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231 Motivation Comes From Within

Often people look to outside sources to find the motivation to get through tough times, or to simply get through a tough day. However, what most people do not realize is that it always comes from within. The constant search for external motivation often keeps people stuck in a particular place as no one is able to motivate someone to do anything. Motivation is an internal state of mind, that is solely controlled by our thoughts and actions. The only way we are able to motivate...


230 Growth Is Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

If you have ever heard someone you need to play it safe in life to avoid getting hurt, then they are living a life of comfort without rewards. In order to win big in life, you must be willing to take risks to receive the rewards you deserve. Life can be scary, especially if it means falling down. Every great story has a backstory that's often never told. If you look at the most successful people in the world, each of them will have a story to share about the things they did before they...


229 Can You Hustle Too Much?

More The hustle wave is here, and I'm not talking about the dance either. For many entrepreneurs, there is an immense pressure to work 18 - 20 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. While this can yield great rewards in business, it comes at a cost! As an entrepreneur, especially in the beginning, there is a need to wear multiple hats as a business grows. However, this will often lead to working long days to perform the tasks of...


228 How To Increase Your Engagement On Facebook

More Over the past several days there have been numerous people posting about changes in the algorithm and wanting people to comment on their post. The key to engagement is to create amazing content that people want to consume. Every time Facebook adjusts the algorithm that controls what content is displayed within the newsfeed, there will always be a crowd of individuals complaining that people are not...


227 Creating Your Destiny With Chris Burns

More Chris coaches entrepreneurs and high-achievers to eliminate limiting beliefs and take courageous action. He’s spoken at 90+ events across the U.S., to rooms of 250+ people, and in the last 10 months, has interviewed over 150 leaders on his 12hr marathon. Chris's fascination for entrepreneurship and success began while in high school. During this time he ventured down the wrong path in life that manifested...


226 Why Warm Audiences Matter In Marketing

More Everywhere you look, you will see ads promoting one type of a business or another. However, the vast majority of people are cold marketing to an audience. While this works, there is a better way! The lifeblood of any and every business is the ability to generate leads to convert into paying clients. As the marketplace becomes more and more crowded with advertisers promoting their businesses it is vital to...


225 Using Gamification To Grow Your Business

More Regardless of age, there is one common trait that everyone shares, the joy of winning. In business, it is possible to utilize the euphoria experienced through winning to attract additional clients and customers. From a very young age in life, a thrill is experienced when we win while playing a game or accomplish a major goal. It is this feeling that compels people to play games, enter contests, or...


224 How To Get Booked Out With Halley Gray

More Halley Gray is the CEO of Evolve and Succeed who wants people to know 3 things. She can teach you to have months of clients booked in advanced, and that drinking gin while reading her content is a great idea. Halley spent a large amount of time experimenting to figure out what was the best way to get clients online as she truly wanted to work for herself, and not someone else. As she worked in the...


223 How To Avoid Sexual Harassment Issues

More As of late, there have been numerous outings of individuals who have preyed upon others in the workplace. It is one of the fastest ways to destroy a cohesive environment as well as demoralize individuals affected by someone's actions. At this point, we are only seeing the beginning of a large number of women and even men come forward to out their harassers. The biggest reason for the sheer amount of people...


222 Networking Is About Relationships

Networking is one of the most powerful ways anyone can grow a business quickly. However, it is vital to focus on building relationships and not simply pitch your offerings. When utilized properly, networking is by far one of the fastest and lowest barriers to entry methods to grow a business. In every city, there are countless networking groups filled with people who are promoting their business, referring others, and simply making introductions to people who could possibly do...


221 Eating Healthy With Alina Z

More Chef Alina Z is a Couture Nutrition Chef, TV Show host and creator of a #1 Best Diet helping people learn how to eat healthy. Alina's journey into entrepreneurship began after a career conducting PR for a catering company. In her tenure there she discovered she loved food and wanted to learn more about it after gaining weight. She wanted to learn how to get healthy, which led her to attend school for nutrition. One...


219 Selling With Stories

More Once upon a time stories were told to inspire young minds to be anything and do anything. These stories inspired people everywhere to become who they are today. However, as adults, stories are few and far between when it comes to selling what we offer to prospective clients and customers. Stories are one of the most powerful tools underutilized in business today. They inspire people to take actions they might not have otherwise....


218 Choosing Fulfillment With Tommy Breedlove

More Tommy Breedlove is the founder of Choose Goodness, a movement dedicated to helping leaders and entrepreneurs focus beyond the financial bottom line. Tommy helps his clients bridge the gap between humanity and profitably. Tommy's journey into choosing goodness began after a career in the financial services industry. To achieve the "expected' levels of success within the industry he found himself wearing...


217 The Importance Of Journaling

More Writing down the thoughts and ideas within our minds is nothing new as it is a practice that has occurred for thousands of years. However, the number of people today utilizing it to advance their goals is minimal. Journaling can be one of the most powerful things anyone can do to create growth and prosperity in their lives. We live in an age where the vast majority of people spend more time talking about what they want to...


216 Be Your Own Hero

More Often in business and in life, we have a tendency to wait for someone to come along to change the world we are living in. However, if we want to make change happen quickly we must learn to become our own hero. Becoming our own here simply means we have to take responsibility for the outcome we want to achieve. Typically in business, individuals will spend time "hoping" that the right person will come along and ultimately...


215 You Are Ready For Greatness

More It can be very easy for someone to constantly justify why they are not ready to do something bigger and greater in life. The reality is we are ready for greatness at this very moment. One of the main reasons why we sometimes believe we are not ready is due to how we compare ourselves to others in the world around us. When we compare ourselves to others, we see people who are further along in their own journey which...


214 Content Creation Hacks

More Creating content can be the bain of an entrepreneurs business. How many times have you sat at your computer and wondered, what will I talk about today? It's your lucky day as I'm going to share with you a simple system to create content on demand. As entrepreneurs creating content is simply part of the process of building rapport and trust with an audience. However, every once in a while we all hit a wall where we simply...


213 Investing In Yourself Part 3

More Investing in yourself goes beyond simply attending personal development seminars and reading books to grow in life. To truly grow we must expand the concept of investing to reach new heights in life. An area often overlooked and under-discussed in regards to investing in yourself is personal health. Our health is what determines how successful we will be. There will be people in the world who might have a high level of...


212 Intentional Entrepreneurship With Chelsea Fournier

More Chelsea Fournier is a lawyer, turned entrepreneur, turned network marketer and business coach for entrepreneurs. Her biggest passion is helping entrepreneurs clarify their vision and take intentional action towards the real success they dream of. Chelsea has always lived a purpose-driven life. Originally her plan was to pursue a career in the legal field, however, after entering the workforce...


211 Know Your Audience

More Advertising is a way of life in today's world, especially if you want to put your message in front of your ideal clients and customers. However, before you spend a single dollar advertising your business, you absolutely must know who your audience is and who they are not. The more you know about who you are wanting to market your products and services to the better. It is easy to succumb to the temptation of running ads to...