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The Beertelligence Podcast where smart people in tech, design, product & entrepreneurship discuss breakthrough ideas and tactics over beers.

The Beertelligence Podcast where smart people in tech, design, product & entrepreneurship discuss breakthrough ideas and tactics over beers.
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The Beertelligence Podcast where smart people in tech, design, product & entrepreneurship discuss breakthrough ideas and tactics over beers.




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23 - Meet "Jim", a Chinese "internet street vendor" selling likes on social media

"I knew it was an empty threat. First of all, it's cross borders, how are you going to sue me? You don't even know who I am." Today's guest goes by "Jim" and considers himself to be a "street vendor on the internet". What he means by that is often times street vendors often aren't legal or licensed to sell food on the street corner. Despite their questionable legal status, often times these vendors are good people who are just trying to scrape out a living, taking just a little money here...


22 - How growing up Chinese in Valencia helps Victor Chi Sun run a design studio in Shanghai

"I gain through those super stressful moments, like in a restaurant, rush hour, delivering everything, I love it." Victor is a graphic design freelancer turned entrepreneur who runs Chi Studios in Shanghai. Although he wanted to design cars as a kid, he's now an owner of graphic, branding & visual design studio. Victor's parents are Chinese but he was born & grew up in Valencia, Spain. There he was one of the only Chinese kids around, growing up with people looking at him & saying 'oh...


21 - How to blend Chinese philosophy & technology with Azure Yang UX Transformer at SapientRazorfish

"Philosophy facilitates a good environment for technology to do it's job" Azure Yang is a mix of UX designer and Chinese philosopher who's currently working as UX transformer for Sapient-Razorfish. Azure is Shanghaiinese, born in a more rural setting outside of the downtown city area where he was always misbehaving and trying to sneak away from his parents house. Azure comes from an artistic family and so early on thought that he would be a designer. This shifted over time as he became a...


18 - How organizing meetups led to Rise Hong Kong, Asia's largest conference with Casey Lau

“This was all without sponsors, without pay… we went to events, they sucked, so we wanted to make a better one” Casey Lau is one of the pioneers of the startup scene in Asia and more specifically Hong Kong, which has been his home base since moving there from Vancouver when he was 21 years old. Although he went to school for graphic design, he now splits his time between Web Summit RISE (conference), Startups HK and Blue Startups in Hawaii. He describes himself simply as a ‘Startup...


17 - How being sued at 13 led to building startups in Asia with Ryan Shuken of MOX & Chinaccelerator

“He bought & sold it for $2million. And I thought, that's so stupid, I could do that.” Ryan Shuken started his life as an entrepreneur at a very young age and he now shares his years of learnings as the Program Director for Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX), a start-up accelerator that focuses on Android applications in developing countries. He and his team work mostly with start-ups that already have their product and now need to grow it in multiple countries around the world,...


16 - Managing a company while being an introverted CEO with Ronan Berder of Wiredcraft

"Managing people is still an enigma for me" Ronan is founder and CEO of a successful app-development agency in Shanghai called Wiredcraft, which has offices in Asia & Europe. They eventually found themselves working on projects in the international development space, such as building apps for the South Sudan referendum and other projects for both the UN & the world bank. Now they've focused more on larger corporate clients like Starbucks. He was born in the south of France and moved to...


15 - Scaling both a career & company through Y-Combinator & China with CPO Teng Bao of Strikingly

"We were scared, like the jobs that we had, made us scared for our futures." Teng Bao is cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Strikingly ( in China) which is a website building tool that went through Y-combinator and has scaled from 0 to more than 1 million websites since its inception in July 2012. Teng is currently heading up product design there and got into product by way of trying to design video games when he was young. His interest in games led to coding and eventually to...


14 - How cooking pumps up WikiCookJoyce for a VP corporate strategy job at Publicis with Joyce Ling

"When something is happening top down, you think about their reactions from bottom up. And then you're able to find the right strategy right in between." Joyce Ling is WikiCookJoyce, a food & cooking WeChat KOL influencer, when she's not managing a large team at Publicis.Sapient as VP of Strategy. Joyce lived in Taiwan before her family moved to the Bay Area. She attended the University of California Santa Barbara with a dual major in fine arts & Chinese literature. Around that time, Joyce...


13 - Why Kevin Chen left finance to tackle the global language education market as CEO of Italki

"After 10 years, some investors joked you should have IPO'd or died by now." Kevin Chen is co-founder and CEO of, a language learning social network and marketplace for connecting teachers & students for private classes. Before that, Keven also cofounded Famento, which sought to use social networking to help families record and share their family history. Kevin is a reformed finance guy who spent several years working at Meryl Lynch & Lehman Brothers in London, New York and...


12 - Building the Airbnb culture in Asia & why authenticity makes better leaders with Alan Chang

"I would have been a better manager, better leader & better friend had I known the difference between compassion and empathy." Alan was born and spent most of his life in the US between Hong Kong & North Carolina. He sold his first company in 2009 and then relocated to Hong Kong to further explore Asia. In 2010 he went all-in on digital businesses after he saw Groupon explode in Chicago and helped a friend’s company that was able to partner up with Groupon in Hong Kong. As he continued to...


10 - How WeChat dominates the digital marketing ecosystem in China with expert Matthew Brennan

"WeChat is like the operating system for your life in China" Matthew Brennan has been in China for 13 years, working in many different cities and eventually finding his way to research and becoming a WeChat expert. Matt cofounded China Channel, which organizes China’s largest WeChat marketing conference series for international companies. They also produce a massive amount of content in the form of blog posts about WeChat & China tech. Matthew spends his time working as a consultant,...


9 - Rui Ma's career from rural China to Silicon Valley to China Partner at 500 Startups & RookieFund

"Why Finance?" "Basically because I was a shitty engineer" Rui worked 4 years as the Partner for Greater China at an early stage investment fund called 500 Startups. She spent 3 of those years in Beijing and 1 year in Mountain View where the company has their headquarters. Rui, pronounced like "Ray gun", was born in rural China and we follow her career path as she went from China to San Francisco and back again, investing in startups, raising a new fund (maybe) and figuring out her next...


7 – The people skills needed to run big data analytics for Netflix, Shopify & Playboy - David Lennie

"Good data work has nothing to do with technical skill" David Lennie is currently SVP of Data & Analytics at Shopify, a booming e-commerce startup that has seen steep growth recently, up more 400% since they went public in May 2015. Before Shopify, he spent almost 5 years at Netflix where he managed a team of 60 employees and delivered a big data analytics platform across all areas of Netflix. And before both of those he was head of Business Intelligence for Playboy, where he designed and...


4 - Ben Whitter - HR Employee Experience - The Beertelligence Podcast

"Fuck this podcast, order me McDonalds, I'm on my way to meet with HR." Ben Whitter aka Mr Employee Experience™, is CEO/Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute. He started out working in hotel customer service in Spain before transitioning into employee training & development roles. After working across many sectors in the UK, he landed a large organization in the UK where he then started focusing in specifically on the role that HR plays, or doesn't play, in organizations. He...


The Beertelligence Podcast - Episode 3 - Elyse Ribbons

"No one believed that a white (non-Chinese) girl wrote it" Elyse, a self-proclaimed language nerd, has a very eclectic background spanning her 15 years in China. She has worked as a Movie & TV star in China, gotten a Masters in Peking Opera, written a play and been COO of a Chinese construction company (which meant she can drink Baijiu). That's not to mention her being cohost of one of China's highest-rated nationally syndicated news radio programs called 老外看点 LaoWai KanDian(International...


The Beertelligence Podcast - Episode 2 - Siddharta Lizcano

"My name is Siddarthhabbilizcaoadelapena, can you repeat that?" "Yeah his name is Sidd" Sidd grew up in London & Spain and has been in China now for the past 5 years. He has a Masters in Interactive Design and worked as an experience designer across many industries in his time at agencies such as Frog and Sapient. In this episode, Sidd talks a lot about how he got into design and how he thinks about experience & service design, with a heavy focus on how the product is actually used in the...


The Beertelligence Podcast - Episode 1 - Dabo Chen

"You know what God Mode is on video games? I'm gonna do that shit in real life" Dabo Chen is founder of Shanghai-based Langzou Technologies. They develop tech & software for volumetric video capture for VR/AR with an early focus on the education industry. Dabo had previously cofounded 2 other companies in London - 1 to help fitness trainers sell classes and another to utilize ambient sound analysis using machine learning replace other home sensors. After London, Dabo relocated to Shenzhen...