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040 | Soulful Social Networking

Connect more soulfully with your online community with greater clarity & authenticity... In this episode, I'm talking about the principles of soulful social networking and how you can help your audience feel more at home with your words so they can become deeply connected to you and your work by posting with more purpose as well as how you can cultivate relationships with the individuals within your audience to turn business into something that is so much more fulfilling than just a...


039 | Crystalizing Your Soul Path with Ashley Leavy

Ashley Leavy is the founder and educational director at the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. In this episode, we chat about how she created an inspiring online empire around her love of crystals and her tips on working with crystals to help us illuminate and clarify our soul path based on our zodiac signs. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download Ashley’s Zodiac Sign Crystal Guide to get a list of all of the crystals Ashley...


038 | Magnetizing with Your Mission Statement

How can you write a mission statement that magnetizes your ideal audience… almost like magic? In this episode, we’re talking about writing a mission statement that clearly outlines what you’re all about in a way that will enchant the right people with your magical presence as well as why having a good mission statement is so important if you run an online business. // For complete episode show notes, visit Get a worksheet to help you write a...


037 | Raising Your Abundance Vibe with Jenna Black

Jenna Black is a coach, activator, and messenger for visionary spiritual women who are rising into abundance and impact - on every level. In this episode, we're chatting about how to rewire your money blocks and raise your vibe to open up to receive more abundance by stepping fully into your next level of influence, impact, and income just being your true self. // For complete episode show notes, visit Get Jenna's 10-minute Raise Your Wealth...


036 | Work/Life Balance for your Zodiac Sign

How can we take better care of ourselves based on our zodiac sign? 💫 In this episode, we're talking about the infamous concept of the work/life balance, and how tuning into the unique energetic needs of our zodiac sign can help us feel more in sync with our bodies so we can do better work in the world - and feel good while we do it - without burning out along the way. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download my complete Astro Wellness...


035 | Stop People Pleasing with Amy E. Smith

Amy E. Smith is a certified confidence coach and the founder of In this episode, we're chatting about honoring your worth, how to stop putting others' needs above your own whether in your life or work (a.k.a. being a chronic people pleaser), and how to speak your truth in a way that is way less scary as well as graceful and respectful. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download Amy's workbook with 9 super helpful and...


034 | Getting Motivated with your Mars Sign

Having trouble procrastinating instead of actually getting things done? In this episode, I'm talking about the planet of action, motivation, and drive - Mars - and how it can help us understand what truly drives us to want to get things done so we can stop procrastinating and pursue our greatest passions with gusto. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download a guide to understanding how to decode the house your Mars falls in by becoming a...


033 | Branding Astrology with Leslie Tagorda

Leslie Tagorda is an Aquarius and a Brand Navigator at New Moon Creative Co., a branding, visual identity, and web design studio that specializes in finding and creating the brand that was written in the stars for you, using your unique astrological birth chart as a guide. // For complete episode show notes, visit Get access to Leslie's Brand Activator Training by becoming a patron of the podcast at


032 | The 4 Elements of Astro-Compatibility

Ever wonder who you work the best with and why? The Four Elements can help explain this and so much more... In this episode, I'm talking about the four elements of nature - Fire, Earth, Air & Water - and how understanding them from an astrological perspective can help you uncover your innate strengths & weaknesses, find out who you work the best with and why, how to hire help and what for, as well as how to decode what your dreams may be telling you is out of balance in your life. // For...


031 | Chakra Balancing for Business Success with Amber-Lee Lyons

Amber-Lee Lyons is a chakra expert, master manifester, and the founder of Chakra Girl Co. Here's how she found her cosmic calling and how you can balance your chakras to energetically align your business for success. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download Amber-Lee's Chakra Activation Meditation by becoming a patron of the podcast at


030 | The Ultimate Guide to Retrogrades

All planets go into retrograde at some point. In this episode, we're talking about all things retrogrades including why they happen, how they affect us, and how we can deal with them without getting totally thrown off our game. We also discuss how to decode what it means if you were born with retrogrades in your birth chart. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download a guide to decoding the retrograde planets on your chart by becoming a...


029 | Working with Spirit Guides with Courtney Beck

Courtney Beck is an incredible author & healer who channels books and messages from gods & guides. In this episode, we chat about her unexpected spiritual awakening which led her to leave her corporate strategy job after realizing she was meant to become a scribe for the Hindu deity Krishna, the Egyptian goddess Isis, and other guides from the spirit realm, as well as how you can work with your own team of spirit guides to help you manifest what you want, pursue your calling, and get support...


028 | Finding Joy with your Jupiter Sign

One of the most important aspects of your cosmic calling is finding your joy. Here's how Jupiter can help... In this episode, we're doing a deep dive into the planet Jupiter and how we can work with it - both in our astrology charts & by finding its placement in the sky - to find what brings us the most joy, abundance, expansion, and growth. We also discuss how to find out which area of your life Jupiter is going to make especially awesome for you in 2019 based on your specific zodiac...


027 | Tapping into the Soul of Your Business with Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett is a Scorpio and spiritual business strategist who uses Human Design, the power of ritual, and million dollar attraction strategies to make selling feel sacred, aligned, and easy. In this episode, we're talking about all of the fascinating topics above as well as how she got into the work she does today and her magical tips for intuitively tapping into the soul of your business. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download...


026 | Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome keeps so many of us from doing the work we really want to do in the world. Here's how to overcome it... 💫 In this episode, I'm chatting about a common theme that often comes up in my astrology readings, even with the brightest, most accomplished people doing amazing things in their field, as well as those who are scared of even getting started when it comes to doing the work they really want to - and were actually born to - do in the world. // For complete episode show...


025 | Using Tarot in Your Business with Brigit Esselmont

Brigit Esselmont is the creator of Biddy Tarot and the author of a fantastic new book called Everyday Tarot. In this episode, we not only discuss how she found her cosmic calling but also how you can learn to read Tarot with confidence and use it to build your own business empire in a way that is truly aligned with your intuition and your soul purpose. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download Brigit’s resources for beginners who want to...


024 | Preparing for a Powerful 2019

A new year is right around the corner. Here's how to make it amazing... In this episode, I'm going solo to give you a head's up on the major astrological themes that are incoming for 2019 and how you can prepare to make it a powerful year for your life & career. // For complete episode show notes, visit Download a preview of the first 10 pages of my 2019 Yearly Forecast e-book by becoming a patron of the podcast at...


023 | Creating Soul Wealth with Ryan Yokome

Ryan Yokome is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. In this episode, we're chatting about how he found his cosmic calling coaching and helping spiritual seekers develop their intuition, get into vibrational alignment with their deepest desires, and discover their life purpose in order to create soul wealth. For complete episode show notes, visit // Get access to Ryan Yokome's 60-minute training on how to create...


022 | Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

It's time to handle Mercury Retrograde like a total boss... In this episode, we're uncovering all the dirt about the infamous cosmic phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde - both the basic concepts you've probably already heard before - and the deeper, more soulful side of Mercury we don't hear about nearly enough, so you can actually use these reflection periods that happen 3-4 times per year to your advantage in your life & career. For complete episode show notes, visit...


021 | Turning Your Calling into a Course with Destinee Berman

Destinee Berman is a digital strategist for healers, holistic coaches, and spiritual business owners. In this episode, we're chatting about how she transformed 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley managing clients like Twitter, HP, and Microsoft into helping spiritual practitioners who shy away from charging for their spiritual and healing work get paid without selling out by packaging their calling into a course and her tips on how you can do the same. For complete episode show notes,...