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#7: I’m letting everybody know our secrets

Series host Jill James speaks with her formercolleague and friend of 20+ years “Dr. Todd”, the man who inspired the podcast! Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Todd explains the moment that moved him away from the academic pursuit of chemical engineering, which led him to interviewing with OSHA and a career that involved working some of the same investigations as our own Jill James. This conversation covers why you shouldn’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call OSHA for help, where to...


#6: Turning a really great story into some story about death in like 5 seconds.

Series host Jill James talks to fellow self-avowed “safety nerd” and Board Certified Associate Safety Professional Michelle, who’s audited just about every high-risk work environment imaginable over the course of her career, laying the foundation of occupational health and safety programs from the ground on up. Somewhere on the path between chemical engineering, and her dream job of designing landfills, Michelle started consulting, and got a taste of “compliance” and audits (a taste one...


#5: Do your homework, speak your mind, and don’t be afraid.

Series host Jill James caught up with EHS Specialist Brandy Bossle while she was in the midst of studying for the Associate Safety Professional (ASP) exam, and just before attending ASSE’s SAFETY 2018 conference in San Antonio. After earning her bachelors in biology, Brandy got her start in safety doing industrial hygiene, where she “was excited to get in to asbestos”, to pay the bills after college. This discussion covers how annoying it must be for friends and family when you are unable...


#4: Teach me.

To pay his way through school, Jeremiah started working in agriculture. Today, he’s the Director of Occupational Safety & Environmental Risk Management for a prestigious organization in the zoo and aquarium industry. While studying animal science and planning to attend veterinary school, he began a career in safety to support his young family, eventually moving on to larger leadership roles and never looking back. Speaking with series host Jill James, Jeremiah shares what he’s learned...


#3: Everyone’s invincible until chemicals are pumped into the wrong tank.

Series host Jill James speaks with ‘Philly Joe’ Kaufmann, Director of Occupational Health Services for the Insipra Health Network. Joe discusses making the leap from 12-hour shifts in refinery production to the safety and occupational health role, and how his father’s severe occupational injury impacted his childhood, ultimately shaping his approach to the safety job. The conversation covers the pursuit of higher education mid-career, leaving behind the fear of reinvention, and the uncanny...


#2: This is one of those dirty secrets people don’t want to talk about.

Series host and Chief Safety Officer Jill James talks to her good friend Brandy, a 10-year veteran safety professional from the mid-west. The conversation shares tips for earning credibility with employees (hint: recipe cards), the challenge of proving yourself to management in new environments, and how good it feels to finally get the win that helps. You’ll hear the word “trust” a lot, and learn why keeping your hands dirty with the workforce is a must. Also, how exposing management to...


#1: They’re gonna give me a badge and a beige Ford Taurus?

True to the show, podcast host and Chief Safety Officer Jill James retraces her career-long journey in safety. Jill tells the story of how her professional aspirations changed in college, the internship that landed her a job as an OSHA investigator, and describes her mentors along the way. And if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a woman in the safety field circa 1990, this is the brief, often funny, oral history you’ve been searching for. Also, cleaning up a mercury spill and...


#0: It’s About Community

We’re launching a brand new safety-focused podcast, ‘The Accidental Safety Pro’. Our very own Jill James will be hosting the show and having conversations with safety professionals across the country. We’ll hear the stories of how they got into their safety career and some of the struggles and victories they’ve had along their journey. Look for the first full-length episode to be coming out later this month.