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Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs




Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs




How to Auto-Post to IG Stories from Your Desktop

5 Secret Apps That'll Rid you of the Dreaded Mobile IG Push Notification You've had it! Instagram Stories bring you results but getting your hands on a solution that can auto-post to IG Stories would be a dream come true. I distinctly remember watching a story on a video or via an IG Story about this guy who posts 8 IG Stories a day. He went through hour by hour how he manages to fit in 8 IG Stories in a 24-hour period. Believe or not his first interaction with IG starts after he wakes up...


7 People to Follow on Clubhouse and Why

Everyone you Need to Follow on Clubhouse and 15 you Can Do After you Join As I stood in the kitchen, looking through the window, contemplating who to follow on Clubhouse, a strange sight greeted me. About 1/4 mile away in the neighbours garden I noticed a man tugging on a blue rope. Prior to this, I remember hearing what sounded like a chainsaw in the distance. Just then another usual sight met my eyes another man appeared to be ziplining down the blue rope. I was transfixed for some time...


How to Create and Use a Trello Content Calendar

The Most Effective Editorial Calendar on Trello There comes a time in your business where organising content will help you scale so a Trello content calendar can help you do this. When you first got started in business you may have had 8 weeks worth of content ready for your launch date. However, as time went on you began to realise that the constant content hamster wheel seems like a bit of a drag. Having to show up every day or week on your blog or social media account can leave you...


How to Set Up an Airtable Content Calendar in 7 Easy Steps

The Easiest Way to Set Up an Airtable Content Calendar for Social Media Are you thinking of using an Airtable Content Calendar to help you plan your social media content? If yes, then this is the Airtable tutorial that you need. A few years ago I came across Airtable and I remember thinking that it looks so flexible. I even felt a little bit apprehensive because I thought that it will take me a long time to learn how to use it. Looking back I can see why many entrepreneurs and side hustlers...


How to Make a ClickUp Content Calendar for Social Media

A ClickUp Content Calendar Tutorial for Social Media Planning If you are picky about the way your content calendar looks then this ClickUp content calendar tutorial may just be what you need. While there are a ton of options on the market to create social media calendars. Let's face it, not all the options available fall into the category of pretty or cute. Some of them are very simple in their approach while others offer very practical options. Like integrations to popular software or...


How to Make a Content Calendar Using Google Sheets [Step by Step]

The Only Digital Content Calendar Template that Just Works So, you finally want to take your marketing seriously and you decided to make a content calendar for yourself. In the last few years, you have been procrastinating when it comes to showing up online consistently. In fact, you have purchased physical planners and calendars in the past where you had great intentions at the start of the year. However, you ran out of steam after the first 3-4 weeks of using those systems. What you need...


IGTV vs IG Live Which One to Use for your Business

Why You Should Use Instagram Live Over IGTV Does the thought of going live on Instagram or uploading videos to IGTV continue to leave you baffled? You have heard that video marketing is great for your business but understanding IGTV vs IG live is a challenge. Gone are the days when you simply create a video using a complex DSLR camera or video camera. Creating video for social media has an additional element of complexity because your viewers have the potential to get bored quickly. Can you...


101+ Best Social Media Holidays for Your Business

The Hashtag Holidays You Need to Increase Engagement on your Social Media Posts Have you ever tried using social media holidays as a way to increase engagement on your social media accounts? You may be thinking that none of them seems to resonate with your business at all. Or maybe, you just need a few ideas on how you can incorporate them into your content calendar. It is quite possible that you don't have a way to track these hashtag holidays before they occur. Therefore, you find it...


51 Best Social Media Prompts for Your Content Calendar

Easily Start Valuable Conversations on Social Media Using These You have decided that you need to get your hands on a stack of social media prompts. Because you have made the commitment to post consistently between 3-5 times a week for the next 12 months. The decision came after you learned about how social media can impact your business in a positive way. Let me know if you can relate to this. Social media is not a new concept to you at all. In fact, you've had accounts on 2-3 platforms for...


Ivory Mix vs Styled Stock Society Which is Best for Your Business

4 Unexpected Reasons to Choose Ivory Mix vs Styled Stock Society as Your Styled Stock Photo Membership Are you on the brink of choosing between Ivory Mix vs Styled Stock Society for your stock photo and marketing template requirements? As a small business owner you know how important it is to give your potential clients a great experience with your brand. If you are like me, photography and graphic design is not part of your wheelhouse so you prefer to get someone else to do this job....


Canva vs PicMonkey a Comprehensive Guide to Make the Right Choice

3 Features That's Not Available with PicMonkey When Compared to Canva If you won the Lotto today and as part of your winnings you had to make a decision between Canva vs PicMonkey, which one will you choose? Was your answer, "choose anyone and give the license to a friend?" Or maybe like some of my peers in the blogging world your answer was, "choose PicMonkey and use some of the winnings to purchase a Canva license?" Whatever your decision there are so many other things to worry about if...


The Ultimate Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison for Course Creators

4 Reasons Not to Use Kajabi When Contrasted with Kartra You are ready to launch your online course but comparing Kartra vs Kajabi is a struggle. Are you confused about which one will be suitable for your long list of requirements? Creating an online course has to be one of the most exciting things to do as an entrepreneur. As an expert in your field, you cannot wait to help other entrepreneurs like yourself to get the results that they need in their business and life. Does this sound...


The Ultimate Agorapulse Review That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

This Review of Agorapulse Will Change Your Perception of Social Engagement So you know that you need to be more engaging on social media but you are not quite sure if Agorapulse is the right fit. Maybe an Agorapulse review can help. In the last number of months I became aware of the Agorapulse social media scheduler but didn't think much of it. I read an article where a business owner claimed that it did so much to help get visibility on his article. Is it really possible that a piece of...


25 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity

The 20+ Must-Have Chrome Extensions That'll Boost Your Productivity This Week Are you suffering from overwhelm? Not enough time in the day? These Chrome extensions for productivity will clear your back log in double-quick time. Recently I was struggling with a dilemma where I needed to move over 1,000 records from Google Sheets to Trello. While this may initially sound like a simple copy and paste job it wasn't at all. You see some of the data needed to go into the description section on...


How to Set Up Google Analytics Click Tracking In as Little as an Afternoon

If you ever wondered how to track clicks for free using Google Analytics you've come to the right place. She looked at me squarely in the face and said, "I didn't touch the skittles cookies at all." So, I asked her to stretch out her tongue. A few seconds went by and it seems as if the wheels in her head started turning rapidly. What happened next I'll explain in a bit... Have you ever had a situation where you wished that you had sufficient evidence as to exactly what brought you success in...


7 Landing Page Examples That You Never Knew Existed

Is finding specific landing page examples proving difficult? Your business or blog needs a landing page to grow your email list but you are not sure how to get started. I still remember many years ago when I wanted to create my very first landing page. There weren't a lot of options available on the market at the time like landing page builders. Lucky for me I learned sufficient html to be able to figure my way through the process. Does this sound familiar? You spotted a pretty landing page...


Asana vs ClickUp – What You Need to Know to Choose One

So, you need to use a project management tool but comparing Asana vs ClickUp leaves you confused. If you are one of my regular readers you will know that project management makes me alive. Join me on this journey to learn what you need to know when looking at ClickUp vs Asana. It is possible that you have heard a lot about project management and you want to get started but you are not sure how. Let me know if this sounds familiar. You are currently managing several aspects of your business...


Top 6-Figure Salary Jobs to Earn a Living [Even Without a Degree]

So, you are thinking of changing your career for one of those online 6-figure salary jobs. However, you are not sure how to get started. As there continues to be so much uncertainty in the world many people like you are seriously considering their options. In fact, the 'American Dream' of having a lovely 3-4 bedroom home with a white picket fence and 2.5 children is almost non-existent. Everyone is scrambling to find their version of what can be called a new normal even if that means finding...


10 Tasks You Can Outsource to an OBM or DBM

Are you at that stage of your business where you are wondering what you can outsource to an OBM? So, you probably already have a team of virtual assistants helping you with several day to day tasks. However, you heard from your peers that hiring an online business manager would help you free up even more time. Now, it is possible that you haven't even hired your first virtual assistant just yet because you dislike the hiring process altogether. Let me know if this sounds like bliss... 12...


The One Person Missing To Make Your Business Scalable

If you have been a blogger or the owner of an online business for a while you may have heard of the term online business manager (OBM). In fact, in your mind, it may not be quite clear who this person is or how they help digital businesses. You see, running an online business is hard work for any entrepreneur to do it alone. Some of the many tasks involved in ensuring that your business is successful include creating a ton of content and list building. Other tasks include promoting or...