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051 ~ Struggling with Acknowledging Someone

Many people struggle with how to acknowledge someone Today, we are going to have a quick “How To…” session If you are already one that acknowledges someone, great, I’ll be glad to hear some of your stories Maybe you will just pick up a pointer or two If you haven’t gotten into the Acknowledgment Habit yet We will give you the process to get there. Don’t forget to use your Gratitude Journal It is a good place to take notes And record your thoughts It all starts with the 5...


050 ~ Gratitude for Unknown Talents

Have you ever been in a situation where someone does something spectacular And then tells the customer that he didn’t do a good job Or if someone else was doing it It would have turned out better? And it really isn’t true? Well, this is where you can use a strong acknowledgment to get the point across and help bolster a person’s confidence at the same time. Here’s an example that took place just a few days ago… Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Jim; Trela; James; Grateful; Leader;...


049 ~ The Gratitude Journal

I’ve begun forgetting about who I’ve acknowledged Is that a bad thing? I think so. This is something that I’m trying to make part of my life and I’m forgetting what I’ve done? How can I remedy this situation? The Gratitude Journal Over the last year..


048 ~ Neuroscience of Gratitude with Linda Roszak Burton

The topic of today’s podcast is The Neuroscience of Gratitude and I get to bring a very special guest to the podcast Linda Roszak Burton, ACC, Founder, Managing Partner of DRW, Inc., a leadership development, executive coaching, and organization design firm. The firm’s underlying philosophy is to help clients achieve organizational results by aligning strategic goals and organizational values through leadership development and employee engagement initiatives. As a leadership and team...


047 ~ Key To Success

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast When you look at success, are there certain keys that give some people an advantage over other? Recently, I found an article that gives a hint. The 1 Reason Why Most People Never Become Ultra-Successful (And How to Avoid It) This little-known habit separates successful people from the rest, according to science. by Elle Kaplan, CEO and Founder, LexION Capital, CIO and Founder, LexION Alpha You can find this article on the...


046 ~ Acknowledging An Overworked Co-Worker

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Today I want to tell you a story about Bernie Bernie is a co-worker of mine at GM Recently, he took on some work, in addition to his “regular work” This began taking more and more of his time as his proficiency in the new tool increased He still had a lot of “regular work” to do, but he was getting over burdened. As much as I tried, even as the Project Manager, I couldn’t help with the workload And Bernie just kept plugging along,...


045 ~ Grateful Leadership and Influence

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast Every so often, you run across an article that strikes a chord with you. Today, I found this article from Matthew Gordon Matthew Gordon is President and CEO of The Gordon Group, a holding company that primarily manages GraduationSource and Avanti Systems USA. Gordon strives to foster positive corporate culture and empower young minds. THe Article is titled: The Power of a Grateful Leader Here is what he wrote: Keywords: #IWorkForGM;...


044 ~ Ostemar Knowks Your Socks Off

In this episode, we are going to continue our discussion with Sofie Ostemar, from Sweden. I asked her to tell us a little about herself, and she sent me this by email: My name is Sofie Östemar and I'm a project manager in the CTO organization within GE Healthcare Life Sciences. I've always worked in an international environment, fascinated by our differences and common ways in life. In my latest global and cross-functional project, we were about 8-15 persons working together for 2...


043 ~ Sofie Ostemar and the Center for Grateful Leadership

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Today, we are going to hear from Sofie Ostemar Ms. Ostemar works for the Project Management Office at GE Healthcare Life Sciences in Sweden where she is a Project Manager in the Chief Technology Office She recently attended one of the Center for Grateful Leadership’s Live Q&A sessions Where the members got the chance to meet her And I had the chance to invite her to be a guest on the Art of Grateful Leadership podcast I’m so glad she...


042 ~ Changing Culture at GM

You may not know this, but There is a culture change taking place at GM. One where people can respectfully voice their opinion and / or thoughts without fear People are told to “Be Bold.” Gone are the days of people entering a meeting and just agreeing. The head nodders are moving out. The champions are moving in. Recently, I was called to a meeting to discuss this principle; Be Bold. This was the first meeting of its kind that I have had the pleasure to attend. Here’s what...


041 ~ Acknowledgment Through Social Media

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership podcast The other day I received a ‘Linked In” message from an acquaintance who I’ve known for a few years. Here’s how I used the Power of Acknowledgment to encourage him on his career search Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Art of Grateful Leadership; James G Trela; Jim Trela; Judith W. Umlas; Management; Leadership; Grateful Leader;


040 ~ Gratitude - Don't Start A Day Without It

I woke this morning and lay in bed for a few minutes before before getting out. Ok, maybe it was a little more than a few minutes I stopped, Heard my wife’s breathing next to me and the rustling of my daughter upstairs, preparing for another day of high school. The dat was beginning. As I was relaxing there, I began to think about all of the things for which I am thankful. And a wave of gratitude swept over me As I swung my legs off the bed and my feet onto the floor, I remembered...


039 ~ Gratitude and Tragedy

Welcome to the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast Have you ever been thankful for a tragedy that took place in your life? Can something good take place from a tragedy? If you remember, Mr. Thank You, John Israel, showed that looking for gratitude in what appeared to be a business failure, actually revealed many relationships that have withstood the test of time. Have you ever looked at your life and see how certain events have shaped it, possibly pointing you in a different...


038 ~ Great Bosses and Grateful Leadership

Today we look at Great Bosses and Grateful Leadership What is it about a great boss that makes people stick with them and even bend over backwards to please them. One of the characteristics is Gratitude. I think we can all agree on that one, but we aren't the only ones. Come listen in... Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Jim Trela; Judith w. Umlas; Grateful Leader; Center for Grateful Leadership; Power of Acknowledgment; Great Bosses; Leadership; Management


037 ~ Gratitude on Social Media

I went out to LinkedIn today and decided that I wanted to do a search on the word “gratitude” Do you know what I found? I found 46,044 results, just in LinkedIn Hear about some of the people I found during this episode Social Media is a Powerful Tool, we need to use it to spread the word regarding the Power of Acknowledgment, Grateful Leadership and the Center for Grateful Leadership. Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Grateful Leader; Judith W Umlas; Jim Trela; Center for Grateful Leadership;...


036 ~ Mr Thank You - New Projects and Closing Thoughts

In this episode, we close out our discussion with Mr. Thank You, John Israel If you remember, he dedicated a year to increasing the gratitude in the world by writing 5 thank you notes each day, for 365 days. That’s a total of 1825 Thank You Notes. Knowing the passion that John put into this project it couldn’t just end there; today, John is going to tell us about his book and that he will deliver a TED talk in the near future He also gives us some very poignant reasons not to wait with...


035 ~ Mr Thank You Project - Discoveries

This is the the third installment with Mr. Thank You, John Israel In this episode, we ask about any changes that took place as a result of the Mr. Thank You Project Let’s hear what John Israel has to say: Keywords: #IWorkForGM; Art of Grateful Leadership; Jim Trela; John Israel; Mr. Thank You; CGL; Grateful Leader; Center for Grateful Leadership; Gratitude; Leadership; Management


034 ~ The Mr Thank You Project

In the last episode we were introduced to Mr. John Israel John Israel Is a professional speaker and published author who lives in Dallas TX He is the founder of The Mr. Thank You Project a global movement to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet by inspiring 74 million Thank You cards. He kicked it off by writing 5 Thank You cards every day for an entire year. John has been featured on several news outlets such as: Fox News, ABC News, Popsugar and for his...


033 ~ Mr Thank You and the Center for Grateful Leadership

Today we have the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Thank You himself John Israel Without giving away all of John’s story He committed himself to a project that lasted a full year 365 days And he made it His story reached the ears of Judy Umlas and Judy invited him to speak to the entire Center for Grateful Leadership during the NOvember 2017 Live Quest and Answer session As soon as I heard him, I knew I had to have him as a guest on the Art of Grateful Leadership Podcast. In this...


032 ~ Gratitude Helps Everyone and Mr Thank you

Do you have a good friend? One of those friends that knows what you can do One that knows you so well that they know when you don’t do your best And they constantly challenge you to always give your best? They are people that constantly support you I hope that everyone has a friend like that Today I'll tell you about that person and about Mr. Thank You. Keywords: IWorkforGM; Grateful Leader; Center for Grateful Leadership; IIL; John Israel; Jim Trela; Management; Leadership; Judith...


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