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Growth. Brand. Community.We want to show marketers and business owners how to holistically grow their brands via a community.

Growth. Brand. Community.We want to show marketers and business owners how to holistically grow their brands via a community.


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Growth. Brand. Community.We want to show marketers and business owners how to holistically grow their brands via a community.






Episode 20: Wanna be a big fish? Shrink your pond

Carrie and Erin discuss tactics, tips, and pitfalls to expanding your business when maybe its better to shrink your "pond." They also discuss the recent shutdown of Brandless (have you listened to Episode 17 yet?)


Episode 18: B2B Community Collaboration

How can businesses partner to "get the word out" and share the cost of promotion?


Episode 17: Don't Alienate the Base - A Case Study

Erin Jones & Carrie Hill take a look at Brandless and their recent product line/pricing change and their mistakes that led to a very disgruntled client base.


Episode 16: Building Communities - A Case Study with Jennifer Cario

Carrie and Erin welcome friend & special guest Jennifer Cario to talk about her exciting foray away from marketing and into being a restauranteur!


Episode 15: Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?

Is engaging an influencer to promote your brand worth it? It might be - but being prepared & choosing the right kind of influencer, at the right pricepoint - could make all the difference.


Episode 14: You Gotta Give to Get - Supporting your supporters

If you want people to like your stuff & support you, make sure you're returning the favor.


Episode 13: Creating Karma with Community Content

Using information and content from your local community can create a big opportunity for content that benefits your brand and shows you as a member of your "neighborhood." Highlighting the history, community events, members, etc can make a difference.


Episode 12: Party Time! Using Events to Reach Your Community.

Carrie & Erin give tips on using events to reach out to your local or virtual community!


Episode 11: Competitor Comparisons - Out "Branding" the Competition

Carrie & Erin walk you through determining who your brand's true competitors are - and what to do about it!


Episode 10: Planning Ahead to Protect your Brand

Creating company policies for how your brand is represented in public can save a lot of conflict and misunderstanding. Erin & Carrie give tips on creating a policy for YOUR business.


Episode 9: Promise and Deliver - Developing your Brand Promise

The brand promise is a value or experience a company's customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company.


Episode 8- What you Intended is not Always what they Perceive

YOU know what you intended to say THEY know what you intended to say You both don't take it the same way.


Episode 7: Resolve to Rock it in 2020

Carrie and Erin give tips and thoughts on how to rock your marketing with a plan to start 2020. Do you have an editorial calendar? Have you evaluated which campaigns worked and which ones flopped? Do you know WHEN you're going to start your Memorial Day campaigns? If you answered NO to this, and other questions you may have about 2020, let us help you get some ideas for setting yourself up for success!


Episode 6: Thank You, Thank You Very Much

It's the time of year to think about being thankful - to your clients, employees, community, friends AND family. Erin and Carrie share some tips for ways to show your appreciation - and some traps that we find brands falling into that show greed, not gratitude


Episode 5 - You Mad Bro? Recognizing and Dealing With Trolls

It's inevitable - if you open your brand up to social media and community - eventually, a troll will stop by and drop a bomb on your page/post/reviews. Erin & Carrie give you some tips for identifying trolls and some tactics for dealing with their less-than-humorous antics.


Episode 4: Reviews - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Join Erin & Carrie as they talk about how to deal with responding to reviews in the new online landscape. Every review should be responded to, the good ones, the bad ones, and the really UGLY ones. Tips & tactics for how to craft a great response that extends the interaction with your customers & clients.


Episode 3: Feedback - How Will You Know If You Don't Ask?

Getting reviews for your business is greatly impacted by how you ASK for those reviews. Erin and Carrie take a look at different tactics for soliciting feedback from your clients and customers.


Episode 2: If You Wanna Be Awesome, Don't Be Awful

In this episode, Erin & Carrie talk about ways you can be awesome during a crisis - and some tips for being "ready" to be awesome during a crisis. And by crisis, we dont' necessarily mean a problem for your business. It could be a weather event in your community/network, a supplier issue that you can't control, or something happening down the street. We use the Alamo Draft House as our Karma Kudo (great job last week to those folks in Dallas). And of course, no "Karma Kudo" is complete...


Episode 1 - Why Community Karma?

Erin and Carrie discuss why they were inspired to start The Community Karma Podcast and outline what you can expect from each episode! We'll talk about Karma Kudos, Catastrophes, and Clap-Backs and other topics that we'll include in each episode. Be sure to tune in every Friday for a new episode!