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Listen to the personal experience heart-to-heart from successful entrepreneurs around the world on how to grow your business and maximize your impact.


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Listen to the personal experience heart-to-heart from successful entrepreneurs around the world on how to grow your business and maximize your impact.




John Castagnini: Tapping Into Your Genius And Building with it

Did you know that everyone is a genius in one way or the other? The difference is some of us have tapped into our genius and some of us haven’t . Are you wondering what does it take to tap into that genius in you and let it flourish? We all want to experience a state of fulfillment in whatever we do and to achieve that we need to dig deeper and deeper and reach that point where we tap into that genius in us. We have Mr. John Castagnini with us, a genius in his own right, a person responsible for the complete transformation in the lives of over 1000 people through his initiative Thank God I. John talks to us about ways in which we can tap into our genius and build with it.


Brian Downard: Avoid Falling Into The Freelancer Trap and What to do Instead

Are you a freelancer working really hard to better someone else’s business? You think your fallen into the freelancer’s trap and wondering if you can get out of it? Would you prefer having your own business and spending your hours building it or would you prefer putting in all those hours into your freelance work for another business? Its safe to say we would all be more aligned to having our own business and setup a team and do what it takes to be successful. We have with us Mr. Brian Downard who is here to share with us his personal journey n how he freed himself from the freelancer’s trap and transformed his business to a successful venture.


Laura Elizabeth: Mindset Shifts needed to go from a Freelancer to a Creator

Are you a freelancer? We bet you have seen other people marketing and selling products they have designed themselves and yearned to do so yourself. How long have you been helping people create their businesses instead of doing something for yourself? Nevermore! Any joy you get out of successfully completing a task for a client can never match the happiness of creating something on your own. But you are always waiting for the right time, with a million queries in mind. This is why we have with us Laura Elizabeth, bringing answers to all your queries about the journey from a freelancer to a creator. Elizabeth, who used to be a freelancer designer, is now the founder-creator of Client Portal and Project Pack, and runs Here begins your journey.


Doc Williams: Creating your signature product

What would you order when you finally get a chance to visit this renowned luxury restaurant that you have heard so much about? Would you spend your time flipping through the pages of their menu card to find what suits you best? Of course not! You order what the place is best known for, and trust me, most probably you won’t even need a menu card. This dish you have ordered here is the signature product of this particular restaurant. This is the one thing that comes to your mind when you think about this restaurant. Do you have a product like this that flashes across people’s minds as soon as they think of your company? No? Well, it’s time to get one. We have with us the right person to answer any kind of question that you might have on the topic: Doc Williams, founder of Brand Factory, and solution architect. Let’s begin. Click here to know more and download the worksheet, grab the gift from Doc and start connecting. Visit for more


Adam Mendler: Leading In The Times Of Crisis

It is usual for everyone to look up to a leader figure for help during a crisis. Look at the world now. World leaders have limitless responsibilities on their shoulders while each of them try to control the spread of COVID19 in parts for the globe they lead. At a lower level, ministers are making sure that we are provided with everything we need in the safety of our homes. But these are not the only examples of leadership you can find at the time of a crisis. Every person who is a leader, irrespective of the number of people under their wing, should be prepared to deal with a crisis. Here we have Adam Mendler, CEO of Veloz Group, talking to you about being a leader to your team. Click here to know more and download the worksheet. Visit for more


Scott Aaron: Being Resilient, Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Wealth Through Human Connection

For most of us, this quarantine has turned out to be a difficult time. A sudden change in our daily routine, being unable to go out and get some fresh air and a lot of time in hands with nothing to do but overthink are things that can easily get to us. Quarantine is trying to break us both economically and socially. Do we want it to get to our emotional strength too? That is why we have with us Scott Aaron, speaker, two times bestselling author and human connection expert. He shares with us his views on how to use a crisis to strengthen oneself. As the Chinese proverb goes, the gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Click here to know more and download the worksheet, grab the gift from Scott and start connecting. Visit for more


Kamal Prakash Seth: Recession-proofing and Sustainably Growing your Business

Are you an entrepreneur idle after a lifetime in the wake of a lockdown? Are you concerned about being unproductive in the midst of a crisis and the future of your business post-COVID19? It is true that the coronavirus pandemic has turned both our individual lives as well as the balance of the world upside down. But instead of brooding over the what-may-have-been, you could make use of this time to efficiently plan the future of your business. Taking the current situation into consideration, what we are in dire need right now is a sustainable policy for doing business. But why? How? Who better to answer all your questions than Kamal Prakash Seth, the country head of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), India. Kamal is also the founder of Human Circle, an organization that inspires individuals to be their best selves, and a TEDx speaker. Tune in to learn a lot more about creating a sustainable business model with Kamal Prakash Seth. Download the Actionable Checklist from this episode & start taking action right away:


JoAnne Funch: Leveraging LinkedIn for Social Selling in 2020

Are you a business person or a freelancer? Do you have a profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the world's leading social network to build and manage your professional identity. But if you are new on LinkedIn, everything happening around you may seem too fast for you to catch up. You may have a lot of questions. How to use LinkedIn to enhance your business? Can you reach out to influencers through this platform? Right. This is when an expert advice comes in handy. We have here the most ideal person to guide you through your LinkedIn journey: JoAnne Funch. JoAnne Funch is a marketing consultant and a digital strategist. She works with individuals and companies who want to leverage LinkedIn to manage their reputation, build a personal brand, and find and engage prospects to build value-based relationships. Tune in to learn more about using LinkedIn to the maximum potential to enhance your profession, with Joanne Funch. Click here to know more and download the worksheet and optimise your LinkedIn account following the checklist. Visit for more


Miles Smith: Effective Content Marketing

Believe it or not, content is the most powerful form of rhetoric. While all other media fade in and out of popularity and fame, content is here to stay. With content coming back to focus in the field of marketing, this is a high time for some talk on effective ways to content creation for business. Are you a content marketer worried about the outreach process for your content marketing? Or its ideal structure? Worry not. We have with us here Miles Smith, director of digital marketing at Imaginasium. Be it the how to’s of influencer marketing or SEO strategies for your new piece of content, Smith has answers to all the questions when it comes to content creation. Click here for download the checklist and leverage your content marketing strategy. Visit for more


M.P Sriram: Key to Running a Business

When you start a new business all by yourself or with a couple of partners, there are a lot of factors to consider and plan ahead for growing your venture. For today’s podcast, we have MP Sriram, Co-founder at Aventus Partners, a 12-year-old HR firm. For advancing in your business, resolving conflicts before they even arise and maintaining a healthy balance, Sriram would be the best person to lead your path as he has been helping entrepreneurs grow for the last 12 years. Tune in for the words of wisdom from Sriram. Click here to download the actionable checklist, connect with M.P Sriram and start taking the right steps to grow your venture. Visit for more