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This is the Accidental Marketers podcast where we feature some of the best and brightest of the B2B Tech and SaaS world sharing some of their inspiring stories.


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This is the Accidental Marketers podcast where we feature some of the best and brightest of the B2B Tech and SaaS world sharing some of their inspiring stories.




Company Culture and Marketing Solutions With Greer Lynch of Leaf Logistics

Greer Lynch is the Marketing Lead at Leaf Logistics. Leaf Logistics provides resilient transportation planning and execution to its clients to gain network efficiencies and unlock a forward view of tomorrow's transportation market. The company is building a more transparent industry-wide network that reveals exponentially more opportunities for network coordination. Greer holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. She has 15 years of experience in technology marketing and co-founded the software company, AnyMod. Most recently, Greer led Partnerships Marketing for the logistics company, Convoy. In this episode… The pandemic changed the way we work — including where we work. Many companies have gone fully remote, which has provided workers with unprecedented flexibility. But how do you maintain a solid and engaging culture for a company that doesn’t meet in person? Bringing people together in a variety of forms is crucial to maintaining and developing your company culture. Leaf Logistics has tackled the challenges of a remote-work world by understanding and believing a good idea can come from anywhere, not just in the office. By ensuring employees have the time and resources to bring the best version of themselves to work, Leaf Logistics has created a healthy and interesting company culture. In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost welcome Greer Lynch to the show. Greer is the Marketing Lead at Leaf Logistics, which connects shippers, providers, and partners to deliver the future transportation market. Greer shares strategies Leaf Logistics has employed to maintain a healthy company culture, reflects on her career and entrepreneurial experiences, and discusses marketing tips and tools to make people aware of your solution.


Simplifying Influencer Marketing Solutions With Ryan Hilliard of HypeAuditor

Ryan Hilliard is the General Manager of North America at HypeAuditor. HypeAuditor is an all-in-one platform for influencers, delivering marketing and sales solutions, analytics, workflow insights, and more. The company focuses on simplifying the processes and tools for successful marketing campaigns while providing a customized experience. Ryan is a North Carolina State University graduate with a bachelor's in marketing. He has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing, sales, and cybersecurity industries. Ryan was previously part of ROI Revolution, Inc. in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina before becoming the VP of Marketing at LifeOmic. Today, he is helping businesses and influencers visualize their marketing ideas through more transparent analytical tools. In this episode… Being competitive in the marketing industry quite often requires a deep understanding of backend tools, analytics, and performance indicators. With today’s technology, it’s possible to display raw data in a structured manner that promotes clarity, candor, and control when it comes to leading a successful marketing campaign. Ryan Hilliard showcases technological innovation partnered with marketing solutions. His experience in sales, marketing, cybersecurity, and healthcare allows him to have a unique perspective on the value of interpreting data. Ryan’s creative mindset and analytical expertise inspire him to continue developing leading-edge solutions in the ever-changing era of technology. In this episode of Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost welcome guest Ryan Hilliard, the General Manager for North America at HypeAuditor. Ryan has been in the industry for more than a decade, with a background in building and maintaining full-funnel marketing and sales life cycles. Now, he is delivering transparent marketing solutions and helping agencies and influencers utilize analytical reports for more successful campaigns. Tune in to learn how he does it!


Building the Future of Work With Heidi Fung of Arise Daily

Heidi Fung is the Founder and CEO of Arise Daily, a company that specializes in closing the knowledge wealth gap by providing startups and small businesses with expert advice. Arise Daily not only helps experienced professionals connect with clients, but also assists entrepreneurs to scale their business more effectively by allowing them to contract top executives. Heidi holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University as well as a master’s degree in politics from the University of Oxford. Before starting Arise Daily, Heidi was an Associate Partner at Monitor Deloitte. In recent years, Heidi became a member of the YaleWomen governing council, among other organizations, as part of her volunteer work. In this episode… Starting a company is a challenging endeavor as is, but it doesn’t need to be full of stress and doubt. What if there is a way to connect with experienced professionals who could give you valuable advice and help you overcome the various difficulties you are facing in scaling your business? Heidi Fung is passionate about closing the knowledge wealth gap and matching entrepreneurs with industry experts on a project basis with guaranteed results. Heidi established her company, Arise Daily, on providing unique consulting opportunities to small businesses from marketing and scaling experts. She believes that companies can accomplish — even exceed — their goals if they have the chance to connect with a knowledgable and experienced mentor. Additionally, Arise Daily allows experts to help promising entrepreneurs build the future and get inspired by fresh ideas. In this episode of Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost welcome guest Heidi Fung, the Founder and CEO of Arise Daily. She shares her tips on overcoming startup difficulties, managing your workload, and navigating the road to consistent results. Heidi also talks about her experience with startups and what helped her the most throughout her career.


The Growth and Challenges of a Leadership Journey With Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is a healthcare technology leader and the CEO of Raven Health, a behavioral health tech company. Prior to Raven Health, Richard spent nine years at Ability Network Inovalon in a series of leadership roles. He is a strategic leader with a track record in scaling high-growth, billion-dollar companies. He currently lives in New York City with his wife, Molly. In this episode… Being a leader is not often easy. Many complex decisions are required to be made regarding your own duties as well as the people you add to your team. Life, both personally and professionally, will bring challenges. How can you best respond as a leader to ensure success all around? Richard Wagner has had an extensive career as a leader in the world of healthcare technology. Most recently, he was involved with the launch of Raven Health, which seeks to use intuitive technology to free clinicians so that they can better care for and connect with their patients. Richard’s vast leadership experience has left him with many moments to draw out advice and best practices. Now, he’s here to share it all with you. In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Josh Elkin and Ben Yost interview Richard Wagner, healthcare technology leader and CEO of Raven Health. Richard reflects on the challenges that leaders face, the struggles and benefits of remote work, and how to best listen to your team members and customers. He also shares some of his fun personal stories, the great advice he has received along the way, and the value mentors have played in his life.


How to Maximize SEO, Boost Traffic, and Gain ROI Through a Link-Building Roadmap

Josh Elkin and Ben Yost are the Founders of Linkflow and Co-hosts of the Accidental Marketers Podcast. Josh has five years of digital marketing and entrepreneurship experience. He has an MBA from Kellogg, and while he misses life on the West Coast, he currently resides in his hometown of New York City. In his spare time, Josh enjoys tennis, cooking, skiing, biking, and trying to ensure his new puppy doesn’t eat every piece of trash on the NYC city streets. Ben is an Owner of Linkflow as well as the COO, building and overseeing the sales and marketing teams. As an experienced agency owner himself, he understands what it takes to run an agency. In his free time, Ben loves to spend time in nature, exploring the mountains, or taking dive trips around the world in some tropical paradise. Ben also loves all things music and going to rock and roll concerts when he can. In this episode… Are you maximizing your business’ SEO to give it the best leg up? Are you giving into common pitfalls without realizing it? How can you give your business the best visibility and avoid being overshadowed by bigger competitors? Josh Elkin and Ben Yost founded Linkflow to help answer those questions — and more. Linkflow is a conversion-obsessed link-building agency that helps clients strategize their SEO to provide quality backlinks for traffic and leads. Everyone wants their content’s visibility to be higher, and Josh and Ben help provide a roadmap to align SEO strategies with that goal. In this episode of the Accidental Marketers Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz interviews Linkflow Founders Josh Elkin and Ben Yost. Josh and Ben reflect on their backgrounds and what led them to create Linkflow. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of efficiently maximizing your SEO and what to watch out for when pursuing that goal. They also share common pitfalls that occur in pursuit of greater visibility against larger competitors.