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TOUGH TALKS - 036 - You Dont Have To Be Ruthless To Win. With Jonathan Keyser

Want to learn (or, more accurately speaking, remember) the greatest business model of all time (that doubles as the greatest LIFE model of all time? If so, tune in for our guest today, Jonathan Keyser. Professionally, JK was a typical ruthless dirtbag competing in a cut-throat industry doing whatever it took to win. Then he had an epiphany and completely transformed his approach to succeeding. And he did it through selfless serving. It didn't happen overnight, but it happened. His company is...


TOUGH TALKS - 035 - The Greatest Human Superpower! 💥 With Darren Gold

This guy just blew my mind. I spent most of the interview taking notes! He is a self-declared student of leadership, which straight out of the chute I ask him to define - and you'll love his brilliant response. We talk neuroscience, existentialism, and skillful self-delusion. And Steph Curry.


🐟TOUGH TALKS - E034 - Wicked Tuna - Captain Dave Marciano

Whether or not you've ever seen the wildly successful National Geographic TV show, Wicked Tuna, you're gonna love our guest today. Captain Dave Marciano, one of the show's most recognizable stars, joins us today for a conversation on STAR WARS, evil bananas and Sponge Bob! Oh, yeh, and a little bit about the psychology of being a commercial fisherman. You're gonna love this dude! (We may or may not have dropped a few F-Bombs, by the way, so...)...


TOUGH TALKS - E033 - 🤬 Stress Makes You Fat Sick And Stupid! With Laura Jane Bolton

#MentalToughness #StressRelief Some people just know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. Health and Life Coach, and podcaster, Laura Bolton, is one of them. Have a look/listen as Laura drops her wholistic health bombs from the middle of a rice field in Bali. Stress is the number one killer on the planet, and it's not only emotional stress. In our dialogue, Laura explains how physical and even chemical stress contribute to our toxicity. AND, she gives us a couple real practical, simple and...


TOUGH TALKS - E032 - Francis Piché Mindset Coach

Join us in a conversation about how all of us are designed for excellence and let Mindset Coach, Francis Piché, take us through the 5 C's of creating a bad ass life: 1-Clarity 2-Conviction 3-Certainty 4-Commitment 5-Courage


TOUGH TALKS - E031 - Garrett Richards - Converting Adversity Into Fuel

Garrett Richards is one the Major League Baseball’s best starting pitchers. He plays for the San Diego Padres and, at the time of this recording, is recovering from Tommy John surgery and will hopefully return to action this post-season. And if not, for sure at the beginning of the 2020 season. Garrett is one of the more humble professional athletes you can meet and he is also one of the most resilient. He has had several reasons to cave, but instead, he decides to take the “roadblocks” and...


TOUGH TALKS - E030 - Sumukh Setty - CEO - Empowering a Generation of Leaders

I met Sumukh a year ago when he was 19 at an international event that is for global thinkers committed to making a difference on the planet. He immediately astonished me because of his willingness to so confidently occupy a level of leadership and contribution at such a young age. I knew immediately that I wanted him on the show. It took us a year to coordinate it, and it's here now. You're going to love his vibe, his intellect, his humility, his heart, his leadership and his...


TOUGH TALKS - E029 - Ashok Thakur, Love Radiator and Magnet

This is someone's recent reaction to witnessing today's Tough Talks guest for the very first time: “WHO is this raw mass of unbridled brown energy, seething with sweat and love, this oozing cloud of kinetic inspiration dripping with openness and laughter? It’s ASHOK!" Have you ever been around someone who simply radiates high vibes all the time? Have you ever met someone who truly believes that NOTHING bad ever happens to them? Have you been in the presence of a person whose energy is so...


TOUGH TALKS - E028 - Carolyn Freyer-Jones - Executive and Personal Coach

Carolyn Freyer Jones, or CFJ, is a powerhouse coach who has been referred to as a "straight-talking New Yorker mixed with pure compassion." You can tell she's done her work on herself. She has a serenity and a clarity and a confidence about her that is palpable and can only make the experience of working with her so much more profound. In our conversation today, CFJ drops a handful of wisdom bombs that will definitely serve you in your professional and personal lives. For example: "Courage...


TOUGH TALKS - E027 - Dr. Alison Arnold Ph.D. - Mental Toughness Coach And Founder Of Headgames

How many people do you know that have spent 3 months in a Nepalese Monastery, then followed that up with another month in a Thai one, 3 weeks in The Amazon in Peru and another 2 weeks in silence at a California retreat to process it all? Oh, and who trains the brains of Olympic medalists and NCAA Champion gymnasts? I know one! And we have her as our guest today. She's my former business partner and one of my greatest mentors in life, Dr. Alison Arnold. Doc Ali, as we more casually know here,...


TOUGH TALKS - E026 - Dr. Fred Blum - Energy Rich Living: Episode 2

Today's guest is Fred Blum and he's back for Episode 2. We had a scintillating discussion a few months back and decided to do a round 2. In today's dialogue, we take a deep dive into what it means to be "Energy Rich" or "Energy Poor", why so many of us unconsciously choose energy POOR living, and what we can do when we are energy impoverished in order to enrich ourselves. Fred has generously offered The Tough Talks community a complimentary coaching session with him. (That’s amazing.) If...


TOUGH TALKS - E025 - David Wood - High Performance Coach - Volume 2

We got him back for round 2! And, Man, does he deliver. Again. David Wood is a master of many things. Among them is pausing before he responds. He's pretty damn mindful, and we learn from witnessing that alone. He's also a master of taking MASSIVE ACTION. We discuss the 4 reasons why most of us DO NOT live our best lives. He calls them the 4 Villians. And, naturally, we finish with the antidote - the 4 Heroes. He discussed how to work with the fact that our minds are like monkeys on crack!...


TOUGH TALKS - E025 - David Wood - Vol. 2

We got him back for round 2! And, Man, does he deliver. Again. David Wood is a master of many things. Among them is pausing before he responds. He's pretty damn mindful, and we learn from witnessing that alone. He's also a master of taking MASSIVE ACTION. We discuss the 4 reasons why most of us DO NOT live our best lives. He calls them the 4 Villians. And, naturally, we finish with the antidote - the 4 Heroes. He discussed how to work with the fact that our minds are like monkeys on crack!...


TOUGH TALKS - E024 - Stephen McGhee Vol. 2

This week we have our first ever repeat appearance by a guest. We have the amazing Stephen McGhee back for Episode 2. Our first conversation focused entirely upon his remarkable experience and subsequent documentary about climbing Aconcagua with 6 other men 7 or 8 years ago, and more importantly, the profound lessons that they each learned about themselves, their relationships and the ways that they are/were using their lives. If you haven’t seen that episode, please do watch/listen....


TOUGH TALKS - E023 - Dr. Fred Blum - Transformational Coach And Trainer

We’re going for a deep dive here today, folks, into the core of the human experience with a New York style Monk who has studied around the planet with great minds and mentors. He has degrees in Psychology and Chiropractic and his main focus now is coaching folks on living what he calls an Energy Rich Life. That is, living a life of productivity, vitality peace, connection and happiness. His name is Dr. Fred Blum and he will simultaneously mesmerize you, soothe you, confuse the fuck out of...


TOUGH TALKS - E022 - David Wood - International Coach And Speaker

You ready to PLAY today?! Because that’s exactly what you’re about to do, and exactly what you’re about to watch me and today’s Tough Talks guest, David Wood, do. David is actually a former Actuary for Fortune 100 companies like Exxon and Sony Music and Proctor & Gamble. He bounced from his cushy Manhattan gig to go off and explore the worlds. That is, the actual world, but also his inner world. Now he’s an International Coach and Speaker who has coached thousands of hours over 20 years and...


TOUGH TALKS - E021 - Stella Reid aka "Nanny Stella" from Nanny 911

How many people do you know that have not only starred on a major reality TV show, but have also been spoofed on South Park?!?! Well, I know one and you’re about to meet her. Her name is Stella Reid, aka, “Nanny Stella” of Nanny 911. Nanny Stella moved to the USA 29 years ago from Northern England, became a celebrity and is now coaching parents, matching nannies and families, and offers online training courses for parents and nannies. Here are some of the highlights from this most...


TOUGH TALKS - E020 - Stephen McGhee - Leadership Guide, Speaker, and Author

Who gathers a group of six NON-mountaineers, trains them mentally and physically for a year and then climbs the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere with them? For personal and professional growth reasons. Who DOES that?! Leadership Guide, Speaker and Author Stephen McGhee does. And he’s my guest in this episode of Tough Talks. And what a treat he is! Stephen and I have spent exactly zero hours of time together in the same physical space but I have studied him and followed his work for...


TOUGH TALKS - E019 - Kelly Noonan Gores - Writer, Director, Producer

One of the most important reasons to strengthen the mind is because of its instantaneous, inextricable and profound relationship with the body. In fact, with the quantity and quality of emerging scientific research these days on the mind-body relationship, I predict there’ll be a new, condensed word soon for “mind-body relationship” and it’ll simply be mindbody. Last year a documentary came out on the subject entitled, HEAL. I went to see it in the theaters and was blown away at how many...


TOUGH TALKS - E018 - Mike Haynes - NFL Hall Of Famer

WOW! What an impressive guy, this Mike Haynes. And that he’s an NFL Hall of Famer is NOT the top reason why. In fact, not even close. Rather, it’s his perpetual commitment to serve that makes him so powerful. You’ll notice him use the words “serve” and “service” throughout the entire discourse. This dialog rocked me a few times, and those times will be obvious to you. Here are a few of the highlights: -8:25: Mike’s experience defeating prostate cancer and how it led to him becoming a...