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How to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions with Crystal Barrow

I love interviews! Said no one ever. Yikes, so much to think about and prepare for. I remember being so nervous about my interviews and I hated not knowing what questions were going to be asked. That's why I know this episode is going to be so popular because our guest expert is going to break down exactly how to answer some of the top interview questions! So let's dive in!


Why You Are Stuck and How To Get Unstuck

Being stuck is no fun. My very first course I created was the Get Unstuck Bootcamp long ago in 2011. So it's near and dear to my heart to teach you how to get unstuck so you can see all the incredible opportunities that are waiting for you. So I've devoted an entire episode on getting unstuck. I hope it helps to move forward today!


Strategic Partnerships: How To Network With People You Don't Know

I'll be honest, I am an introvert and definitely not a natural networker and I have had to learn myself how to network. So all this stuff in today's episode, I'm learning right along with you! How can you prepare for an event? What do you do at a networking event? How should you follow up after an event? All questions that are answered in this podcast episode!!


How to Use Facebook to Find a Job

Are you guilty of being on Facebook all day? Did you know that it can actually help you find a new career? If you are job searching, I want to let you in on a little secret. There's a huge opportunity to use social media to find a job right now. I highly encourage you to try it out. In our membership site, LYCF, we have trainings on using every type of platform to find a job. But today, we are just going to focus on ONE. It's one of my favorites. Facebook.


How To Say No To Your Boss or Clients With Chrysta Bairre

I can't even tell you how many times I said yes when I should have said no in my former corporate career. I made pretty much everyone of these communication mistakes when I was in my corporate job. So don't be like me and listen to the amazing wisdom of our guest today!


My BIG Personal Announcement

Sharing my biggest announcement to everyone. Make sure you won't missed it!


How Women Rise: Break the Habits Holding You Back with Sally Helgesen

Here's how I found out about today's guest. I was sitting at home reading a magazine and saw this book featured in a magazine. It was called How Women Rise and it immediately caught my attention. I thought wow it would be awesome to get the author on my podcast. Then, I went to the next page and continued on reading the magazine. The next day, the book was in my mailbox! I checked my calendar and realized, I already am scheduled to interview the author, Sally Helgesen, in just a few weeks....


Marketing 101: The Fundamental Rule of Authentic Marketing

Do you know the fundamental rule of marketing? If you are an entrepreneur, this is crucial so listen up! It’s important that your clients know you, like you and trust you. Don’t just open your sales page and expect people to buy. It can be days, weeks or years before someone actually pays you. We have to know this as we grow our business. This is how you market authentically because you aren’t pushing a product or service on them. You are just gaining trust from the people who are...


The Biggest Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make with Jenny Odegard

It's incredibly important to protect yourself legally when you are growing a business. Listen up to learn the essential "legal" pieces that entrepreneurs need. Today, I’d love to introduce you to Jenny Odegard owner of a New York City-based law firm that focuses on legal services for creatives and entrepreneurs. Today, she and her business partner Nakia Hansen work with boutique marketing agencies, influencers, beauty entrepreneurs, tech companies, artists, and many other wonderful and...


30 Networking Ideas That Could Change Your Life

I have a little challenge for you today! And I think you can handle it. Today's episode is a little different. I decided to read one of my top blog posts from Classy Career to you today on my 30-day networking plan challenge that I highly recommend. It could seriously change your life. Now the thing is that this challenge is meant to do in 30 days. One task each day. So today I just want you to listen to the entire challenge and each day's activities. Then, I want you to go to the...


How to Be Spontaneous with Judith Humphrey

Have you ever seen a really important person in your company or even in the online world in real life and you just freeze because you have no idea what to say to them. And if you don't say anything at all, you miss on creating an amazing connection. This just happened to my husband and I. We were at a car wash here in San Diego and we were wishing our car right next to Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive income Podcast which I have listened to for years. We hesitated and almost didn't say...


3 Critical Pieces That Must Be In Place To Have a Successful Business

Today's topic is such an important one and a question I get asked all the time!! People ask me all the time, please provide a checklist so that I know what I need to do to build a successful business. Well, today I am going to give you the 3 most important pieces. Pay attention to these 3 things and you'll be submitting your resignation letter very soon. Question: I’m looking for more information on how you “know” you’d be able to quit your corporate job and run your business full...


How Meghan Covert-Russell Grew Her Physical Product Business On The Side of Her Day Job

I bring in a lot of experts on the podcast but today I wanted to bring in someone just like you and me. Today we are taking a peek behind the scenes of a real startup story. Get ready to be inspired to see how you can create a successful business on the side of your day job too! Meghan Covert-Russell Founder of Poppy and Oak. They create custom and curated boxes featuring goods from local makers and farmers markets in Northern California. Working hard on this on the side of her day...


3 Must-Have Tools For Small Businesses

When you are just getting started thinking about growing your business, there are so many tools to choose from! How do you pick the best one for you? In today's podcast, I break down the 3 must-have tools that all business owners should have. This is where you should start so you don't get overwhelmed.


The First Steps To Clarity For Speaking and TED Talks with Dolores

Have you ever wanted to speak on a stage to thousands of people? Have you ever wanted to have such a clear message that your TED talk gets heard by millions around the world? If so, you are going to love this woman I am going to interview. I learned a ton from this interview and I know you will too. Register for the Freedom Workshop If you want to serve others as a business owner and you know you have a bigger purpose or you have a business but...


How to Know When To Quit Your Day Job

Many years ago my husband and got married and drowned ourselves in debt. It's something I am not proud of but what I am proud of is that we got out of debt, decreased our expenses and somehow were able to both quit our jobs to pursue our career and business goals. This did not happen overnight. Today I am going to walk you through some of the beginning budgeting basics we learned in order to decide whether we could quit our day jobs and actually make a living with our business. So if you...


How to Start a Business in the Fashion Industry

Many women dream of starting a fashion brand. I know having a Classy Career Girl clothing line is definitely one of my long-term goals which are why I was so excited to interview our next guest with a wealth of knowledge launching and building fashion brands. If you have the same dream of getting into the fashion industry or just want to hear more about what it's all about and how the fashion industry has changed lately, you are going to love this episode. Business Plan Challenge:...


The 5 Biggest Time Management Mistakes That Cause Stress and overwhelm

Is your calendar stressing you out? Feel a little out of control? Do you ever think there are just not enough hours in the day? You might be making one of these 5 time management mistakes that cause stress and overwhelm that I am going to tell you about in this episode. If you'd like more help on goal setting and self-discipline, I think you are going to love my free 90-day planner that includes my to-do list that I do every single week. I no longer buy planners at the store even though...


How Tanya Got Over Her Fear of Live Video and Made More Money in Her Side Hustle Than Her Day Job

I recently did this interview for my podcast and while I was recording it I knew I had to get this into your hands IMMEDIATELY! But first, I totally messed up in this interview and pronounced her name wrong!! Today's interview is with Tanya Conner-Green and Tanya I am so sorry for mispronouncing your name during the interview. Tanya totally reminds me of myself a few years back and shared so many things that are going to help you take your business to the next level! And so much more!...


The Daily Habit That Will Change Everything

Everything I teach in this podcast is lessons I have learned myself and today's lesson is a great one. It singlehandedly made me so much happier and less stressed about doing more more more and gave me the peace of mind to stay focused on what I need to accomplish each and everyday. I can't wait for you to hear the one daily habit that will change everything for you. Register for our upcoming webinar: How to Ditch Your Dead-End Job and Find a Career You Love...