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Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, The AMPLIFY Show is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring authors, thought leaders, experts, and philosophers in business, parenting, faith, and life.

Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, The AMPLIFY Show is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring authors, thought leaders, experts, and philosophers in business, parenting, faith, and life.


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Hosted by Media Contributor and Publicist Emily Richett, The AMPLIFY Show is a series of interviews and conversations with inspiring authors, thought leaders, experts, and philosophers in business, parenting, faith, and life.




72: Simplicity Parenting, Family Values, & Building Emotional Resilience With Kim John Payne

Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m welcoming back Kim John Payne, a counselor, researcher, and the author of eight books about children. He was one of the first guests on this show, and I highly recommend going back and listening to that interview in Episode 6 if you like this one! Last time, we talked about his 2009 book Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids. In this interview, we talk about two big topics that have...


71: Habits for Holiness with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames

I’m back recording some new episodes after a bit of a break during Lent and my season doing Magnify90– you can hear more about what Magnify90 is just a few episodes back where I interviewed the creator, Kaylene Brown. In this episode I share about my experience with Lent and Magnify90 during a Michigan winter, my husband recovering from knee surgery, sick kids, you name it. I also talk with Father Mark-Mary Ames, the author of Habits For Holiness: Small Steps For Making Big Spiritual...


70: Last Words and Learning Through Hard Seasons

I’m sure we’ve all wondered what our last words will be, but do you ever think about the possibility that your words might be the last that someone else hears? In Episode 70 of The AMPLIFY Show (70, can you believe it?), I share my thoughts on the significance of last words, including the unexpected ones that have inspired me to be better, even during the ordinary, small moments. I’m also sharing an update about this current season I’m in and some of the learning and growth that comes...


69: Tech-straction and Psychological Pacifiers With Sean McCool

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Sean McCool about tech-straction and psychological pacifiers. Sean is an award-winning marketing consultant, a coach for entrepreneurs over 40, and a fellow podcaster. I enjoyed being on his show, Persuasion by The Pint, a few months ago! In this interview, Sean shares his historical perspective and lessons on technology, why it’s so distracting, and we debate a bit about how much responsibility companies have over technology versus our own...


68: Magnify 90 & Pursuing Virtue As A Feminine Genius With Kaylene Brown

In this episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I interview Kaylene Brown, creator of Magnify 90, a 90-day spiritual journey for women. This episode comes just in time as we head into Lent. If you’re looking to grow deeper in faith and to journey into the desert of spirituality and asceticism, then you’ll love this episode and Magnify 90. We talk about humility, what it means to be a feminine genius, how to embrace our special, God-given gifts as women, and why making time for prayer can be so...


67: Fasting For Spiritual Growth With Wendy Speake

We’re just a couple weeks away from Lent, and I have a few interviews coming up that will help prepare our minds and hearts for it, including today’s interview with Wendy Speake. Wendy is the author of many books including The 40 Day Sugar Fast, The 40-Day Social Media Fast, and the book where I initially discovered her: Parenting Triggers, which she co-authored with Amber Lia. You know I’m a big fan of purposeful hardship; I have plenty of blogs and interviews dedicated to just that...


66: The Replacement Of The Heart Through Technology With Marc Barnes

After switching to a Light Phone II to help disconnect more from the Internet and social media, I started searching online (the irony, I know!) for a camera solution, since the Light Phone does not have one. That’s when I came upon this article that powerfully explains a theory of replacing the heart - our ability to connect, to relate, and to feel, with technology, our devices, and yes, even our camera phones. The article was written by philosopher Marc Barnes (Ph.D. in Theology from...


65: Take Back Your Time With Christy Wright

Today’s episode is one of my favorite topics: how to take back your time. That’s the topic of Christy Wright’s latest book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance. In this interview, Christy talks about her definition of balance, five tactical steps to achieve life balance, and how she was handling some hard changes and decisions she was working through at the time. Just this week, Christy announced one of these big changes: after 12 years at Ramsey Solutions, as a...


64: Resolutions, Habits, & Quitting Social Media in the New Year

Happy new year friends! In today’s episode of The AMPLIFY Show, I’m going to chat a bit about planning for the new year. I’ll tell you what I’m doing differently this year and how I’m going into 2022 with a different perspective. That includes an update on two months of being without social media and my smartphone, and a little bit about the habit I really developed last year: more reading! I read 52 books in 2021, and I wrote a whole monstrous blog post linking each one with a lot...


63: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: Break the Twitch And Live a More Intentional Life, With Anthony Ongaro

Today I’m back with another “Best of The AMPLIFY Show” interview, and I love that today’s interview is one of our most popular out of more than 60 now; it’s my interview with Anthony Ongaro, author of Break The Twitch. Anthony’s book and our interview dives into the actual addiction or “twitch” of our devices. That twitch or impulse to reach for something you want quickly instead of sitting with discomfort - whether that’s food, phones and other devices, shopping, substances, etc. I’m...


62: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: My Interview With Kim John Payne

I’ve been sharing some of our most downloaded episodes of all time here on The AMPLIFY Show, and this week is my interview with author Kim John Payne. He’s well known for his best-selling book Simplicity Parenting, which is my favorite parenting book and one I’ve reread multiple times. He has worked with children and families around the world as a counselor and educator. As an author, he’s given a voice to people like you and me. People who have this feeling that something is not okay...


61: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: My Interview With Courtney Carver

This month, I’m sharing The AMPLIFY Show’s most popular episodes. Today is my interview with author and entrepreneur Courtney Carver. She's one of the first people I discovered in the simplicity space, and I loved getting a chance to talk with her. In this interview, she shares her journey from overworked, drowning in debt, and overwhelmed with stress to a stream-lined, minimalist, healthier life. I hope this resonates with you as much as it did with me! And hop over to my blog for...


60: Best of The AMPLIFY Show: My Interview With Allie Casazza

Today I’m sharing The AMPLIFY Show’s most popular episode of all time, and one the guest said was one of her favorite interviews. It’s my interview with Allie Casazza, author of Declutter Like A Mother and the host of The Purpose Show. In this interview, we chat about how to minimize stress at home when it comes to our stuff, and the things that take up space and energy on our calendars and in our minds. I also share that my gift guides are live this week! My annual gift guide will be...


59: 10 Reasons to Quit Social Media

I’m inviting you to join me for a slower, more peace-filled season with a social media sabbatical- as in, quitting social media for the next month or so. I logged off my platforms on November 8 and plan to take a two-month digital rest. In this episode, I’m sharing 10 reasons (technically 11 reasons, I couldn’t help myself- there are so many good ones!) to quit social media - or to at least take a break. I started the year off with a social media sabbatical but still batched my...


58: Personal Agency, Childhood Trauma & Life Reimagined, With Barbara Rapaport

I'm so excited to introduce today’s guest, Barbara Rapaport. She’s the author of Reimagined, a memoir recounting her harrowing experience battling and surviving a rare form of cancer. She’s a successful executive coach and consultant who has worked with Fortune 500 businesses, and she’s a former client of my PR firm, HAPPY PR. Barbara is truly inspiring, intelligent, and she really makes you look at yourself through a different lens. In this episode, we talk about courage, personal...


57: Critical Thinking, Cooking & Kids With Katie Kimball

Today on The AMPLIFY Show, I’m talking with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship and Kids Cook Real Food. Katie is an online entrepreneur, blogger, and 2x TED X speaker. In this episode, we talk about the importance of teaching kids critical thinking (and how to cook!) and how the pandemic and mandates derailed her TED Talks not once, but twice- and the resourceful way she still got them done. We also talk about the concerning state of school lunches, how to empower kids to take control...


56: Biz & Life Pep Talk: It Wasn't Meant To Be Easy!

Hi friends! Today I was inspired to quickly record another Biz Pep Talk episode, but this one is really a biz/life pep talk. I had a coffee meeting with a client who recently launched a sustainable clothing line and she was telling me about all of the challenges she’s facing with manufacturing issues and product delays. Then, I heard from an author friend who sent me a message. And THEN, a media colleague. Three separate women but a common theme: overcoming hardship, self doubt, and...


55: Why We Want What We Want & The Power Of Mimetic Desire In Everyday Life, with Luke Burgis

Do you ever wonder… why do I have the life I have? The career I have? Why do I do the things I do? Buy the things I buy? And what if I told you, you aren’t controlling these things as much as you think you are? In this episode, I talk with Luke Burgis, author of Wanting, about Mimetic Desire and the role it plays in our everyday lives. We also talk about how it impacts everything from how many children you have to mob mentality and cancel culture (oh you know I went...


54: Trust the Process, In Memory of Ashley Rose

Today is an extra special episode. The previously scheduled interview has been moved to next week. Today I want to honor a special person, my cousin Ashley Rose. While she left the world far too soon, she made an incredible impact on the lives of many people- even complete strangers were inspired by her strength, determination, and faith. In this episode, I share a bit about the legacy she left behind and the wisdom she unknowingly imparted to me in her last days. I hope this inspires...


53: Biz Pep Talk: Send the Dang Email!

This is the first of a new series, where I’ll shart short, actionable lessons and stories to help you amplify your business. In today’s episode, I answer the question: What happens when you decide to write an email to your list of thousands of people who haven’t heard from you in years? I’ll tell you about my experience reviving a dead email list -- breaking down the numbers, the unsubscribes, the funny interactions, and new customers-- and the inspiring reminder that whether in your...