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Step into the world of employer-independent work and strategic lifestyle design from the perspective of Black freelancers around the world!


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Step into the world of employer-independent work and strategic lifestyle design from the perspective of Black freelancers around the world!




5. A Look Into Content Marketing with Skyword’s Molly Conicella

A behind-the-scenes look into content marketing with Molly Conicella, Director of Community Management at Skyword, a content marketing platform that works with major brands around the world.


4. Freelancing in the World of Disability & Social Work with Vilissa Thompson

A look at freelancing with Vilissa Thompson, disability activist and social worker. Vilissa has a unique angle on freelancing as a social worker who lives with disability issues, but also having built a career of blended skills, including writing, public speaking, and consulting. Website: Patreon: Twitter:


Holistic Freelancing & Virtual Assistants with Anthony Sills

“I think in freelancing, if you approach it with a business mentality —and that doesn’t mean to work yourself ragged and hustle — if you set your life and your business up right, there’s tons of options.” In this episode with Anthony Sills of ProfessionalPen, we talk about his transition from a 9-5 in mortgage banking to freelancing, moving from copywriting to running a content marketing agency for software/SaaS companies, and a generally healthier life as a freelancer — partly because of increased control over his income and exposure to racism. Anthony touches on some really interesting points including demand-based pivoting, working with a VA, why he doesn’t need to bill 40 hours a week, and adjusting to life during a pandemic after extrajudicial killings of Black people getting media attention again. He’s also got some really good perspective on checking in on your business health and useful advice that he would’ve given his former freelance self. If you’re looking for help from Anthony for your own writing projects, swing by Hubspot Academy Skyword and for working with big brands Transcript:


Lifestyle Design & Mental Health with Yasmin Yonis

A detailed walk through Yasmin’s work in organizing after finishing seminary, her current work schedule vs. her time in non-profits, and her overall journey to finding life instead of just “work-life balance”. We talk about the role freelancing has played in her journey to heal from the toll of racism in the workplace and the workaholic nature of mainstream culture, her experience coming from a Black immigrant Muslim refugee background, and the shift away from wanting to write for elite publications to where she is now. To learn more about network weaving and collaborative work, visit To hire Yasmin as a network or organizational consultant, facilitator or trainer of virtual facilitators, or speaker, contact her at Transcript:


6 Things to Know about BlackFreelance

Welcome to episode 1! In this episode, we cover the six principles that define BlackFreelance... 1) Everyone should freelance 2) How BF defines freelancing 3) Balancing of income and peace 4) It isn’t just writing! 5) A focus on B2B 6) Everyone should have a strategy Transcript available at: