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The ultimate online business podcast that delivers trainings most consultants charge thousands for, with proven strategies to grow and scale your business online. April Beach hosts the weekly podcast to help you design, launch and scale your business, with a rare behind the scenes look of what it really takes to build an impact brand for high profit, deep purpose, and lifestyle freedom. Each show delivers expert steps to build your service business including offer strategy, online marketing, branding, service development, sales, how to scale, launch expertise, speaking, writing, coaching, PR and more. Shows include crazy-good bonuses, implementation worksheets, free courses, surprise extras, an online community, and no annoying advertising! We don’t hold back! It’ll feel like April Beach and guest experts are sitting right beside you revealing insider truths and trusted business knowledge. Her unfiltered style of teaching what it takes to build a profitable company and design the future you want, and her ability to simplify business growth, comes from her lifetime of experience as a lifestyle entrepreneur, and over two decades coaching women founders. podcast@sweetlifeco.com


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The ultimate online business podcast that delivers trainings most consultants charge thousands for, with proven strategies to grow and scale your business online. April Beach hosts the weekly podcast to help you design, launch and scale your business, with a rare behind the scenes look of what it really takes to build an impact brand for high profit, deep purpose, and lifestyle freedom. Each show delivers expert steps to build your service business including offer strategy, online marketing, branding, service development, sales, how to scale, launch expertise, speaking, writing, coaching, PR and more. Shows include crazy-good bonuses, implementation worksheets, free courses, surprise extras, an online community, and no annoying advertising! We don’t hold back! It’ll feel like April Beach and guest experts are sitting right beside you revealing insider truths and trusted business knowledge. Her unfiltered style of teaching what it takes to build a profitable company and design the future you want, and her ability to simplify business growth, comes from her lifetime of experience as a lifestyle entrepreneur, and over two decades coaching women founders. podcast@sweetlifeco.com



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322: Can I Sell My Trainings to Other Companies?

Course Creators: License Your Way to Growth. In this episode, we're diving into the major question that's on many of your minds: Can I license my course, training, or content? If you're a coach, consultant, author or speaker with valuable trainings and content looking to license to other companies, you've come to the right place. We're peeling back the curtain on the prerequisites for licensing to help you gauge if your content is ready for the next step. This isn't for newbies still finding their footing – we're looking at established business owners who are already good at what they do. If you're wondering how to leverage your expertise and extend your influence, then this is for you. We cover the key ingredients that make your content license-ready. You might be surprised to learn that your program doesn't need to be fully built before licensing— in fact, it's better if it’s not. Save yourself time and adopt a strategic mindset to turn your proven methods into licensing gold. I share insights on positioning your business for the future and discuss how important it is to think about how licensing will shape your brand in the long term. Plus, you'll hear an inspiring case study about a client who licensed her yet-to-be-created course for a whopping seven-figure sum! End Results: You'll be positioned to start considering if licensing is a suitable growth strategy for your business. Understand the necessity to provide predictable, transformational, measurable results through your content. Gain insight into the strategic foresight required for long-term thought leadership and brand positioning. Discover the potential to turn your expertise into a licensed program, even if it's not fully developed. Learn from real-life success stories to inspire your own journey in content licensing. Resources Mentioned: Free licensing business growth tools: visit sweetlifeco.com Licensing 101 Video: licensing-tools.com Million Dollar Licensing Offer Masterclass: For those who need guidance in curating their curriculum for licensing. Grab all the resources in our show notes https://sweetlifepodcast.com/322


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321: Why is Content Licensing The Fastest Way To Scale?

Why is content licensing one of the fastest ways to scale? If you’ve been establishing your expertise in your domain and possess a trove of valuable content that other businesses could benefit from, this episode of the SweetLife® Podcast is curated with your needs in mind. What we’re talking about today isn’t just an opportunity to broaden your business horizons—it’s a transformative approach that can substantially enhance your profit margins and free up your time. I share insights that are particularly important for subject matter experts, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and leaders who are looking to upscale the dissemination of their knowledge without increasing their workload. In this podcast, we unpack specific strategies that fundamentally change the traditional growth model. From sharing firsthand how I licensed a single course and exponentially multiplied its reach, to discussing the potential of licensing your content to other companies who can then market your intellectual property. We cover the successes of content licensing, the practical steps in the process, and how I have helped clients in the past decade, utilize these strategies to reduce their effort while massively scaling up their businesses. My experience and the case studies we dive into serve as a testament to the substantial impact that wisely implemented content licensing can bring to your enterprise. Key Takeaways from Today's Episode: Get to grips with the actual mechanics of content licensing and how it can act as a catalyst for rapid business scaling. Hear inspiring stories and case studies that demonstrate the successful implementation of content licensing from my clients and me. Discern specific strategies for using content licensing to multiply your reach without proportionally increasing your effort, time, or costs. Discover who is best suited for content licensing — it's aimed at established professionals armed with content ready for wider distribution. Learn how one course or training can be licensed in various ways, from individual trainers to large organizations, for broad-reaching impact. Content licensing isn't just a buzzword; it's a robust business model that can augment the reach and profitability of your content. We're talking about a strategic movement that could revolutionize the way you think about and engage with the growth of your business. For more, visit the show notes https://sweetlifepodcast.com/321


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320: What is Content Licensing?

We’re starting a new series focused on the transformative power of content licensing - a strategy to scale your business, increase profits, and gain more free time. If you're an established business owner adept in your field and curious about content licensing, this episode is specifically curated for you. However, if you're new to the business world, I suggest revisiting our past episodes to build your foundational knowledge first. In this episode, we dive into the nitty-gritty of content licensing. What is it, exactly? How can it be a pivotal part of your business growth? I’m here to unpack these questions, offering clear insights and strategies. Content licensing isn't just a concept; it’s a viable option for expanding your business reach. We're going to discuss how leveraging the courses, trainings, and content you've already developed can open doors to new opportunities. Through real-life examples and case studies, you’ll see how content licensing has been a game-changer for many, including myself and my clients. Key Takeaways from Today's Episode: Deep Dive into Content Licensing: Get a comprehensive understanding of what content licensing involves and how it can be a turning point for your business's growth. Real Business Cases: Learn from stories and case studies that illustrate the successful application of content licensing in various businesses. Strategies for Scaling Up: Discover specific strategies for using content licensing to not only enhance profits but also to assert your expertise and thought leadership in your niche. For Whom It’s Meant: This episode is tailored for those looking to significantly upgrade their business operations. If you're not yet at this stage, our previous content will be more suited to your current needs. Exclusive Insights and Tips: Benefit from the direct experiences and advice I share, grounded in proven success and practical application. In this episode, we're talking about leveraging what you've already created to add value to other businesses and, in turn, to your own. It’s about understanding the strategic importance of content licensing and how it can radically change the way you do business. So, let's get started on this exciting journey to unlocking the full potential of your content! For more, visit the show notes by going to https://sweetlifepodcast.com/320


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319: 10 Ways To Make 50K In The Next 6 Weeks

This episode is a treasure trove for established coaches, consultants, subject matter experts, and service-based entrepreneurs who've been serving clients and are ready to take things up a notch. We're delving into 10 innovative strategies to boost your revenue by $50,000 in the next six weeks. It's all about actionable advice, proven systems, and strategies that April Beach has refined over 27 years as a business coach. However, if you're just starting out, this might not be the episode for you just yet. Remember, this is about matching your dedication with the right strategies to build a profitable consulting and coaching business with integrity. In this episode we're diving deep into specifics. Expect to learn about personalized mentorship and the unique advantages it offers, like connecting deeply with your clients and sharing your hard-earned wisdom. VIP days, another gem, provide an intensive, focused experience that can significantly uplift your business. And let's not forget about course licensing “quick sales” – an ingenious method to extend your reach and earnings without the heavy lifting of delivery. We’re also unpacking 7 more powerful ways you can bring in extra money like planning retreats, launching new programs, and effective cost-cutting, and more. All are designed to elevate your business swiftly and effectively. Takeaways: Enhanced Revenue Strategies: Learn techniques to significantly increase your income in a short time frame, specifically designed for established professionals in coaching and consulting. Business Growth Insights: Gain insights into unique and practical strategies, such as personalized mentorship, VIP days, and licensing your content, to expand your business reach and enhance client engagement - plus 7 more options to choose from. Operational Efficiency: Discover ways to optimize your business operations, including revisiting past programs and smart cost management, to maximize profit fast. For the bonuses and the transcription, visit our show notes https://sweetlifepodcast.com/319


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318: Navigating the Leap from B2C to B2B Effectively

This episode is tailored specifically for you if you're an established subject matter expert, coach, consultant, strategist, service provider, or if you're deeply entrenched in the B2C model but feel the pull towards transitioning to B2B. April Beach, a seasoned business strategist with over 27 years of experience, guides you through this critical juncture in your career. This episode is crucial because it addresses a common yet challenging pivot point: shifting your business model while leveraging your expertise and maintaining a balanced life. April Beach delves into the intricacies of transitioning from a B2C to a B2B business model. You will learn about: Recognizing when you're ready for this shift and how to initiate the move. Strategic questioning to align your future business goals with personal aspirations. Techniques to repurpose your existing B2C offerings for a B2B audience, such as through licensing and embedded partnerships. Exploring high-level strategic consulting for B2B, to understand and cater to the new audience's needs. At the end of this episode you will: This episode is a deep dive into how you can redefine your business model while keeping true to your expertise and creating a work-life harmony. Self-Reflection is Key: Understand the importance of your legacy and how you want to be known in your industry. This will influence how you transition and what parts of your business you carry forward. Designing Your Future Work-Life: Consider who your new clients will be in a B2B context and how this will change your work dynamics, from daily interactions to the nature of your engagements. Leveraging Existing Assets: Explore how your current B2C offerings can be transformed into B2B solutions, such as through licensing or partnerships, allowing for a smoother transition. Embracing Strategic Relationships: Engage in high-level consulting in your new B2B sphere to build relationships and gain clarity on what these clients need and value. Simplicity and Impact: Learn how transitioning to B2B can often simplify business processes and amplify your impact, potentially leading to more significant results with less direct effort. By the end of this episode, you'll have a clearer vision of how to navigate the shift from B2C to B2B, making strategic decisions that align with your long-term goals and lifestyle aspirations. Tune in to uncover insights and strategies that will empower your journey into a new realm of business. For more, visit our show notes at https://sweetlifepodcast.com/318


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317: How To Add A Train The Trainer Program To Your Course

Who This Show is For and Why It's Important You're in the perfect spot if you're a subject matter expert, coach, consultant, speaker, author, or leader contemplating or already developing a Train the Trainer program. Whether you're looking to license your content to other companies or elevate your existing certification program, this episode is a goldmine for you. April Beach, the founder and CEO of the SweetLife® Company, brings her expertise directly to your journey of expanding the reach and impact of your work. With a focus on strategic content structuring, this episode is not just about creating a program but ensuring it is profitable and impactful. What We Cover and What You Will Learn In this episode, April Beach delves deep into the intricacies of building an effective Train the Trainer program. You'll learn how to structure your content strategically to facilitate success for other trainers. This includes providing the necessary materials, such as outlines, speaking topics, benchmarks, training agendas, and the core content like PDFs, slides, and workbooks. More importantly, you will understand how to infuse your unique thinking and genius into these materials, elevating the trainers to deliver the content as effectively as you would. April doesn't stop at just content delivery; she also explores the importance of communication skills, the creation of a learning roadmap, user management, and internal marketing techniques. These insights will help trainers not only present the material effectively but also engage and inspire their audience, leading to a more impactful learning experience. Key Takeaways Content Foundation: Understand how to break down your program into manageable parts, focusing on both the core materials and the high-level strategic thinking behind each segment. Communication and Facilitation Skills: Equip your trainers with the necessary skills to handle sensitive topics and foster engaging, productive discussions. Visual Learning Roadmaps: Create visual aids to help trainers and learners track progress and understand the journey through the program. User Management Strategies: Learn to manage and track attendees effectively, ensuring a streamlined and accountable learning experience. Internal Marketing for Buy-In: Develop materials to help trainers advocate for your program, ensuring engagement and enthusiasm from participants, particularly in scenarios where they don't have a choice in their participation. This episode is more than just a guide; it's an empowerment tool for you to elevate your program, making a profound impact while freeing you up to pursue your passions. Tune in to transform your Train the Trainer program into a dynamic, effective, and profitable venture. For the show notes and more visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/317


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316: How to Price Your Content or Courses for Licensing

This episode is a must-listen for coaches, consultants, and content creators eager to explore the lucrative world of licensing. April Beach delves into the specialized area of licensing intellectual property, particularly focusing on content, trainings, systems, and courses. This topic is crucial as it unlocks new revenue streams and allows for the expansion of business reach and impact. April Beach guides you through the practical steps of pricing your curriculum for licensing. You'll learn the importance of understanding your operational costs, including software, team expenses, and the logistics of content distribution. The discussion goes further into calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of your content, emphasizing both tangible training benefits and lifestyle improvements. April introduces two main pricing strategies: bulk pricing and 'Amplify ROI' pricing, explaining how these can be applied based on the specific needs and outcomes of potential licensees. Key Takeaways Understand Operational Costs: Know the expenses associated with licensing your content, like software and team support. Calculate the ROI: Assess both the tangible and lifestyle impacts of your content. Pricing Strategies: Learn two methods - bulk pricing and 'Amplify ROI' pricing. Customized Approach: Tailor the pricing based on the licensee's specific situation and outcomes. Value Communication: Communicate the measurable value and transformation your content brings to the licensee. After listening to this episode, you'll be equipped with insights and strategies to confidently price and license your intellectual property, enhancing both your business growth and the value you deliver to your clients. For the show notes, visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/316


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315: Scale Your Coaching Business: B2B Transition Made Easy

This episode is crafted for you, the seasoned consultant or coach, who's considering moving from B2C to B2B. It's essential for those of you who have proven success with clients and have developed systematic approaches in your work. This is about taking your impact and profitability to the next level while easing your workload. In this episode, we specifically guide you through developing and implementing two core strategies for transitioning to B2B consulting. First, we focus on creating a certification program to train other professionals in your field, turning potential competitors into your clients. This approach leverages your expertise and establishes a collaborative network. Second, we explore the process of licensing your unique methodologies to these professionals. This strategy not only extends the reach of your work but also enhances your role as a thought leader in the industry, all while reducing your direct workload. Takeaways: Developing a Certification Program: You'll learn to transform competitors into clients by creating a training or certification program in your expertise. Licensing Your Expertise: Discover how licensing your methodologies can broaden your business scope and reinforce your thought leadership. Reducing Workload, Increasing Impact: Understand how these strategies can lessen your day-to-day tasks while boosting your impact and income. Establishing Thought Leadership: Insights on how to position yourself as an industry thought leader. Fostering a Professional Community: Emphasizes the value of building a network of professionals using your methods towards shared goals. For more go to our show notes page at https://sweetlifepodcast.com/315


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314: How to Create Impactful VIP Days: Step-by-Step Strategies for Coaches

Thinking about selling VIP days and don’t know how to start? You're in the right place! In this engaging episode, we sit down with Amy Yamada, a seasoned expert in the coaching realm, to explore the ins and outs of creating and offering VIP days. This episode is a goldmine for coaches and consultants eager to inject a fresh, personalized approach into their services. If you're looking to set yourself apart in the coaching market with offerings that truly resonate with your clients, offering VIP Days might be your answer? In this show, Amy walks us through the key elements of crafting VIP days that not only meet but exceed client expectations. You'll learn how to pinpoint exactly what your clients need and tailor your VIP days to address these needs effectively. We also dive into strategies for confidently setting and communicating your prices, ensuring your clients understand the immense value of these specialized sessions. Plus, Amy shares her secrets on post-session follow-ups that keep the momentum going and strengthen client relationships. By the end of this episode, you'll have a starting roadmap for offering VIP days in your coaching or consulting business. You'll also be equipped with actionable tips and a deeper understanding of how to create these powerful, transformative experiences. So, if you’re ready to take your coaching game to the next level, tune in and let's get started. At the end of this episode, you understand: Tailoring VIP Days to Client Needs: Understand how to identify and address your clients' unique challenges and goals, ensuring that each VIP day is a personalized and impactful experience. Effective Pricing Strategies: Learn how to set and communicate the value of your VIP days, enabling you to confidently charge rates that reflect the high-quality, bespoke service you provide. Post-Session Engagement: Discover the importance of follow-up support and how it can enhance the effectiveness of your VIP day, leading to stronger, ongoing client relationships. Marketing Your VIP Days: Gain insights into effectively promoting your VIP days, highlighting their unique benefits and differentiating your services in a competitive market. Practical Implementation: Walk away with actionable steps to integrate VIP days into your coaching or consulting business, enhancing both client satisfaction and business growth. For all the links and resources, visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/314


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313: Top 4 Areas To Nail And Scale in 2024

Established coaches and consultants looking to separate from the pack in 2024. You want to do your work differently and reduce friction. The theme of this year is “less in more”. We’ll be focusing on making smart decisions to reduce overwhelm and create more traction in your business. Though there are a lot of things you can do to build your company, in this show we’re focusing on 4 of the most important areas you’ll want to nail first. For each of the four areas of your business, I’m breaking down key things to consider in evaluating how you’ll upgrade your process and profit including: 2024 industry trends in each of the 4 core areas How they affect your current business Innovative ways to upgrade, change, and pivot …All while reducing work time and doing less. At the end of this episode, you will: Know the 4 areas of business you need to focus on to scale in 2024 Have evaluated each area to determine necessary changes Be able to take action Visit our show notes for the transcription and to grab the links mentioned. https://sweetlifepodcast.com/313


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312: What It Really Takes To Build A Million Dollar Consulting Business

This one's for all you independent consultants, coaches, and experts who are looking to grow your business next year. We're going to chat about what it really takes to build a million-dollar consulting business. Yes; you need the right mindset. Yes; you need to be good at what you do But did you know there’s an actual mathematical formula to determine if your company is capable of hitting a million dollars in gross revenue a year? There is, and in this episode April Beach, an international business strategist, unpacks the key values you need to be aware of that become the inputs for your million-dollar business formula. This episode is like your personal guide to growing your business in a smart way. It's super helpful if you're working on your own and want to increase your sales without burning out. We're going to talk about knowing your limits, which is really important, and using that knowledge to make better plans for your business. This way, you can make more money, keep your customers happy, and still have time for yourself! April's approach has helped people all over the world. She's got some great strategies that can be tailored to your own unique business. At the end of this episode, you will: Assess your Offers: It's important to really know the ins and outs of the services or advice you provide. This helps you see where you can grow. Understand Your Limits: Knowing how much you can handle is key. It helps you plan better and grow your business without getting too stressed. Clean Up Your Offers: Quickly see what offers are dragging you down and where to build improvements For more details go to https://sweetlifepodcast.com/312


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311: 4 Simple JV Partnership Types

This episode is tailor-made for entrepreneurs who have an established training or program but struggle to generate leads or have a smaller list. If you want ways to increase visibility for your business without diving into conventional advertising routes like Facebook or LinkedIn ads, then this episode is a must-listen. April's conversation with JV partnership expert, Charles Byrd, provides an alternative path to business growth that is dependable and requires less effort to generate leads. You will be introduced to the world of joint venture (JV) partnerships through Charles, a renowned figure in this arena. They'll uncover the four distinct types of JV partnerships, learning how each can be a lucrative option depending on your business's unique needs. This episode delivers actionable steps on implementing these JV strategies. When you’re finished listening you’ll have more clarity on which type of partnership is best for where you are in business currently. At the end of this episode, you will: Understand the 4 types of JV partnerships Determine which type is best for you based on your offers Gain confidence in starting JV partnerships even if you have a small offer and no list. For more information about this episode, visit the show notes at https://sweetlifepodcast.com/311


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310: Easy Licensing Offers

In this episode we are revealing easy licensing offers that every entrepreneur can do regardless of your experience with licensing, length of time in business, and capacity. Whether you're just starting out or you've been at it for a while, if you're looking to grow without all the extra headaches, this episode's for you. Have some training modules or content under your belt? Tune in. Licensing is a great way to scale your business and expand the work you've already done by allowing other companies to distribute your trainings, content, courses, systems, frameworks, or materials. But the process of licensing may seem huge, especially when you've never done it before. But, you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to scale your business. In this episode, we unpack 3 Easy Licensing Offers that will increase your profit with less work. You’ll learn each offer and determine which is best for you. This is the perfect place to start if you aren’t sure if licensing is right for you or you simply don’t have the capacity to package a larger program to sell for millions but you want to scale and increase in a sustainable, non-intimidating way. At the end of this episode, you will: Know the easiest way to get into licensing that anyone can do Have 3 easy licensing offers you can choose to create Gain confidence in scaling with less effort to increase profit Resources: Join www.license2scale.com to build your first licensing offer. For more, visit the show notes at https://sweetlifepodcast.com/310


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309: Neuroscience and Money Mindset for High Achieving Entrepreneurs

What is the science behind mindset? A lot of coaches teach mindset but don’t fully know, or teach neuroscience. When you understand it’s not “woo woo” and mindset strategies are backed by science, it can help you to implement for faster results. In this episode, Danya Douglas Hunt unpacks what’s behind mindset and takes listeners through actionable steps to close million-dollar deals, sell more of your consulting or coaching services, and utilize proven processes to push yourself through barriers that may have been holding you back, whether you were aware of them or not. At the end of this episode, you will: Change your mind about “mindset” if you were never a big fan Understand more about the importance of neuroscience for your life and business Have actionable steps that can push you to higher profit in your business For the show notes and all the resources go to https://sweetlifepodcast.com/309


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308: How To Run LinkedIn Ads for Coaches and Consultants

Have you been tempted to run LinkedIn Ads but don’t know where to start, what type of ads are available and if you have the budget to run them successfully? In this episode our friend AJ Wilcox is back on the show again, updating us on the latest changes to LinkedIn Ads and how you can make the most of them. We’ll dive into tactics, steps, and even how to plan your budget. You’ll know the latest cost per lead and so much more. If you run a consulting business and you want to use LinkedIn to grow your reach and increase your sales, this show is a great one. At the end of this episode you will: Understand the types of Ads available Understand which Ad type is best for you Know what your budget needs to be and what you can expect from a solid Ads campaign Have simple steps to start using your LinkedIn Ads account effectivey For more about this episode visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/308


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307: LinkedIn Etiquette: Build a Brand that Resonates and Converts

Are you committing any of the "deadly sins" of LinkedIn without realizing it? LinkedIn has become the go-to place for consultants, coaches and subject matter experts who want to generate quality leads and build a sustainable business. However, as the popularity of the platform grows, so has the onslot of terrible spam DMs and cold pitches. In this episode we’re discussing the importance of LinkedIn Etiquette and our guest expert Salina Yeung, reveals best practices for positioning your brand, creating genuine connections, and actionable steps for your find your ideal clients, create content that converts, and connect with them in a way that highly converts. We also unpack an ideal posting schedule, creative ways you can build more trust and increase your leads. At the end of this episode, you will: Discover the “deadly sins” of LinkedIn and what not to do Know the exact posting ratio that Salina recommends for CTA posts Have a solid strategy you can confidently execute to generate leads and make valuable connections For more visit the show notes at https://sweetlifepodcast.com/307


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306: How to Use LinkedIn Events For Maximum Leads

LinkedIn Events are a great way to generate leads, as long as you know the strategy and have the steps to execute. In this episode, we’re diving in with LinkedIn Expert Jen Corcoran to learn the ins, outs, dos, don'ts of LinkedIn Events. There are three phases to using LinkedIn Events and actions to take in each phase including, how to create the event, how to promote the event and what to do after the event. Jen covers important steps to follow. Additionally, we also cover strategies for creating an event on your business vs personal profile, how to grow your email email, how to promote paid vs free events, and skills for direct messaging with people who’ve been interested in your event but haven’t actually taken the steps to register. If you’ve been using LinkedIn Events and not getting great traction, this episode is definitely for you. At the end of this episode, you will: Know how and where to create LinkedIn events Understand the pre-event promo strategy and how to expand your reach Have a process for followups that will increase conversions Understand how paid events are currently working and when you post a paid opportunity For more go to https://sweetlifepodcast.com/306


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305: How to Use LinkedIn Polls to Generate Leads

This episode is perfect for both new and already-running business owners who are eager to get to know their audience better on LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn polls as a super tool that lets you ask questions and find out what people really think! Maybe you are planning to start something new and want to know what others like, or perhaps you are curious to see if you're sharing the stuff that really matters to them. By using LinkedIn polls, you can discover exactly what your audience is interested in, helping you make smarter choices for your business. We are diving deep into the world of LinkedIn polls with the help of expert Tanya Bhattacharya! We’ll explore step-by-step how to create polls that are just right - not too boring, not too tricky, but interesting and fun for people to answer. It's like creating a little quiz that helps you understand what people like and what they are interested in. April and Tanya will also share how you can use these polls when you’re launching a new program or trying to reengage your LinkedIn audience. We reveal the best kind of questions to ask in your polls to get the most helpful answers. It’s like having a magic question box that helps you find out what your friends are thinking! At the end of this episode, you will: Know how to use polls to generate leads Understand the strategy of polls Have sample poll questions you can use in your polls Be able to create a poll and execute this strategy right away For the show notes visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/305


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304: How To Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page

Wondering what to do with your LinkedIn Company page? Join the club. LinkedIn Company pages have been generally inactive and ineffective for growing brands and capturing leads. Over the years you may have created a company page and it’s just sitting there… or maybe you’re posting to your company page and hoping the spaghetti will stick and measurable growth will miraculously happen. If so, this SweetLife Entrepreneur™ episode is for you… On a hunt for tangible LinkedIn Company page strategies, I came across Michelle J Raymond, who is an international LinkedIn Company Pages expert and LinkedIn B2B Growth Strategist. Michelle also wrote the first book on LinkedIn Company pages! Perfecto… we found exactly who were looking for. In this episode Michelle breaks down the potential of LinkedIn Company pages and how you can use a simple strategy, which she unpacks on this episode, to leverage LinkedIn Company Pages for your business: Why businesses of all sizes need a company page How much time to allocate to your company page What content works best on company pages How do you grow your page followers fast At the end of this episode, you will: Change your mind and hurry over to build your company page Have simple steps you can implement right now to grow your Company Page audience Understand what goes on your Company Page vs. Personal Feed For the show notes, visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/304


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303: 3 Steps To Build Your Business From Podcasting Without Running Ads, Even With A Small Audience

You’re a podcaster or you’d like to be, but you’re wondering how to make money for your business from your show, especially in a market that feel saturated. In this show April records live from Podcast Movement 2023 and she is delivering to you the exact talk she delivered on stage at Podcast Movement! If you have a small list, or you’re new to podcasting. If you don’t want advertisers or you don’t have enough downloads for them to pay attention to you. And, if you’re wondering how we’ve generated over a million dollars in sales directly attributed to this how, this episode unpacks it all. This show also comes with: Slides from April’s talk at Podcast Movement 2023 1 hour training and worksheets on how to create an intuitive quiz for your show Powerful resources for building aligned offers At the end of this episode you will: Know how to create a show structure that make you the centerpiece, even with guests Have a funnel you can apply to your show Know how to create offers that your listeners can’t refuse To access the resources, grab the transcription and more, visit https://sweetlifepodcast.com/303