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The podcast for adventurous entrepreneurs, featuring actionable tips from experts on marketing, sales, branding, content & growth strategy, and more! Plus inspirational startup stories from founders of leading outdoor/adventure/lifestyle brands!

The podcast for adventurous entrepreneurs, featuring actionable tips from experts on marketing, sales, branding, content & growth strategy, and more! Plus inspirational startup stories from founders of leading outdoor/adventure/lifestyle brands!
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The podcast for adventurous entrepreneurs, featuring actionable tips from experts on marketing, sales, branding, content & growth strategy, and more! Plus inspirational startup stories from founders of leading outdoor/adventure/lifestyle brands!






Ep #065 - Wolf Tooth Components on product ideas & work-life balance at startup

One of the biggest hurdles to managing startup life is balancing expectations at home with the drive to spend every waking hour (and every last ounce of energy) launching your company and fostering its growth. It can be all consuming, which leaves little for anything else. Brendan Moore, co-founder of cycling components brand Wolf Tooth Components shares how he and his wife set expectations in advance, and set some boundaries, which set the stage for them to succeed professionally and...


Ep #064 - How to build brand community like a local

This is the first episode I’ve done where we talk about retail strategy, but there’s a strong undercurrent of brand communication strategy throughout. And there’s a lot of different facets to building community around your brand, having meaningful conversations with your customers, and integrating your products, service or brand into their lives. There’s literally something here for any company looking to improve any of those aspects. My guest is Alex Barseghian, author of Local Motion, a...


Ep #063 - How to launch a CBD product w/ Hemp Daddys Caleb Simpson

CBD oil and products are one of the hottest industries right now. I literally get 4 oorur 5 emails from PR companies and new brands every week trying to get us to post a story about their new CBD oil. It sounds a whole lot like the energy drink boom 15 years ago when there were literally twenty new brands launching every week. And then disappearing just as fast. So what’s the deal? What’s changed in the hemp industry and legal status that’s causing CBD to blow up? And how hard it is to start...


Ep #062 - How to Grow & Lead a Real Business w/ Bluffworks' Stefan Loble

I really struggled with how to title this episode. Stefan Loble is the founder of Bluffworks, a clothing company that makes travel clothes that don't look like travel clothes. So, our conversation is based on his apparel brand, and it does provide a fascinating and revealing look at how the fashion and garment industry works. But, this is a wide ranging episode that goes far beyond the apparel industry, with concepts you can apply in your own business, regardless of your industry. Stefan's...


Ep #061 - How to Delegate Like a Pro with Belay Solutions' Bryan Miles

As an entrepeneur, the one thing I struggle with most is finding the time to do the important work that grows my business. But Belay Solutions co-founder Bryan Miles has figured it out, owning a company with 700 plus people. Notice I said "owning" a company, not "running" it. That's an important distinction, and truly "Owning" it can only happen when you learn to delegate. Belay Solutions launched in 2010 when Bryan and his wife, Shannon, both tired of working full time for others. He had...


Ep #060 - How to Assemble an A-Team w/ Stryve Co-Founder Gabe Carimi

How does a former pro NFL player launch one of the fastest growing meat snacks in the country? If you think it's only because he was a celebrity athlete, think again. Stryve Biltong co-founder Gabe Carimi switched gears from playing for the Atlanta Falcons to assembling a team of business all stars and working both smart and hard. This episode is packed with advice for anyone launching a consumer packaged good, but especially one in the food or beverage space. This is an extremely wide...


Ep #059 - Surprising benefits of Sales Systems w/ Cirrus Insight's Brandon Bruce

Everyone wants to get better at sales, but once you've had some success, could you explain why? Could you repeat that and train others to mimic that success? Cirrus Insight cofounder Brandon Bruce has grown his sales integration software company into a $12MM business by focusing on the process and creating systems that show where growth comes from and how to replicate it. But there's a surprising benefit to this: It allows you to predict potential customers' needs, which you can use to lead...


Ep #058: How to Eliminate Naysayers w/ Jeffrey Hayzlett

What if I told you that some of your people are dragging you down? That they're slowing your growth and limiting your company's potential? Would you know who they are? If not, do you want to know how to find them? And get rid of them? That's exactly what my guest today will teach us, and it's massively entertaining! Jeffrey Hayzlett recounts his time as CMO of Eastman Kodak and how he reset the culture to one of accountability and results-oriented action by weeding out the naysayers and...


Ep #057 - Women leadership, family business, marketing & more w/ Santini SMS

This episode discusses two important things any entrepreneur should know. First, how to use sponsorships to grow your brand and sales. Second, and much more important, is how to lead. Santini is an Italian, family run premium cycling apparel company doing north of $30 million in annual sales. Started more than 60 years ago by her father, Monica Santini now runs the company her younger sister heading the marketing department. Together, they've grown through strategic sponsorship alliances...


Ep #056 - Quit Being a Wantrapreneur & Start Now w/ AppSumo's Noah Kagan

Are you stuck figuring out what kind of business to start, how to start it, or just tired of being a Wantrapreneur? Or do you just feel like you’re spinning your wheels with busy work? Or you can’t figure out out how to optimize for real growth? Yeah? Then you’re going to LOVE this episode! My guest is AppSumo founder Noah Kagan, and he’s constantly launching new companies to solve his own pain points. Today, he walks us through how to come up with a new idea, launch a company, and grow...


Ep #055 - How to Build a Consumer Direct Brand w/ Fezzari Bike's Chris Washburn

More and more entrepreneurs, myself included, are launching with a direct-to-consumer business model, and for good reason. It’s never been easier. But just because you can start easily, doesn’t mean running and scaling that business will be easy. Today, I’m talking with Fezzari Bikes founder Chris Washburn about how they’re selling high ticket items, sight unseen, by building trust with customers, plus how they deal with inventory forecasting, production, and all the other things you might...


Ep #054 - The Easy Way to Close More Sales with Matthew Pollard

Do you want to make more sales? Do you struggle to close the deal? Then you're probably doing it all wrong. Matthew Pollard bills himself as "The Rapid Growth Guy", and that branding is just the teaser to bring you into his world of story telling as the best sales method. It's not a fairy tell. As you'll hear, using facts and figures to convince someone to buy from you is a fool's errand. Better to tell stories that exemplify your knowledge and understanding, and combine those with...


#053 - How to Double your Profits with Cadence author Pete Williams

What if I told you there were simple little things you could do that would double your revenues and profits? Sound to good to be true? At the top level, doubling your business can seem like a monumental task. Where do we start? What do we do? In his new book, Cadence, author Pete Williams breaks it down to just seven things that drive growth, then walks us through the process of finding small, consistent wins in each. Before you know it, these small improvements across your business quickly...


Ep #052: How to Create a Winning Brand w/ Ponysaurus' David Baldwin

Do you want to create a brand that stands out? Wondering how to create a world class brand that people actually care about and love? Then you'll love this Branding Master Class with Ponysaurus Brewing co-founder David Baldwin, who is also the founder of Baldwin&, an award winning advertising and branding agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Using Ponysaurus as a case study, David discusses how to create a memorable and impactful brand for your product, service or company by finding its...


Ep #051: Create a Platform & Monetize your Videos w/ Uscreen founder PJ Taei

This episode is a mix of “how I built this” and “how to make money making videos”, with equal parts business strategy, startup story, and best practices for monetizing your videos. The expert is Uscreen founder PJ Taei, who built a video-on-demand platform that lets you sell your own streaming video content. His story shows the value of creating the right features, proving you can find paying customers, and charging enough for your product. And for aspiring video content creators out there,...


Ep #050: How to Get Your Products as OEM Spec

This week’s episode is very short, under 30 minutes, but it’s packed with valuable insights about how to get your product spec’d as original equipment on something larger, or just get your product, service or tech bundled in as part of a bigger finished good. Apologies in advance for the wind noise, I met the product managers from Marin Bicycles at an outdoor cafe while at a major mountain bike event in France to ask them how and why they choose the parts that go on their bikes. The...


EP #049: Fireside Co-founders Tell How to (Possibly Not) Run a Conference

I'll be honest. This conversation didn't exactly head in the direction I thought it would, but that's what makes it so darn fun to listen to. It might be my most entertaining episode yet, and in the end, it came out full of value, too. Dan Levine and Steven Pulver started Fireside Conference four years ago with the idea that they'd make a startup conference more like summer camp - informal, fun, and intimate. The kind of event where you make real connections and new friends, far beyond...


Ep #048: Build a Better Service Business w/ Founder Bill Alcorn

If you're looking to build a service business, especially one that utilizes an existing service infrastructure, this episode is for you. There are some industries - finance, insurance, and telecom come to mind - that are so big and so regulated, that they just seem insurmountable. Yes, they could all be better. Much better, but where do you start? This week’s guest is Bill Alcorn, founder of He tackled another giant, complicated segment - shipping - in order to make it...


Ep #047: How to Build a Scalable Business w/ World Bicycle Relief founder FK Day

What if you start a non-profit out of a for-profit, then that non-profit starts its own for-profit to fund its non-profit operations? Sound confusing? It’s not, and it’s actually an incredibly smart way to help change the world without constantly relying on donations and hand outs to operate. FK Day co-founded SRAM, one of the world’s largest cycling component brands. Then, after 20 years, he stepped aside to launch World Bicycle Relief, taking all of the business lessons he learned from...


Ep #046 - How to Crush Kickstarter with Peak Design's Peter Dering

Are you ready to CRUSH kickstarter? If you’re like me, you probably think of crowdfunding as a way to launch your product, using it to raise the money needed to fund the startup. Well, we might be all wrong. Peak Design did it differently, and they are killing it on Kickstarter, having raised more than $16 million across seven projects in as many years. So, what is founder Peter Dering’s secret? Getting the product ready to ship before launching the campaign, then use the campaign to build...