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Boardroom: Out of Office brings fans inside the careers and conversations of some of the world's most fascinating thought leaders, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers. Host Rich Kleiman brings out never-before-heard stories, career trajectories, and key pieces of advice that only come from the kinds of discussions held out of the office.

Boardroom: Out of Office brings fans inside the careers and conversations of some of the world's most fascinating thought leaders, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers. Host Rich Kleiman brings out never-before-heard stories, career trajectories, and key pieces of advice that only come from the kinds of discussions held out of the office.


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Boardroom: Out of Office brings fans inside the careers and conversations of some of the world's most fascinating thought leaders, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers. Host Rich Kleiman brings out never-before-heard stories, career trajectories, and key pieces of advice that only come from the kinds of discussions held out of the office.




Episode 66: Rich and Gianni Take Miami

On this week's episode of Out Of Office, Rich and Gianni are fresh off their return from the Miami Grand Prix. The duo covers several topics including the atmosphere and starpower around Miami's first-ever F1 event, Kendrick Lamar's breathtaking new music video, HBO's finale of Winning Time, and the current climate of our stock market and NFTs. The duo also discusses which city deserves a new WNBA team, Dave Chapelle being attacked on stage, the NBA playoffs, and what Rich's got planned for...


Wes Moore Joins The Boardroom

Wes Moore is a United States Army veteran, author, entrepreneur, and producer who is now running for Governor of Maryland. He joins Rich Kleiman and Gianni Harrell in this week's Out Of Office podcast to talk about his upbringing, including dealing with the loss of his father as well as going off to military school and the trials, learning curves and ultimate accountability he faced. Moore reflects on his time at Oxford and how, later, his career in finance left him with a sense of...


Episode 64: Wrapping Up The NBA Season With Kevin Durant And The ETCs

Kevin Durant and his ETCs co-host Eddie Gonzalez join Rich this week in a new episode of Out Of Office heading into the Play-In Tournament. The trio discusses how both athletes and fans recover from tough losses and social media's impact on it all. Kevin speaks on discovering his interest in the NBA in the late '90s and how his player-driven interest still defines how he watches today's game, which causes the guys to each call out their favorite Jason Williams highlight. Also discussed in...


Episode 63: CEO and founder of Spartan and the Death Race Joe De Sena

Joe De Sena grew up in New York City in a neighborhood and a life reminiscent of the movie "Goodfellas." In the pod, the two native New Yorkers discuss how in the early 70s De Sena's mother's transition into a more zen lifestyle turned his world upside down and how an opportunity to clean a pool made way for one of his first-ever business ventures. His hustle led to an unlikely admittance to Cornell and a career on Wall Street. There he encountered greed that drove a change in his...


Episode 62: Animal Style with Rich and Gianni

On this week's Out Of Office podcast, Rich and Gianni discuss a whirlwind trip to SXSW that included a terrifying plane ride, the influx of NBA superstars putting up huge performances this week, and how KD's statements are sometimes misinterpreted across media outlets. The guys also dive into the news of Tom Brady's un-retirement, how Russell Wilson's resurgence will be huge for the Broncos, and what the Giants still need to succeed. With so much buzzing around the documentary space, Rich...


Episode 61: Checking In With Rich and Gianni

On the newest episode of the Out Of Office podcast, co-hosts Rich Kleiman and Gianni Harrell chop it up on all things Jeen-Yuhs, the newest Netflix documentary highlighting the life and rise of Kanye West. The two also dive into other things they're watching from Euphoria and The Gilded Age on HBO Max to debating who the 'real' Batman is ahead of the next feature film's impending release. Also highlighted in the pod is Rich's takes on current events as well as Ja Morant the NBA's next...


Episode 60: Venture Capital Pioneer Alan Patricof

Alan Patricof is a businessman, entrepreneur and one of the American pioneers of venture capital. In the latest episode of Out Of Office, he discusses growing up on the Upper West Side in Manhattan and dipping his toes in entrepreneurship for the first time as a young child selling magazines in the neighborhood. He speaks to Rich Kleiman about starting his early career on Wall Street before the term "venture capital" was even coined and pivoting to investing professionally in the 70s. The...


Episode 59: NASCAR Cup Series Driver, Bubba Wallace

Bubba Wallace is not only the first Black driver to win a Cup Series race since Wendell Scott in 1963, he’s also the first driver for Michael Jordan’s 23XI Racing team. In this episode of Out Of Office, Bubba discusses the roots that led him to the racetrack, how he developed the commitment to the sport, how the sponsorship landscape opened up for him in recent years and how and where NASCAR’s diversity initiatives still have room to grow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Episode 58: Founder and CEO of LionTree, Aryeh B. Bourkoff

Aryeh Bourkoff is a highly sought-after investor and advisor to CEOs and founders, supporting them with advice, relationships and capital as they seek to build and transform their businesses to succeed in a rapidly evolving, increasingly digital market landscape. In this episode of Out Of Office, Aryeh discusses his approach to entrepreneurship, the future of cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse, and future goals for his life and career on Wall Street. Aryeh is also the host of the podcast...


Episode 57: New Year vibes with Rich Kleiman and Gianni Harrell

In this special episode, Rich and co-host Gianni set the tone for 2022 as they discuss getting right for the new year, Rich finally diving into Succession, which new albums they're most excited about, the hype around the Board Ape Yacht Club and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Episode 56: Philanthropist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Airbnb: Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia is the entrepreneur best known for co-founding the company that changed the way we live and vacation - Airbnb. In this episode of Out Of Office, Joe discusses his initial entrepreneurial spirit he possessed from a young age, creating a basketball team at his alma mater RISD that still exists to this day and how the path to creating AirBnB was anything but linear. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


C13Features Presents: Ghostwriter, Starring Kate Mara and Adam Scott

In this C13Features podcast movie presentation of Ghostwriter, Kate Mara and Adam Scott star in a psychological thriller about a former journalist who reluctantly accepts a job ghostwriting a new murder mystery novel for an eccentric billionaire. Kate Michaels has been living a solitary life after a traumatic experience, but after pressure from her rational agent and candid best friend, she begrudgingly concedes that she needs the work. As she collaborates with the enigmatic James Webber on...


Episode 55: A pioneer in women's sports agents, former tennis pro and Serena Williams' longtime powerhouse agent Jill Smoller

When Jill Smoller's professional tennis career came to an end, she relied heavily on her ability to connect with people to help take her career to the next level. When Richard Williams gave her an in with working with his daughter Serena, she turned what was then considered a small opportunity into a decades-long partnership with the tennis legend. In this episode, Rich sits with Jill to discuss her storied career in pro sports, how there's more to being an agent than riding the highs and...


Episode 54: Mogul, author, TV personality and investor on ABC's Shark Tank Daymond John

Although Daymond John was first known as the founder, president and CEO of the clothing brand FUBU in the 90s, he has since become a media juggernaut, with his hands in everything from business to motivational speaking and most notably investing. In this episode of Out Of Office, he tells the story of his humble beginnings as a young, go-getter in New York City, how LL Cool J gave him the ultimate co-sign and how Shark Tank has established itself as the premiere family-friendly business...


Episode 53: Movie and television producer, writer and founder of Imagine Entertainment Brian Grazer

Brian Grazer is a legend in the entertainment space and the powerhouse behind notable film and TV projects such as "8 Mile," "A Beautiful Mind," "Apollo 13," "Friday Night Lights," and "Swagger." Grazer, alongside his producing partner of 40 years Ron Howard, has won 47 Emmy Awards, 10 Golden Globes and 10 Academy Awards. In this episode, Grazer sits with Rich and Gianni to discuss everything from breaking into the entertainment business, coming up with the name "Imagine" for his production...


Episode 52: Season two premiere with Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss

Jeanie Buss is the president and owner of the world-renowned Los Angeles Lakers organization, a family business that's been an integral presence in her life since her teenage years. When her father, longtime owner and business tycoon Jerry Buss passed away in 2013, he left 66% of the controlling ownership of the team to his six children. In the 2013-2014 season, the Los Angeles native took over as president in 2013 where she simultaneously oversaw basketball operations. In this episode,...


Episode 51: Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, & Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals on the Future of Weed & Sports

Rich Kleiman and Kevin Durant are back for a check-in between seasons of Out of Office to speak with Weedmaps CEO Chris Beals about the growth of the cannabis industry, the intersection between weed and wellness, and the reasons they've partnered together to normalize the conversation around weed. They discuss Chris's path with Weedmaps, starting with developing the company's Government Relationships and Policy Team and spearheading the company's efforts to push legalization, and his current...


Ep 50: Rich and Gianni recap Out of Office's 50-episode debut season and discuss finding their groove in podcasting, Lebron’s reboot of Space Jam, and the excitement of the NBA Playoffs.

In this episode. Rich and Gianni review their first season of Out of Office and their incredible guests including Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Netflix CMO, Bozoma St. John, and NBA Analyst, Mark Jackson. They discuss how the NBA’s cultural impact can’t be captured by traditional ratings measurements, how the podcast brought Rich and his mom closer together, and how Lebron’s Space Jam might become a classic for a whole new generation. Gianni also shares an impressive list of his Top Five Olympians....


Episode 49: Dusty Baker, the Houston Astros manager, on navigating the Astros through crisis, what impressed him most about Barry Bonds, and his admiration for Mike Trout and Jacob DeGrom.

Dusty Baker is a legend whose trailblazing career transcends baseball, but he’s got unfinished business. The 3x National League Manager of the Year is still chasing a World Series ring to pair with the one he won as a player with the Dodgers. As one of baseball’s most-respected and beloved figures, he was probably the only manager who could’ve successfully taken over the Astros job after the organization came under fire in the wake of a sign-stealing scandal. Baker’s incredible life journey...


Episode 48: Paul Rabil on co-founding the Premier Lacrosse League, being inspired by KD’s playoffs performance, and his ambitious goals for the PLL.

As a four-time All-American, Paul Rabil led Johns Hopkins to two national championships, then became the biggest star in Major League Lacrosse. But Rabil was also a born entrepreneur who envisioned a greater platform for the sport, and better compensation for the players. With his brother Mike as co-founder, he launched the Premier Lacrosse League in 2019. The league fields over 200 of the world’s top lacrosse players in a tour-based system with significant venture backing and distribution...