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Welcome to The CCN Podcast. Every week, we discuss the latest trends, companies, and people shaping the cryptocurrency space.


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Welcome to The CCN Podcast. Every week, we discuss the latest trends, companies, and people shaping the cryptocurrency space.






#22 Interview w/ Ledger CEO Éric Larchevêque

This week, Jake talks to Ledger CEO Éric Larchevêque about secure chips, homomorphic data processing and more.


#21 Interview w/ WeTrust CEO George Li

I speak with WeTrust about how crypto is changing the face of charitable giving.


#20 Exclusive Interview w/ Gibraltar Stock/Blockchain Exchange Founder Nick Cowan

This week, I speak with GSX Limited founder Nick Cowan about the challenges of running GSX and blockchain's future in finance.


#19 Interview w/ IOST Team

We talk with the IOST team about how the team is building high throughput infrastructure for next-generation blockchain apps.


#18 Live From TruffleCon: Interview w/ Truffle Founder Tim Coulter

This week, we talk with Truffle Framework Founder & CEO Tim Coulter


#17 This Week in Crypto: EOS Takes a Vow, Malta at the UN, and an $8 Billion Valuation + Orbs Interview

Check out our recap here + Orbs interview


#16 This Week in Crypto: Big Brokers, a Bigger Circle, and MakerDAO’s Round + Fcoin Interview

Check out the weekly recap here. Plus, make sure you check out our interview with Caitlin Long that went up this week!


#15 This Week in Crypto: Massive Hacks, Price Targets and a Bitcoin ETF + Constellation Labs Interview

Check out our weekly recap here. This weeks interview is with Constellation Labs CTO.


#14 This Week in Crypto: Sharding, True USD Launches and More Custody Players + TrustToken Interview

Check out our weekly recap here. This weeks interview is with TrustToken's Co-Founder Tory Reiss. Make sure you check out: Interview: Ethereum Development Studio ConsenSys CSO Sam Cassattvideo Interview: Joseph Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum & ConsenSys


#13 This Week in Crypto: SEC Hires, Exchange Rumors, and Bitcoin Price Woes + Interview w/ Josh Constine

Check out the recap here


#12 This Week in Crypto: Is Wright Wrong, Ethereum Block Reward Cut and Big Raises + Interview w/ Atlantic Crypto CTO

On this weeks episode, we go over the recent drama in the Bitcoin Cash community, the block reward cut and the investment rounds coming into the space this week. We wrap up with a quick chat about EIP-1295.


#11 This Week in Crypto ETF Rejections, Printing Money, and the Woz + Founder Interview

This week we discuss 9 crypto ETF rejections, where all the new Tether is coming from and Steve Wozniak's foray into crypto. We finish up with an interview with founder Bill Ottman


#10 Interview w/ 22-Year Wall Street Veteran Caitlin Long

Jake talks rehypothecation, comingling, and securities law with Caitlin Long. Show notes: - The “R” And “C” Words Enter the Vocabulary of Bitcoin Enthusiasts - CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo Speech in 2016 - "The Blockchain Plunger" - Rehypothecation at Dole Foods


#9 This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Cash Futures, Venture Funds, and Lawsuits + Interview w/ Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong

This week Jake tackles the stagnant market and the main factors that could have an effect in the coming weeks, the new Bitcoin Cash Futures coming out of the U.K. and a bullish venture fund raising a $175 million round. Finally this week, we have an interview with Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong Check out our This Week in Crypto Article.


#8 Interview w/ Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth

Jake talks to Wyre CEO Michael Dunworth shortly after the company announced a strategic partnership with MakerDAO.


#7 This Week in Crypto: Ethereum Classic’s Comeback, Bitmain’s $18 Billion IPO, and Goldman’s Bear Tear + Interview

On the latest episode of the CCN Podcast, Jake tackles Ethereum Classic's comeback, Bitmain's $18 billion IPO, and Goldman Sachs Bearishness on Crypto. He wraps up with an interview with's anonymous founder.


#6 This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Price Drops, IPOs and an NYSE Bitcoin Market + Interview w/ Lisk Team Leads

This week, we discuss the recent price drops, three different IPOs, and the NYSE's announcement that it will be forming a new Bitcoin company. We finish up with an interview with Lisk.


#5 This Week in Crypto: Secret Plots, Google Bans, and Augur Assassination Markets + Interview w/ CargoX CEO Stefan Kukman

This week, we discuss the odd price changes, Binance launching operations in South Korea, the SEC's rejection of the Winklevoss' ETF and it's decision to delay on the ruling of 5 other Bitcoin ETF's, a secret meeting at Nasdaq to take cryptocurrencies mainstream, Google's ban on Metamask and assassination markets on Augur. We finish up with an interview with CargoX CEO Stefan Kukman


#4 This Week in Crypto: Bitcoin Price Booms, App Launches and Acquisitions + NEM Co-Founder Interview

In the fourth episode of the podcast, we discuss the prices finally surging this week, the launch of 2 new games on the Ethereum network, Coinbases addition of more institutional clients (including a large hedge fund),'s investment round (yes, there's another one). We wrap up with an interview with Jeff Mcdonald, co-founder of NEM.


#3 This Week in Crypto: Coinbase Additions, Enterprise Patents, and Massive Hacks + MakerDAO CEO Interview

In the third episode of the podcast we discuss the prices being down across the markets, Coinbase's announcement that it'd be exploring listing 5 new cryptocurrencies, the potential for a Bitcoin ETF, and a recent surge of enterprise activity including new patent applications from 2 major companies! We'll also discuss Augur's platform launch and a few different hacks that took place this week. We'll finish up with an interview with MakerDAO project CEO Rune Christensen. As of today MakerDAO's coins: Dai and MAKER were ranked #140 and #38 on coin market cap. Hope everyone enjoys the interview!