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BL&J 89: What it's Really Like to Work With Me-- Meet my Rockstar Group Coaching Student Laura Knopp

This week on the podcast I am talking with one of my rockstar group coaching students, Laura Knopp of Laura Knopp Custom Portraits & Illustrations. Laura shares where she was in her business before working with me, what it’s like working with me and what her business looks like today as a repeat student of mine. After you listen to today’s episode, we continue the conversation in my FREE group, Circle of Success, a group created for women who want to do business and life on the other side...


BL&J 88: My Word for 2019 and Why It’s So Important

This week on the podcast I am sharing my word for 2019, how I chose it, the four categories that I thought through to get to my final word and how I plan to ensure that it is at the heart of all that I do in 2019. After you listen to today’s episode, I want to hear YOUR word for 2019, so make sure to share with me in my FREE group, Circle of Success, a group created for women who want to do business and life on the other side of busy. Join us at Listen to today’s...


BL&J 087: Seven Vital Lessons 2018 Taught Me

This week on the podcast I am telling you the seven most vital lessons that 2018 taught me. They’re really good ya’ll. 2018 has been my most successful year in business yet and it there have been some major lessons along the way. After you listen to todays episode, I want to hear some of your biggest lessons in 2018 so make sure to share with me in my FREE group, Circle of Success, a group created for women who want to do business and life on the other side of busy. Join us at...


BL&J 086: Should I Close One Business & Start Another - Answering a Listener Question

This week on the podcast I am answering a listener question regarding what she should do with her products based busienss based on her limited time and whether she should turn one of her experiences into a new business. Listen as I walk her through a thought process and give her options and questions to consider-- you just may be able to pair these same questions to your business. And join me in my FREE group, Circle of Success as we discuss this episode, Listen to...


BL&J 085: Three Things You Need on Your Wall & Why

This week on the podcast giving you the inside scoop on three things that I have on my wall to help me stay in my lane within my business. I’m telling you all about each item, how I put it together and why each one helps me to reach my goals. Want to see them on my wall? Well make sure you’re following me on Instagram Listen to today’s episode at for show notes and links referenced. Don’t forget to let me know that you are listening by...


BL&J 84: Eight Steps to Successfully Grow Multiple Businesses

This week on the podcast I am talking about how I went from a products based business owner to a dual business owner and giving you eight steps to go from owning one business to two (or more). And just in case you think, “I don’t want two businesses” I never imagined that I would own two businesses, it all happened very organically, so never say never. Listen to today’s episode and prepare yourself just in case you find yourself creating multiple businesses. Listen to today’s episode at...


BL&J 83: How to Live Life with Unstoppable Joy with Joyologist and Author, Dawn Barton

This week on the podcast I am so so thrilled to introduce you to Dawn Barton. I met Dawn this year at the Spring Making Things Happen conference and let me tell you, Dawn is not a person you meet without a story to tell. She is so full of joy (which made her a must-have for the podcast right?) but more than that, she has a story that needs to be shared and I am honored that she is sharing it with us this week on the podcast. From being a million dollar direct sales producer to leaving it all...


BL&J 82: The Importance of Sunday Night Prep: 4 Ways to master Sunday Night Prep

This week on the podcast I am sharing the importance of Sunday night prep and I’m giving you FOUR easy ways to master your week before it even begins. If that weren’t enough, I’m also giving you my Daily Planning Form for FREE. This is the same form that I use for business and life and I’m giving it to you for free. Download my Daily Planning Form (pulled right out of Peace Pace Progress) that I use each and every week at and listen to today’s episode and get...


BL&J 81: Why I Completely Did away with my Business Facebook Group to Start All Over

This week I am telling you about something that I recently decided to do in my business. Now, it may sound a little crazy, but I decided to delete my 600 person Facebook group in order to do something much better. I’m giving you all the details, my thought process and something new I’ve created for you! Don’t forget to let me know that you are listening by tagging me on Instagram @shuntagrant ( Today’s episode is sponsored by my Spring Forward online workshop...


BL&J 80: How Taking Time for Self Development Created Room for Exponential Growth in Her Business with Jereshia Hawk

This week on the podcast I am talking with Jereshia Hawk all about her journey into entrepreneurship and the lessons that she has learned throughout her journey. Jereshia is the creator of Services That Sell and teaches her students how to focus on the fundamentals and nailing the basics so they can build a sustainable business online. But listen, Jereshia is so much more than just a course creator and savvy business woman, she is a beautiful example of Business Life & Joy and the gems that...


BL&J 79: Permission Granted: Two 4 Letter Words That You May Be (Unknowingly) Crying Out For.

This week on the podcast I am sharing two 4 letter words that you just may (unknowingly) need right now-- STOP and REST. I’m also sharing how this recently hit home for me and helping you think through when it may be time for a temporary pause or rest for you-- in business and/or life. This episode is so important whether it is the message you need to hear today or that you need to tuck away for the future, listen and give yourself permission to listen for clues that it may be time for you...


BL&J 78: From Billing Hours to Bows & Business: It's About Time I Tell My Story Here

This week on the podcast I am sharing my story of how I went from a private practice attorney to full time business owner. I realized that I have shared this story in so many different settings-- on stages, conferences, on other podcasts-- but I have yet to sit down and share that story with the Business Life & Joy audience. So today, I am sharing how this former attorney traded in the billable hour for bows and business! Today’s episode is sponsored by my Spring Forward online workshop...


BL&J 77: How Staying True to Herself Led Her Company to Hit a Major Goal in 2018 with Lindsey Ferrell of Ryan & Rose

This week I am so thrilled to introduce you to Lindsey Ferrell the CEO and owner of Ryan & Rose. Lindsey is the creator of multifunctional short clips known as Cutie Clips® as well as one my new favorite baby products, the PATPAT, a Pacifier and Teether all in one. Lindsey exemplifies “business life & joy” and after listening to today’s episode you will see why. In this episode you will hear Lindsey’s story and what has helped her to reach and exceed business goals as well as the challenges...


BL&J 076: Three Ways to Make Instagram Work For Your Business

This week I am sharing three ways to make Instagram work for your business. These are three ways that can help you to connect with your audience in a real way as well as increase conversions in your business. Of course, I want to hear from you after today’s episode. Did you find these three ways to make Instagram work for you helpful? Are you going to take my Instagram story challenge? Let me know over on Instagram, I’m @shuntagrant or you can find me by clicking...


BL&J 075: 5 Things You Can Share With Your Email List Today

This week I am giving you 5 simple things that you can share with your email list today. When was the last time that you sent an engaging email to your audience that actually resulted in opens, clicks and engagement? Well, no more excuses and no shame if it’s been a while (or never). I am giving you five easy ways to get started today so tune in and let me know that you’re going to take one of the ideas and get started today by tagging me over on Instagram at


BL&J 74 Why Design Is a Powerful Tool with Graphic Designer Nicole Yang

I’m so thrilled for today’s episode because I am talking with graphic designer Nicole Yang all about how and why design can be a powerful tool for your business. You may recognize Nicole as the former art director at Southern Weddings and Cultivate What Matters, where she developed two product lines from the ground up, and worked with brands like American Crafts, Target, and Thomas Nelson. Today Nicole is shedding light on how you can use design as a tool in your business to provide...


BL&J 73: 6 Weeks Into Maternity Leave | Live Update

This week I am giving you an update on how things have gone during my first six weeks of maternity leave. I’m sharing what I’ve learned from stepping away from work plus I’m sharing some new projects that I have coming in the near future including the launch of Peace, Pace, Progress coming in October. Get on the waitlist at Today’s episode is brought to you by my FREE 3 Day Time Maximizing Challenge. Learn how to create time maximizing habits in just three days. Take...


BL&J 72: 8 Strategic Things You need to do to transition successfully into full time entrepreneurship

This week's episode is in response to a question that I received from a follower on Insta-stories wanting to know how to best prepare to enter into full time entrepreneurship after leaving a job or career. I’m giving you eight strategic things to do before you transition or enter into full time entrepreneurship. Before you throw your job or career the deuces, make sure to listen to this week's episode so that you can not only transition but do so successfully! Today’s episode is brought...


BL&J 71: How Artist Emily Jeffords Created a Business and Life Marked by Stillness and Peace

Emily Jeffords is an artist whom I believe captures peace and calm in a way that is truly a gift and I am so excited that she is this weeks guest on the Business, Life & Joy podcast. A business owner, artist, mom, wife and so much more, Emily portrays #businesslifeandjoy in a way that soothes and calms. Just look at her body of work and Instagram feed and you'll see exactly what I mean! Emily and I chat about how she began her career and business, how her business grew over time and how...


BL&J 70: The Best of Business Life & Joy (September 2018 Edition)

This week I am going through the best of the Business Life & Joy podcast as it relates to three categories: Business Foundations, Business Growth and Personal Development/Mindset. I am sharing my favorites (and yours) from these categories in hopes that you will find the episodes that you need right now and grab hold of the information and free downloads that accompany the episodes. I love when podcasters do these types of episodes so I hope that you enjoy my take on it as you continue to...