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All things business, by business owners for business owners






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EP #206 Kelly Peck - How to effectively charge for your worth

In this topic, Kelly will explore the psychology behind purchasing decisions and the key elements that influence a prospective client when comparing prices. She’ll also share concrete strategies that help attendees to develop their own pricing structure that is as profitable as it is generous to clients. Your listeners will learn: ♦ How to foster confidence in your brand’s offerings, as well as in yourself as an entrepreneur. ♦ The secret to calculating accurate and compelling prices that...


EP #207 Rasool Muttalib - The value of freelancing for businesses & individuals

My portfolio of professional technology and organizational experience is very diverse. I have successfully led large multi-national IT organizations covering broad technical domains. I have also effectively managed small ("start-up environment") teams to build out efficient repeatable processes with positive client impact. In many aspects, I have been a continuous change agent responsible for implementing large-scale process frameworks, enterprise platforms, and shared-services re-org...


EP #208 Stephen Tosh -Anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud

I am passionate about anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud. I help business owners and leaders identify and build their approach to business risk WITHOUT affecting operations or project management timescales. I specialize in building anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud frameworks and techniques with a sustainable approach and, long-term strategies that enhance an anti-corruption culture that creates a positive impact. I’ve learned through my career as a manager and leader...


EP #204 Chantal Gerardy - Organic social media advertising

I moved to the Gold Coast 12 yrs ago from South Africa. Knowing no one, and With no marketing budget/start-up capital, I taught myself facebook and grew a successful business. I began to specialise in coaching Facebook marketing 5 yrs ago. Using what I had learnt, and having now finished my diploma in social media marketing, I now teach business owners how to get clients, create opportunities and grow their business using organic social media and email marketing strategies... Yes! Many are...


EP #205 Ho Yin Cheung - Virtual event engagement

How to create engaging and highly interactive events that triple leads and revenues Move over content, interaction is the new king. How the pandemic has thrust everyone into video calls but lost the authenticity, and how to make your virtual events authentic again. COVID purgatory that we are in right now with the delta variant How social media is anti-human and how we lost authentic conversations that build meaningful relationships Hoyin Cheung is an entrepreneurial visionary with a knack...


EP #202 Myown Holmes - Diversity Marketing

Myown Holmes is a Social Media speaker, trainer, and strategist on Branding, B2B/B2C Social Selling and Social Media Strategy. She has led Social Media Training for corporate companies and professional services. Myown is a highly-regarded social media expert to corporate and non-profit entities and has spoken at several conferences, some being Cre8tive Con black writer’s conference in Atlanta, and Social Media Marketing Made Easy Conference in Norfolk on Instagram Marketing for Small...


EP #203 Amanda Thomas - Saying YES to the impulse of creativity within you

There is an impulse within us all to create and contribute to our world. In doing so we are at our best, our highest potential because we are living in our most natural state. The way we say YES to this natural impulse is by staying in the right state of mind. Nothing is accomplished when you are living in a limited state of belief about yourself and what you’re capable of. Believing in yourself, trusting in yourself, and confidently working with the power that is within you is absolutely...


EP #201 Michael Haynes - Listen Innovate Grow

How small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are able to drive business growth by acquiring and retaining business clients. My topic will be discussing how small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are able to drive business growth by acquiring and retaining business clients i.e. operating in a business-to-business (aka B2B) context using a combination of Strategic Marketing, Cross-Functional Business Innovation, and Sales. My discussion will also include providing insights as to what...


EP #200 Michael S. Seaver - Helping people uncover and live their purpose

Michael S. Seaver is an award-winning executive coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and author. He’s on a mission to unlock human potential to help people uncover and live their purpose, and live a more meaningful and authentic life. His unique methodology has revolutionized how leaders can live authentically and how organizations engage employees. He offers no-nonsense strategies to help people find confidence in their life’s narrative, commonalities across generations working...


EP #199 Verna Haywood - Unstoppable - How to Live an Empowered Life

Verna Haywood fled an abusive relationship in Trinidad with just £100 and a suitcase and came to the UK in 1997 determined to be the voice for women in similar situations who have yet to find their own strength. She is the Founder of the health and wellness business, La Vie, which means life, where she empowers and inspires women. At La Vie, Verna uses the seven pillars of health and wellness to Rebalance, Restore and Renew women to enable them to live a life of wholeness. Verna's method...


EP #198 Jeannie Doherty - What is success for you? The time, money, freedom synergy

Jeannie runs a Strategic Bookkeeping practice on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia. Jeannie has a unique business background, having been raised by high profile, successful retail entrepreneurs she was privileged to attend the “school of hard knocks” and learn from the ground up what it takes to truly scale a business. Jeannie has dedicated herself to product innovation (in her industry) to develop methodologies, with a foundation in numbers, to help her clients transform their business...


EP #193 Mark Aiston - 6 steps to free media publicity

Mark Aiston is a media personality who lost everything through addiction ending up in hell but somehow managed to free himself from the devil’s grip. Mark has worked in the Australian TV and radio industry as a Sports host, radio commentator and radio show host since 1980. He has done most of his work in Adelaide, building a significant following throughout his career. He is also the creator which teaching people how to do their own public relations and...


EP #192 Lillian Reekie - Law of Attraction NHA (Parenting)

Lillian is happily married to her husband Andrew for over 30 years with 2 adult sons. Originally a Primary School Teacher she became a Parenting Strategist because of her journey with her youngest son who was diagnosed 24 years ago with ADHD, ODD & Childhood Depression at aged four. Over the past 20 plus years, Lillian has been featured many times on TV, radio and podcasts and has written 6 books based on her family’s journey and also conducted many hundreds of seminars and workshops both...


Ep #191 Elizabeth Gray - Healing from Workplace Bullying

I have written a book called Silent No More which is about healing from workplace bullying. I am offering coaching to help others. Also want to open up discussions around workplace bullying which has been silent for many years and has an impact on so many people. Elizabeth Gray is the author of the book Silent No More which details her journey from healing from workplace bullying. Elizabeth has worked previously in the corporate sector as a qualified CPA. Elizabeth's interests including...


Ep #188 Sturdy McKee - Re-imagining your business for the future

It is critical that we adapt our businesses in a changing environment, and never has the environment changed as rapidly as it is currently. But business owners need a framework and structure to make the right adaptations and mitigate risks. We will delve into how to make the right changes to open up opportunities and thrive in the future. Sturdy loves helping business owners thrive and adapt with a structured and disciplined way of thinking about the changes that need to be made. Connect...


Ep #189 Paul Furlong- Master the power of storytelling

As a small child, Paul Furlong would play make-believe endlessly with his younger brother, Daniel. His parents had moved out of a rough part of the city to somewhere where they felt that they could give him more opportunities, but in doing so had stretched themselves financially to the point where his Mum was working five jobs and his Dad was working two. Because all the wages were spent on barely surviving, he and his brother had no toys to play with and would therefore makeup stories and...


Ep #190 Wendell Jordan - Local SEO

Local SEO is essential to any business, especially businesses with a local client/customer base. I would like to detail some action items that every business show be doing to make sure they are in the Local SEO race. Wendell Jordan Jr. is a passionate and dedicated professional in web designing and the digital marketing sector. He has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Currently, he is the owner of Jordan Marking Consultants, a digital agency focused on high ROI marketing...


Ep #187 Patricia Lohan - Feng Shui as a strategy for business success

How to optimize your home & workspace for more success, cash flow and expansion Feng Shui Expert, Speaker and Author. Feng Shui expert, manifesting magnet, alchemist, healer and real-life Irish Celtic Shaman. Some people call her the “Mary Poppins of Prosperity,” Patricia is the creator of PowerHouse Feng Shui and Author of The Happy Home: A Guide To Creating A Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life. She helps entrepreneurs make their homes & businesses magnetic to money, luck, and blessings. She...


Ep #186 Rodney Daut - Marketing for coaches and consultants

When we describe what we do, often we hear the "That's nice" put down. How do we avoid those dreaded words and instead get curious? We must create a Compelling Offer. When we do, people ask us "How do you do that?" or "Tell me more." I show businesses how to create compelling offers that get attention and new clients. Rodney Daut is the Compelling Offers Coach. He helps coaches and consultants create offers that get them more clients. He started out by helping a husband and wife coaching...


Ep #185 Melanie Mitchell-Wexler - Rollercoaster of owning a small business

The one thing about having your own business is knowing that it is not all rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns. It can be tough and often a lonely process, however, the key to success lies in our mindset. Your mindset has to be solid to endure the lows and appreciate the highs. Without the proper mindset in place, being successful in your business will be 10x harder and this is often why we don't succeed when we choose to pursue new endeavours. Bringing 18 years of recruiting and staffing...