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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff

Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff
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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff




How to Use Facebook Ads to Maximize Your Business w/Monica Louie

Facebook ads can be an effective tool to promote our businesses. How can we get started with the process? Once we’ve decided we want to create an online campaign, how much should we be paying for it, and how do we decide who gets to see the advertisements? On this episode, Facebook and Instagram ads strategist, Monica Louie, shares her steps to creating a successful online campaign. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Place the pixel on your website (14:08 - 15:16) Even if we’re...


Positive Parenting Techniques for Your Business

Positive parenting is a nurturing process that helps us teach our kids to be independent, while still offering our unconditional support and love along the way. Is it possible to apply these techniques to our businesses? How can we foster nurturing relationships with our clients, while also setting boundaries? On this episode, we discuss the positive parenting techniques we can use in our businesses. Positive parenting encourages self-growth and positive development. That’s exactly what...


How To Use Video For Amazing Results, High Impact And More Money in Your Business w/Patricia Kelikani

We all know that video is a great tool for business, but not enough of us are taking advantage of it. Which benefits are unique to video, and what makes it different to other forms of marketing content? How can we maximize our content and continue to see results for years to come? On this episode, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Patricia Kelikani shares why we should all be using video and how we can create better content. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Set your own intent (14:58-...


How One Simple Giveaway Can Boost Your Brand

We all struggle with getting people to care about what we’re doing and the content we’re creating, and sometimes we have to give something away to get that visibility. What kind of giveaways should we be considering? How do we get people to take interest and actually engage with our content, not just get a giveaway without trying to get into our world? On this tactical episode, I introduce our favorite giveaway tool and share how we can use it for more visibility. Giveaways are powerful...


How to Heal from Dieting with Intuitive Eating w/Jennifer McGurk

A lot of us have gone through periods of dieting at some point in our lives, and often the diets we adopt have damaging effects on our bodies for years to come. What is intuitive eating, and how can it help us heal from dieting? Can we use the principles of intuitive eating to help our kids develop healthier relationships with food from a young age? On this episode, owner of Eat with Knowledge and creator of the Feel Fabulous About Food online course, Jennifer McGurk explains the benefits...


The 3 Things Keeping You From Making Money From a Course

Creating a course is something that would give many boss moms the freedom they crave, but very few of us actually do it because of certain mindset blocks. Why should we stop tying our identity to the success of our courses? What activities are getting in the way of us creating freedom through coursework? On this episode, I talk about the 3 things we need to overcome in order for us to start creating a course. There is no way to truly get the freedom we want unless we are selling certain...


Jay Baer on How to Use Storytelling to Market Your Brand & Boost Your Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Marketing is an important part of building a successful brand, but many business owners ignore word-of-mouth advertising strategies. Why is word-of-mouth so crucial, and how can we use storytelling to boost our success? How do we become relevant in the eyes of our target customers? On this episode, New York Times bestselling author and Convince & Convert founder, Jay Baer explains the importance of storytelling for branding a business. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Get your...


How to Create a Small Course that Sells Big

If we want to take our businesses to the next level and create sustainable success, selling online courses is vital. What content should we be offering? How can we get our mailing lists interested in the courses, and how could we use the courses themselves to sell our other products? On this episode, I’m sharing how to create a small course that sells big. Leverage your knowledge and particular way of doing things into something you can sell: an online course. -Dana Malstaff 3...


How to Start a Product-Based Online Business w/The Product Boss founders Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep

Owning a product-based online business can be intimidating and overwhelming. Where should we get started in our ecommerce journey? How can we ensure we don’t end up losing a whole lot of money? On this episode, co-owners of The Product Boss, Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep share how aspiring online store owners can get started and avoid the pitfalls many people fall into. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Surround yourself with support (16:04- 16:56) A lot of moms are...


The 80/20 Rule That Will Change How You Run Your Business

Most people spend more time creating content than marketing it, but we can’t build awareness or sell anything through content that’s not reaching our audience. How much time should we spend on creating new content? What percentage of our time should be focused on marketing on that content? How can we market our content effectively? In this episode, we discuss content management and marketing to build brand awareness and authority for business success. 80% percent of your results come from...


How to Be Limitless w/Laura Gassner Otting

As working mothers, we often hold ourselves to an impossibly high standard. How can we break the limits imposed on us by ourselves and an overly critical society? When should we allow ourselves to let go of having full control in every area of life? On this episode, speaker and bestselling author of Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life, Laura Gassner Otting shares how we can smash our limits. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Stop wasting...


The Mistakes Most Online Entrepreneurs Make and How to Fix Them

So many of the issues business owners run into are common problems. What are the mistakes we’re making, and how can we stop making them? Where should we be looking for help? On this episode, I’m sharing the mistakes most online entrepreneurs are making, and how to fix them. You can have a ton of passions, but you can’t do them all at once. -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Stop focusing on everything. If you pay attention to too many components at once, you’ll be more...


How to Create a Business Based on Your Interests as a Consumer w/Rachel Ricker

A lot of people want to be entrepreneurs, but aren’t sure what their product is. How can you decide what to center your business around? Once you’ve made the decision, where do you begin the process? On this episode the CEO of Sweet Smell Company, Rachel Ricker shares how she started her own business and what she learned along the way. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Find the problems you want to solve (12:05- 13:26) If you know you want to own a business but aren’t sure what...


How Homeschooling Can Benefit Your Kids w/Jadah Sellner

By nature, entrepreneurs go against the grain of the status quo. How does the public schooling system impact entrepreneurship? What are the benefits of homeschooling to combat this? On this episode, bestselling author and entrepreneur Jadah Sellner shares her experience as a homeschooling mom and a business owner. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode How to start homeschooling (07:12- 10:07) There are a lot of reasons why parents are choosing to homeschool. If you’re considering...


Nurture Your Business: How to Celebrate Your Independence as a Boss Mom

As Boss Moms, guilt is a feeling we’re all used to. How can you stop guilt from holding you back? What should motivate you to keep going? On this episode, in honor of Independence Day, I’m reminding you to shed your guilt and feel proud of what you’ve achieved as a Boss Mom. Independence is about standing up and doing it anyway. -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Guilt is normal and bound to happen. While you’ll never get rid of it completely, you need to put it aside...


Nurture Your Business: The Death of the Newsletter (Why you should stop, and what you should do instead)

The newsletter is no longer effective, and business owners should start exploring different options. What could you do in place of sending a newsletter? What do you need to keep in mind as you move forward with new types of communication? On this episode, I share why you need to focus on the human aspect of your approach. You need to understand the human beings in your audience. What do they want? -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode If you send your audience the same...


How to Build a Business People Trust w/Mark Schaefer

Social media and online platforms have brought a lot of changes to the business world, but many brands are slow in adjusting. How can we build an online persona that connects with our customers? How has the role of the customer shifted? On this episode, author, blogger, and podcaster Mark Schaefer explains why human connection is so important, even with the increasing popularity of virtual spaces. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Respect your customer (07:16- 08:08) Customers are...


How to Create a Community of Belonging in the Classroom w/Marie Morris

Creating a community can be extremely overwhelming, but there are very specific and strategic ways of thinking and planning that can help us break it down into manageable chunks. What can we do to help people feel like they belong? How can we be more inclusive? How do roles and rules help people feel more comfortable? In this episode, Marie Morris explains how she developed a community in her classroom, and how social media can be a web of support for educators. 3 Things We Learned From...


How to Be at Peace with the Person You Are Right Now w/Shannon Kinney-Düh

Never underestimate the importance of being in touch with yourself and valuing who you are right now. How can you become more in tune with yourself? Should you be working on yourself constantly- or giving yourself some space? On this episode, holistic life coach Shannon Kinney-Düh shares the importance of being at peace with yourself. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Stop listening to the negative voice in your head (06:00- 08:07) Saying that you’re not good at something has a...


Episode 391: Nurture Your Business: 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Facebook

Business owners often bash Facebook for having bad intentions, but if you look at it carefully, Facebook actually wants everyone to succeed. How does Facebook’s transparency work in our favor? What targeting tools does Facebook have that makes marketing easier for us? How do Facebook groups help us with engagement? In this episode, I explain why I love Facebook and how authenticity and community are key to building success on Facebook. Facebook has been so exponentially important and...