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BL&J 55: Four Unsuspecting Things That Rob You of Your Time & How to Take it Back

Today I am talking about one of my favorite topics and one of the most important topics for your business and life-- your time. Our time is our most valuable resource and today I’m sharing four unsuspecting things that rob you of your time and how to take that time back. You can download your guide to maximizing your time at shuntagrant.com/55 and sign up for my free 3-Day Challenge: Maximize Your Limits teaching you how to start your day strong, avoid distractions and prioritize your day at...


BL&J 54: Niching down: A pivot I'm Taking in My Business, Why I’m Taking it and What it Will Look like Going Forward.

m niching down! And today on the podcast I will tell you exactly why, what I’m doing and how it will look in my business. I’ll also talk about why niching down in your business is a good thing, how it helps you speak directly to your ideal customer or client and questions you can ask yourself to determine if you’re team too much (which I have been before, so no judgment). Lastly, I share my upcoming 3 Day Challenge, Maximize Your Limits, where I’ll teach you how to maximize your time in...


BL&J 53: How to Combat Mom Guilt and Negative Projections of Others [Mother's Day 2018 Episode]

On this special Mother’s Day episode of the Business, Life & Joy podcast I am chatting with you about a topic that hits home to many mom business owners. You know, those things that we do to ourselves such as putting undue pressure on ourselves for perfection. Or, how about the comments and negativity we may face from insiders, those closest to us? Well, today I’m talking about it all and sharing how to deal with it, combat it and overcome it. Make sure to share this episode with your...


BL&J 52: My Experience at Makers Summit & Creative Founders Conferences (and how they led to major shifts in my business)

This week on the podcast I am sharing my experience serving as an educator at the Markers Summit in Greenville, SC and Creative Founders Conference held in Pensacola, FL. Both experiences have aided in making a major shift in my business, which I share in part today and in more detail in upcoming Episode 54. So make sure to listen to both episodes for the full story! Listen at shuntagrant.com/52 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me how I can help...


BL&J 51: 8 Things That You Can Do Today to Elevate Your Customer Value (and Wow & Delight Your Customer)

Did you know that without your customer you are not in business? That’s right. You can have a logo, a website, an LLC and all the fancy branding in the world, but it’s not until someone pays you for what you do or offer that you are in business. As such, your customer is at the center of your business and should be treated as such. Today, I am sharing eight simple ways that you can elevate your customers experience! Listen at shuntagrant.com/51 and come on over to Instagram...


BL&J 050: The Necessity of Contentment

I am often asked, “how do you remain so positive” and part of the answer to that question is answered in today’s podcast episode. Today, I am talking about the business and life necessity of contentment. I’ll share what contentment is NOT, what I have found to be true of contentment, share with you the benefits of contentment and give you nine ways that you can begin to foster contentment in your own business and life. One thing is for certain, contentment is a necessary ingredient in...


BL&J 48: 3 Reasons to Give Journaling a Try

This year I decided to give journaling a consistent try and I had NO idea how amazing the experience was going to be. The clarify, the self-discovery and so much more! So, today I am sharing with you three reasons to give journaling a try, what my experience has been thus far and I’m also giving you eight prompts so that you can get started as early as today! Listen at shuntagrant.com/49 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me how I can help...


BL&J 48: 13 Simple Ways to Use Video In Your Business Starting Today

Are you using video in your business? Are you using it consistently every week? If not, you’re in just the right place because today I am sharing thirteen simple ways that you can begin using video in your business TODAY! No more avoiding this area of your business, today is the day to get started! Even better, I’ve got tons of examples for you over in the show notes which you can find at shuntagrant.com/48. The wait is over, get started using video, or get creative and upgrade your...


BL&J 47: My Experience at the Making Things Conference

Today on the podcast, I am doing something different and going unscripted to share my experience this week at the Making Things Happen Conference, led by Lara Casey. You’re going to want to listen to how this transformative and one-of-a-kind conference changed the lives of the 100 women present and I’ve got some takeaways to share with you that I invite you to think through today. Listen at shuntagrant.com/47 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me your...


BL&J 46: Why I Chose Podcasting & The Business Lessons Podcasting Has Taught Me

Today on the podcast, I am sharing why I decided to start the Business, Life & Joy podcast, what the journey looked like from idea to over forty-six episodes later and 10 of the business lessons that I have learned from podcasting. This episode is not just about podcasting, rather it teaches you how I made a big business decision, the steps I took to prepare and how that has played out almost one year later. Listen at shuntagrant.com/46 and come on over to Instagram...


BL&J 45:Three Ways Facebook Has Been a Game Changer for My Businesses

Today on the podcast, I am sharing three ways that facebook has beena game changer for both of my businesses. I slept on Facebook for business for so long thinking that it was a platform that was just too crowded and not a good fit for my business and today it serves as the #1 social platform that provides traffic and paying customers to Because of Zoe Designs. It has grown my business, almost tripled my traffic and almost doubled my income month to month (hello 98% increase!). So today...


BL&J 44: Dunking Myths about Facebook Ads with Courtney Foster-Donahue

Today on the podcast, I am chatting with my good friend and Facebook go-to expert, Courtney Foster-Donahue! With all of the buzz going around about algorithm changes, Courtney is here to tell you this: stop freaking out. Facebook still works for business, organic reach isn’t dead and you can leverage Facebook for your business and she can show you how! We chat a lot about Facebook ads and the success Courtney has seen using Facebook ads. You’re in for a definite treat today, so join me as...


BL&J 43:Workflows: What Are They & Why You Need Them In Your Business Today

Today on the podcast, I am talking all about workflows-- what are they, how I use them in my business, why I consider them a must have in business and how you can get started creating them for your business TODAY! Did you know that almost everything that you do in your business is a system? And that you do a lot of the same things in your business over and over day in, week in and out and you’re constantly starting over at zero? Workflows help you save time, make fewer mistakes and allow...


BL&J 42: From Mastering Trello to Growing a (Soon to Be) Million Dollar Business--Meet Abagail & Emily of Think Creative Collective

Today on the podcast, I am thrilled to introduce you to Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective. These women are so giving, generous and smart when it comes to business. Last year Abagail and Emylee introduced me to Trello, i.e. my new best friend and it has been such a game changer. Today they’re sharing how they use trello for business and how creating systems literally changed their business--to the tune of (soon to be ) one million dollars! You’re going to love this chat with...


BL&J 41: How to Battle the Business Blues

Today on the podcast, I am talking about how to battle the business blues. Over the last three months I have put together every DM, comment and email where another business owner has shared their experiences and compiled them into a list of common “business blues.” Today, I share how to combat these “business blues” once and for all. Today’s episode is one to share with all of your business friends. You can find today’s episode at shuntagrant.com/41 and come on over to Instagram...


BL&J 40: How I Messed Up January & What I’m Doing to Fix It (and 4 lessons you can take away from my experience)

Today on the podcast, I am sharing some behind the scenes in my businesses and telling you how I fell prey to being “team too much” and what I had to do to fix it. Regardless of what time of year you hear this message, it is perfect timing to help you right where you are. I’m also sharing four lessons that you can learn and take away from my January experience. Listen at shuntagrant.com/40 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me how I can help...


BL&J 39: What Numbers to Track in Your Business Each Month

This week on the podcast I am sharing the numbers that you should track within your business each month. And, to make tracking these numbers easier, I’ve created an excel sheet detailing each area for the entire year. You can download this chart by going to shuntagrant.com/39download. I also share why these numbers are important, what you can learn about your business by consistently tracking these numbers and how to do it. Listen at shuntagrant.com/39 and come on over to Instagram...


BL&J 38: Q&A with Shunta: Answering Your Business Questions

This week on the podcast I am answering your questions. Did you know that you can submit a question (about business, life and everything in between) by going to shuntagrant.com/ask ? Ask away and I just may answer your question in the next Q&A episode! Listen at shuntagrant.com/38 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me your number one take away from this weeks episode! Join my free private Facebook group at shuntagrant.com/community where we...


BL&J 37: What to Do When Your Goal Isn’t Measurable

In today’s episode I am answering a question that I have received in multiple places over the last two weeks-- “What do I do when my goal isn’t measurable?” If you are working on goals, particularly relational goals, that you can’t seem to articulate and set action steps for, this episode is for you! Listen and download today’s free checklist at shuntagrant.com/37 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me how I can help you. Join my free private Facebook...


BL&J 36: 3 Things You Must Do In Order to Get What You Want

Whether you’re listening to today’s episode at the top of the New Year, end of the year or anywhere in between, today I am teaching you three things that you must do in order to accomplish anything that you want, in your business or life. Want to see your goals, dreams, plans and aspirations come true? Then today’s episode is for you. Listen at shuntagrant.com/36 and come on over to Instagram shuntagrant.com/instagram and share with me how I can help you. Join my free private Facebook...


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