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Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs




Simplified Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs




How Much to Charge Per Blog Post [6-Figure Steps Included]

Debby read the job requirements and wondered how much to charge per blog post. You see, Debby started as a freelance writer a few weeks ago so she's fairly new to the field. Although she had general training on how to become a freelancer the thing about her specific skillset is that every writing project is different. The freelance writing space is so broad because there are so many niches and tons of writing sub niches. How can Debby figure this out on her own without undercharging or...


Get Paid to Write Stories: 51 Ways to Turn Writing into Cash

Lisa was apprehensive she needed to get paid to write stories like yesterday. As a single mom with 7 kids, Lisa needed a way to generate an income from home so that she could pay the bills and buy food. You see, Lisa has always been ambitious but her husband didn't want her to bring home the bacon. He wanted her to stay at home and look after the kids. Now that he's ran off with a new girl friend that's half his age it's up to Lisa to find a way to provide for her family. The only problem...


16 Secret Ways to Get Clients From Instagram [Book Calls in 30 Days]

Angela sat looking at her Instagram bio wondering how to get clients from Instagram. You see, she has been using the platform for a number of years and she knew her potential customers used it too. In fact, Angela has an Instagram business account and she doesn't consider herself one of those influential content creators. It has been a struggle for her to come up with Instagram posts 3-5 days every week of the year. What else can she publish apart from personal photos and talk about her new...


The Naked Truth About Freelance Social Media Rates [How Much to Charge]

Kiara searched for the current freelance social media rates because she wanted to become her own boss. After 10 years working for fortune 500 companies, Kiara was on a mission to change things up. She didn't like the idea of being restricted to only a few weeks of paid time off each year. In fact, what would be brilliant is if she had the ability to work from anywhere in the world. You see, she got the travel bug 3 years ago while on holiday in Malta. Since then she has been trying to see...


31 Jobs for Highly Sensitive Persons [+7 That Are a No No]

Debra sensed that she should be looking for jobs for highly sensitive persons. She wasn't sure why she felt this way or how to express her need. You see Debra enjoys working with other people but somehow working from home alone felt more fulfilling. There was a time she relished the hustle and bustle of the office environment. The chit chat of colleagues, the casual meeting at the watercooler and the cosy discussions over a cup of tea or coffee. However, Debra noticed that she enjoys being...


17 Best Wholesalers for Amazon FBA [A List Of Vetted Suppliers]

Maya wondered who are the best wholesalers for Amazon FBA to help her scale her business. A few years ago Maya heard about the ability to sell products on Amazon. So, she decided to dip her toe in the water by first testing out a few items from one wholesaler. Her first month was a bit sketchy because she needed to get an FBA seller account approved. There was also the stress of ensuring that the items she wanted to send to Amazon met their packaging requirements. After sending in her items...


How to Start a Business with 10K [21 Incredible Ideas]

Gemma scrolled through page 3 of Google search, she was desperate to start a business with 10K because she wanted things to be different. She had enough of what she now experienced in her life so she needed a change. You see, Gemma's husband died of cancer a few years ago which took her by surprise. As a middle-aged widow with two young children, she was not ready to face life as a single mom. I mean, Greg, her husband, was so strong and healthy. So, when the consultant told her to prepare...


How to Start a Virtual Assistant Business [And Make Your First $1,000]

Angela opened a new browser window and typed, start a virtual assistant business. The first 4 results in her search were adverts from popular platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Udemy. As she scrolled further down the page she saw results from popular sites such as Time Doctor and Business Insider. She spent some time quickly reading through each result one at a time. Angela quickly took notes as she read and digested the content. She was listening to a podcast on her way to work and she heard...


The Best Smarterqueue Review For Marketers

Elena needs an honest Smarterqueue review by someone who has used many other social media tools. You see, Elena has used several social media management tools in the past. In fact, at any given time she uses 1-3 tools to get the results that she needs for her business. However, this year she wants to get that one social media management software that can do all the things. She's just tired of jumping through all the hoops every week to track her social media channels. Let me know if you are...


The Definitive Business Goals Template for Exponential Growth

Kerri wanted this year to be different. She heard friends using a business goals template to scale their businesses. However, she has never used this methodology before so she wondered how to pull it off. You see, previously Kerri's approach to getting results in her business was a bit ad-hoc. She would attend a few networking events, speak at summits and even engage with potential clients on Instagram. None of her activities had any strategy behind them. Kerri decided that this year she...


7 Incredible Secrets to Successful Launch Management

Lisa needs some liquid cash injections in her business but it's not going to be possible without launch management. You see Lisa left her corporate job 5 years ago with the dream of running her own business. For the first 3 years, Lisa managed things as a solopreneur by wearing many hats. She handled the bookkeeping, billing, client onboarding, marketing and everything else. In year 4, Lisa hired her first virtual assistant to do general admin work which saved her loads of time. Lisa knows...


Calendly vs Acuity Scheduling [Easy Online Bookings]

Betty wants to automate client appointment bookings so she wants to see a Calendly vs Acuity comparison. You see Betty is confused about which one of these online appointment scheduling platforms is better for her business. She is a business coach helping business owners to become unstuck. Many small businesses become stagnant when they get to a certain revenue level. Betty offers a 3-6 month program where she offers business consultations. She spends way too much time playing "email...


The Ultimate Yearly Habit Tracker Printable to Skyrocket Your Success

Sarah's new year got off to a slow start because she needed a yearly habit tracker printable. You see Sarah knew that the key reason that she failed at achieving her goals is that she couldn't track them visibly. Like many entrepreneurs, Sarah had big plans for her life. She wanted to develop a successful business that would support the dream lifestyle that she mapped out on her vision board. Sarah started to doubt if vision boards, yearly plans and long term goals would really work for her....


The Ultimate Google Spreadsheet Calendar Template [2022-2026]

Betty needed a flexible way to keep on top of her marketing content. So, she wondered if there was a Google spreadsheet calendar template that was versatile enough. You see, like many entrepreneurs and small business owners, Betty had a lot on her plate. She also knew that grabbing a regular freebie calendar that she found online may require too much customisation. What she needed is a calendar developed for marketers by a marketer who understood the importance of editorial calendars. Let me...


How to Make a 60-second Tik Tok Video with Music

Nancy wanted to grow her audience quickly but she had one question... How to make a 60-second Tik Tok video with music. Like many other entrepreneurs, Nancy has been hearing that you can build your audience quickly using Tik Tok. However, Nancy considers herself a technophobe so she finds it difficult to adopt new technology. Even though Tik Tok might be easier to use compared to other platforms. Nancy still had her reservations. Let me know if you can relate to these. You are an introvert...


The Ultimate Daily Goals Template [Use It To Make $1,000 Online]

Lisa wanted this year to be the year that she achieved a major goal. However, Lisa had one problem, she needed a daily goals template that'll help her to break her big goals into manageable tasks. You see, it has been 10 years since Lisa has been trying to leave her 9-5 job. Every time she started a project or program that would change her life she got distracted or lost hope along the way. Let me know if you too can relate to any of these points. You know that you need to become an...


7 Best Refillable Journals [That’ll Help You Get to 6-Figures]

Susie has been running an online business for about 3 years and she's looking for the best refillable journal. While watching a show on entrepreneurship, Susie learned about the power of journaling. Finding the perfect journal that will suit her daily routine is important to developing a new habit. Let me know if you can relate to these points. You've always heard that journaling is a great habit to developUnderstanding why journaling is important will help you pick up this habitYou are not...


100+ Small Business Ideas for Women [Make Your First $10K Online]

Marianne was bored at work so she quickly went to Google to look up small business ideas for women. You see Marianne knew fully well that she was made for so much more than a corporate job. Ever since she was in Elementary school Marianne dreamt of running her own business. The biggest problem that she faced is not knowing what kind of business to start. Over 50 years ago there were not many options when it came to starting a low-cost business. However, with the invention of the Internet,...


How to Create an Ebook in Canva [4 Places to Find Templates]

Elsie had a bright idea, she'll create an ebook in Canva as her premium lead magnet. The only problem is that she does not know how to get it done. As a business coach, it's important for Elsie to have a lead magnet in order to grow her list of potential clients. Are you a business coach full of bright ideas but you don't know how to implement them? If yes, then I have great news for you... You are not the only one facing this challenge. Getting things done in your business can prove to be...


The Best Way to Repurpose Your Podcast Without the Stress

Are you a podcaster who is hoping to repurpose your podcast by turning your podcast episodes into videos? I have some really exciting news for you. You see, I've been wanting to do more to promote my content and business using creative formats. However, finding a platform that is easy to use and makes promoting your business fun can be challenging. Let me know if this sounds familiar. You have been recording podcast episodes for 1-4 years and although you have created show notes and cute...