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Bill Walton sits down with experts and interesting people to discuss how to achieve economic prosperity and human flourishing.

Bill Walton sits down with experts and interesting people to discuss how to achieve economic prosperity and human flourishing.
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Bill Walton sits down with experts and interesting people to discuss how to achieve economic prosperity and human flourishing.




Bill Speaks with Haven Pell, Pundificator

The next time you feel the urge to join a major protest to condemn the elite, powerful forces who are supposedly making your lives worse, don’t bother. The event is most likely organized by elite, powerful forces who are getting rich off your activism while you don’t make a dime or a dime’s worth of difference. From Occupy Wall Street to the endless disruptions in the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the increased polarization of America is on full display. The disagreements...


“Are You Lazy or is it Your Job?”

Sunday evening comes around and you wish the weekend had just one more day. You are just not feeling it. Monday morning, whether you’ll be sitting at a desk or outside on the construction site looks to be a drag. You wonder if you’re lazy, or is it something else? According to John Tamny, it’s something else. John, the editor of Real Clear Markets and the policy director at Freedom Works, spoke with me on The Bill Walton Show about his soon to be released book “The End of Work.” “It’s not...


Time To Shake The Shibboleths If We Want to Improve Education

It’s long seemed obvious that if we want to truly fix education, actually make it work for the 21st century, we need to kill a stockyard full of our sacred cows. And we had just the man for the job on The Bill Walton Show this week. Bryan Caplan, a professor of economics at George Mason University and author of “The Case Against Education: Why the Education System is Waste of Time and Money,” described the findings in his book and provided some stark recommendations based on them. First,...


Chill. Trump Knows Putin is KGB. Expect Some Unconventional Success with Russia.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War So how does Donald Trump compare to this ancient measure? His supporters, and count me among them, believe he knows that Putin is KGB and is simply taking his measure. Trump haters believe he’s an idiot...


Football and Family with Jimmy Kemp and Lamaar Thomas

Football and Family with Jimmy Kemp and Lamaar Thomas


The Three Languages of Politics with Arnold Kling

The Three Languages of Politics with Arnold Kling


What Acting Teaches You About You with Leigh Wilson Smiley

It was the 21st episode of The Bill Walton Show, but there were a lot of firsts. For the first time, we warmed up for a show. It was not the cacophony of listening to an orchestra prepare to perform, although the difference between the sounds made during the warmup and the actual performance were almost as dramatic. Instead, there was deep breathing, sighs big enough to be felt in every bone in the body, and burbling. Yes, burbling.


The New Venture Capital Model with Dan Mindus and Brett Gibson

The New Venture Capital Model with Dan Mindus and Brett Gibson


America's Crumbling Highways

Famed economist Milton Friedman called America’s highway system a “socialist enterprise” and he was right. America’s roads are in desperate need of repair and the federal government is clearly incapable of maintaining them efficiently. Drivers pay tens of billions of dollars in gasoline taxes every year and our infrastructure problems only seem to get worse. Instead of taxpayers forking over trillions of dollars in new legislation to address the problem, why don’t we trust in private...


China's Led by Engineers, the U.S. by Lawyers: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

How would you react if the government put facial recognition cameras everywhere and kept tabs on your every move - right down to to how many squares of toilet paper you are using? It's happening in China, as the communist government there clamps down on freedom and ramps up its economic and territorial ambitions in its quest to become the dominant player on the world stage. A big part of that ambition is predicated on forced technology transfers or rampant and outright theft of...


The Father of Supply Side Economics with Arthur Laffer

Most people talk with Arthur Laffer about supply-side economics and his famous “Laffer Curve,” which shows how governments can increase revenues by lowering taxes. But few know that Laffer is an outstanding investor. He recently joined me as a guest on “The Bill Walton Show” and I asked him for investment advice. And that advice might surprise some. Laffer likes France “because we think Macron is much better than Hollande,” he said, referring to France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron and...


America’s Antiquated Air Traffic Control System

Did you know when you text someone that you’ve landed at the airport, you’re using far more advanced technology than your plane’s air traffic controller? It’s a shameful fact that some of the methods they rely on today have not changed since the 1930’s. Over 60 countries – including all the developed nations - have modernized their systems but ours is stuck in the past thanks to politics and special interest turf wars. To find out why, I asked Bob Poole. Bob is America's foremost expert on...


The Politics of Nostalgia

Every day, we’re confronted by headlines that reveal the ever-widening chasm between left and right in America. What’s driving this hyper- polarization? And are there any solutions? Thanks to a stimulating conversation with National Affairs Editor Yuval Levin of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and independent scholar and economist Arnold Kling, I’m learning that there are some pretty fundamental cultural trends that we need to understand if we want to get at the roots of our...


Markets, Terrorism, and Flourishing

My guest this week, Dr. Anne Rathbone Bradley, the free market economist and moral philosopher, wants to sit down with Bernie Sanders over a cup of coffee to talk about how to achieve the goals he proclaims. There’s a right way and a wrong way, and he’s not going to get there the way he’s going. “We need to stop villainizing people based on ideology and I would say, ‘Hey, I agree with you, I don't want the poor to be poor and I don't want the rich to be able to exploit’ but the question is...