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Matthew Rempel and What is Social Entrepreneurship

This episode features Matthew Rempel as he explains some of the basic aspects of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. He explains how social entrepreneurs think about how they solve problems through their businesses, and how you might be able to take some of the concepts they're using and apply them to your work, whether you're with a social enterprise or not. Twitter Email: If you want to do marketing for your social enterprise with confidence, and...


Growth and Social Enterprise

What do people in the social enterprise sphere think about business growth? I've asked 5 of my previous guests how they think about growth and how that impacts the way their organizations operate. Guests include: Carinna Rosales - SEED Winnipeg, an employment focused non-profit Yacine Bara - Changewealth, a wealth management social enterprise Philip Mikulec - Peg City Car Coop, a car sharing co-op Sarah Leeson-Klym - Canadian Community Economic Development Network, a community...


Systems of Leadership Development with Carinna Rosales

Carinna Rosales is the Co-Executive Director of SEED Winnipeg. She helps clients develop businesses to work their way out of poverty. Carinna works at helping to build systems to teach leadership to potential business operators. Her main goal is to help clients build a stable income that can provide for them and their families, while working through the local markets. We also speak about some of the big challenges of businesses and non-profits that seek to make an impact, and where the...


Banking on Social Good with Brendan Reimer

My guest today is Brendan Reimer, and he is the Strategic Partner of Values-Based Banking with Assiniboine Credit Union. Over the course of our conversation, he made sure to explain how important the individual is in the process of making change. No change happens without individual people deciding that they are going to make a difference, however big or small that difference is. He then explained how he is able to help people reach a place where they are able to help others through the...


Yacine Bara's Financial Planning Against Poverty

Yacine Bara is the founder of Winnipeg based ChangeWealth, a financial planning social enterprise. They are working to provide an alternative source of income for social impact organizations. We had the chance to speak about how social enterprise can work towards finding better sources of capital to fund their operations, and how social enterprise must be able to function as a business to achieve their social goals. More Strategy Made Simple:


Community Economic Development and Sarah Leeson-Klym

Sarah Leeson-Klym is the Manitoba Regional Director of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network. We were able to sit down and have a conversation about how community economic development can impact cities, how leaders emerge, and how we can speak about developing and new framework for economic development. She also shares her personal story of how she got involved in the movement. Strategy Made Simple: Keep it Simple CCED-Net website: Spark...


Getting into Investing with Josh Olfert

Josh Olfert runs Haven Investing, where he brings together the benefits of both traditional investing, and automated investing. He started Haven Investing at the young age of 21. For any individual or organization that is trying to get into investing, Josh has some tips for you. Want more organizational strategy and communications tips? Read the Strategy Made Simple blog at


Ian Vickars' Multiple Bottom Lines

Ian Vickars is the COO of Diversity Foods, a social enterprise based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They manage 4 main food service outlets within Winnipeg. I spoke with him recently about Diversity's practices, how it maintains it's multiple bottom lines. Diversity foods recently won the LEAF award for the Greenest Restaurant over 10,000 square feet. More details here. Want more organizational strategy and communications tips? Read the Strategy Made Simple blog at


Finding Belonging with Shellie Power

Shellie Power is part of Hope Centre Ministries, a faith based organization that is committed to helping people with disabilities find places to connect. Because of that mission, Shellie has a unique perspective on how we can try to improve several systems that interact within our Canadian society. Read more at Tweet @matthewdyck_ca


Listening Organizations with Hilary Friesen

Hilary Friesen is Director of Strategic Services at Changemakers, a full service communications and PR firm in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I had the chance to speak with her about how communications strategy has changed over the past few years, and how Changemakers adjust with the business climate. She also described organizational listening as the concept that has grabbed her attention recently. Listen to the full episode to find out more.


The Case for Pro Bono with Geoff Ripat

Geoff has a unique position, where he links working professionals who want to give to their communities, and community organizations that have short term projects to help them complete their work more effectively. Listen in on some of the benefits and challenges of trying to pair these organizations together.


The Hope of Roger Berrington

Roger Berrington is the Volunteer Executive Director of a program called CanU. CanU brings kids from schools across Winnipeg to the University of Manitoba campus for programming run by volunteer university students. Find out more about CanU here Read the Blog here Contact me on twitter


The Vision of Joanne Klassen

Have you ever wanted to start writing, but found that you weren't able to write something that you were satisfied with? Joanne Klassen has a process that might help you find a way to write something that you find worthwhile, and help you find some personal realizations as you go. Specifically, find out how you can improve your writing, or any skill, just 5 minutes at a time. Find out more about Joanne Klassen and transformative life writing at Read the Strategy Made...


Art DeFehr's Gratitude and International Platforms

I had the chance to sit down with Art Defehr recently. We were able to chat about how we decide what we do, and what we want our lives to be about. He also talks about how sees generosity and what it means to be generous. For more Strategy Made Simple, you can read the blog at Contact me on Twitter @MatthewDyck_ca


The Passion of Olaf Pyttlik

The owner of Across the Board and DaCapo Productions is the guest of this episode of the Strategy Made Simple podcast, and his name is Olaf Pyttlik. We spoke about how his love of games helped him through a troubled time in his life. He also explained how Across the Board's success was initially a bit of an accident. Listen in on how his personal experiences have formed the businesses that he runs. For more Strategy Made Simple, read the blog at Reach out to...


The Values of Martin Itzkow

Martin Itzkow is the co-founder and co-chair of the Manitoba Federation of Non Profit Organizations. He is also leading a group that is trying to bring values back to organizations in Canada. You can find out more on their website at Read more at the Strategy Made Simple blog at


How Habitat Supports Itself with Michelle Periera

For today's episode of Strategy Made Simple, Michelle Pereira of Habitat for Humanity Manitoba has agreed to talk about how they have established their place as a sustainable charity. She also talks of what drives her to keep doing the work she does.


James Magnus Johnston with Fools and Horses

I recently had a conversation with James Magnus Johnston. He is one of the founding partners at fools and horses, a café based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.