language Instructor for the Military to Virtual Assistant Agency Owner with Oxana Romanyuk

5K VA Series Pt. 3:From Russian Language Instructor for the Military to Virtual Assistant Agency Owner with Oxana Romanyuk In today’s episode you meet the lovely Oxana Romanyuk for a 5k VA Series Interview! The 5K VA (Virtual Assistant) Series is all about VA’s in the industry that are making minimum 5k per month consistently. Throughout this series you will see the real potential of becoming a Virtual Assistant and what kind of income is possible Oxana Romanyuk is the founder of Remote...