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This podcast is for those looking to be better leaders for themselves, their families and their communities. Join Cliff Duvernois every Monday and Friday as he interviews business leaders and thought leaders in Michigan to listen to their stories, get their advice on leadership, and share that advice with you.


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This podcast is for those looking to be better leaders for themselves, their families and their communities. Join Cliff Duvernois every Monday and Friday as he interviews business leaders and thought leaders in Michigan to listen to their stories, get their advice on leadership, and share that advice with you.




73: Doing a Property Wine Tasting with Andy Jacobson, Mari Vineyards

In this episode, Andy Jacobson, Tasting Room Manager for Mari Vineyards, shares with us not only some of their great wines but also how to do a proper tasting at a wine room. We talk about how to properly clean your pallet, what to focus on with aromas, and how to take the stress off of tasting wine. Links from This Episode WebsiteFacebook PageGrüner VeltlinerRow 7


72: The Farm Restaurant: The Magic Behind Excellent Customer Service

The Farm Restaurant is in the middle of nowhere. And yet this hidden gem thrives when so many others fail. In this episode, co-owner Chris Roth walks us through how they engineer the perfect customer experience in both good times and bad times. Show Notes: The Farm Restaurant WebsiteThe Farm Restaurant Facebook Page Address: 699 Port Crescent Rd Port Austin, MI 48467 (989) 874-5700


71: More Good Wine & Bubbly with bigLITTLE wines and Mawby Sparkling

Mike Laing is back! Today he walks us through two wonderful wines, one from his own bigLITTLE wines and a wonderful bubbly from Mawby Sparkling. We talk about how bigLittle wines developed a signature white pinot noir; Mawby's partnership with Cherry Republic, and how Michigan wines fit into the world stage of wines. Links Mentioned In The Show WebsiteWebsite Listen Here


70: Living Life On Your Own Terms with Jim Doyon

What does it take to live life on your own terms? Jim Doyon knows and he shares that with us today. From starting his own business, helping others grow theirs, to taking his family on an extended multi-year road trip, Jim shows no signs of slowing down and he's loving it. Show Notes: Woodward MovementRemote Start Podcast


68: Mountain Town Station Restaurant & Brew Pub with Jim Holton

Jim Holton's Family has been running Mountain Town Station Restaurant & Brew Pub for many moons. Hear the incredible story behind this institution. And their plans for coming back Post Covid-19. Show Notes Mountain Town Station Restaurant & Brew Pub Website Mountain Town Station Restaurant & Brew Pub Facebook Page


American Museum of Magic with Magician Jeffrey Alan

American Museum of Magic. Board member and Magician Jeffrey Alan takes us through the history behind this great little gem as well as the amazing links between the history of Michigan and the history of magic. Show Notes: American Museum of Magic Website American Museum of Magic Facebook Page


St Julian Wines with Nancie Oxley

St Julian Wines is now celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2021! Nancie Oxley, the Vice President in Charge of Wine Making (which is the coolest title ever!) shares with us the rich history of St Julian Winery, what it takes to put together a great tasting bottle of vino, and some recommendations to try this year. Enjoy this episode! St Julian Website St Julian's Facebook Page


Keweenaw Mountain Lodge with Mariah Summers

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is located in one of the most northern tips of Michigan. And it can't wait to go! This place boasts cabins and open space to appeal to anyone who really wants to "get away". Mariah Summers shares with us the history and the goodness that awaits visitors to this great place. Enjoy! Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Website Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Instagram Address: 14252 US Hwy 41 Copper Harbor, Michigan 49918 Phone: 906-289-4403 Email:


Dog Sledding in Michigan with Liza Dietzen

Dog Sledding in Michigan is alive and well! At least while there's snow on the ground. This bit of a "lost art" is kept alive by Liza Dietzen from Team Evergreen Kennel. Hear how she took over this kennel of energetic dogs and turned it into a fun event everyone can enjoy! Show Notes: Team Evergreen Kennel Website Team Evergreen Facebook Page


Cutting trails with the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association

Snowmobiling is a favorite sport to many. In some parts of Michigan, it's the only way to get around! John Newman, President of the Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association, shares with us the history behind this great organization and what they are doing to bring more awareness to this great sport! Show Notes: Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association Website (Click here) Michigan Snowmobile and ORV Association Facebook (Click here)


Running through Sleeping Bear Dunes with Scott Tucker

Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of those Michigan "right of passages". Every parent takes their kid there to have them run the dunes to simply wear them out. I know. I experienced this first hand. But that doesn't detract from the beauty of this wonderful park. In the winter and the summer. Join us as Scott Tucker walks us through the history, the beauty and how they are working to keep us safe in Covid-19. Show Notes: Sleeping Bear Dunes Facebook Page Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park...


Wine Tasting at Black Star Farms

This interview was fun! Sherri Fenton, the managing owner of Black Star Farms, sits down with us and shares Black Star's rich history, their philosophy in creating great customer experiences, and some great wines for you to try. We also talk about snow-shoeing around their farm, winter events that are happening ... and how they are doing wine tasting safely. So grab a glass of your favorite vino and enjoy this great episode! Resources: Black Star Farms Website Black Star Farms Facebook...


Zehnders Snowfest for 2021 with John Shelton

Zehnders Snowfest for 2021 is on! John Shelton, VP of Sales and Marketing for Zehnders, shares with us the history of this great Michigan tradition, the impact it has had on the community, and what Frankenmuths Snowfest will look like in 2021. Show Notes: Zehnder's Snowfest Website Zehnder's Snowfest Facebook Page


Enjoying Michigan Snowsports with Mickey Macwilliams from MSIA

Michigan is definitely a top stopping point for people to enjoy all of the great snow sports that are out there. The Michigan Snowsports Industries Association promotes skiing and snowboarding in Michigan. Mickey Macwilliams shares with us how this great organization is getting Michiganders out and bringing tourists in to help drive Michigan's Winter Economy. Show Notes: Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (Website) Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (Facebook)


Amy Grossi on Assuming the Reigns at the Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn

Amy Grossi, the third generation of the Bavarian Inn Zehnders, shares with us her journey and growth within her family's business. It's daunting to think of running one of Michigan's top travel destinations but Amy handles it with grace and style. With her incredible team, she continues the time-honored tradition started by her grandfather and expanded by her father. Show Notes: Bavarian Inn Website Bavarian Inn Facebook Page Address: 713 S Main St Frankenmuth, MI 48734 Phone:...


Air Zoo Aerospace and Science Experience with Troy Thrash

Imagine my surprise to discover that Michigan has an Aerospace Museum. And it is awesome! Troy Thrash and his staff worked incredibly hard to elevate this museum into a family experience. It piques curiosity and tickles the imagination. Located over by Kalamazoo, this museum is definitely worth the trek. Show Notes: AirZoo Website AirZoo Facebook Page Address: 6151 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002 Phone: (269) 382-6555


Michigan Skiing at Nubs Nob with Ben Doornbos

Winter is here! This means snow and outdoor fun! And Nubs Nob is one of the premier ski locations in Michigan. Ben shares with us not only his love of skiing but also how this is a family favorite of snow-bound Michiganders. Show Notes: Nubs Nob Ski Area Website Nubs Nob Facebook Location: 500 Nub’s Nob Rd. Harbor Springs, MI 49740


The Real Seafood Company with Kevin Gudejko

For Kevin, being in the restaurant business was his first and only professional love. With this drive, he spearheads the Main Street Restaurant group which includes great restaurants such as Real Seafood Company. Show Notes: Real Seafood Company Website Recommended Dishes: Locations: 199 Uptown Dr, Bay City, MI 48708 341 S Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 *** Click here to Subscribe to our Email Newsletter ***


Viewing Detroit Through History with Elana Rugh and the Detroit Historical Society

Over the last 20 years, Detroit has experienced a real renaissance. It is the cultural hub of Michigan. Elana Rugh, President of the Detroit Historical Society, shares how this remarkable journey happened with the support not only of local government but businesses as well as a supportive community. Show Notes: Detroit Historical Society Website Detroit Historical Museum Facebook *** Click here to Subscribe to our Email Newsletter ***


Cliff's Book Corner: Josh's Book

Relationships are an area all of us can improve one. Josh Wesolek decided to take his ideas and turn them into a book. Quick and easy to read, this book gives men 30 different ways to show up for the women who they love. Show Notes: By buying this book, you are accomplishing three things Josh's Book Website Josh's Book (Paperback) Josh's Book (Audible) *** Click here to Subscribe to our Email Newsletter ***