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Your digital evolution starts now! The Chris Hood Digital Show is a weekly podcast that offers a diverse guide to navigating disruption and achieving excellence with your digital business through honest conversations on topics impacting us professionally and personally. Hosted by Chris Hood, a visionary digital strategist with over three decades of Fortune 100 experience in business and technology development around the world, the show brings together a powerhouse of global executives and industry experts to share their leading strategies, digital insights, and valuable lessons learned on the cutting edge of innovation, transformation, and digital acceleration. Subscribe now on or your favorite podcast platform.


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Your digital evolution starts now! The Chris Hood Digital Show is a weekly podcast that offers a diverse guide to navigating disruption and achieving excellence with your digital business through honest conversations on topics impacting us professionally and personally. Hosted by Chris Hood, a visionary digital strategist with over three decades of Fortune 100 experience in business and technology development around the world, the show brings together a powerhouse of global executives and industry experts to share their leading strategies, digital insights, and valuable lessons learned on the cutting edge of innovation, transformation, and digital acceleration. Subscribe now on or your favorite podcast platform.






Market Appeal with Shannon Peel

In the ever-evolving marketplace of the digital age, brands face the formidable challenge of reaching customers and resonating with them on a deeper level. The site Funnel Amplified shows that consistency in branding efforts can bolster a company's revenue by up to 33%​​. This stat underscores the significance of a cohesive strategy in unlocking market appeal—a multifaceted approach that harmonizes technology, storytelling, and value alignment to meet and exceed customer expectations. This week, Shannon Peel, author, speaker, and owner of MarketAPeel, joins us to discuss telling the right story to the right audience at the right time to gain the authority you need to build a trusted brand.


Business Automation with Quinton Newman

Business automation, propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is revolutionizing industries, offering benefits and posing new challenges. With 45% of businesses utilizing automation technologies for cost reduction and operational efficiency, the automation systems market is set to reach $26 billion by 2025. However, aspects like job displacement, data biases, and privacy concerns add complexity. Businesses need to balance the benefits of automation, like cost savings and accuracy, with the potential pitfalls — substantial initial investment, system reliability, and impact on employment and data security. In this episode, we are joined by ​​Quinton Newman, CEO of Capri AI, to discuss how business automation enhances efficiency and carves out new pathways for innovation and cost management.


Marketing Disruption with Rick Elmore

Digital innovation poses challenges and opportunities for leaders in marketing, who need to balance the use of new tools and personalization. Personalized approaches significantly enhance customer relationships, evidenced by 99% of marketers. Technologies like AI offer advantages in personalizing content and aiding data analysis, but human creativity remains vital in creating impactful campaigns. Handwritten notes also play a significant role in fostering personal connections. Successful marketing strategies require a harmony between technology and human creativity.


Agile Innovation with Joseph Azar

In this episode of "The Dynamic World of Business," host Chris Hood interviews Joseph Azar, CEO of Azar Consulting, about the power of innovation and the need for organizations to maintain an agile mindset. Azar discusses his experience in the tech industry and his preference for working with startups and smaller companies due to their ability to move quickly and make a big impact. He emphasizes the importance of involving customers in the innovation process and gathering feedback to prioritize features and make informed decisions. Azar also touches on the challenges of validating ideas, protecting intellectual property, and future-proofing products. He advises against blindly following trends like AI and instead encourages businesses to carefully consider how new technologies can truly benefit their operations.


Human Resources with Tom Applegarth

In this episode, Tom Applegarth, a human resource strategist and VP of People and Culture at Preferred CFO, discusses the importance of optimizing the hiring process to bring on board not just qualified candidates, but culture enhancers. He emphasizes the need for meticulous planning, commitment, and the involvement of the right people in shaping an organization's culture. Applegarth also highlights the significance of pay and benefits, good relationships between employees and managers, and a positive workplace culture in retaining top talent. He suggests using standardized questions and assessments during the interview process to ensure a good fit between candidates and the organization's values. Additionally, he advises job seekers to thoroughly vet potential employers and seek unbiased feedback from current or former employees before accepting a job offer.


Artificial Intelligence with Garik Tate

In this episode, host Chris Hood interviews Garik Tate, an AI strategist and executive, about the challenges and potential of artificial intelligence (AI). They discuss the growing presence of AI in various industries and the need for a better understanding of its capabilities and limitations. They also explore the importance of using AI in areas where it can provide clear inputs and outputs, such as process automation and data analysis. Tate emphasizes the need for businesses to identify their specific needs and goals before implementing AI solutions. He also discusses the potential risks of AI, such as the spread of false information and the need for better reputation-based systems to filter data. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of using AI strategically and responsibly to drive business growth and innovation. Listen at


Resilience with Limor Bergman Gross

Resilience is the capacity of people to effectively cope with, adjust, or recover from stress or adversity. In the convoluted chaos of life, resilience stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path of progress amidst hardships. It is a testament to human tenacity, reflecting our innate capability to recover from setbacks and to keep moving forward. According to the ADP Research Institute, only 19% of US Workers are highly resilient. However, when those same workers are placed into a position they love, resiliency increases to 28%. Joining us today is one stellar exemplification of resilience in action. Limor Bergman Gross, a seasoned tech professional living in Israel, discusses her perspective on managing resiliency regionally, personally, and professionally as disruption occurs around her daily​​.


Purposeful Leadership with Victoria Pelletier

In this episode, host Chris Hood is joined by Victoria Peltier, a transformational leader, speaker, and author, to discuss purpose-driven leadership and its impact on organizational success and customer loyalty. They emphasize the importance of aligning work with purpose and values, especially in the current changing landscape of work. They also discuss the challenges of toxic leadership and the need for leaders to create a culture of psychological safety and empowerment. Peltier shares her insights on talent development and the importance of continuous learning and growth for both leaders and employees. She also highlights the significance of building a strong network and surrounding oneself with both supportive and challenging individuals.


Referral Marketing with Brandon Barnum

In this episode, Chris Hood interviews Brandon Barnum, CEO of and author of "Raving Referrals," about the power of referral marketing. They discuss how referral marketing can boost customer acquisition and improve customer loyalty. Barnum emphasizes the importance of creating brand champions and influencers who can advocate for your business. He also shares strategies for automating the referral process and incorporating customer feedback into product improvements. Barnum highlights the value of personalized rewards and recognition in building customer loyalty. He suggests creating referral partnerships with other businesses that serve your target audience to expand your reach. Barnum also offers a referral score quiz to help companies identify areas for improvement in their referral marketing efforts.


Understanding Leads with Mark Osborne

In business, "leads" often conjure images of endless lists, cold calls, and mass emails. However, the real game-changer differs from the quantity of leads you generate and the quality. According to a recent study, 79% of all B2B leads don't convert to sales, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity. In addition, B2B buyer behavior has shifted toward B2C-like experiences: they leverage information, proactively look for relevant content, and expect customized offers. On this episode, Mark Osborne, Author of "Are your Leads Killing your Business?" and Founder of Modern Revenue Strategies, joins the show to discuss strategies for generating high-quality leads, understanding your customers, and maintaining a laser-focused approach to your offerings.


People Analytics with Neha Naik

Businesses are increasingly recognizing analytics' value in decision-making across various domains. One significant area experiencing a revolution is Human Resources (HR), now increasingly called People Operations or People Analytics. As of this year, 30% of new hires leave within 90 days. The reasons aren't shocking: 43% say the role didn't meet their expectations, 34% left because of a specific incident, and 32% didn't think the company culture was a good fit. In this episode, Neha Naik, CEO and Founder of RecruitGyan, joins us to discuss how people analytics offers insights for understanding the employee lifecycle, from hiring with the right expectations to ensuring a cultural fit.


Sales Storytelling with Tom Jackobs

In an era defined by data, analytics, and ROI metrics, it's easy to overlook the timeless power of a good story. We often associate storytelling with campfires and bedtime routines rather than conference rooms and quarterly earnings reports. However, the art of storytelling is not just for novelists and filmmakers; it is an invaluable tool in the world of sales and business. One of the most cited statistics supporting this idea is from psychologist Jerome Bruner, who found that facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they're part of a story. This statistic not only underscores the incredible retention power of stories but also demonstrates their capacity to influence and persuade — two critical elements in sales. On this week's episode, we are joined by Tom Jackobs, Entrepreneur and Coach, to discuss why storytelling works and how to harness its power to drive sales.


Application Development with Sardor Akhmedov

The Evolution of Application Development: Beyond Mobile and Towards a Multisensory Future Application development has been a constantly evolving landscape. From the early days of desktop software, we transitioned to web applications and mobile-first designs. In 2023, mobile apps are expected to generate revenue exceeding $935 billion, and the combined number of mobile apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store exceeds 5.7 million. In today's episode, our guest is Sardor Akhmedov, co-founder of Jafton, to discuss the changing landscape of app development and how new technologies impact how consumers engage with companies.


Change Management with Kerry L. Bass

The only constant in this world is change. For today's business landscape, this has never been truer. According to a report from McKinsey & Company, 70% of all transformations fail. This stark statistic underlines the challenges businesses face with change management. Navigating these improvements requires a structured approach, a clear vision, and committed leadership to overcome the daunting odds. In this episode, we are joined by Kerry Bass, Founder and CEO of Potential to Reality Consulting, to explore the essentials of change management, popular frameworks, and consider how AI and a clear purpose play a pivotal role in successful transformation.


Personal Transformation with Bella Bardswell and Alicia Paterson

In today's rapidly evolving world, the skill of 'transformation' has gained importance, whether it's about adjusting to the pace of technological advancements or traversing through different career paths. In this episode, we are joined by Alicia Paterson, Transformation Magician at Redshift Up, and Bella Bardswell, Co-founder of Stellafai, to discuss adapting to disruptions and our unique journeys through personal transformation.


Innovative Cultures with Colin Duff and Mike Kaeding

Innovation is more than just a buzzword. It's a culture, a mindset, a journey that companies embark on to disrupt traditional business models, explore uncharted territories, and create transformative solutions. So, how does an organization build a culture of innovation? How do we handle failures along the way, and where does the customer fit into this narrative? In this episode, we are joined by Colin Duff, CEO of Mosaic Innovation, and Mike Kaeding, CEO of Norhart, to discuss the value of customers in building cultures of innovation.


Consumer Behavior with Anne Laffin and Joseph Lenard

Over the last 20 years, technology has significantly altered the landscape of consumer behavior, transforming how we shop, pay, and interact with products and services. The rapid development of e-commerce platforms, digital payment methods, artificial intelligence, and an overarching focus on customer convenience has primarily driven this seismic shift. Arguably, one of the most noteworthy changes is the acceleration and convenience of shopping. As of 2023, Global digital commerce sales are valued at $6.3 trillion. It is projected to cross $8.1 trillion by 2026. In this week's episode, we are joined by Anne Laffin, Founder of Fin Marketing Management, and Joseph Lenard, author, and speaker, to discuss the continuing evolution of consumer behavior due to digital disruption.


Search Optimization with Brandon Leibowitz and Jesse Ringer

The crucial role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the modern business landscape is undeniable. It's not just about being searchable anymore - it's about being found by the right audience, at the right time, in the proper context. But this is harder than you think. Currently, the number of searches on Google daily is over 7 billion - and for SEO, Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites, creating substantial opportunities and challenges with being found online. Today we are joined by two SEO experts, Brandon Leibowitz, Founder of SEO Optimizers, and Jesse Ringer, Founder of Method+Metric, to discuss the shift in SEO due to new media forms and the influence of AI on search.


Human Connectivity with Raj Goodman Anand and Jane Peacock

As we evolve at a whirlwind pace, primarily driven by technological advancement, it's essential to pause, step back, and look at the broader picture. Today, the debate around humanity and technology is more relevant than ever. In a world where the average person checks their phone 144 times a day, and 69% have texted someone in the same room as them, the rapid proliferation of technology in every sphere of our lives raises an important question: Is our increased dependence on technology disrupting the essence of our humanity? Joining the show today are Raj Goodman Anand, CEO of Goodman Lantern, and Jane Peacock, Digital Strategist at Partners in Digital, to explore the intersection of human connectivity and digital evolution.


Digital Adoption with Jeff Kikel and April Moss

We find ourselves increasingly dependent on digital tools and technology in today's rapidly evolving world. According to Gartner, in 2022, Worldwide IT Spending was forecasted to grow by 5.1%, and as of January 2023, there were 311.3 million internet users in the United States. However, simply using these tools doesn't equate to digital adoption. Actual adoption entails integrating digital tools seamlessly into your everyday operations to accelerate business value. Our guests today are Jeff Kikel, President of Freedom Day Wealth Management, and April Moss, Chief Operating Officer of DigiBuild, to discuss how to make the most of digital tools and fully embed them in our work processes to transform our operations.