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TOUGH TALKS - E016 - Taylor Stone - Holistic Nutritionist, Life Coach and former NFL Cheerleader

Holistic Nutritionist, Life Coach and former NFL Cheerleader, Taylor Stone is our guest for today’s episode of Tough Talks. Taylor’s work far transcends (but most definitely includes) nutritional coaching in her work with women. She refers to herself as a healer (rightfully so) and integrates emotional detoxing and instilling massive self-love and confidence and exercise coaching in her efforts to help women get out of the victim mindset so they can own and create a life they love. Taylor...


TOUGH TALKS - E015 - Angela Meryl - Model, Actress, Stuntwoman

It isn’t every day that I get to interview a famous Hollywood Stuntwoman! But I did today. Angela Meryl is our badass guest for this episode and we discuss the unlikely journey she’s had as a model/actress/stuntwoman. Angela had a very modest upbringing in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and decided at an early age that she wanted to go to Hollywood and crush it there (“Decided” is the operative word in that sentence). She has won numerous awards for her work and has appeared in a...


TOUGH TALKS - E004 - Dave Earhart CEO Of Core Security

My guest in this episode of Tough Talks is the CEO of Core Security, David Earhart. Core is a private computer and network security company. David is a lifelong disciple of mental training. He's been practicing meditation for decades, he was the captain of the tennis team at Texas Tech, and he is and always has been committed to personal and physical growth and empowering people. His commitment to perpetual growth and service are two of his main keys to his incredible success on ALL...


TOUGH TALKS - E001 - Jon Hunter of BMC Software

Jon is a lifelong student of the mind, of historic leaders like Marcus Aurelius and is a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do. In this interview find out why the Enterprise Software industry is the most competitive industry on the planet today, why it attracts so many former and current athletes, and why Mental Toughness is THE variable that will determine if sales folks in the industry make “lifestyle changing money” or go home broke.


TOUGH TALKS - E002 - David Jack of

David has served as fitness guru for the Katie Couric show and as a top training adviser for Men's Health Magazine. We transcend typical exercise dialog and DEEP dive into his fascinating, super strong faith based take on what "Mental Toughness" really means.


TOUGH TALKS - E003 - Bill Giruzzi "Solving the Unsolvable"

DOWNLOAD THE BOOK HERE >>> - - - Earth Day, April 22nd, 2040 will mark the End of All Human Suffering caused by our current way of life. I have literally been looking forward to this interview for months! I am absolutely fascinated by this man, Bill Giruzzi, who has produced a document – a small book called “Solving the Unsolvable” that I consider to be one of the boldest declarations, and brilliantly expansive...