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Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders

Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders
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Talentwise, the definitive podcast for CXO’s, Human Resource and Learning and Development leaders




In Conversation with Shalini Pillay

Shalini Pillay 1.Every industry is getting impacted with the sweeping change. Every traditional finance industry player be it a Bank, Insurance, financial services or NBFC everyone is becoming a fintech player. 2. Equip everyone from Technology standpoint – Technology is a definite disruptor of work and business as is evident. It is bringing forth solutions or creating completely new ways of doing things that could upend your organization and even your industry. The terms of reference are...


Special Round Up Episode: Future proof your team.

Welcome to a special episode of TalentWise where we talk about the Future of Work. We have been speaking to some of the best minds in the industry on How to Future Proof your team. Quarter into our way this season, we present a roundup of our discussion with the 6 eminent guests who appeared on the show till date and shared interesting and diverse thoughts over the past 6 weeks. There is no silver bullet and not one idea fits all. Our objective is to bring to the surface thoughts and trends...


In Conversation With Deba Prasad Adhya

Deba Prasad Adhya It is all about this debate between generalisation and specialisation. Trainability becomes the key as technology enables one to reach the same output with greater efficiency. It is not about what we do today but if we are ready to adapt tomorrow. Collaboration is also a major enabler – unlike the assembly lines in factories, now you can collaborate from anywhere. So, the way we collaborate is undergoing change but not the fact that it is still collaboration. Organisations...


In Conversation With Dr. Sridhar Mitta

Dr. Sridhar Mitta New opportunities being created by technology and its global impact which can be exploited by the Indian workforce. Graduates are not able to participate because of geography. How to meet the challenge of technology led loss of jobs and technology creating jobs. Most of the programs and Govt. initiatives are around training but there is no connection between training and employ-ability. Data is the new oil of the Digital age. IOT, AI ML, Robotics, AR VR - all applications...


In Conversation With Sanjay Jha

Sanjay Jha Reskilling and upskilling is the most critical activity. Becoming technology savvy will be the order of the day. One will need to be open, flexible, agile and adaptable, It will be important for leaders to move from the supervisory role to that of a mentor and guide. It is very important to be cognizant of the challenges and be prepared and acknowledge that the future is not very far of, it is in close proximity. These and more insightful thoughts from the ground in this great...


In Conversation With Ramesh Srinivas

Ramesh Srinivas In the financial sector technology is helping sales to get better closures. However, the job roles will come down and reduce middle tiers significantly. Across the board there will be huge changes in the way work is done and the skills required to get things done. Difficult to predict the changes in the macro level but at the micro level there are signs of significant changes. Challenge lies in figuring of what are the different kinds of jobs that will be created in the...


In Conversation With T N Hari

T N Hari The world is changing rapidly, skills have become redundant, new skills have replaced them, people who have not been able to adapt have lost their jobs. Technology is redefining how many things are done. Startups ecosystem is maturing and looks differently at talent. India needs to find jobs for 12 million people every year. Most investment focused methods consume about Rs.4 crores to create a single new job. You need 15 year of India’s investible surplus to create jobs for the...


In Conversation With Kalyan Banerjee

Kalyan Banerjee If you are looking at your employees through a profit lens that would turn out to be a very short term vision. But looking at nurturing with empathy helps to get people to buy into the the cause and provide a longer time span for successful engagement. Future proofing is not for ever - people die, nations die. But when you think of a 5, 10, 20 year horizon, it makes perfect sense. Future proofing of individuals is more difficult than future proofing your team, and what type...