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Motivational Monday Podcast by Jim and Lucy Woods is here to inspire you for amazing beginnings every week! Our special guests will equip you with the tools, skills and motivation you need. Sometimes, all we need is the right idea and supportive word at the right moment of time! More about us:




Motivational Monday Podcast by Jim and Lucy Woods is here to inspire you for amazing beginnings every week! Our special guests will equip you with the tools, skills and motivation you need. Sometimes, all we need is the right idea and supportive word at the right moment of time! More about us:




Motivation to Fight Depression - Meet Brian Sachetta

We understand the difficulty you're facing, but it's crucial to actively navigate your way out of the 'rabbit hole' you may feel trapped in. While it's undoubtedly challenging, investing in self-improvement is essential, much like many other aspects of life. Remember, you're not alone in this journey, as there is ample support available to assist you. Our guest today will provide further insights into this matter. Meet Brian Sachetta Sponsor of the month - - beautiful digital art for your marketing and inspiration!


Laughter is the Best Happiness Hack - Meet Cathy Nesbitt

It is amazing how many 'secret tools' are out there, and we've shared many before. Yet, the simplest one and one of the most effective is often overlooked. Laughter. Listen to our special guest and enjoy her expertise on how laughter can change your life for the better. Motivational Monday Podcats's Sponsor of the Month:


Overcoming Overeating with Joy - Meet Bracha Goetz

How can we break the cycle of overeating? Often touted as a crucial factor in weight loss, overcoming this challenge can be daunting. Is it truly as difficult as it seems? Enter the "pleasure ladder" – a potential solution. But what exactly are the steps to navigate this ladder effectively? Join us as we delve into this topic with our special guest, Bracha Goetz, to gain insights and strategies for managing our relationship with food. Motivational Monday Podcast's Sponsor of the Month -


Creating a ’Wild and Free’ Life - Meet Alise Saunders

The term 'digital nomad' has been misunderstood and misinterpreted for a long time. It has been perceived as a lifestyle of hippies who are forever smoking and staying in cheap hostels. Yet, it is different. You see, nowadays, digital nomads travel the world living their dream with luxury accommodations, experiences and the dream - not a hippy lifestyle at all. Our today's guest decided she would live her dream, so she has done so for 900+ days to date - in style and happily. Learn more about what you can do to let go of fears and start living your dream. Meet Alise Saunders and work with her today -


Making Small Steps Towards Big Life - Meet Diane Randall

Making small steps toward your big life - how can you do so? It sounds simple, and it is, in fact, simple if you know what you are doing, what the goal is, and you have the right tools to work with. Our today's guest has the right tools to help you on that journey! Meet our special guest - Diane Randall Work with Diane -


Women’s Brain is No Longer a Mystery - Meet MJ Rachal

Have you mastered the relationships? Have you found your soulmate partner? What is your ideal relationship model? Is there a roadmap? Remember that old joke about the 'how to understand women' heavy book that is blank inside? Well, it is no longer the case! Welcome our special guest - MJ Rachal and learn more about his special book 'The woman in the middle - a man's guide to woman's treasure - her mind' Dont forget to order MJ's book here


The Power of Affirmations - Meet Michele Blood

Each and every one of us has that inner diamond of 'I am' that gets buried over the years and takes a lot of work to uncover again. Affirmation is a tool that will help you improve every area of your life. Learn more from our special guest, former Australian rock singer Michele Blood and take advantage of her unique bonus offering exclusively presented for listeners of Motivational Monday by Jim and Lucy. Access this unique bonus HERE


Resilience as a Lifestyle - Meet Michelle Dickinson

Resilience - the term we often get to think about once we hit that unfortunate rock bottom. There's nothing 'unfortunate' about it, though... Resilience is something we must train ourselves on and maintain with everyday rituals. Learn more from our special guest Michelle Dickinson. Contact Michelle here


Power Your Purpose and Launch Your Legacy - Meet Genevieve Piturro

The purpose and the passion... Some were raised to believe that not everyone has a purpose, others that it will just happen, but our guest is here to tell you there's a way to find your passion, journey, and purpose to create that special legacy. Find out more from this episode of Motivational Monday & our special guest Work with Genevieve:


Get Unstuck and Move Forward - Meet Emily Guerra

Productivity is something we hear a lot about. Yet, we often struggle to stay productive and especially to keep up focusing on our goals when everything around us seems to fall apart. Our special guest today knows how to fix that. Meet Emily Guerra. Emily's website:


Stress Less About Money - Meet Derick Gant

Today we touch on the 'tabu' topic - money. Why do we stress about it? Inflation, work challenges, extra expenses - yes. But these are the things that are always happening. So what is it that makes us stress over and over again? Let's get deeper and find out what you can do this week to start your change. Meet our special guest Derick Gant Work with Derick -


Making Space for YOU as a Working Parent - Meet Carina Lawson

What are the secrets of managing your schedule, making more within the same timeframe, and achieving more? It is not easy, especially as a working parent. Our today's guest knows how to make it work for you... Order one of the amazing planners:


Stretching Boundaries and Taking Risks - Meet Mason Harris

The chutzpah method - is something you need. Something you need right now. Stop listening to our people's success stories and making excuses for yourself; you can achieve what you want if you go for it. Our today's guest knows the tools and the secret weapon that will help. Work with Mason -


Cycle of Lives - Meet David Richman

Our today's guests have a special book for you to read - the stories of overcoming adversity by cancer patients, the stories shared by oncologists, and more. What is the common denominator for going through something extremely difficult? Find out from this episode of Motivational Monday. Contact David


Channel Your Untapped Potential - Meet Rahul Sharma

Between you and the success you so desperately desire is only one obstacle - you. It is all in your head. Functional positivity and other tricks - effective tips from our special guest Rahul Sharma Work with Rahul -


Get Out of Your Head - Meet Ryan Lindner

Get out of your head. Create change, get away from what is familiar, and start that process this week. Your demons must go; it is time for the real you. Work on this. Our special guest is here to help work with Ryan -


Stop been Nice and be Kind - Meet Katie Ervin

We've been taught to be nice, to smile and say 'yes, you are doing good', and 'you look great' ... Is it always true? No. Is it harmful? Not particularly, but there's a way to do better. What is it? Learn from our special guest Katie Ervin Work with Katie and her team -


The Power of Emotional Intelligence - Meet Pam Leinmiller

Emotional intelligence, - a term heavily overused by managers and in any workforce-related conversation. While it is very relevant, the term actually has much more to do with you personally on many levels and layers. It can damage or improve the quality of your life and the level of your happiness... Curios? Learn from today's special guest Pam Leinmiller Work with Pam -


Behavior Change - Meet Dr. Michelle Gordon

Women tend to overshare their attention and their care and simply carry on too much on their shoulders. Sounds familiar? Well, there's a roadmap to your change! Our special guest today knows the steps and can help. Meet Dr. Michelle Gordon


Mind Over What Matters - Meet Daniel MacQueen

Focus on what matters to you, to the world, and to others. It is essential to find yourself and to control what your perception of things is because your perception will define your results. Learn more from our special guest today - Daniel MacQueen Work with Daniel -