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Selling Is A contact Sport

Selling is a contact sport, and it’s time to update the playbook. With a little insight into today's buying process salespeople can understand how customers buy and dramatically increase their Sales results. Today’s buyer controls the sale. You are now in a buyer centric market, The seller no longer controls the process. So what are the recent changes in the buying process. Hear here:


Step One in Our New Market Success

Buyers still see trust, authenticity, and clarity to help him synthesize value from their resources. Sellers can differentiate themselves by delivering on these needs. However, the seller's challenges are significant amid tremendous pressure. In the end, success stems from the sellers' reaction to this pressure. The confluence or the joining of these two challenges. Technology, skepticism, risk aversion, and increasing stakeholders challenged the connection between the customer and the...


The Win-Win of Today's New Market Reality

A consultive approach to negotiating, influencing or persuasion seeks to understand the deeper needs of the customer as the finish line comes more clearly interview. This collaborative engagement rises above the adversarial dynamic many associate with the word sales, influence or negotiation. Call it what you may. However being consulting doesn't mean relinquishing ground. In fact consulting negotiators understand how to control the process and arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome. ...


If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It?

The biggest problem that folks have with the concepts I so strongly promote in the new market reality curriculum, is the belief that it ain’t broke. So often it is so much easier to adhere to the old adage if it ain't broke don't fix it. Will the truth of the matter is — it is broke and it must be fixed. Today the seller that has done fixed it, is positioned to prosper. Today’s buyers are not the same breed of cat as they were even a few years ago. To entertain, or even worse, adopt the...


Business Parallels

Sometimes the parallels in unrelated business are obvious and sometimes not so obvious. Case in point, my time spent in the real estate business and as a real estate broker I often and almost every Time would give my prospective clients a litany of standard improvements or suggestions before they put their house on the market for sale. Well as you might have guessed that is the subject of today's podcast. When it comes to your company, your brand, your marketing, your offices and your...


We Are All In Sales

There was a time when you could be a real nerd and as long you were proficient in product knowledge the world would tolerate your social faux pas. Not today. I have to laugh when I think back to the times my sales effort was nearly 100% focused on dropping off some “sell sheets” and waiting for the customer to fall over dead at my skill. Today I would starve to death with a commission check from that type of effort. Buyers do not need my sell sheets today. Today you must exercise a...


Everyone Is In Sales

Here at TREZ we have just finished and soon to be released e-course entitled “In person sales training” designed for those who don’t think they are in sales. The irony is that everyone, yes, everyone is in sales at some level or another. There is a fundamentally flawed view of sales. The problem is clarified with a look at semantics. Sales, is in fact, the skill of influence and persuasion. For those of you who struggle with sales, let me pose a few questions: Why do you think it’s so...


Understanding The Selfish MIndset

I chose this episode to open today’s podcast because this is the essence of selling in the new market reality of today. It’s not about you the seller it has to be about the buyer. As I have reported many times during this podcast the buyer now controls the situation So as influence and persuaders it is our job to understand what the buyers needs are all about. And you only do that by listening instead of talking.


The New Market Reality

Welcome to the TREZ learning center’s podcast the New Market Reality. The new market reality podcast is all about what got you here will not get you there. Marketing and sales today is dramatically different than it was even five years ago and that's what we're going to explore In the upcoming podcasts. How is today landscape markedly different from yesterday? What do we need to do to survive and prosper in today's new marketplace? And how does all this affect me personally? We will be...


Sales People Are Not In Control

If you think you as a salesperson you can control the way buyers bye Think again. The old adage that people love to buy hate to be sold has changed two people know how to buy and won”t be sold to. But that doesn't mean it's time to give up acquiesced to technology. With a little insight into today's buying process salespeople can understand how customers buy and dramatically increase their Sales results. New technology is simply changing the buying process. Hear more here:...


You Cannot Push On A Rope!

“You cannot push on a rope”, I thought this one had to do with strength of materials, some kind of force diagram and one of Newton's or Einstein's laws. But, turned out to be about human nature, the takeaway, the lesson, the most important part is, you cannot push the people involved to do what you want them to do despite overwhelming analysis or engineering evidence you have to understand their needs first. Hear more here:


This is a Football!

Today's podcast subject came about quite frankly about five minutes ago. I was talking with a friend of mine and we were discussing sales training, marketing training and I was reminded of the story of Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, during the season the Packers were not doing very well, it was time to regroup and the coach got his team in the conference room and said fellas were going to get back to basics. He then held up for football in his hand and said...


Death of A Salesman?

Hello and welcome to the all new TREZ Learning Center’s podcast. A new beginning here at mid-year. Moving away from our tradition of real estate focus to a broader horizon of sales and influence leaders and solopreneaur in particular. Here you can find exciting and insightful marketing discussion on topics you can implement today. So, celebrating our upcoming Independence day along with yours and my continued independence…welcome In 1949 Arthur’s Miller's classic play Death of A Salesman...


Knowledgeable Customers and Prospects

Every salesperson defaults to the belief that the right product at the right (meaning lowest) price is the key to sales success. Sales management thinking continues to press for anything and everything old school expecting sales utopia. Nothing is further from the truth in today’s connected new reality marketplace. What exactly has changed? Who’s in charge of the sales process? If you were trained like I was the mantra was, you, the salesperson “control the sales process”. Today, it's the...


Starting Something New Like Personal Branding?

Getting started on something new or different is always a challenge. It is even more disconcerting when a subject such as “Personal branding” enters the arena. For a simple sounding subject the definitions seem to be complex and endless. Even worse when many of the explanations we are subjected to are not entirely correct or worse downright incorrect! Listen to the rest of the podcast.


Keller Proclaims No Longer a Real Estate Company

Trulia founder and investor Pete Flint recently shared his opinions about the lack of real estate leadership — and the challenges the industry faces as a result. “Gotta hear this,” I said. Flint’s predictions about disruption, and hesitant and resistant real estate leaders, were harsh but necessary for all of us to hear. “It’s a slow-moving industry. There’s a 10-year window here. But the majority of traditional real estate companies will die,” Flint said onstage. His point was not that...


Fast is Faster & Future is Shorter

The TREZ learning centers take 5 podcast for April 4, 2018, already here every week with five minutes time we try to take you on our journey of improving and achieving results through human performance improvement and that's exactly what we're going to do this week. Well we can I was talking with a real estate broker friend of mine recently and he made the statement That any attempt to automated or technical advancement would just be an of no avail that they were secure in their profession....


Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

Are You A Part Of The “Results Economy”? Founder of the exclusive entrepreneurial coaching platform, Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan distinguishes between those who are in the “Time-and-Effort Economy” with those who are in the “Results Economy.” If you’re in the time and effort economy, you are focused on being busy. You actually believe the amount of time and energy you put into something merits praise. Those who are focused on being “busy” are protected in some way from the consequences...


Are You Communicating or Just Talking?

I often refer to counselor selling or personal relationship building. The baseline in understanding these terms like “counselor selling” is communication. Here are two terms that are in fact the antithesis of common perceptions of selling. So today I would like to talk to you about the principle of communication. What does it mean to communicate with someone? Now what we do every day, I do this. You do this we talk, we talk all day. I talk to people, talk to ourselves, but we spend the day...


TREZ Makes Changes

TREZ learning Center is embarking on a new program direction, we are no longer focusing exclusively to the real estate market. probably not going to real estate specific efforts at all. Instead, TREZ will be focusing on the personal productivity market, starting off with our time management seminars and workshop. Next-in-line communicating effectively and other timely and important subjects/topics. TREZ logo line has always been “Achieving results through human performance...