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A podcast about exploring new ways to win in the 21st century.


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A podcast about exploring new ways to win in the 21st century.








Sabine Goes Deep: Tales of First Dates, Real Estate, and Building a Future in Dubai #SSP184

In this podcast, we'll hear from Sabine about her journey and experiences in the world of internet and entertainment, including her experience with Michael Jackson and a turning point in her career. Sabine shares her story of joining her first date show and the money she made from it, as well as her thoughts on reality shows. She also delves into her experiences living and working in Dubai, including the real estate market and the benefits of living there. Sabine also talks about the...


Living In Dubai. A 24-Year-Old Kyrgyzstan Native Shares Her Unique Experiences -Unbelievable #SSP183

In this podcast, we'll tell the story of Malika, a woman who left her home country of Kyrgyzstan to move to Dubai and start a new life. She left Kyrgyzstan for a new life and a new job, but what happened next was far beyond her expectations. listen as Malika shares her story, and find out how she managed to find housing, find a job, and start dating in such a new and unfamiliar territory. If you're considering a move to Dubai, or want to hear the story of one woman's journey, then this is...


Bybit CEO Ben Zhou Finally Speaks Out On FTX, Trading & Bitcoin Price Prediction Revealed - #SSP182

In this podcast, Grey Jabesi talks to Ben Zhou, the founder & CEO of Bybit. He shares his views on the FTX saga, his trading experience and discusses how Bitcoin will fare in the future. Ben Zhou is the CEO of Bybit, one of the leading exchanges in the world that also sponsors team Redbull at F1. In this podcast, he discusses the future of crypto exchanges and shares his views on the crypto trading and Bitcoin markets. He also gives us a prediction for the Bitcoin price! WATCH THIS ON...


The Hidden Truths About Dubai. Real Estate, Lifestyle, Dating. Angela Gegg - #SSP181

In this podcast, Angela Gegg from Belize shares her honest experience living in Dubai for the last 12 years. We discuss the UAE real estate market, the lifestyle in Dubai, and the dating scene in Dubai. If you're curious about Dubai or Belize, then this video is for you! Angela Gegg shares with us her experience living in Dubai, as well as the real estate market, lifestyle, and dating scene in Dubai. Whether you're a long-term resident or just curious, this audio is worth listening...


180-Futurist Kwame - Story, Ghana Naming System, Public Speaking, Twitter, Crypto

I was in Lagos Nigeria where I decided to do a very special Survival Skills Podcast with Futurist Kwame. He is a Top Guianaina Crypto Influencer who happens to be a Public Speaker. Watch this special episode, and see Kwame unveil secrets about the Ghanaian Naming system, How much PR officers make in the crypto space, What Black Twitter is, and also the secrets and potential of NFT's web 3 technology. Social Links: Greybtc: Futurist Kwame:...


179-Bringing God's Truth To The Metaverse. Brent Dusig

Brent Dusig the CEO of Truplay joined me on Survival Skills Podcast where he revealed that his Truplay Platform is joining the NFT's Space and On 15 September they're going to release NFTs that are free to Mint. Brend Dusig is a successful Christian video game developer who has built multiple million-dollar businesses. Truplay is one of his platforms that aims at delivering biblical truth through creating fun-to-play digital video games which are playable by everyone (believers and...


178-Martin Shkreli Opens Up About Life After Prison, HIV Medicine, Trading, Crypto & Life

Martin Shkreli was once branded the most hated CEO in USA history. He got this title when he infamously increased the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Different Lawsuits soon came in, and he was eventually jailed for 7 years. But was Martin Shkreli as evil as the media portrays him to be? Why did he raise the drug prices? What is his side of the story? Martin Shkreli himself joined me on the Survival Skills Podcast where he talked about his side of the story, why he was...


177- God Penuel Gets Honest About His Religion, Family, Women, Children, Money - Grey jabesi

In this episode, Grey Jabesi had an opportunity to sit down with a South African philosopher; God Penuel the black pen and we discuss a series of things. Penuel is an author of 12 books, businessman, YouTuber, co-host on Virtual Mkhukhu with Dj Sbu in South Africa. His Twitter: Grey's Twitter: Watch the Full Episode Here Enjoy!


176- Crypto Millionaire Alex Meurer Reveals How He Made His Money & More Crazy Stories

Crypto Millionaire Alex Meurer joined me on the Survival Skills Podcast, where he revealed to me how he became a millionaire while living in Ukraine by turning 5,000 euros into 2.2 Million euros in just 8 Months. He also revealed many other interesting stories, about his travels to various countries. Listen to this podcast to find out the other interesting things which he revealed. Watch Podcast Video On Youtube


#175- Davinci Being Honest About Money, Taxes & Lifestyle

I was in Lagos Nigeria, where I had a chance to talk with Davinci Jeremie. The Man who is famous for telling the world to buy bitcoin at $1. During our chat, Davinci dropped in many honest facts about money, taxes and what living life as a mega-millionaire is like. Watch the full episode on Youtube


#174-CryptoLord Argues with GreyBTC on Buying A House, Yahoo Boys, Money

I was in Lagos Nigeria, mate up with CryptoLord. And we had an excellent discussion on buying a house, having money and what yahoo boys are. Listen to this episode to find out how the talk went down! CrpytoLord is a Nigerian-based Millionaire who has a nice perception of life, I'm not going to spoil the fun listen to this podcast and found out for yourself. Watch On Youtube: CryptoLord Argues With GreyBTC Social Links Twitter: Facebook...


#173- Is Love Real: Let's Find Out What Women Want In Men

Real Love is hard to define, when I was growing up I had to find out the truth on my own. How popular culture and mainstream media define love is wrong. In the Studio, I'm joined by Co-host Lion Mike and the girls. Listen, to our discussion as we unveil what true love is and in addition, things that make women fall in love. Watch Full Video On Youtube: Is Love Real?


#172-Should You Have Kids?

Should You Have Kids? Main host Grey and co-host Mike discuss the social issues that arise from not having Kids in a society that views children as a currency. In India, a man was sued by his parents in a $500,000 lawsuit due to his failure to bear them a grandchild. Listen to Grey and Mike share their thoughts and opinions on this matter and learn the reasons why as millionaires they decided to not fall prey to the demands of society. Watch Episode...


#171 Amber Heard Trick Johnny Depp Vs Obama

The deformation case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was one of the most famous court cases in the world. but could it be that Johnny's cool behaviour allowed Amber to take advantage of him? Elon Musk was also in the Mix and by the looks of it, Elon Musk is much more clever than Johnny Depp. Listen to this Podcast as Grey and Mike discuss the behavioural patterns that make some men suspectable of domestic abuse. In addition, the reasons why some women fail to come out as victims of...


#170-Why Are People Scared Of Putin: Would You Date Obama Or Boris Johnson

Why are people scared of their leaders when they aren't physically powerful? In this episode, Grey is Joined by Lion Mike and Mimi as they discuss the reasons why world leaders are feared even if they can't physically win in hand-to-hand combat. This episode has a lot of humour, please try not to laugh.


#169 - Getting Scammed In Africa vs UK - Craziest Scams Ever

I have been in the crypto industry for more than 5 years. These are the craziest scams that I have come across. If you have experienced any scams please let us know in the comments. Our co-host has been through a lot from this craziest scam.


#168 - Hidden Truths About Dubai: Models, Luxury Cars & Lifestyle

I moved from Cape Town South Africa to Dubai and started my business. If you think you are rich, come to Dubai, it will humble you. The luxury life in Dubai is insane. In today's podcast, my co-host Michael and I talk about the models, luxury life, and overall secrets of Dubai. At one point I spent $1000 a day. Stay tuned and let me know what you would like to know about the life we live in Dubai.


#167 - Why YouTube Terminated My Channel For No Reason - Leverage

On October 24th, 2020, my YouTube channel Hardcore Crypto was mistakenly terminated by YouTube for violating community guidelines. The channel is the largest Cryptocurrency channel in Africa and loved by many. One would hope that YouTube would help content creators in this kind of situation but it turns out that they don't care. I've appealed and reached out on Twitter and got no help. Imagine years of work wiped out in a whim for no reason. Just like that. The sad part is that YouTube will...


#166 How To Win After Lockdown - Part 1

As the world is coming out of lockdowns and economies are opening up after months of so much uncertainty and severe economic contraction. The coronavirus has destroyed lives, wealth, and opportunities which have left none of us unaffected. It's a new world now, the normal is demanding a change in how we approach all aspects of our daily life and this is no easy task for beings who are conditioned for a certain way of living. Most are hurt, fearful, uncertain, or confused. I decided to...


#164 A Candid Conversation About Mental Health - Dr. Sindi Van Zyl

Dr. Sindi van Zyl is a General Medical Practitioner, Broadcaster, Author, Social media activist, and Public speaker. With over 200K followers on twitter, she's very known for discussing mental health. Dr. Sindi is also a renowned public speaker, with a passion to inspire and educate through the power of her diverse experiences. From dealing with tragedy, medical advancements in primary care to mental wellness, she has extensive experience in driving both public and corporate messages...