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A podcast about breaking into the advertising industry featuring the best in the business. Sponsored by AdHouse Advertising School

A podcast about breaking into the advertising industry featuring the best in the business. Sponsored by AdHouse Advertising School


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A podcast about breaking into the advertising industry featuring the best in the business. Sponsored by AdHouse Advertising School




A - List 4010 - Laura Canzano & Bre Fern

Laura Canzano and Bre Fern are the Co-Founders of Breaking Ad, an instagram account dedicated to breaking down the ad game for newbies. Bre was born in Cuba, raised in Miami, dropped out of Law School in DC and discovered advertising while on a meditation retreat to China. Laura Canzano was born in Switzerland, raised in Panama, was denied acceptance to the creative track at University of Texas, but found herself at Miami Ad School Madrid. These two awesome women demonstrate the importance...


A - List 4009 - Kevin Mulroy of Mischief USA

On this episode of The A-List (the podcast that asks the world’s top advertising professionals how they got started in the business) Tom talks to Mischief USA ECD Kevin Mulroy. Mischief is an offshoot of Canadian Agency No Fixed Address, the fast-growing disruptor agency that scooped up Greg Hahn after he was fired by BBDO this summer. Kevin describes Mischief USA as “a small band of experienced, accountable creatives moving fast and caring about what they make.” Kevin tells us about being a...


A - List 4008 - Steve Pacheco

In this episode, Tom talks to Steve Pacheco, CEO of The American Advertising Federation. Steve was a journalism student at the University of Memphis when an ad class showed him how fun advertising could be. Soon he was making radio ads for a local laundry service that worked TOO well. This led to a job at Humphreys Ink, a small ad and design agency which quickly grew to be one of the largest agencies in Memphis. Then recession hit and Steve went client-side at International Paper, where he...


A - List 4007 - Keni Thacker

Today we’re serving up Tom's conversation with Mr. Keni Thacker, the founder of, a network for men of color in the advertising, marketing, media and public relations industries. Keni is also a creative consultant, accomplished writer, director, documentarian, motivational speaker and tech guru. He’s speaking at the three percent conference. He’s judging the Next Creative Leaders Awards at The One Club for Creativity. And he continues to be an advocate for diversity...


A - List 4006 - Mike Rovner

Freelance CD/writer Mike Rovner may not be a household name, but he has made bobblehead dolls out of people with household names. (For the full story, you have to listen). He's also gone from English Major to Account Guy to Accomplished Ad Creative, making some award-winning, funny work, even if he didn't make his first tv spot until he was nearly 28 years old. Mike is also a professor at Adhouse Advertising School, teaching a class called YOUR IDEA SUCKS (BECAUSE THEY ALL DO AT FIRST) with...


A-List Podcast 4005 George Tannenbaum

Recorded this over a month ago. But the current state of our world has made my brain into cottage cheese. Anyway, I got to talk to George Tannenbaum, former Copy Chief and Executive Creative Director on IBM at Ogilvy AND CURRENT ADHOUSE PROFESSOR. If you're not reading Ad Aged, George's daily blog, then you are in for a treat. is required reading for anyone interested in the daily musings of a really talented writer and thinker. We begin with George’s first...


A - List Podcast 4004 Derek Walker

Listen in as host and Adhouse professor Tom Christmann speaks with Derek Walker, owner of Brown & Browner Advertising in Columbia, SC and a brash and opinionated voice that never lets the industry off the hook on twitter (@derklwalker). Derek's origin story is fascinating. He grew up in Germany as the son of a U.S. army drill sergeant. He was turned away from a job he had all but landed on the phone because, according to the unnamed Atlanta agency owner: “our clients aren’t ready for a black...


A-List Podcast 4003 Alan Cerutti

WARNING: This episode of The A-List Podcast may make you want to pick up and move to Saigon. Listen in as our host, Freelance Creative and Adhouse Professor Tom Christmann, talks to Alan Cerutti, CEO and co-founder of Happiness Saigon, a creative agency in Vietnam. Alan's origin story has it all: Trojan Horses in Brussels. Cars hanging from billboards in Christchurch. A girlfriend moving to Hong Kong. And a trip to Vietnam that was supposed to last three months turning into five years and...


A-List Podcast 4002 Tyler DeAngelo

Episode 2 of season 4 of The A-List Podcast is here! Tom talks to Strawberry Frog ECD Tyler DeAngelo, who learned his dogged determination on the ski slopes of northern Maine before getting a job offer at Leo Burnett, Bratislava. You know what? We should let Tyler tell the story. Tom and Tyler also talk about the effects of COVID-19 on the industry and, if you listen to the end, you'll hear a rarity: an alternate theme song for The A-List created by Duotone Audio Group. (Thanks Ross.)...


A-List Podcast 4001 Greg DiNoto

The A-List Podcast is back with a check-in with a second conversation with Greg DiNoto, founder of DiNoto, Inc. With a long history of driving relationship and commerce for some of the world's most sophisticated marketers, Greg believes in brands. And in this episode, we discuss how brands can win during a pandemic (and anytime really) by practicing Utility and Humility. Enjoy. In addition to founding DiNoto Inc. and co-founding DiNoto Lee with partner, Esther Lee, Greg also served as...


The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Matt Low & Mani Schlisser

On this week’s episode of The A-List Podcast, host and DiMassimo Goldstein CCO, Tom Christmann is joined by BBDO’s Matt Low and Mani Schlisser Matt is a Senior Copywriter (and resident sneaker enthusiast) at BBDO Worldwide where he has worked since being an intern for nearly five years. Matt is a graduate of Syracuse University and in his nascent career as a copywriter has received numerous accolades and nominations by bodies such as: The New York Festivals Advertising Awards, The Webbys,...


The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Alex Brueggeman & Ivan Whitted II

[0:00-2:01] Intro. [2:31-5:31] Alex and Ivan talk about their upbringing in Georgia, Haiti and Tuscon, Arizona! [5:32-8:22] Alex talks high school influences and his discovery of anthropology at Howard. [8:27-11:00] Ivan discusses early inspiration in the performing arts and discovering PR and advertising. [11:01-13:04] Alex discusses Howard University and the value of HBCUs. [13:10-15:58] Ivan discusses life after college and being inspired to jump into copywriting. [16:00-21:07] Alex's...


The A-List Podcast: Gerard Caputo

[0:00-2:06] Intro [3:01-7:55] Growing up in Little Falls, New Jersey [10:52-14:00] Discovering photography in school and creative writing. [14:01- 18:35] Transitioning to advertising and becoming an intern at Mullen [20:17-26:36] Building his book, ‘finding the fire’, and becoming an art director. [28:12-31:30] Emerging as a creative and moving on to Fallon, in Minneapolis. [32:18-34:01] Tips for young people who relocate to new cities [34:30- 38:20] Being stubborn and pushing to make great...


The A-List Podcast: Mark DiMassimo

[0:00-3:00] Intro. [3:01-7:25] Mark talks about growing up in NJ and his early upbringing. [7:26-9:29] Mark’s imagination and first forays into creativity as a profession. [9:29-13:46] Mark’s super-dark childhood short story and learning how to express himself. [13:47-16:11] Wayne Dyer’s ‘Erroneous Zones’ as a Marketing inspiration. [16:13 -20:23] SUNY Fredonia, majoring in music, and discovering the library. [21:17-24:45] Transferring to Cornell and Industrial and Labor Relations....


The A-List Podcast: Steve Sandstrom

Show Notes: [0:00-2:33] - Intro [2:34 - 7:40] How to pronounce ‘Oregon’ and Steve’s upbringing in Portland. [7:41- 9:52] Steve’s early inspirations and first exposure to art through his family. [9:52- 14:17] Learning design fundamentals in school and discovering graphic design in college. [14:18 - 17:33] Steve’s first design job as an illustrator and standing out in class. [17:34 - 21:00] for the love of drawing. [21:01 - 26:50] University of Oregon and developing a unique style at the Daily...


The A-List Podcast: Michael Bierut

[0:00 – 1:56] Intro [1:57 – 4:27] Growing up in non-starstudded Ohio and discovering his drawing talents. [4:28 – 7:20] Serendipitously stumbling on the book “Aim High for a Career in Graphic Design / Art by S. Neil Fujita” at age 14 and starting art as a vocational trade. [7:21 – 12:10] The benefits of social ineptitude and the nerve to push yourself creatively. [12:10 – 17:57] The curse of ‘knowing the rules.’ [17:58 – 26:16] For the love of rules and parameters. [26:17 – 28:16] Helvetica...


The A-List Podcast: Mike Lescarbeau

[0:00 – 2:22] Intro [2:23 – 7:50] Writing 200 headlines with Tom McElligott and growing up in Minnesota [7:51– 18:14] The natural ease of writing copy and early advertising experiences [18:15 – 25:50] Moving from advertising to HR [25:51 – 31:25] How to make interviews safer spaces [31:26 – 37:42] Embracing Millennials and dealing with hard clients [37:43 – 50:10] Breaking down barriers with other people and being inclusive [50:11 – 58:17] First steps in helping a company hire [58:18 –...


The A-List Podcast: Nick Law

[0:00 – 2:10] Intro [2:11 – 2:20] Growing up in Sydney, the benefits of a “feral” upbringing, avoiding school & enjoying art [4:46 – 8:18] Drawing, discovering graphic design, getting into art school [8:19 – 11:06] First jobs and how to become a master [11:07 – 12:54] Are big ideas that important? [12:55 – 15:16] The importance of not taking the first job you land, the difficulty of unlearning bad habits [15:17 – 21:58] Taking a gap year, starting at Pentagram and moving in advertising in...


The A-List Podcast: Karl Lieberman

[0:00 – 2:55] Intro [2:56 – 7:42] Having an artistic childhood in New Jersey with a painter mother and a doctor father [7:43 – 13:00] Exposure to the advertising world, learning jobs don’t have to stuck, pursuing art at The University of Delaware [14:30 – 25:29] Interning at Mother London, getting a portfolio invention, partnering with art director Brandon Henderson and landing first jobs [25:29 – 30:05] Working with hero Jeff Kling (Miller High Life) in the creative department, writing a...


The A-List Podcast: Paula Scher

[0:00 – 1:30] Intro [1:31 – 2:31] How drawing became a respite from family disputes [2:32 – 3:59] Getting inspiration from beatnik counter-culture at the Corcoran School of Art in D.C. and using artistic inclination to make social connections in teen suburbia [3:59 – 5:33] Linking her talent to the field of graphic design [5: 34– 6:56] Embracing time and failure as the greatest teachers, “For me, finding what I’m good at is an ever-evolving playing field.” [6:57 – 8:13] The importance of...