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A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.


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A series of podcasts which explain to a non-technical audience how "Dark Money" (e.g. money laundering, corruption, bribery, tax evasion) enters the financial system and infects everything it touches.








Dr Blake’s casebook – a roundup of stories you may have missed

In this episode we work through three of the smaller regulatory actions from last year which nevertheless contain nuggets of gold, successfully panned by Ray. Support the show


Can we have the Bill please?

In something of a departure from our normal content, we review the passage of the Economic Crime and Corporate Reform Bill through the UK parliamentary system and use the opportunity to explain in more detail just how the scrutiny and passing of legislation works in practice. Support the show


Trivia - when three paths meet

In this episode we weave together crypto, courts and controversy when Sam Bankman Fried meets the Court of Justice of the European Union and a millionaire underwear Baroness. Support the show


AOB – recent publications and guidance

It’s been a little while so we thought we’d do a bit of a catch up on some recent publications from Wolfsberg, the FATF and the Finnish FSA. Support the show


Fraud part three: Watcha gonna do about it!

In our final part of our look at fraud, we explain, in general terms, current approaches to how best to compensate the victims and deny the fraudsters (as well as explaining briefly, why the gap since the last episode). Support the show


Your company is not welcome here!

We interrupt our suite of podcasts on fraud to bring you a special episode relating to the human cost of fake company incorporations. Working with various different media outlets, we’ve helped bring to light some of the stories relating to people who unwittingly fall foul of fake company incorporators. Listen, for example, to this recent episode of BBCs You and Yours: Support the show


Fraud part two: The grift that keeps on grifting

In this second part of our series on fraud we delve into some of the different types of fraud. We proffer some “mildly salacious” examples, along with others which are rather more serious. Support the show


Fraud, intents and purposes

In this pun laden episode, we start to delve into the world of fraud. More to follow… Support the show


Synthetic data and real-world applications: The FCA call for input

The UK regulator, in common with most regulators around the world, is keen to understand the role that synthetic data might play, alongside Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It has made a call for input which closes on 22 June. In this episode we review the current state of play, the uses for synthetic data and why contributing to this call is so important. Link to the call:...


Tax: Avoidance, evasion, and small umbrellas

In this episode we tackle the thorny issue of tax avoidance, aggressive tax avoidance and tax evasion. We also take a closer look at one of the schemes which falls somewhere on that spectrum: mini-umbrella companies. Support the show


Selfies, Swipes and Security - authentication in the digital age

In this episode we look at all things digital and how it is changing the landscape of authentication whilst making KYC more dynamic. Support the show


A view from the dark side – Part 3

To conclude this trilogy of podcasts looking at the world from the money launderers point of view, Ray and Graham take a deep dive into trade-based money laundering and trade finance. They revisit the research conducted by John Zdanowicz – copy of the report referred to can be found here. $5000 tweezers and enriched uranium at $15/kg make for a lively episode! Support the show


A view from the dark side - Part 2

In this second part of Graham & Ray’s trip to the dark side, and with almost prescient timing, they explain how to set up a global money laundering machine. Please don’t try this at home. Support the show


A view from the dark side - Part 1

Having spent three years and 93 episodes reporting from the side of the great and the good, Ray and Graham move the focus to the view from the dark side. And it sounds like they had an inordinate amount of fun doing so! Two more parts to follow! Support the show


NatWest Bank and HSBC: The King, his cleaner and the thirsty aspidistra

We bring this trilogy of episodes around transaction monitoring failures to an end with a final review of the NatWest case and a comparison with the recent fine levied against HSBC. What’s that got to do with a King, his cleaner and a thirsty aspidistra? You’ll need to listen to find out! Support the show


NatWest Bank and the Bradford Laundromat - part 2

In this episode we bring you the second part of our deep dive into the criminal prosecution of NatWest through the lens of the Statement of Facts which accompanied the guilty verdict. This time, amongst other things, we cover smelly banknotes and bin bags full of cash. Support the show


NatWest Bank and the Bradford Laundromat - part 1

In this episode we bring you part one of a deep dive into the criminal prosecution of NatWest through the lens of the Statement of Facts which accompanied the guilty verdict. No matter where you are in the world, given the ubiquity of AML regulations, this will be relevant to you and your organisation. Support the show


Green flags and white lists

In this episode we want to move away from always being suspicious and look at the other side of the coin. Can we use green flags to help identify suspicious behaviour from a very different angle? And do we need to be cautious in our use of whitelists? Support the show


Companies House Advanced Search

In this episode we enthusiastically review the new advanced search function recently launched on the Companies House website. We also make a heartfelt plea for other corporate registers to look and learn from the huge potential gains in proactively managing corporate financial crime risk that it facilitates. Support the show


Regulators, statistics and benchmarking

In this episode we look at how the FCA’s REP-CRIM report can assist firms in assessing the effectiveness of their AML controls through both trend analysis and benchmarking against their peers. And we explain how trend analysis such as this can benefit all financial institutions wherever they do business. Support the show