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Helping you build your influence and income with self-publishing


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Helping you build your influence and income with self-publishing






6 Simple Tips For Writing Non-Fiction In Plain English

Synopsis Writing in “plain English” is a great way to make a good impression on your audience. This means writing in a way that makes your message easy to read and understand. It doesn’t matter who your audience is or what your subject matter is about. Every audience will benefit from writing that uses plain English. This will help you build a bigger audience and sell more books. Here are my 6 favorite tips to help you start. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn how to simplify...


4 Basic Content-Sharing Etiquette-Rules

Synopsis All content creators and authors want their work to be shared. But, when you take too much information and content from them, it can become a problem for you and for the original author. Especially if you take credit for someone else’s work, or don’t credit them properly. Here are the basic rules, as I see it, you need to follow. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn my 4 basic rules for sharing another author’s content. 2. You will learn why linking to another author,...


5 Selfishly Great And Satisfying Reasons To Write A Non-Fiction Book

Synopsis If you like to help people improve their own lives, careers, businesses, and relationships - by teaching, inspiring, and sharing your own knowledge and experiences - then you should be writing non-fiction. Here is a shortlist of my favorite reasons why you should be writing and selling your own non-fiction books. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn why writing non-fiction is a great way to help satisfy your own needs and wants. 2. You will learn five amazing reasons...


Book Review: The Public Domain Publishing Bible

This is an easy to read and comprehensive guide on how to republish public domain books to get started as a self-publisher. Heavy emphasis on starting and running a self-publishing company on a very tight budget. Plenty of practical advice and resources for doing this. Nagy also discusses how, what, and why he republished books that are in the public domain.


How To Create A One Minute Book Promo Video in 4 Easy Steps

Synopsis My main goal here is to share with you how I create my book promo videos so that you can see the basic steps involved. With a little bit of research, some patience, some practice, and persistence, you should be able to make your own book promo video without too much hassle. Now get ready, because here is a quick run-down of the 4 main steps I follow in order to make my basic 1-minute book promo videos. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn the 4 basic steps to create a...


Strippable Books Vs. Non-Strippable Books: A Guide For Self-Publishers

This post was originally published on March 24, 2011, and updated on March 12, 2020. Synopsis Understanding the terminology, jargon, terms-of-art, lingo, and slang, of the book publishing industry as a whole, can only help us become better and more successful at self-publishing. Here is a discussion of the terms “strippable” and “non-strippable” as they relate to printed books, and their covers. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn the physical differences between a book that...


Book Review: Now All We Need Is A Title

This book is an ". . . an anecdotal account of how some of the most well-known book and play titles come to be. It is not meant to be a comprehensive compendium of every catchy title, but rather a lighthearted look at a struggle that has bedeviled writers for centuries.”


10 Tips For Memorizing Information The Smart And Easy Way

Synopsis Memorization is the fixing of information into your memory through sheer repetition. It’s a necessary first step in learning. Memorization of the fundamental terms and concepts of a difficult or new topic will provide a strong foundation for a deeper understanding of the more difficult concepts that will follow with additional study. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You’ll learn what memorization is and why it is important to learning. 2. You’ll learn ten tips that will help you...


The Importance of Sincerity When Writing Non-Fiction

Synopsis Sincerity is extremely important to all of us because it helps to build trust with each other. And trust is one of the fundamental building blocks to developing a lasting and rewarding relationship. It’s especially important for non-fiction writers to display sincerity with their words. Readers can sense this, and will reward writers that they trust by following them, reading their articles, and buying their books. Here is a short discussion on the importance of writing with...


The Top Reasons Non-Fiction Books Do NOT Achieve Success

Synopsis Why isn’t my non-fiction bookselling more copies? Why is my book a failure? Why don’t I feel successful as a self-publisher? These common questions can sometimes be difficult to answer very quickly. And the answer isn’t always as simple as it might seem at first glance. But there is hope for you and your book to achieve success. Here are 14 reasons your book might not be successful. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You'll learn what steps you can take to fix your book and improve...


3 Easy Steps To Adding A “Share Box” To Your Infographic

This post was originally published on July 3, 2017, and updated on December 12, 2019. Synopsis By adding an infographic to your blog, and giving your readers an easy way to share it, is a sure way to help build your network. We can make the infographic easy to share by adding a “share box” immediately below it. This gives other bloggers a fast and simple way to share your infographic. Here are the three simple steps that I follow in order to create and add a “share box” to my own...


Repurposing Blog Posts: For Maximum Impact, Exposure, and Income

Synopsis Here is an explanation of the process, or steps, involved in repurposing your blog posts into a saleable, money-making, format. It’s not a quick or easy way to make money from your blog posts. But, it is an interesting and practical way to take your blogging to a whole new level. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You'll learn some easy ways to enhance your blog posts by repurposing content. 2. You'll learn about the “value-added add-ons” that I create from my blog posts. 3. You'll...


5 Easy Steps To Repurposing Your Blog Post Into An Audio Podcast

Synopsis Repurposing your blog post is one of the smartest and easiest ways to spread your message to a wider and more varied audience. The more people that see it and read it, the more that will benefit from it, and you will sell more books. With these 5 steps, you can easily and quickly take that same written post, and change it into an audio podcast. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn the quickest and easiest way to repurpose your blog post into a podcast. 2. You will...


Benefits Vs. Features: A Crucial Key to Selling More Books

Synopsis One of the biggest marketing mistakes we non-fiction authors can make is to confuse the benefits and features that a reader will get if they buy our book. And, at first glance, it might seem a little difficult to understand the differences – especially if you're writing a book for the first time. And, if you the author don’t understand how to explain the benefits and features of your own book, the reader/buyer will certainly be confused – which means that they won’t buy your book....


Understanding Your Reader’s Needs AND Wants Can Lead To Higher Book Sales

Synopsis Your needs and wants, as an author, can be surprisingly and distinctly different than those of your reader. But, once you realize these differences between you and the reader, you can then focus your attention on truly understanding who your reading audience really is, and what their needs and wants are about. So, here is a short discussion to help you start to define and understand what your reading audience needs and wants in their own life, which is what has led them to you and...


Successful Non-Fiction Authors Don’t Confuse “Empathy” With “Sympathy”

Synopsis Even though empathy and sympathy both involve your “feelings” about your readers, they refer to two distinctly different emotions. As an author, and book marketer, (and as an emotionally mature adult that is trying to help people) you must genuinely understand the difference. Here is a short discussion about the importance of empathy, and how it relates to your book sales. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn the difference between empathy and sympathy. 2. You will...


5 Surefire Ways To Optimize Your Book’s Sell Sheet

Synopsis In order to become, or remain, financially successful as a self-publisher, you must be able to quickly and effectively get your marketing message to your book-buying audience. Your book’s sell sheet is an excellent tool to do this. The sell sheet is a perfect marketing tool for offline AND online marketing – because it’s simple to understand, and gets directly to the point. So, here is a short discussion of five certain ways to make your sell sheet a very powerful marketing tool....


Is A Large Platform Critical For An Author’s Success?

Synopsis Creating a huge platform with many thousands of followers might seem like the most obvious way to achieve success. But there’s more to it than that. A huge email list, and huge Twitter and Facebook following, are all great, and are always an accomplishment to strive for. But the quality of those followers is what’s really important. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn why a large author platform isn’t always the best or most practical for most self-published authors....


Do We Write Books For “Financial Success” Or “Critical-Acclaim”?

Synopsis Do we write books for profit alone, or to gain favorable approval from others? Or is it a combination of both? Is money more important than fame? Does fame guarantee a stream of income? These questions are a good place to start to understand why we do what we do, and how we can, or should, be defining our own success as self-publishers. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn to look at how you define what success means to you as a self-publisher. 2. You will learn what...


The Strategic Advantage Of A Credible Book-Foreword-Author

Synopsis In order for a book foreword to give a book a substantial strategic advantage over all the other books competing for the same audience, it must be written by someone with a high level of believable credibility. And this credibility must be backed-up by a combination of objective and subjective characteristics at the same time. What You Will Learn In This Post 1. You will learn how and why objective and subjective characteristics help a person’s credibility. 2. You will learn about...