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Showing You The UnScrambled Path To Success We have podcasts featuring many different ways where employees, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs and women, in general, have gained success as well as many free courses to get you started down your path to success whatever that may be for you.

Showing You The UnScrambled Path To Success We have podcasts featuring many different ways where employees, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs and women, in general, have gained success as well as many free courses to get you started down your path to success whatever that may be for you.
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Showing You The UnScrambled Path To Success We have podcasts featuring many different ways where employees, stay at home moms, entrepreneurs and women, in general, have gained success as well as many free courses to get you started down your path to success whatever that may be for you.




9 Ways to Get Motivated and Skyrocket Your Success

Are you looking for ways to get motivated to accomplish your goals? Have you found yourself in a rut lately? This past week I saw a post in a bloggers group on Facebook where one blogger announced that he was shutting down all his blogs. When I saw this I felt compelled to jump in and stop him from taking such drastic action. It appears that his decision was financially motivated but I cannot conclude for sure since I did not have a direct conversation with him. Have you ever felt like...


Get Paid By Blogging: 11 Things Most Bloggers Ignore

Are you wondering how to get paid by blogging? Did you know that only 2% of bloggers earn over $150,000 a year? Do you ever get this niggling feeling at the back of your head that you forgot to include something important on your blog? Is there a system in place like a blog checklist to ensure that you remembered to include all the essential items? You may have considered this before but what makes your blog stand out from the other 172,799 posts published every day? I know that some people...


13 Things Rich People Do That They Don’t Want You to Know

Have you ever wondered about the things rich people do that is very different from anyone else? Would it be great to steal their secrets and quickly put them into action so that you can gain the time and freedom you always wanted? It is possible to think that people are lucky because they are born into wealth so they have less to worry about. Maybe you have a close relative or friend who is a millionaire or considered to be rich by your standards. However, you are silently wishing to be in...


50 Things to do Before 50 a Crazy 50th Birthday Bucket List

Will you be celebrating your 50th birthday in the next 2-7 years? Have you decided on a 50th birthday bucket list? If you are like me you probably imagined your 50th birthday being super special where you celebrate with many friends at an exotic location. Never in a million years could I have imagined that age 50 would sneak up on me so quickly. I still remember what it was like being a teenager, it was not special or amazing. I just stayed out of trouble. What about you what can you...


13 Clever Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed Without Getting Undressed

Congratulations on launching your new blog! Now that it is live are you looking for a way to get your blog noticed? Your followed several step by step instructions on starting and launching a new blog but after 1-2 weeks it looks like no one is reading your blog. It is possible that you shared your website with a number of friends and family members who all cheered you on during the first few days. However, you keep checking your statistics or reports and you only had 100 visitors over the...


How To Blog Consistently on a Part-time Blogger Schedule

Are you finding it difficult to blog consistently every day or every week? Are you lacking the motivation to write blog posts regularly? Maybe you are working full-time and you recently decided to start a blog on the side and after 3-6 months you are starting to question your efforts. It is very possible that you are just not seeing the results for all the effort that you have put into the blog so far. If you are getting less than 100 visitors a day then it can add to that feeling of defeat...


How To Easily Create Your Blog Business Plan [Step by Step Guide]

Have you created your blog business plan yet? Do you need help creating a blog business plan example? You may have started a blog just as a hobby so it never occurred to you to write a business plan for a blog or new business. Maybe you don't have a blog just yet and you want to treat your blog as a business so you want to know how to make a business plan for a blog. Whatever your situation, the moment you want to start treating your blog like a business you should consider building a...


SEO for Beginners: How To Get Your Blog Posts to Show Up in Google

Are you looking for a simple SEO for Beginners tutorial? Or maybe you just want your blog posts to show up in Google. If you are new to the concept of search engine optimisation (SEO) you may be confused because it almost sounds like a foreign language. The reason for this is because many articles use words that are unusual to a conversation in any normal setting. Of course, understanding the language only brings you part of the way to helping you to get results for your blog or website. To...


11 Crazy Reasons Why You Fail To Rank Higher In Google

Would you like to know how to rank higher in Google? You have probably seen some ridiculous claims when it comes to improving your Google search ranking. Maybe you have tried it all before but it seems that your website will not budge or you just appear to be stuck on page 4 or 5 forever. It could be that you are brand new to this crazy world of search engine optimization (SEO) and you find it too technical altogether. The truth is that in order to get consistent, hands-off traffic to your...


5 Best Free Email Marketing Services For Beginners

Are you thinking of setting up free email marketing services for your blog or website but unsure of your options? As bloggers and entrepreneurs, we are aware of the advice from our role models, mentors and business coach that we should set up email marketing from day one. However, when it is time to choose a provider the process can be a bit daunting. Choosing a free plan seems sensible but which one is the best? You see many of us struggle because some of these providers use jargon that...


25 Ways To Start a Business With No Money [Easy Step by Step Guides]

Are you looking to start a business with no money? Maybe your back is against the wall and you desperately need to start a side hustle. It is possible that you have the option of going back to college but you prefer to get into business without a degree which is doable. You may have heard this before but apparently, there are 1,000 ways to make $1,000 even if you start a low-cost business. Have you given much thought to the type of business that you would like to start? You can start a...


15 Blogging Secrets That Successful Bloggers Don’t Want You To Know

Have you ever wished that you can get your hands on the blogging secrets of successful bloggers? In a recent podcast interview with Chhavi, I asked her if she can switch places with someone for a day who will she choose and she said, Michelle. Just in case you never heard of Michelle before she is the blogger behind Making Sense of Cents where her blogging income has crossed $1,500,000 in 2018 alone. Many bloggers get into blogging with the hope of just quitting their job and earning a...


21 Year Digital Nomad Teaches How to Make Money Online

Are you wondering how to become a digital nomad with no experience? Maybe you are in a specialist field like astronomy wondering how you can work from anywhere. The world we live in is changing rapidly leaving many people in an unpredictable environment where they need to change quickly. In the last 10 years alone terms like digital nomad, location independence and work from anywhere continues to become more popular. Just in my city alone the amount of co-working spaces is on the rise as...


5 Crazy Blog Writing Tips That Will Motivate Anyone

Are you in need of some blog writing tips? Ever wished that you write the perfect blog post that gets for your audience? None of us is born with the ability to make something perfectly the first time. However, it is by failing that we get better and improve things. The same rule applies when it comes to blogging. I am yet to meet a blogger who get it all right when they first start a blog. Many bloggers continue to struggle with failure because there is a belief that failure is a bad thing....


An Example of Blogger Collaboration That Will Inspire You

Have you ever wanted to do a blogger collaboration project? Do you even know what it is and how it can benefit your blog? It is amazing to see the sheer number of blogs in existence every day. A good way to tell is the size of a typical blogger Facebook group. I am a member of many of these groups and they tend to range in size from 5,000 to 100,000 in membership. You would certainly think that the ability to collaborate on there is pretty easy right or so it seems. The truth is many groups...


How to Explode Your Blog In 8 Months With Pinterest Marketing

A day does not go by without reading an article or seeing a video about a blogger who used Pinterest marketing to achieve blogging success. There are still many bloggers who feel stuck because they have been using Pinterest for a while without seeing significant results. While others know that they need to be using Pinterest as part of the marketing plan for their blog but they just don't know how to get started. I distinctly remember some time ago I was doing a review on a number of...


How To Grow Blog Traffic To 6,000 Page Views In The Face of Anxiety

Are you facing a tremendous challenge in life but you still need to grow blog traffic? Maybe you have a slight disability or you are medically challenged that no one but you knows and it causes an abnormal level of anxiety in your life. It could be that you decided to start a blog in an effort to generate an income to claim financial freedom so you can manage this challenge. I hate to break it to you but neither one of us is 'normal'. We all struggle with mental or physical problems that...


How One Blogger Got 498,000 Page Views Using Organic Traffic [Free Checklist]

Are you a blogger struggling with organic traffic? Maybe you've hate SEO and wish you never have to use it. As a seasoned blogger, you probably understand the importance of not depending on one source of traffic for your blog. If you have been using Pinterest for a while you have probably experienced the ups and downs of using this platform. Aside from SEO and Pinterest, there does not seem to be another source where you can get traffic en masse. You see many bloggers struggle with...


The 15 Jaw-dropping Secrets To Blogging Success

Are you struggling to achieve blogging success? Can you benefit from a few blogging secrets? If you are into philosophy you will probably be asking what does blogging success look like to everyone? Yes, success means different things to different people depending on their blog and objectives. The truth is many bloggers continue to struggle with success at any level due to a few key reasons. Failure is that path that leads to success and many don't embrace failure but despise it. In this...


11 Odd Places to Find Side Jobs For Teachers That Will Blow Your Mind

Are you a new Mommy looking for side jobs for teachers so that you can stay at home with your new baby? Maybe you are looking for a side job to keep you afloat so that you can build your business or blog over a 3-5 year period. Whatever your interest, finding a side job that has the right hourly rate, benefits and the ability to work from home can be challenging. There are so many people floating around with several degrees and certificates that they wish that they can put to good use. The...