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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff

Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff
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Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. WIth host Dana Malstaff




How Homeschooling Can Benefit Your Kids w/Jadah Sellner

By nature, entrepreneurs go against the grain of the status quo. How does the public schooling system impact entrepreneurship? What are the benefits of homeschooling to combat this? On this episode, bestselling author and entrepreneur Jadah Sellner shares her experience as a homeschooling mom and a business owner. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode How to start homeschooling (07:12- 10:07) There are a lot of reasons why parents are choosing to homeschool. If you’re considering...


Nurture Your Business: How to Celebrate Your Independence as a Boss Mom

As Boss Moms, guilt is a feeling we’re all used to. How can you stop guilt from holding you back? What should motivate you to keep going? On this episode, in honor of Independence Day, I’m reminding you to shed your guilt and feel proud of what you’ve achieved as a Boss Mom. Independence is about standing up and doing it anyway. -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Guilt is normal and bound to happen. While you’ll never get rid of it completely, you need to put it aside...


Nurture Your Business: The Death of the Newsletter (Why you should stop, and what you should do instead)

The newsletter is no longer effective, and business owners should start exploring different options. What could you do in place of sending a newsletter? What do you need to keep in mind as you move forward with new types of communication? On this episode, I share why you need to focus on the human aspect of your approach. You need to understand the human beings in your audience. What do they want? -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode If you send your audience the same...


How to Build a Business People Trust w/Mark Schaefer

Social media and online platforms have brought a lot of changes to the business world, but many brands are slow in adjusting. How can we build an online persona that connects with our customers? How has the role of the customer shifted? On this episode, author, blogger, and podcaster Mark Schaefer explains why human connection is so important, even with the increasing popularity of virtual spaces. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Respect your customer (07:16- 08:08) Customers are...


How to Create a Community of Belonging in the Classroom w/Marie Morris

Creating a community can be extremely overwhelming, but there are very specific and strategic ways of thinking and planning that can help us break it down into manageable chunks. What can we do to help people feel like they belong? How can we be more inclusive? How do roles and rules help people feel more comfortable? In this episode, Marie Morris explains how she developed a community in her classroom, and how social media can be a web of support for educators. 3 Things We Learned From...


How to Be at Peace with the Person You Are Right Now w/Shannon Kinney-Düh

Never underestimate the importance of being in touch with yourself and valuing who you are right now. How can you become more in tune with yourself? Should you be working on yourself constantly- or giving yourself some space? On this episode, holistic life coach Shannon Kinney-Düh shares the importance of being at peace with yourself. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Stop listening to the negative voice in your head (06:00- 08:07) Saying that you’re not good at something has a...


Episode 391: Nurture Your Business: 6 Reasons Why You Should Love Facebook

Business owners often bash Facebook for having bad intentions, but if you look at it carefully, Facebook actually wants everyone to succeed. How does Facebook’s transparency work in our favor? What targeting tools does Facebook have that makes marketing easier for us? How do Facebook groups help us with engagement? In this episode, I explain why I love Facebook and how authenticity and community are key to building success on Facebook. Facebook has been so exponentially important and...


Episode 390: How to Rewire Your Brain and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed w/Dr. Shannon Irvine

So many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the number of things they want to achieve, and often their health is affected because of it. How can you stop feeling that overwhelm? Why is it so important to know how you’re wired? On this episode, Dr. Shannon Irvine shares her experience with changing her approach to something that suited her better. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Learn how you’re wired (03:22- 05:17) Too many business-owning moms are spoken about as superheroes. This...


Episode 389: Following Your Intuition w/Ashley Meyer

Something that holds a lot of moms back from starting businesses is a fear of not being able to deliver what everyone needs from you. How can you stop yourself from being overwhelmed? When will you know if it’s time to take a break? On this episode, founder of Mompire, Ashley Meyer, is here to share how you can protect your mental health and deliver a great product. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Follow your intuition (11:50- 13:41) Your intuition is a powerful tool, and you...


Episode 388: How to Gain Career Clarity w/Tracy Timm

There are so many career options available to us, that sometimes choosing what’s best for us can be overwhelming. How can you choose a line of work that will keep you fulfilled and take advantage of your talents? Should you check in with yourself to make sure you continue to feel fulfilled by those choices? On this episode, Career Clarity Catalyst Tracy Timm shares her advice for choosing what’s right for you, specifically. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode You don’t have to go...


Episode 387: How to Use Processes to Scale Your Business w/Brittany Dixon

When you're an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming to think about all the things you must do to take your business to the next level. Do you have the right systems in place yet? How do you know where to start? On this episode, Brittany Dixon is sharing her advice for scaling your business. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Pay attention to processes (09:49- 11:14) Every single thing we do has a process— from running a business to making a sandwich. Go into as much detail as you...


Episode 386: Why Scaling is Non-Negotiable for Success w/Barbara Turley

We’ve all heard that scaling is important for businesses to grow, but it’s also beneficial to your family’s wellbeing. How can scaling impact your children? What can you do to make the process easier? On this episode, CEO of Virtual Hub, Barbara Turley, is here to discuss why you need to build a company you can step away from. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Build a saleable asset (07:00- 07:49) Scaling your business turns it into a saleable asset. That doesn’t mean you have to...


Episode 385: Nurture Your Business: How Boss Mom Makes Money

Many women business owners feel uncomfortable charging their clients for their services. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs whose businesses aspire to empower the client. How can you stop feeling that way and start making more money? How have other empowerment-based businesses generated profits? On this episode, I explain how Boss Mom makes money, and how your business can, too! Build your brand. Being known for something helps you make money. -Dana Malstaff 3 Takeaways It’s...


Episode 384: Behind the Scenes of a Boss Mom Internal Meeting with Amy Lockrin

A lot of us listen to podcasts and attend talks with entrepreneurs, but it can be difficult to picture the daily running of the speaker’s business as they give examples or describe systems. What’s actually happening behind the scenes? How do finished products come to life? What does the process look like? On this episode, I talk with my director of operations, Amy Lockrin, to give you an inside look into one of our meetings. 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Hire an operations...


Episode 383: Why Customer Experience is Vital w/Marylin DeLaHoz

There’s a lot of information available on finding clients. However, not as much exists about keeping those clients after their first experience with you. How can you retain people’s business and keep them in your database? What would you need to invest in order to maintain a relationship with them? On this episode, founder of With Love Studio, Marilyn DeLaHoz shares how she got involved in customer experience, and why it’s important for your business. 3 Things We Learned From This...


Episode 382: How Storq is Helping Pregnant Women Feel Stylish & Keep Their Identity w/Courtney Klein & Grace Kapin

Pregnancy and becoming a mom is a beautiful time—but it’s not always easy when it comes to clothing and fashion. Many expectant mothers find themselves alienated to a sad rack at the back of stores, with no good options to express their style. How is Storq providing a solution here, and what trends in the market inspired it? How do the founders of Storq make sure they stay true to their core values and make a difference for women? On this episode, I’m joined by the co-founders of Storq,...


Episode 381: Building and Balancing Work and Family w/Stacey Morgan

It’s difficult to maintain a work-family balance when we are trying to get a new business off the ground. How can professional support help us? How does entering business awards help structure our business? How can we inspire our children to be entrepreneurs? In this episode, Stacey Morgan shares how she maintains her home life alongside her professional life, and explains how entering awards changed her perspective on her business. Some days I’m a really good business owner, some days I’m...


Episode 380: How to Work Like a Mom w/Hannah Keeley

Moms have a lot on their plates, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We all know that juggling children with a career can be tiring, but could there be another reason we’re feeling overwhelmed? What can we do to work around it all? Join me on this episode as I talk with the star of reality show Hannah, Help Me! and founder of Mom Mastery University, Hannah Keeley. Hannah shares how she has made a career of teaching moms and tells us how to excel in all areas. When moms learn to work with the...


Episode 379: Nurture Your Business: How Successful Businesses Really Operate

A lot of new entrepreneurs suffer with imposter syndrome- the thought that they don’t ‘deserve’ to be business owners. How can we stop thinking that way? What can we do to push those thoughts aside and start doing the work? On this episode, I discuss how you can change the way you think about you and your business. Stop thinking you have to be ‘worthy’- just come up with good ideas. -Dana Malstaff 3 Things We Learned From This Episode Imposter syndrome is a trap. Stop thinking you’re...


Episode 378: How to Leverage Vertical Video & Messenger Bots to Create Relevant Content For Our Audiences

Social media is the most powerful way for us to get in front of more people and reach more people who might want our services or products. How do we create content that actually moves the needle for our businesses in a meaningful way? How much of ourselves and our lives should we be putting out there? How can we leverage social media so that it actually helps grow our business? On this episode, I’m joined by real estate broker and trainer, social media expert and entrepreneur, Marki...