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This is the Systems Simplified podcast where we feature top leaders who share stories on how to successfully systematize a business.


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This is the Systems Simplified podcast where we feature top leaders who share stories on how to successfully systematize a business.




Optimizing Business Systems for Profitability and Freedom With Victoria Downing

Victoria Downing is the President of Remodelers Advantage, a consulting group helping remodeling companies build robust, consistently profitable businesses. After spending 10 years in marketing, advertising, and sales, she joined Remodelers Advantage to help remodeling entrepreneurs create lead-generation programs. Victoria helped launch Remodelers Advantage Roundtables, a peer group for owners of companies generating $1 million or more annually. In this episode: Many entrepreneurs launch a business to achieve freedom. However, this independence is often elusive as business owners discover the time it takes to manage an operation. What pitfalls can you avoid to gain freedom? With practical expertise in business optimization, remodeling industry veteran Victoria Downing observes that business owners often struggle with financial statements, staff management, and task delegation. To minimize barriers and ensure smooth systems, you must acquire the discipline to create annual budgets, support talented players and dismiss unproductive ones, and implement replicable processes for task delegation. Victoria also notes that entrepreneurship can be lonely, so by joining peer groups with experienced members, you can gain solidarity. On today’s episode of Systems Simplified, Victoria Downing, the President of Remodelers Advantage, joins Adi Klevit to talk about optimizing a business for success. Victoria explains why she helps remodeling businesses become profitable, how to manage teams and delegate responsibilities, and the benefits of peer organizations.


Brand Story-Telling and Identity Discovery Systems With Chris Smith

Chris Smith is the Founder of The Possibility Company, a training company helping entrepreneurs and financial advisors communicate their stories. While working as a financial advisor, he inspired his firm to elevate its story and message to acquire new assets, scale, and create a lasting legacy. As a coach, Chris developed the Campfire Effect to help purpose-driven, mission-focused entrepreneurs differentiate themselves in the market. In this episode: When marketing their services, many entrepreneurs unintentionally commoditize themselves by speaking too much about their industries. How can you discover and communicate your identity and purpose to differentiate yourself in the market? Clarity coach Chris Smith maintains that who you are is not what you do. Accordingly, he has developed a system that teaches entrepreneurs to separate their identities from their industries. By focusing on the outcome of your services, you can identify a unique purpose that separates you from your competitors. Communicating this purpose requires conveying a relatable and relevant story of a struggle, realization, and transformation. Chris also recommends monetizing your process to provide additional clarity for prospective clients. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit sits down with Chris Smith, the Founder of The Possibility Company and Campfire Effect, to talk about finding your identity and purpose. Chris shares brand story-telling systems, how he helps entrepreneurs uncover their unique identities, and the mistakes businesses make when relaying their services.


Elevating Your Business and Life Through Repeatable Processes With Jason Yarusi

Jason Yarusi is the Founder and Managing Member of Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm repositioning properties through operational efficiencies, renovations, and rebranding. Since 2017, the company has amassed over 2,300 apartment units. As a real estate syndicator, investor, and private fund manager, Jason manages over $245 million in multifamily real estate assets. He hosts the Multifamily Live podcast, which provides content and tools to build and strengthen a multifamily investment business. In this episode: If you’ve lost direction in your business, how can you get yourself back on track? Research shows that 40% of habits are repeated. So with a strategic plan, you can replicate healthy habits to define your future. After facing unimaginable hardships and losing money constantly, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Jason Yarusi discovered that by implementing processes and systems, he could create alternative habits to take his business to new heights. If you want to transform your company’s trajectory, you must create precise and strategic processes that can be replicated. This allows you to measure performance and adjust systems based on the results. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Jason Yarusi, the Founder and Managing Member of Yarusi Holdings, joins Adi Klevit to talk about transforming your business through systems and processes. Jason shares information about the Live 100 program, how he reinvented his father’s business, and how to ensure ROI with systems and processes.


Foundational Systems for Expert Meetings and Events With Andy McNeill

Andy McNeill is the Founder and CEO of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), a global meeting services organization providing high-level in-person, virtual, and hybrid meeting services to global organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the meetings and events space, he has assisted firms in various industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, sports marketing, and investment banking. Andy was recognized by Affinity Inc as an LGBT business leader. In this episode: Business meetings and events are effective for client engagement and relationship building. What systems can you implement to execute compelling meeting experiences? As a trailblazer in the meetings and events industry, Andy McNeill says every business should develop a strong meeting process that integrates virtual and in-person events. This involves identifying an objective and creating engaging and informative content that aligns with the goal. You must also establish a system for measuring ROI and goal-aligned outcomes from the meeting or event. Andy emphasizes following up with prospects and potential opportunities to accelerate branding and recognition for your organization. Join Adi Klevit in this episode of Systems Simplified as she interviews Andy McNeill, the Founder and CEO of American Meetings, Inc. (AMI), about meeting and event facilitation processes. Andy shares systems for creating a valuable company retreat, the qualities of successful meetings, and how to identify ideal conference locations.


The Ultimate Sales System for Repeat Buyers With Jim Padilla

Jim Padilla is the Founder and CEO of Gain The Edge, which provides sales systems, strategies, and teams to legacy-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. As a master sales trainer and expert team builder, he created and led a seven-figure international sales training team and has built high-performing sports and business teams for over 20 years. Jim has helped generate over a quarter billion dollars in sales growth for clients like Josh Turner and Zig Ziglar. In this episode: Most sales professionals focus too much on generating new leads and securing fast conversions. Yet 90% of your addressable market will purchase more than once. So how can you create a system that guides and nurtures repeat clients through the customer journey? Seasoned sales consultant Jim Padilla speaks to the value of systemizing and personalizing the customer journey. Most clients begin their trajectory by presenting a prevailing issue, so rather than rushing them through the purchasing process, take the time to provide relevant solutions. You can then guide them through the funnel by offering complimentary services that enhance value. Throughout the process, you must maintain consistent communication to ensure you remain top-of-mind. This may involve facilitating outreach efforts like surveys, referrals, and events. On today’s Systems Simplified episode, Adi Klevit interviews Jim Padilla, the Founder and CEO of Gain The Edge, about creating a valuable sales system for clients. Jim describes the main differences between buyers, leads, and subscribers, how his upbringing influenced his sales career, and how to target existing customers.


Scaling Revenue Streams Through Alternative Agency Systems With Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman is the Founder and CEO of AltAgency, which helps agency owners, freelancers, and service providers grow and scale without working nights or weekends. He has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, including John Lee Dumas, Betty Rockers, and Nerd Fitness. As a serial entrepreneur, Greg is also the Founder and CEO of, where he helps online business owners create reliable marketing systems to maximize profits for products and services. In this episode: The traditional agency structure involves owners serving as full-service providers to each client. Yet this model decreases client value, creates operational inefficiencies, and places undue pressure on owners. How can you remodel your agency to generate value for clients and scale effectively? As an advocate for an alternative agency framework, agency growth expert Greg Hickman diversifies revenue systems to monetize and scale services. This process involves identifying your core competencies and the specific outcome for each service. However, scaling beyond $3 million solely by offering traditional services is not practical since they must be customized for each client’s unique needs. Additionally, some clients may not benefit from them, so Greg recommends developing a membership community to offer mastermind courses in your area of expertise. By systemizing your offerings, you can establish multiple income streams to scale. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Greg Hickman, the Owner and Founder of AltAgency, for a discussion about diversifying revenue streams through an alternative business structure. He shares the barriers to transforming agency growth, the updated systems for scaling, and the benefits of documenting processes.


Establishing a System of Excellence With Desmond Clark

Desmond Clark is the Founder and President of Bear Down Logistics, a third-party brokerage that offers dispatching and warehousing solutions. After a successful 12-year NFL career, he became a global motivational speaker, accountability coach, two-time published author, and podcaster. Before founding Bear Down Logistics, Desmond was a Co-owner and Partner at The Insurance People, a full-service agency that assists businesses and families in securing various types of insurance. His mission is to share his life lessons, cultivate meaningful relationships, and create value for others. In this episode: Every entrepreneur wants to be exceptional, but this standard must extend across every aspect of business. How can you drive quality throughout your company? With a versatile career as an NFL player, entrepreneur, and thought leader, Desmond Clark has developed five keys for establishing a system of excellence. As a baseline, you must identify your brand’s impact on yourself and your clients. This allows you to build meaningful relationships that add value to your business. Additionally, Desmond says to create processes for operational consistency, furthering your path to greatness. Ultimately, self-motivation and purpose are vital in creating a value system for others. On this episode of Systems Simplified, Desmond Clark, the Founder and President of Bear Down Logistics, joins Adi Klevit to discuss business systems for excellence. Desmond describes his mission, his journey from NFL to entrepreneur, and how to win by embracing struggles.


A Process-Oriented Approach To Empowering Integrators With Kristie Clayton

Kristie Clayton is the Founder and CEO of Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM), an international peer mentoring platform for women integrators who run their businesses using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). FIM also hosts an annual Women’s Summit for integrators to connect, learn, and inspire each other. With over six years of experience as a founder, visionary, and coach, Kristie is also the CEO and Coach at ExcelHER8 Leaders, a premier coaching program for effective communication and leadership. In this episode: Integrators play a vital role in the business creation process, often serving as CEOs who filter and execute a visionary’s ideas. However, this role can be isolating since most visionaries don’t understand the commitment and effort it takes to manage a business. How can you empower integrators and nurture their professional journeys? As a visionary and integrator, Kristie Clayton understands how both roles work together and asserts the value of a peer group for integrators to share experiences and implement visionaries’ goals effectively. Her process for developing a beneficial community involves identifying your core values, ascertaining potential members’ objectives, and promoting engagement and regular communication. Kristie also advises hosting frequent workshops and events to provide ongoing learning opportunities and goal-achieving systems. Tune in to this episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit hosts Kristie Clayton, the Founder and CEO of Female Integrator Mastermind (FIM), to discuss building peer groups for business integrators. Kristie shares her personal process as a visionary and integrator, the components of effective events, and systems for networking and value creation.


The Process Documentation Toolkit for Small Businesses With Layla Pomper

Layla Pomper is the Creator and CEO of ProcessDriven, which helps small teams define business workflows and SOPs. As a process consultant, she spent the past four years helping teams build work management systems to delegate and scale. Layla also hosts a YouTube channel that has become the #1 worldwide resource for practical process education. In this episode: Processes are intimidating for many businesses that lack an understanding of how to document and implement them. What are the tangible benefits of systems and processes, and how can you execute them to propel your business forward? Process facilitator Layla Pomper maintains that documenting processes can help you achieve any business goal and boost ROI. Process documentation involves transferring knowledge, so by leveraging task management platforms, you can record and organize systems easily. Layla also recommends encouraging team members to develop and refine processes, allowing you time to scale your business. In today’s episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit chats with Layla Pomper, the Creator and CEO of ProcessDriven, about process documentation and management for small businesses. Layla shares how she discovered processes and systems, how to measure process effectiveness, and change management tips.


The 4 Day Week: Refining Processes to Boost Productivity With Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes is the Co-founder of 4 Day Week Global, the world’s leading organization changing the future of work by implementing a four-day week initiative. As a serial entrepreneur, he has promoted market-changing innovation and industry digitization by leading and transforming companies in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Andrew is recognized as the pioneer and architect of the global 4 Day Week movement, working with companies and national and international governments to change how populations work. In 2019, he wrote The 4 Day Week book, a how-to guide for reducing work hours and increasing productivity. In this episode: Most corporate businesses structure their processes around a five-day, 40-hour work week without considering alternative production methods. Yet many employees have grown tired of this antiquated structure and desire additional freedom and flexibility. How can you offer your employees a four-day workweek without compromising productivity? Studies show that working less leads to a 25% increase in productivity, reduces expenses, and mitigates employee turnover. As the originator of the global 4 Day Week, veteran entrepreneur Andrew Barnes encourages companies to test this system. Successful implementation requires analyzing and adjusting your current systems to promote efficiency and eliminate productivity barriers. Offering a four-day workweek with consistent pay allows employees to recognize and adapt their behaviors and processes to generate equal output in less time. In today’s Systems Simplified podcast episode, Adi Klevit hosts Andrew Barnes, the Co-founder of 4 Day Week Global, to talk about the value of providing your employees with a four-day workweek. Andrew shares his processes for measuring productivity, how to enhance business systems gradually, and the tangible benefits of the 4 Day Week model.


Timeless Business Development and Growth Systems With Veronica ”Niki” Fielding

Veronica “Niki” Fielding is the CEO and President at Digital Brand Expressions (DBE), a digital marketing agency with 23 years of experience helping companies with SEO, analytics and integration alignment, and social media and paid search marketing. Niki and her team have worked with manufacturers, B2B brands, and Fortune 500 companies, including Aleve, the Ritz Carlton, Mitsubishi, and the Wall Street Journal. As an entrepreneur and executive, she is a recipient of the Best 50 Women in Business award. In this episode: Two of the most crucial components of business growth are task delegation and networking. Some entrepreneurs are particular about executing tasks, which inhibits their team from completing projects. Others limit their networking opportunities by only partnering with potential clients. What processes can you create to master both of these business development areas? As a recognized connector and seasoned entrepreneur, Veronica “Niki” Fielding has refined and honed many systems for delegation and business growth. She affirms that you should delegate difficult and time-consuming tasks to experts who can complete them efficiently. When documenting processes for delegation, you must consider evolving industry standards and provide your team with objectives and clear expectations, allowing them to govern the execution. Networking requires connecting with others who may not fit your client profile but can introduce you to potential clients. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit hosts the Founder and CEO of Digital Brand Expressions (DBE), Veronica “Niki” Fielding, to discuss task delegation and networking. Niki shares the issues entrepreneurs encounter when delegating, how she pioneered social and search marketing, and how to follow up with connections after networking events.


The Five-Step System for Wealth Management With Bob Bedritis

Bob Bedritis is the Founder and Managing Director of Oswego Private Wealth Management. As a Certified Exit Planner and Certified Retirement Counselor, he helps entrepreneurs become financially independent of their businesses. Before founding Oswego Private Wealth Management, Bob was the Senior Vice President at Merrill Lynch, the President of Paradigm Capital Group, and the CEO of M Securities. He has also served on various executive boards, including the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. In this episode: For entrepreneurs who have built a business with a lasting legacy, finances may not be on their radars. However, financial management is an ongoing process, especially for business owners considering family succession. What systems should you leverage to manage your affairs effectively? Financial planner Bob Bedritis observed that 61% of business owners don’t properly manage their wealth. This is because they lack the necessary systems to evaluate their finances, often making excuses for not implementing any processes. Bob’s five-step wealth management process involves making informed financial decisions, mitigating taxes, leaving a monetary legacy for your family, and protecting your assets against litigation. By following his methods, business owners can efficiently manage their wealth and ensure a secure financial future for themselves and their families. On this installment of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Bob Bedritis, the Founder and Managing Director of Oswego Private Wealth Management, to discuss wealth management for legacy companies. Bob describes business owners’ most universal financial issues, the difference between wealth managers and traditional financial advisors, and the barriers to implementing financial systems.


Identifying Possibilities in the Scaling Process With Ved Krishna

Ved Krishna is the Strategy Head of Pakka, a mission-driven company that builds and invests in sustainable packaging derived from agricultural residues. As the former Business Head and Vice Chairman, he has been with Pakka for over 14 years and has quadrupled the organization’s size. Ved aims to cultivate a cleaner planet through global regenerative packaging solutions. In this episode: When launching a business, there are a multitude of factors to consider, including operations and launch. This initial overwhelm may cause entrepreneurs to view the process as limiting rather than embracing the possibilities. How can you alter your mindset by leveraging relevant systems to scale your company? With a mission to combat waste, innovator Ved Krishna went through multiple product evolutions and company iterations before learning to scale effectively. Launching an innovative product in a new market can pose significant risks, so Ved recommends introducing the item by addressing audience pain points. Once you’ve launched and are ready to scale, implement a gradual process to withdraw yourself from various departments by hiring subject experts who can solve pressing business problems. Tune in to this episode of Systems Simplified as Adi Klevit interviews Ved Krishna, the Strategy Head of Pakka, about his growth trajectory in sustainable packaging. Ved shares a process-oriented approach for firing yourself from your business, what inspires him, and how he instills purpose into his team.


The Premier Time-Allocation System With Joe Siecinski

Joe Siecinski is the Owner and Founder of BrainSHARE Business Mentors, a small business coaching firm that helps entrepreneurs create predictable and scalable companies. As a serial coaching entrepreneur, he has coached over 1,000 clients from various organizations within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Through programs, workshops, and specialized training, Joe mentors CEOs and executive teams to grow and expand their businesses. In this episode: During the early stages of entrepreneurship, you may find yourself assuming multiple roles to launch your business. Yet shifting frequently between various positions is highly inefficient and stunts growth. How can you allocate your time effectively to accelerate your company? Small business mentor Joe Siecinski has developed a calculated system to allow entrepreneurs to work on their companies rather than in them. The steps involve breaking down your goals into replicable processes to adjust your time allocations as you scale. To reallocate your time, Joe recommends beginning your day with a morning ritual, reviewing and planning your daily tasks, and scheduling breaks in between. If you’re struggling to document these procedures, try recording each business component separately from a top-down approach. In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit invites her guest Joe Siecinski, the Owner and Founder of BrainSHARE Business Mentors, to speak about restructuring your time to scale your business. Joe discusses how to update and refine existing processes, how he began coaching small businesses, and his advice for entrepreneurs who are hesitant to document systems.


The Process Methodology for Thoughtful Leadership With Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is a thought leadership coach working with business leaders to build credibility and authority. As a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach, she supports entrepreneurs, executives, and emerging leaders in their thought leadership journeys. Through various consulting companies, Mindy has helped more than 1,000 thought leaders publish books and articles, become sought-after speakers and podcast guests, and develop their profiles into brands. In this episode: The term “thought leadership” originated in the 90s, but thoughtful leadership developed as a method of measuring leaders’ attributes through systems and processes. How can you hone your authoritative qualities to become a thoughtful leader? Author and renowned coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein strives to elevate thought leadership to the next level by impacting audiences through deliberately structured teachings. For instance, when executing a project, develop a systematic process that allows you to visualize the outcome through calculated planning. This may involve being vulnerable and transparent about the mental limitations preventing you from successful completion. In today’s episode of Systems Simplified, thoughtful leadership coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein joins Adi Klevit to talk about the next level of thought leadership. Mindy discusses the mental roadblocks to process documentation, her social impact initiative, and why she moved to the UK to further her career.


The Process of Making Connections and Serving Others With Steve Ramona

Steve Ramona is the host of the Doing Business with A Servant’s Heart podcast, which features stories from top business leaders about overcoming challenges and serving others. As a mentor, he works with various businesses to forge meaningful connections and share referrals. Steve specializes in helping professionals build thought leadership platforms, network through podcasts, and bring value to others. In this episode: Networking is a valuable business tool, but if you approach it like a sales pitch, you’re not likely to form lasting connections, especially if your prospects regard you as desperate. How can you develop a servant-based networking style to deliver value to others? Servant leader Steve Ramona began networking with middle-aged professionals while working at his family’s health club when he was 18. His three-step process for building meaningful relationships involves facilitating natural conversations, listening to prospects’ problems, and identifying opportunities to help them. However, servant-based networking shouldn’t be one-sided. Instead, you should develop a reciprocal referral system by allowing your connections to make recommendations. In today’s edition of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Steve Ramona, the host of the Doing Business with A Servant’s Heart podcast, who shares the value of networking with a servant-based mindset. Steve describes the law of increase, common networking mistakes to avoid, and his ideal referral partners.


The Quintessential Hiring Process for Small Businesses With Katie McConnell Olson

Katie McConnell Olson, CPA, PHR, is the Founder and CEO of GrowthWise Search Partners, which offers talent strategy, direct search, and human capital consulting. With experience consulting clients in various industries and organizations, she focuses on middle-market companies in the construction, professional services, nonprofit, and agricultural industries. Katie speaks at national conferences on topics including hiring and developing talent and recruitment best practices. In this episode: Team members are companies’ most valuable assets utilized to solve operational and strategic problems. Yet many businesses begin the hiring process without identifying a relevant need for the employee. How can you refine your hiring and recruitment process to acquire top talent? As a CPA turned hiring consultant, Katie McConnell Olson maintains the value of structured hiring and recruitment systems. Her personal process involves a pre-screening stage that establishes basic expectations like salary and flexibility. Subsequently, you should conduct two separate interviews to examine the candidate’s career background and aspirations and determine a cultural fit. The final action includes an offer and seamless, integrated onboarding processes. Tune in to the Systems Simplified podcast as host Adi Klevit invites Katie McConnell Olson, the Founder and CEO of GrowthWise Search Partners, to talk about hiring and recruiting models for small businesses. Katie shares the value of human capital, why systems and processes are integral to any hiring model, and how she founded her firm to fill a gap in the market.


The Proprietary Valuation System to 10X Business Growth With Marie Torossian

Marie Torossian is a CPA Advisor and Business Coach at Marie Torossian CPA, where she provides personalized accounting services to small and midsize businesses. Marie is also a podcast host, the Founder of The Profit Lab, and a 10X Certified Coach, Speaker, and Mentor with Grant Cardone Enterprises. As a CPA, CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant), auditor, and CFO, she helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to eight figures and beyond. In this episode: A business can be an incredible lifelong endeavor, leaving a lasting legacy. However, when launching one, many entrepreneurs don’t plan for the future and focus exclusively on their immediate goals. What happens when you can no longer manage your company and haven’t identified a successor? How can you increase your business’ value for investors? Financial mentor Marie Torossian’s comprehensive company valuation system helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses exponentially to attract investors. It involves mitigating risk by implementing and optimizing processes and assessing revenue and profitability. Revenue comprises more than just numbers, so you should perform financial projections and conduct strategic planning every three to five years to predict client renewals. Additionally, capitalizing on key business opportunities is crucial for remaining profitable. On this episode of Systems Simplified, CPA Marie Torossian joins Adi Klevit to share her process for boosting company value. Marie addresses navigating entrepreneurial roadblocks, the key qualities of valuable businesses, and her impetus for helping other entrepreneurs.


Process Simplification: How To Reduce Inconsistencies With Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy is the Founder and CEO of Snapfix, a software platform designed for task and asset management and planned and reactive maintenance. With over 25 years of experience in IT and commercial and residential real estate management, he developed Snapfix to help teams communicate and collaborate using images, tags, and messaging. Before Snapfix, Paul was a business development program and project manager for companies, including Apple and Aramark. In this episode: Systems and processes are designed to streamline business operations. However, for contracting companies completing substantial projects, these processes can be complex and require constant exchange, often creating inefficiencies. How can you simplify your systems to consolidate tasks? Software specialist Paul McCarthy has developed a platform with convenient features for task management and communication. To compartmentalize processes effectively, he suggests assigning one responsibility to each team member, clearly defining roles and tasks. When prioritizing systems, you must evaluate their relevance and value to your business, rejecting ventures that inhibit growth. In today’s Systems Simplified episode, Adi Klevit talks with Paul McCarthy, the Founder and CEO of Snapfix, about communication and task simplification. He explains how contractors can leverage Snapfix for their businesses, how to systematize collaboration, and best practices for completing tasks effectively.


Process Documentation to Offboard Yourself From Your Business With Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis Kingsbury is the Founder of AirManual, where he has saved 1,000s of hours of time for business owners and their leaders, enabling them to unlock business growth and scale with less stress. As an award-winning speaker and serial entrepreneur, he has two software businesses and a consulting practice, where he serves over 600 organizations around the world, including well-known brands such as Sony, 3M, Swarovski, Fitness First, and Pepsi. In this episode: When delegating tasks, many business owners notice their team is not following established processes and making costly mistakes. This often occurs when entrepreneurs document processes in a confusing manner. Find out how you can escape from the day-to-day and build your ideal business. Systems maven Alexis Kingsbury has observed that when removing themselves from their businesses, most entrepreneurs aren’t sure where to start and document every minute process. Instead, he recommends documenting operations that align with your goals yet consume most of your time. After identifying these key tasks, prioritize, document, and test the most prevalent ones. These should be documented using comprehensive checklists and include video instructions for additional clarification. In today’s Systems Simplified episode, join Adi Klevit as she hosts Alexis Kingsbury, the Founder of AirManual, to discuss documenting and scaling processes to gain freedom. Alexis explains the benefits and barriers of task delegation, how to clarify your processes and procedures, and his entrepreneurial endeavors at a young age.