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The Ambitious Freelancer is here to help you create your dream freelance life quickly. We'll cover everything you need to know to create a freelance business, from getting clients to building your testimonials so you can work with bigger and better companies.

The Ambitious Freelancer is here to help you create your dream freelance life quickly. We'll cover everything you need to know to create a freelance business, from getting clients to building your testimonials so you can work with bigger and better companies.


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The Ambitious Freelancer is here to help you create your dream freelance life quickly. We'll cover everything you need to know to create a freelance business, from getting clients to building your testimonials so you can work with bigger and better companies.






How I Balance My Freelance And Full-Time Work

Are you struggling to balance freelancing and a full-time job? Here are some tips I've been using to juggle the two since I started a full-time job in May.


Human Resources Writing & Turning A Career Into A Freelance Niche With Liz Sheffield

Today on the podcast, I am talking about human resources writing! I've you followed me for a while, you know that I'm an HR technology content marketing writer. My friend Liz Sheffield has created an amazing career writing for various human resources companies. I am excited to sit down and chat with her about that today. Check out the show notes:


7 Tips For Finally Getting Through To Potential Customers And Clients

Are you struggling to get through to potential clients and customers? Well, this episode is for you. I am sharing seven tips that will help you breakthrough and connect with your potential clients.


Content Strategy And Building Testimonials With Jasmine Williams

I am so excited to share that I am chatting with Jasmine Williams of Jasmine Williams Media to chat about some pretty exciting topics this week. Jasmine is an amazing freelancer serving clients who have big dreams to change the world around them in exciting ways. From tech to nonprofits, Jasmine has worked with several clients on content creation. On The Ambitious Freelancer, she is here to share some excellent tips on things like building testimonials, website content, working with...


10 Lessons I Learned From Inbound 2020

Did you go to Inbound 2020? If not, you missed out! I am here to share ten lessons I learned while attending Inbound 2020 this year. View the show notes: Check out The Weekly Ambitious Freelancer Planner on Amazon:


How To Find Anchor Clients And Set Limits As A Freelancer With Samantha Tetrault

I am back on my interview game with my first-ever repeat guest, Samantha Tetrault. Samantha joined the podcast earlier in the year to discuss how to uplevel your freelance writing career. I am happy to have her back on the show to discuss how she finds long-term anchor clients and sets limits and boundaries as a freelancer. Show notes: The Weekly Ambitious Freelancer Planner:


How To Improve Your Inbound Lead Flow

Are you interested in improving the inbound lead flow for your freelance business? Getting an adequate amount of inbound leads to sustain your business is tricky, but doable. Listen up to see what's been working for me! Show notes: The Weekly Ambitious Freelancer Planner:


13 Lessons I Learned From Networking For People Who Hate Networking

Recently I read "Networking For People Who Hate Networking," by Devora Zack. This week on the podcast, I thought I would share my experience reading the book and some of the lessons I learned.


An Update About My Life Right Now

Can you believe I've been at my new job for over 30 days? I can't! Today I am updating you about my new job, my life, and what's happening with all of my side projects. There are no show notes for this episode, but I wanted to get you something to listen to this week!


How To Find Legitimate Freelance Jobs

Are you running into freelance scams? That's no fun! Today on The Ambitious Freelancer, I wanted to talk about how to find legitimate freelance jobs, so you can start raking in the money.


Everything You Need To Get Started As A Freelance Writer With No Experience

Do you want to get into freelance writing, but you have no experience? Well, this podcast is for you. I've written or countless websites in and out of my niche of HR technology. These are the simple steps you can take to become a freelance writer. For more information, check out the show notes here:


How To Supplement Your Freelance Income

I have exciting news! Today, I am chatting about how to supplement your freelance income so you can do the thing you love while making money in the process.


How To Make Your Money Work For You With Candace McGee

Do you need a financial lift? One of my favorite finance accounts to follow on Instagram is Candace McGee of Millennial Financial Educator. I've been following Candace for a while, and I couldn't wait to have her on the show to talk about money. If you want to learn about saving, investing, and avoiding lifestyle creep, listen up! This episode is for you.


Marketing During Uncertain Times With Nina Addeo

Are you struggling to market your business right now? Nina Addeo knows the struggles and pivots that freelancers and business owners are dealing with right now. Nina is the business owner behind I Do Wedding Marketing, a freelance business that helps wedding professionals like venues, florists, and DJs connect with brides and build better businesses. I was so excited to chat with her about the pivots freelancers and wedding professionals can make in their business right...


How To Create An Inbound Marketing Strategy For Your Freelance Business

If you've been struggling to make consistent income during the pandemic, like most of us have, you're probably trying to switch up your promotional methods. One way to promote your business is through the power of inbound marketing. Today on the podcast, I am sharing exactly how you can create an inbound marketing strategy for your freelance business so that you can bring in more leads to your company.


How To Create Stellar Content As A Freelancer With Danielle Wallace

Do you ever wonder how people create content that connects with their ideal audience as a freelancer? Today I am chatting with one of my favorite freelancers and content creators, Danielle Wallace. Danielle is a fantastic creator, and I was so excited to talk with her about the tools and techniques she uses to put together consistent content as a freelancer. Are you ready to uplevel your freelance content? Take a listen.


Bonus: The Freelancer's Guide To Testimonials

Testimonials can have a positive impact on your business, but they aren't always easy to obtain. Today on this bonus episode of The Ambitious Freelancer, I wanted to share tips on how to use testimonials to build a better freelance business.


Key Design Tips To Take Your Freelance Website To The Next Level With Michelle Balge

We've talked about how to design a basic website on the podcast before (Episode 41), but we've never gotten to talk about the specifics of great website design. Today, I am chatting with Michelle of Worth It Designs to get specific on some key design tips you'll need to master to create a beautiful website. Are you ready to take your site to the next level?


How To Look And Feel Your Best Online With Maria Swann

Have you ever thought about the way you show up online? Before potential clients get on the phone with you, they connect with the way you look and present yourself online. This week I am sitting down with Maria Swann, a personal and professional stylist, to talk about how our look makes all the difference and how we can show up in a way that makes us look and feel good.


10 Ways To Uplevel Your Freelance Business During A Pandemic

Are you struggling with your freelance business right now? Everyone is trying to deal with this new situation. I wanted to provide some tips and strategies to help you make sense of what you can do in your business right now.