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Technori with Scott Kitun from WGN Plus

Technori with Scott Kitun from WGN Plus
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Technori with Scott Kitun from WGN Plus




5 Ways Monica + Andy Is Innovating How We Shop for Newborns and Kids

Monica + Andy CEO Monica Royer joins Scott, a soon-to-be-father, in-studio at WGN Radio. Monica, who began her career in the pharmaceutical industry, was a first-time entrepreneur and a mom searching for soft, safe baby clothes. Today, Chicago-based Monica + Andy is a bonafide lifestyle brand with six retail locations in Chicagoland, California and the East Coast.

Duration:00:35:23 Helps You Never Waste a Gift Card Again

Jay Klauminzer, CEO of Raise, sits down with Scott Kitun at WGN Radio. In its early days, Raise functioned as a gift card marketplace for the many, many people “who have lots of unused gift cards sitting in their desk drawer.” was a place to get rid of them. Under Jay’s leadership, Raise shifted its model to prioritize “direct relationships” with over 500 retail partners. Together, they partner to sell gift cards directly to customers.


Fairygodboss Reinvents The Employment Site with a Female-Centric Mission

George Huang, CEO of Fairygodboss, calls-in to chat with Scott on WGN Radio. Fairygodboss offers job listings, employer profiles, anonymous employee reviews and a daily feed where users can post either anonymously or under their real names. Today, the platform is the largest online career community for women (though male allies are welcome too).


CEO/Investor Ravin Gandhi: ‘The Ability to Sell is Like Oxygen’

Ravin Gandhi, serial entrepreneur and CEO of GMM Nonstick Coating, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to catch up, talk GMM and his investment in KeyMe. Gandhi was the first investor in KeyMe, a tech company that has created robotic kiosks that can copy most keys in minutes while you wait.


The ‘Airbnb for Farmland’ Helps Landowners Monetize Their Farm

Corbett Kull, CEO of Tillable, joins Scott in-studio to talk about how he's aiming to revolutionize the use of farmland. Coined as the Airbnb of farmland, Tillable is a digital network that connects landowners with farmers. Through his platform, families who own farmland can better utilize and monetize their land without the use of a big corporation, become better landowners and improve the return on their investment.


These Smoothies On-The-Go (No Blender Cleanup!) Could Be Coming To a Gym Near You

Co-founders Tom Zhang and Stephanie Mellinger from Zenblen, an automated smoothie-making kiosk, talk with Scott Kitun at WGN Radio. The company is in its early stages, but you can already taste test their creations at gyms, coworking spaces and networking events around the city.


Lulafit Is Bringing a High-End Wellness Experience to Your Door

Colleen Werner, CEO of Lulafit, joins Scott in-studio at WGN to talk about how she aims to make health and wellness easy, even when life gets busy. As a wellness amenities management service, LulaFit partners with commercial offices and luxury residential buildings to manage the common spaces that typically go underutilized — including fitness centers and spas.Their wellness services range from diet and exercise to stress, sleep, and ergonomics.


Chi Wellness Challenge check-in with Factor75 Founder Mike Apostal and Listen Ventures MD Jeff Cantalupo

It's week three of the #ChiWellnessChallenge, a challenge designed to make entrepreneurs and founders take stock of their well-being and pursue a six-week goal to better themselves whether it be focus, eating, exercise, weight loss or sleep. In-studio Scott talks to challenge participants Pete Wilkins, Managing Director of Hyde Park Angels, Mike Apostal, founder of Factor75 and Jeff Cantalupo, Managing Director of Listen Ventures.


UPShow Gives Businesses the Power To Create Their Own Netflix

Matt Gibbs, CMO of UPshow, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in the heart of downtown Chicago. UPshow wants to change your relationship with screen time and content engagement. Whether your patrons sit at the doctor's office or at a bar, UPshow has the ability to offer customizable and marketable content inside your place of business. Listen to Matt talk about how the company has evolved since its founding three years ago.


Utilizing Mixed Reality for a Futuristic Shopping Experience

Heather Baker, VP of talent at InContext Solutions, and Joe Wegreke, Director of human capital consulting at TriNet, join Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in downtown Chicago to discuss mixed reality and human resource services.


Supercharging the Gig Economy, the Future of Employment

Rick Bowman, CEO of Shiftgig, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in the heart of downtown Chicago. The gig economy is the best place to find experts in any field, and the popular form of employment will soon rival the traditional methods of hiring.


The Organic Sparkling Water Startup That Uses Flower Power

Candice Crane, founder & CEO of Petal, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in the heart of downtown Chicago. Her startup, which launched in 2017, uses flowers and other botanicals to create a tasty, no-caffeine, little-sugar, sparkling drink. A look into how she came up with an idea she knew would be a good fit for its market.


Take the Guesswork Out of Business Problems With ‘Person-Level Data’

Sulabh Agarwal, CTO of Civis Analytics, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in the heart of downtown Chicago. Person-level data is the new sliced bread of the analytics world, and you'll want to become familiar with it.


Get Connected With Local Resources to Help Improve Your Finances

Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, CEO and co-founder of SpringFour, joins Scott in-studio in downtown Chicago. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.


No More Social Media FOMO: The Best App to Anonymously Share Your Opinion

Kaben Clauson, founder & CEO of TruePublic, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in downtown Chicago to share an update of his app. TruePublic is a survey app that acquires anonymous data and shares it with the world. Male, female, white, green, each topical survey question provides different results, and the anonymity ensures everyone has an equal voice. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.


Bird is the Word: Electric Scooters are Coming to Chi-Town

Brandon Pollak, Bird's Director of Global Civic Engagement and Strategy, called in from San Francisco to talk to Scott about the likelihood of their scooters coming to Chicago.


Join Us During the #ChiWellnessChallenge

Pete WIlkins, Managin Director of Hyde Park Angels, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in downtown Chicago. The #ChiWellnessChallenge is a self-made goal you give yourself to follow and keep up with. At the end of your six weeks, if you used the hashtag on Instagram, you'll win some healthy prizes! This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.


This 91-Year-Old Insurance Giant Stays Young with Smart Acquisitions and Ambitious Investments

Ryan Rist, the Director of Innovation for American Family, stopped by the WGN Studio in downtown Chicago to talk about how insurance can innovate, the challenges for would-be industry disruptors, and how American Family has changed up the way it does things. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.


A Home Gym With Video instructors: Innovating the Recent Fitness Craze

Aly Orady, CEO & founder of Tonal, joins Scott on WGN Radio to talk about how his company has made an impact in the "home gym" world among big names like Bowflex and Peloton. Struggling with weight since childhood, Aly decided to fix his problem on his own. Listen to Scott and Aly shoot the crap and look deep behind the scenes. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.


Capture Your Products at Every Angle to Show Buyers Your Best

Jeff Hunt, CEO of Snap36, joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio in Chicago to tell his startup story. Jeff, having worked in the tech industry for 30 years, has made product content a thing of ease. Listen in to find out how he managed to stay in the game for so long, and how he still created something groundbreaking so late in the game. This episode is sponsored by Bank of America and MB Real Estate.