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Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, AMPLIFY is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and game changers that will help you AMPLIFY your business and your life.

Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, AMPLIFY is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and game changers that will help you AMPLIFY your business and your life.


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Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, AMPLIFY is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and game changers that will help you AMPLIFY your business and your life.




28: Creating Business and Personal Momentum Through Crisis with Alex Charfen

This is going to be a really different interview today with someone I deeply admire. He’s been my business coach for a couple years, he’s an author, and a mentor for fast-growth businesses. My guest is Alex Charfen. I’ve had him on the show before but today will be a bit different. Alex ends up interviewing me more than I interview him, as we dive into the steps I took to transition my business during COVID and how I came out stronger on the other side. I applied a lot of what I learned...


27: Declutter to Simplify & Amplify Your Life with Allie Casazza

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Allie Casazza, the Life Minimalist, host of the Purpose Show, and author of the upcoming book, Declutter Like a Mother. I found Allie on Instagram, and her life mission to help moms find joy, simplicity, and ease in motherhood immediately resonated with me. Especially because she’s running a fast-growth business and homeschooling her children at the same time. In this episode, you’ll learn about Allie’s business, how she structures her...


26: Keep Winning: Business Through a Pandemic with Vincent Mcintosh

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Vincent Mcintosh, the 23-year-old owner of Irie Kitchen here in West Michigan. Vince opened his restaurant at age 19, and you’ll hear more about how being an entrepreneur is just part of his DNA. We also talk about being a restaurant owner during a pandemic, our shared traits as Enneagram 3s, and the merits of crunchy versus creamy peanut butter. He’s launching a mastermind this fall with Liz over at the Lemon Bowl, with whom he also...


25: Rebuilding with Purpose & Clarity to Create the Life & Business You Love: My interview on the Irie Lemon Podcast

Today’s episode is a bit different than usual. I’m sharing an update on how my business and life have changed significantly since COVID-19. I talk about rebuilding my public relations agency with intention after three challenging months, where 80% of my business was wiped out. I also share some of my biggest takeaways in overcoming these obstacles. Then I’m sharing a replay of my conversation on the Irie Lemon Podcast with Liz Della Croce and Vincent Mcintosh, which happened when I was in...


24: How to Create the Lifestyle You Desire & Find Financial Clarity with Tara Jones-Williamson

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Tara Jones-Williamson, the founder, CEO, and success coach of Your Pretty Pennies. I first met Tara a few years ago when we sat on a panel together for Ladies Get Paid, and we instantly connected. She is so inspiring to me, not only as a businesswoman, but as a woman. Tara learned about personal finance out of necessity as a single mom trying to make ends meet. Not only was she able to triple her salary and start her own business, but...


23: How to Use Journaling to Manifest Confidence & Find Clarity with Rachel Luna

Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m chatting with Rachel Luna, an international speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, former US Marine, cancer thriver, and the chief confidence creator at Rachel has an incredible backstory. She has overcome so many obstacles, and yet she still radiates positivity. I wanted to know about her mindset, how she got to where she was, and how she uses journaling as a tool for self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. I hope you’ll take as much...


22: The Business of Blogging & Influence: 10 Years of The Lemon Bowl

On today’s episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I chat with Liz Della Croce, a food, travel, lifestyle blogger who just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her blog, The Lemon Bowl. Liz was in the blogging game before people were really monetizing it, so she has some great insight into how the blogging and influencer industries have changed in the last decade. We also talk about how we’ve weathered the COVID storm, as we both had to take on homeschooling while running our businesses. (Spoiler:...


21: Purpose through Tragedy, Comedy through Life With Adam Cayton-Holland

On today’s episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I chat with Adam Cayton-Holland, a nationally touring comedian and the author of Tragedy Plus Time: A Tragi-comic Memoir. I saw Adam’s live show during Laughfest, a comedy festival that is held annually in Grand Rapids to raise money for Gilda’s Club (a wonderful organization that helps people dealing with grief and cancer). It was my last “normal” outing with the HAPPY PR team before we switched to remote because of COVID-19. As expected, the show...


20: How to Plan & Stay Productive During Challenging Times With Erin Condren

On this episode of The Amplify Show, I talk all things productivity with Erin Condren, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Erin Condren Design. In an age where technology and social media have infiltrated every aspect of life, Erin took a chance on paper products to make every day a bit more organized, stylish, and colorful. Since founding her company from her children's playroom in 2005, Erin Condren designs on-trend and customized organization products, from planners and notebooks to...


19: How To Release Limiting Beliefs and Start Thinking Like A Boss With Kate Crocco

Today on The Amplify Show, I’m chatting with Kate Crocco, author of the newly released "Thinking Like A Boss" and confidence + mindset coach. This timely interview turned into a conversation where we both talk about mindset and business changes during the pandemic, challenges we’re facing as parents, and the lies we tell ourselves as business owners. Kate also offers some incredible insight on finding your identity outside of your business and how to look forward instead of dwelling on the...


18: Reinventing False Lashes and Disrupting the Beauty Industry With Katy Stoka

There are entrepreneurs, who create and run businesses, and then there are inventors, who go through the painstaking process to come up with a new product and then spend significant time and resources to bring it to life. In this episode of The Amplify Show, I’m talking with Katy Stoka, the inventor behind One Two Lash®, the world’s first magnetic lashes. I’ve been a fan of these for a couple of years now - I love the ease of magnetic lashes before media appearances. And after being home...


17: Growing During Challenges And Other ‘Traffic Secrets’ With Russell Brunson

In the midst of a crisis, some industries are crippled, while others are staying afloat and even thriving. Today’s guest is none other than one of the top Internet marketers and the co-founder of ClickFunnels, the fastest growing SaaS company in the world. Russell Brunson is also a best-selling author and his latest book Traffic Secrets just launched. As you probably know by now, I’m a huge fan of ClickFunnels- I’ve been a user of the software for more than 3 years. I also have been in one...


16: Marketing with Connection, Authenticity, and Vulnerability with Natalie Hodson

I’m always trying to find ways to live a more authentic life. As entrepreneurs, this can be especially hard because we feel we have to wear different masks: the “leader” at work, the “caretaker” at home, the strong one, the funny one, the “figure it out” one. If we’re not careful, we end up building businesses or communities that we don’t really feel a connection to because we did not build them from a place of authenticity and vulnerability. On this episode of The Amplify Show, I talk with...


15: Finding Joy in Simplicity in Business & Life with Courtney Carver

Today’s lifestyle of overwhelm doesn’t have to be your lifestyle. My guest on the podcast is author and entrepreneur Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. She is sharing her journey from overworked, drowning in debt, and overwhelmed with stress to a stream-lined, minimalist, healthier life. She tells us how her body finally said, “enough”; when illness stopped her in her tracks, she realized it was time to change her life completely. She’s sharing wisdom and practical advice for how to...


14: Creating Abundance and Crushing Sales with Myron Golden

We all sell. Whether you are in sales as a profession or you’re trying to convince your kid to clean their room, we all sell at some point in our lives. My guest for this podcast interview is Myron Golden; he knows sales and he knows adversity. He has gone from broke to living the life of his dreams, and he has the wisdom and tangible advice to help you turn your passion into profit. The name of his book, “From the Trash Man to the Cash Man,” says it all. Whether you are a business owner...


13: From Broke to INC's Fastest-Growing Business with Brandon Poulin

In this interview I’m talking to Brandon Poulin, CEO and co-founder of LadyBoss. A serial entrepreneur since age 17, Brandon lead LadyBoss to impact 250,000 customer lives and generate over 60 Million in revenue by the time he was 25. In our interview on this episode of The Amplify Show, Brandon is sharing tactics that helped him and his wife and co-founder go from broke to #4 on the Inc. 500 list. He also shares about his philosophy for growth and what to get emotional about when it comes...


12: The Alcohol Experiment & Building an Unlikely Business with Annie Grace

Annie Grace has a remarkable story. Raised in a one-room cabin with no running water, she became the youngest VP at a multinational company by age 26. That alone is an inspiring story, but Annie’s mission today is what I spoke with her about in this interview: helping people find freedom from alcohol, and redefining how society views alcohol, so that the non-drinker is no longer an exception to the rule. At the height of her career, Annie was drinking close to 2 bottles of wine a night, and...


11: Overcoming Failure and Achieving Greatness with Lewis Howes

I had an opportunity to interview Lewis Howes, best-selling author, multi-million dollar entrepreneur, high visibility podcaster and former pro-athlete, a few years back. In this interview, Lewis shares about a huge life setback he experienced, and how he overcame it to achieve high level success. He shares what inspired him to completely change the direction of his life, and how he uses failure as valuable feedback. If you’re feeling stuck in your journey, or have experienced a...


10: Using the Enneagram for Work and Life with Meredith TerHaar and Joe Graham

If you want to experience growth through self-awareness then you’ve got to get to know the Enneagram. My guests on this episode are Meredith TerHaar, certified Enneagram coach, Enneagram 3, and Operations Manager for our company, and Joe Graham, certified coach and Enneagram 5. Meredith and Joe give us a quick overview of what the Enneagram is, then dig in to how you can use it to increase success, connection, and understanding in business and in life. The Enneagram isn’t just another...


9: Riches are in the (Podcast) Niches with John Lee Dumas

If you are in the business podcast space, then you’ve no doubt heard the name John Lee Dumas. The “godfather of podcasting”, JLD is one of the first podcasters to monetize the platform, and with huge success. He is currently earning over 2 million a year, with 86% profit, mainly through sponsorships for his podcast (Entrepreneurs on Fire) programs and resources for other podcasters, and affiliate sales for heavy hitters like Tony Robbins. On this episode of the Amplified Show, JLD is...