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Self Promotion

Self promotion is critical to success for your business and in your career. So why do women; and in particular midlife women, have so many problems blowing their own trumpet and promoting themselves? It's difficult to separate positive self promotion from being boastful and conceited. You might be reluctant to promote yourself because you believe that your work should speak for itself. However, in today's noisy environment if you don't self promote no-one will know you're there and your...


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5 Hacks To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection

Everyone gets rejected, all the time. These are my 5 hacks to help you cope better and overcome your fear of rejection. Don't let a fear of rejection stop you being successful. Find ways to manage it, or use it to achieve what you want.


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How To Hit Deadlines And Budgets

Everyone needs to finish projects on time and on budget, no matter who you are. You could be a stay at home mum or a Chief Executive, everyone has things that have deadlines and budgets. In this video I explore why being too optimistic might be why you miss those deadlines and exceed your budget. I give you some practical tips as to how to solve the problem and make sure you are on deadline more of the time.


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5 Steps To Start Your Side Hustle

Do you want your new side hustle to be the terrific success that you deserve? These are the 5 steps that you must go through before you launch your new business so that you give it the best chance. They will also allow you to make sure that you keep your work/life balance in check as you start on your new adventure as a female entrepreneur.