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Episode 21 - Dealing with Setbacks

People welcome setbacks like they would a trip to the dentist or a flat tire. In other words, they do not. Setbacks are understandably viewed as impediments to progress and dream crushers. Yet they are an inevitable part of life. We cannot all be perfect one hundred percent of the time, can we? On this […]


Episode 20 - Change

Change is afoot on this episode of Teaching Change as Jerrid and Courtney tackle the effect of social entrepreneurship on society. By their very nature, social entrepreneurs are disruptors of the status quo as they work to solve the issues that plague the world. Thus, change is a colossal horizon that looms in the minds […]


Episode 19 - Mentorship

Mentorship is an excellent combination of hindsight being 20/20 and paying it forward. As we traverse our professional lives and interests, we learn the lay of the land through stumbles and hopefully even more successes. Finding someone to show you the ropes is an invaluable connection that helps minimize pitfalls and anxiety-induced moments. Courtney and […]


Episode 18 - Responsibility

The word responsibility may not incite visions of carefree, fun-filled days but it is an important term that we all face throughout our daily lives. Whether it is taking care of your family, work, or paying bills, responsibility guides our decision-making process. The same can be said of the professional world where businesses and organizations […]


Episode 17 - The "ASK"

In this episode, Jerrid and Courtney tackle the topic of the “ASK”. It is the moment when you finally speak up and ask for what you feel you deserve whether it’s a loan, partnership, raise, or promotion. The ASK is one of the most stressful and anxiety causing things that social entrepreneurs have to conquer […]


Episode 16 - Being an Outsider

Whether you have started a new job, moved to a different town, or created a social enterprise, at one time or another we have all felt some sense of being an outsider. In this week’s episode, Jerrid and Courtney embrace the role of the outsider and discuss how this position provides the perfect opportunity for […]


Episode 15 - Fear of Failure

The old saying goes “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself,” but how true is this when it comes to failure? Failure is often seen in a negative light instead of a valuable learning tool. This week Courtney and Jerrid discuss their failures, and the role failure plays in the field of social entrepreneurship. […]


Episode 14 - Empathy

What role does empathy play in social entrepreneurship? Is it important that practitioners in this field understand the experiences of those they help? These are the big questions that Jerrid and Courtney tackle in this week’s episode of Teaching Change. Not to be confused with sympathy, empathy is the ability to feel what others are […]


Episode 13 - Purpose

Teaching Change takes a philosophical turn in this week’s episode when Jerrid and Courtney ponder their purpose in life. As educators, they find that this is an area where students have difficulty articulating a clear-cut answer—and so do Jerrid and Courtney! Finding one’s purpose remains an important part of the decisions and careers their students […]


Episode 12 - Benefit Corporations (B-Corps)

In this episode, Jerrid and Courtney discuss Benefit Corporations, also known as B Corps. To obtain a B Corp certification, organizations must adhere to a set of guiding principles that involve the betterment of people and the planet. This process may also include site visits. Another component of becoming a B Corp deals with […]


Episode 11 - Moment of Obligation

Join Jerrid and Courtney for a walk down memory lane as they discuss their personal moments of obligation. In social entrepreneurship, the moment of obligation is when social entrepreneurs realize they have to make a change in their own lives or others for the greater good. However, as is evident in the episode, such […]


Episode 10 - Interview with a Founding Faculty of The First 30 Social Entrepreneurship Program and Disability Rights Activist Crystal Smith

Mums the word this week on Teaching Change as the hosts interview Professor of English, disability rights advocate, and secret-keeper extraordinaire Crystal Smith. For Crystal, Valencia College was supposed to be a temporary detour along her journey through life. However, Valencia quickly became a destination when Crystal connected with her students, her peers, and […]


Episode 9 – Interview with Director of Sustainability for the City of Orlando and Co-Founder of IDEAS for Us Chris Castro Part 2

Part two of Chris Castro’s interview tackles the bottom line of social entrepreneurship. Chris has mastered two of the big Ps, people, and planet, but what about the third one: profit? Chris delves into the business side of his enterprises to explain how doing good and doing well coincide with generating revenue. First up is Fleeting Farming, Chris’ […]


Episode 8 - Interview with Director of Sustainability for the City of Orlando and Co-Founder of IDEAS for Us Chris Castro Part 1

The surf’s up for this episode of Teaching Change! In this two-parter, the hosts talk chasing waves and sustainability with Chris Castro, the Director of Sustainability for the City of Orlando. Chris’ love of nature started at an early age in Miami, FL where he worked on his stepfather’s palm tree farm. His extracurricular […]


Episode 7 - Interview with Founder of City Maid Green Diana Palmar

For this episode, Jerrid and Courtney venture out of the studio to chat with Diana Palmar, the Queen of Clean. Diana is the owner of City Maid Green located in Orlando’s College Park neighborhood. City Maid Green doubles as a cleaning service and retailer of plant-based cleaning supplies. Diana’s entrepreneurial journey started when she and […]


Episode 6 - Interview with Peace and Justice Institute Coordinator Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen, college professor, and peace connoisseur drops by the studio to discuss the origins of Valencia’s Peace and Justice Institute (PJI). Once a tiny seed of an idea, the institute has grown into a powerful vehicle for addressing social issues not only at the college but in the community as well. PJI’s work […]


Episode 5 - Social Value Creation

In this episode, Jerrid and Courtney ponder the cost of social value, one of the core tenets of social entrepreneurship—the other being wealth creation. As a springboard for the conversation, Jerrid refers to Certo and Miller’s “Social Entrepreneurship: Key issues and concepts” which defines social value as having little to do with profit. Instead, […]


Episode 4 - Interview with Director of Sustainability and Guiding Coalition Member Resham Shirsat

This episode is brought to you by the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. Valencia’s Director of Sustainability, Resham Shirsat, joins the hosts in-studio to chat about sustainability and how it intersects with social entrepreneurship. She is also a fellow member of Jerrid’s Guiding Coalition who helped bring social entrepreneurship education to Valencia. Resham’s passion […]


Episode 3 - 10 Things Social Entrepreneurship is NOT

Welcome to Episode 3 of Teaching Change. Since the last episode, Courtney has presented at the Florida Library Association Conference. Her presentation focused on how the Valencia East Book Nerds, the student club she advises, has helped its members succeed in their personal and academic lives. Meanwhile, Jerrid took a group of students on […]


Episode 2 - Interview with Dean of Learning Support and Guiding Coalition Member Dr. Leonard Bass

Dr. Leonard Bass joins Jerrid and Courtney for Episode 2. Leonard is the Dean of Learning Support at Valencia’s east campus. As dean, he oversees New Student Experience, the library, Supplement Learning, the Academic Success Center as well as a host of other projects and initiatives. Plus, Leonard is Jerrid and Courtney’s boss! Leonard […]