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This is The Decision by Nashville EO. On this podcast, you will hear the rest of the story after tough decisions were made by Entrepreneurs who faced adversity and lived to tell about it.


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This is The Decision by Nashville EO. On this podcast, you will hear the rest of the story after tough decisions were made by Entrepreneurs who faced adversity and lived to tell about it.




Rebuilding a Business From Scratch - Leon Leinbach

Leon Leinbach is the Founder of Keystone Construction, a post-frame construction company helping owners build their dream structures. He is also the Founder and CEO of Blue Jay Garage Doors, which provides and installs garage doors, openers, and springs for homeowners and businesses. With 16 years of experience in the pole barn building industry, Leon has erected over 2,000 projects through Keystone Construction. In this episode… Spirited entrepreneurs often launch their businesses as solo operations as they try to execute a swift vision. Yet eventually, these professionals must structure their companies to scale or risk losing money. How can you reinvent your business with experienced talent, core values, and a robust company culture? With an entrepreneurial urge to satisfy, Leon Leinbach founded a construction company after overseeing a business as a foreman. After managing the entire operation singlehandedly, Leon realized he had to delegate responsibilities. However, without the knowledge or resources to train qualified employees, his company culture became a toxic environment, and he began losing revenue. Faced with a heavy decision to either sell his family’s farm or the business, Leon moved into a small property and restructured his company. When restoring your business, establishing core values and holding culture meetings to uphold those values allows you to attract and retain compatible talent for a prosperous company. On this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Leon Leinbach, the Founder of Keystone Construction, joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to share his company’s path to redemption. Together, they explain how EO members can maximize their membership experiences, the challenges Leon faced and decisions he made managing Keystone Construction, and how he discovered EO Nashville.


Pivoting and Thriving After Failure - Danielle McGee

Danielle McGee is the Founder of Black Business Boom, a social enterprise supporting entrepreneurship in black communities. She is also a professor at Tennessee State University and the Founder of Black Owned Nashville, a network of thousands of Nashville-based Black entrepreneurs. As a certified digital marketer and passionate business leader, Danielle bridges the gap between business owners and the community. In this episode… Some entrepreneurs are so dissatisfied with the corporate environment that they launch a business without thoroughly assessing the financial and legal aspects that come with it. Instead, entrepreneurs should only embark on a business venture once they’ve identified a central mission. Learn how you can create the business of your dreams with support and experience. Desperate to escape the corporate confines, Black entrepreneur Danielle McGee opened a spa. Yet without proper zoning requirements, she couldn’t offer massages, which impacted revenue significantly. Determined to make a living as a full-time entrepreneur, Danielle spent nights and weekends bartending, cleaning houses, and working as an Uber driver. However, she didn’t secure enough revenue to sustain the business. Armed with fresh knowledge and experiences, Danielle identified and honed her vision and joined EO, where she gained strength and moral support to build and scale an impactful business. In today’s episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline sit down with Danielle McGee, the Founder of Black Business Boom, to discuss her mission-driven entrepreneurial journey. Danielle mentions the forum retreat activities that altered her perspective on life, her experience filing for bankruptcy, and how she supports Black entrepreneurs.


Giving Back to EO - Bill McCleskey

Bill McCleskey is the Founder of Mitech, a telecommunications company allowing IT consultants to earn income in business and residential telecom. While working as a Business Account Executive at Comcast, he founded Mitech, which attracted over 70 referral partners and 300 clients within the first year. Bill has been a board member and EO Forum Group Chair at EO Nashville since 2021. In this episode… Entrepreneurs’ Organization is an exceptional resource for navigating personal and professional decisions, but how can you apply the wisdom you obtain in a forum to enhance business value? One spirited entrepreneur transformed his business through various positions on EO Nashville’s board of directors. Find out how! Without fruitful relationships, entrepreneurship can be a lonely expedition, and as Bill McCleskey has observed, the experiences can be isolating when you can’t share them with anyone. After joining EO, he recognized that he could maximize his experience and exposure by giving back and volunteering on the board of directors. This decision allowed him to cultivate and leverage valuable relationships for his business. EO forums and events have a designated structure, so Bill recommends implementing one lesson a month into your business, extending the impact to your team and personal endeavors, In this edition of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson talk with Bill McCleskey, the Founder of Mitech, about how he leverages his EO experience to maximize business relationships. Bill also mentions his crucial acquisition decision, his career journey from a Comcast employee to an entrepreneur, and why he runs marathons.


Living Out Loud - Dan Manson

Dan Manson, CADC-CS, is the Co-founder, President, and Chairman of Elevate Addiction Services, a residential drug and alcohol rehab program that treats addiction using a holistic approach. With over 25 years of experience in the substance abuse treatment industry, he is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC) and a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor-Clinical Supervisor (CADC-CS). Dan has served as a rehab director, managing multiple facilities and working with employees, contractors, vendors, government officials, and politicians. He has also appeared on television, radio, and news channels. In this episode… Entrepreneurship promotes independence and allows professionals to execute their vision and values. However, if your business is licensed under a corporation, your ideas are often appropriated and your leadership limited. Hear how a Nashville newcomer escaped a hegemonic system and discovered his individuality. With a passion for helping addicts transform their lives, addiction counselor Dan Manson strived to manage his business with heart. Yet the newly appointed management in a licensee corporation had alternative ideas and suppressed all of Dan’s efforts, leading him to sacrifice his virtue to maintain his business. After becoming overburdened by the longstanding oppression, Dan vowed never to be exploited again and, with the help of lawyers, severed his business from the corporation. In light of his experiences, he encourages every entrepreneur to live authentically and trust themselves more than others. With an encouraging EO forum, you can receive accountability to make pivotal decisions. In today’s episode of The Decision by EO Nashville, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson meet with Dan Manson, the Co-founder, President, and Chairman of Elevate Addiction Services, to talk about his journey to individuality. Dan shares his identity before joining EO, how he began counseling addicts after partying in college, and best practices for participating in EO forums.


From Revenue Loss to Recovery: Gaining Strength Through EO - Jennifer Ghanem

Jennifer Ghanem is the Founder, Owner, and Attorney at The Row Title & Escrow, LLC, a boutique real estate settlement services company. She is also a Founding Partner at Keller, Turner, Andrews, and Ghanem, PLLC, a boutique law firm catering to the needs of entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. As a licensed lawyer, Jennifer represents developers, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, homeowners associations, and financial institutions in real estate transactions, including residential purchases and commercial property acquisitions. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she served as in-house counsel for First American Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. In this episode… For many entrepreneurs, a market collapse is one of the most harrowing experiences. Without proper support, guidance, and resources, this can lead to bankruptcy. How can you recover your business after a significant revenue loss? Real estate entrepreneur Jennifer Ghanem had the ideal business with top-tier talent and enough revenue to provide them with adequate pay and benefits. However, when interest rates spiked and stalled real estate transactions, Jennifer’s revenue plummeted by 80%, forcing her to cut her leading talents’ hours and pay and obtain a loan from the bank to offset the loss. This experience taught her the importance of flexibility and establishing an emergency fund. Jennifer suggests leveraging your forum for tips on saving money and allocating crucial business assets for times of need. On this episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline welcome Jennifer Ghanem, the Founder, Owner, and Attorney at The Row Title & Escrow, LLC, who talks about the turning point in her entrepreneurial journey. Jennifer discusses her identity before joining EO, the lessons she learned after recovering her business, and how she facilitated a forum retreat around a book reading.


Evolving Entrepreneurial Goals Through EO - Matthew Charette

Matthew Charette is a serial entrepreneur and restaurateur who sold three restaurants in 2023. With many years of experience in the hospitality industry, his skills include management, strategic planning, leadership, public speaking, and team building. Matthew is also a former US Marine Intelligence Analyst and Operator. In this episode… It’s natural for entrepreneurs to feel trapped by their businesses, especially if they lack a clear direction and sound systems to reach their goals. Yet even with a robust business model, entrepreneurs may consider selling their companies. With your business tied to your identity, how can you establish and attain new goals? Multi-restaurant entrepreneur Matthew Charette believed his businesses were scaling seamlessly. After joining Catalyst and, later, EO, he realized his restaurants couldn’t operate without him. His experience observing others’ successes and failures allowed him to build systems and a high-performing management team. However, once Matthew reached the pinnacle of his progress, he struggled to identify a new direction, leading him to sell his business and create a lasting legacy in EO. When you have forum mates invested in your future, you can establish and accept decisions and goals. In this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, guest Matthew Charette joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to share his trajectory in EO and restaurant ownership. Matthew talks about how he rebuilt his restaurant sites following a tornado, his experience with PTSD, and how to give back to your forum.


EO Support: An Entrepreneurial Growth Driver - Michael Ramsey

Michael Ramsey is the Clinic Director at We Grow Hair at PAI Medical Group, a clinic offering hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration. After receiving a failed hair transplant, he partnered with the PAI Medical Group to open its first US-based hair restoration clinic in Nashville. As a senior medical consultant, Michael has specialized in hair restoration since 1999. In this episode… As an entrepreneur, your business will go through many iterations as you grow personally and professionally. What began as an experiential vision may evolve to accommodate new goals. Learn how a solutions-oriented entrepreneur elevated his business through community support and strategies. Having experienced hair loss and the embarrassment of a botched hair transplant, Michael Ramsey opened a clinic to help others avoid similar experiences. While this vision was enough to sustain the business through launch, Michael realized he lacked the operational knowledge to scale. After joining an EO forum and engaging with experienced professionals, he leveraged EOS to work more efficiently and systematically, creating an alternative path for himself and his business. Michael endorses EO as a personal and professional growth mechanism, advising others to invest back into the forum to take control of their entrepreneurial journey and obtain maximum benefits. On this episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline welcome their guest Michael Ramsey, the Clinic Director of We Grow Hair at PAI Medical Group. Together, they discuss how support from EO members can elevate the entrepreneurial journey. Michael also shares how he helps people boost their confidence through hair restoration, his experience in EO orientation, and the origin story of his business.


Escaping From the Retail Trap - Robert Hartline

Robert Hartline is the Founder and CEO of CallProof, a company that helps B2B sales teams manage their customers using a sales activity reporting system. He has been a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) for about eight years. He is also a Professional EOS Implementer for EOS Worldwide, where he shares his experience using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to scale a business from $10 million to $100 million in three years. Robert is the Founder of 8 Decisions, a life operating system for driven entrepreneurs. Before his current endeavors, Robert founded Absolute Wireless, a wireless retailer with 78 retail locations, which he sold in 2020. In this episode… Many entrepreneurs consider retail one of the most demanding industries, especially for franchisees. These business owners must manage the launch and growth of multiple locations, which often presents unparalleled challenges. Some entrepreneurs become so burned out they consider selling their businesses. When you’ve put so much effort into scaling, is it possible to find an alternative purpose? Long-time retail entrepreneur Robert Hartline became attracted to sales after realizing he could design the lifestyle he desired. His unique ability to repair phones led him to establish a wireless retail store. After joining EO and learning the power of revenue diversification, delegation, and systems, Robert franchised his business from 13 to 78 stores in three years. Yet a string of break-ins, armed robberies, and identity theft incidents left him feeling paranoid and defeated. Although Robert’s acquisition process was plagued by fraud and legal issues, his EO forum helped him navigate the process and discover his true calling. Rather than feeling like a prisoner of your business, Robert affirms you can partner with mentors to share stories, refine your vision, and embark on an alternative career path. Join Eric Jackson as he interviews Robert Hartline, CallProof’s Founder and CEO, about his professional growth journey. Robert talks about being raised in a Nazi training facility, the event that facilitated his sobriety, and how he realized he wasn’t cut out for the music industry.


Navigating Entrepreneurship and the EO Experience - Eric Jackson

Eric Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Element 47, a web design and marketing agency that helps businesses reach their marketing goals and connect to their next customer. Eric has been a member of EO for about 15 years. Before Element 47, he was the Founder and Managing Partner at Keystone Business Solutions and the President of the EO Nashville Chapter. In this episode… Many first-time entrepreneurs undertake multiple ventures, launching, buying, and selling various businesses before settling on a single industry or niche. Despite the volatility of early ownership, entrepreneurs have a propensity for self-employment. Hear about the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneurial journey from a seasoned businessman who has done it all. After dabbling in printing and advertising, Eric Jackson launched a web development agency with a business partner. Yet partnerships aren’t always beneficial, as Eric discovered after trying to scale his company with two separate visions. Having made unproductive decisions, endured industry shutdowns from the pandemic, and struggled with alcohol addiction, Eric honed and developed his leadership skills. He recommends developing a trusted leadership team that can assume major responsibilities and make pivotal decisions, allowing you to focus on growth and relationship-building. In today’s The Decision podcast episode, Eric Jackson joins Robert Hartline to talk about his entrepreneurial endeavors. Eric shares how to own your EO forum experience, the significance of forum clearing rounds, and how sobriety impacts leadership.


Growing Through Entrepreneurship - Joe F. Brannon III

Joe F. Brannon III is the Founder and CEO of TL Connects, which helps businesses increase revenue by building stronger relationships with their customers. He is also the Founder and CEO of textLiving, a customer loyalty and text marketing platform. As a servant leader, Joe focuses on building his company, team, customers, and software. In this episode… Studies show that 99% of early-stage businesses never reach $1 million in sales. Additionally, less than 1% of companies attain $10 million during their tenure. Would you venture into entrepreneurship if you knew the hardships you faced would reap little reward? With a $1 million minimum revenue to join, Entrepreneurs’ Organization comprises business owners who defy the 1%. A case in point is software builder Joe F. Brannon III, who had built and lost several profitable businesses before declaring bankruptcy. Determined to remain an entrepreneur for the long term, he began teaching other business owners how to build and scale software companies. Yet this business was not without its challenges, so Joe joined EO for emotional support and guidance. By presenting crucial decisions and obstacles before a structured forum, you can gain clarity and scale beyond $1 million through thought-provoking questions and shared experiences. In the latest episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson welcome their guest Joe F. Brannon III, the Founder and CEO of TL Connects, who shares his journey through entrepreneurship and EO. Joe explains how EO facilitated his personal growth, his transition from managing a $10 million company as an employee to building proprietary software, and how to conduct EO forum presentations.


How a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur Discovered Her Calling - Deeannah Seymour

Deeannah Seymour is the Co-founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health, an independently held and certified women-owned and operated business providing health and wellness products for women struggling with feminine health issues. With a biology background and 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Deeannah partnered with the healthcare company Vireo Systems to develop products with holistic ingredients. She was named an EY (Ernst & Young) Entrepreneurial Winning Woman, and pH-D was recognized as one of WPO’s (Women Presidents Organization) 50 Fastest-Growing Companies. In this episode… Entrepreneurship is not characterized exclusively by business value. Instead, entrepreneurs should dedicate themselves to a life-long mission, fostering a meaningful impact for their target audience. As a woman business owner fueled by public service, today’s guest embodies modesty and selflessness. Deeannah Seymour’s corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry initiated a momentous opportunity to donate a kidney to a little boy on dialysis. Inspired by the family’s story, this decision — along with her personal health struggles — led Deeannah to transition from corporate healthcare to entrepreneurship. She built her business to encourage confidence among women as they transform their feminine health. With support from her EO forum, Deeannah created access to life-changing feminine health products for marginalized women. When tackling a new business venture, she proposes sharing your vision with network connections who can support and guide you. On this episode of The Decision, join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson as they invite Deeannah Seymour, the Co-founder and CEO of pH-D Feminine Health, to speak about her value-driven business venture. Deeannah shares her experience as an organ donor, how she eliminates the stigma surrounding feminine health, and her motivation for joining EO.


A Sobering Realization: Escaping From Alcohol Addiction - Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson

Robert Hartline is the Founder and CEO of CallProof, a company that helps B2B sales teams manage their customers using a sales activity reporting system. He has been a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) for about eight years. He is also a Professional EOS Implementer for EOS Worldwide, where he shares his experience using the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to scale a business from $10 million to $100 million in three years. Before CallProof and EOS Worldwide, Robert was the Founder of Absolute Wireless, a wireless retailer with 78 retail locations, which he sold in 2020. Eric Jackson is the Founder and CEO of Element 47, a web design and marketing agency that helps businesses reach their marketing goals and connect to their next customer. Eric has been a member of EO for about 15 years. Before Element 47, he was the Founder and Managing Partner at Keystone Business Solutions and the President of the EO Nashville Chapter. In this episode… Entrepreneurs must make countless decisions throughout their careers. But the decision to become sober is often considered one of the most difficult yet transformative choices. Learn inspiring stories from two EO leaders who embarked on a journey to sobriety while assisting others in the process. Excessive alcohol consumption hinders effective decision-making significantly, negatively impacting health, work, and family life. Some entrepreneurs quit drinking after a few unpleasant experiences, but for Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson, it took many years, a lost business opportunity, and countless anecdotes from fellow EO members to reach this decision. Becoming sober can be incredibly challenging when your network consumes alcohol regularly, so Eric and Robert recommend seeking help from a therapist and joining EO forums to facilitate sobriety. In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson open up about their respective alcohol addictions and how they achieved sobriety. Together, they discuss how their upbringing and past experiences influenced their dependencies, The Decision podcast as a catalyst to Eric’s sobriety, and how they help others in their sobriety journeys.


From Aspiring Singer to Eight-Figure Entrepreneur - Sherry Deutschmann

Sherry Deutschmann is the Founder and CEO of BrainTrust, a company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Before founding BrainTrust, she was the Founder and CEO of LetterLogic, which she scaled to $40 million before selling it in 2016. LetterLogic was named an Inc. 5000 company for 10 consecutive years and was featured in the New York Times, Business Leaders, Fast Company, and Forbes. As a serial entrepreneur, author, and advocate for employee-centric culture, Sherry was honored by President Barack Obama as a White House Champion of Change in 2016. In this episode… Many entrepreneurs are influenced by their early career experiences and build businesses that reflect the values and goals they’ve gained along the way. Yet upholding these initial principles can be complex when encountering obstacles during your journey. One of Nashville’s most admired entrepreneurs is a testament to humility, empathy, and resilience. With $200, a high school education, and a toddler, Sherry Deutschmann moved to Nashville to pursue a singing career. Having overestimated her abilities, she was forced to find another career path to pay the bills. After approaching her sales manager with an idea to boost customer satisfaction through employee engagement, Sherry realized she was undervalued, which led her to build a company on employee equity. The business was an admired success, but a sales offer left her feeling betrayed by a trusted team member. Joining EO and requesting help from your forum helps you foster an empathetic employee culture and navigate emotional business sales. In today’s episode of The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline invite Sherry Deutschmann, the Founder and CEO of BrainTrust, to speak about her versatile career trajectory. Sherry discusses building an employee-centric company, how new EO members can gain valuable insights, and her reluctance to fully accept EO.


Relationships Versus Popularity: A Humbling Growth Journey - Amy Tanksley

Amy Tanksley is the Owner of Uncle Classic Barbershop, an upscale, full-service barbershop with seven locations. She was named one of Nashville Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” and was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Nashville Post in 2012. In this episode… Most small business owners strive to leave legacies, usually through community impact or monetary contributions. Yet those focused solely on attaining rapid popularity in the market often experience stagnation when attempting to accommodate everyone. Learn the value of humility in your entrepreneurial journey from today’s guest, who values relationships over business growth. When presented with opportunities to expand her barbershop’s locations, Amy Tanksley envisioned lively and grand neighborhoods that would attract upscale clientele. However, after joining EO and evaluating her current locations, Amy assessed her service-based business model and turned her focus to building client relationships and providing stability and consistency for her team. If considering growth opportunities, Amy recommends separating your pride from business values to develop a reputable brand. In this episode of The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson host Amy Tanksley, the Owner of Uncle Classic Barbershop, who shares her humbling business growth journey. Amy talks about EO’s influence on her company’s success, how she fosters community with clients and team members, and Uncle Classic Barbershop’s origin story.


From Child Bride To Versatile Entrepreneur: How Mentorship Saved - Eva Angelina Romero

Eva Angelina Romero is the Owner and Principal Broker at Century 21 Capital Partners, where she focuses on residential sales, real estate development and investments, property management, and luxury real estate. With over 10 years of real estate experience, she sold her company Evaco Properties to the Century 21 Real Estate brand. In this episode… Individuals facing adversity are often drawn to entrepreneurship. These professionals are resilient, risk-taking, and highly driven but require a safe space to share their dilemmas with like-minded peers. Learn an incredible story about a silenced entrepreneur who found her voice, built a career, and navigated loss. As a child bride forced to marry at the age of 13, Eva Angelina Romero gained freedom after a mentor introduced her to sales and entrepreneurship. Yet losing her house during the stock market crash and hastily prioritizing business growth over family led her to join various entrepreneur groups before discovering EO, where she found support and admired the intimate nature of her forum. Maintaining effective relationships with forum members to reap the benefits of experience shares requires strict adherence to the rules, including time limits and agenda-setting. Forum members grow together when they facilitate uncomfortable conversations and take responsibility for their experiences by initiating the appropriate changes. Join Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson in today’s episode of The Decision as they welcome new EO member and Century 21 Capital Partners’ Owner and Principal Broker, Eva Angelina Romero, to discuss her setbacks and joining EO. Together, they explain forum clearing rounds, how EO clarifies the decision-making process, and Eva’s most difficult business decision.


Navigating Divorce and Business Restructurings Through EO Deep Dives

Adam Capps is the CEO and Managing Partner at ACS Commercial Roofing, which he transformed into one of the premier temporary and emergency repair companies in the Southeast. Under his leadership, ACS was recognized as a 2021 Inc. 5000 company. Adam is also a Partner at ReDry, which offers roof insulation. With 20 years of entrepreneurial and business development experience, he has spent over a decade in the commercial roofing industry. Adam is a member of EO and was recognized as Nashville Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO in 2020 and 2021. In this episode… As tenacious individuals, entrepreneurs often feel dissatisfied in various areas of their lives, frequently pursuing grander achievements. For some, this entails filing for divorce, preparing for acquisition, or altering business trajectories. How can you navigate sudden shifts in your journey and facilitate informed decisions? After deciding to buy out his business partner, entrepreneur and roofing expert, Adam Capps joined an existing EO forum to gain similar valuable experiences. Upon recognizing his desire to live life authentically and rediscover his purpose, Adam conferred with his forum members about his decision to file for divorce. Before executing any major decision, you must identify your reasoning and consider all possible alternatives. Additionally, joining an existing forum can feel isolating, so listening to other members retell their stories helps you become acclimated and encourages vulnerability and authenticity to share your challenges. In this episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline converse with Adam Capps, the CEO and Managing Partner of ACS Commercial Roofing, about his pivotal business and personal decisions. Adam shares how he altered his company’s services, how to leverage EO forums for informed decision-making, and how to connect with members in existing forums.


Maximizing the Value of Experience Shares

Joe Freedman is the Director of Fluid Capital, which converts unpaid invoices into cash — the Founder and Director of EventWorks, a leading event service business — and Joyride, the nation’s largest micro-transportation company for B2B and B2C businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, Joe has experience launching, growing, and exiting companies in executive search, title insurance, legal services, and hospitality. He has an NACD Directorship Certification and is the Director and Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee at Red Cat Holdings. In this episode… Entrepreneurs’ sense of self-worth is often tied to their business, so it’s discouraging when something goes wrong. Likewise, when approaching your EO forum with a business setback, it can sometimes seem like you’re the only one experiencing the struggle. How can you optimize your forum experience to receive the support you need during trying times? With a thriving business in the event space, Joe Freedman’s revenue declined significantly during the pandemic, while other companies in his EO forum seemed to flourish. But, after listening to others’ personal experiences, Joe discovered similarities, allowing him to assist and accept help from his forum members. To obtain maximum value from EO forums, you must actively participate in sessions by revealing deeply personal experiences and welcoming lessons from others’ stories. You can also attend international events to connect with additional members who may share your experiences. In today’s The Decision episode, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson chat with Joe Freedman of EventWorks, Fluid Capital, and Joyride, about addressing business and life challenges through active EO forum participation. Joe shares his decision-making process and investment criteria, EO Nashville’s future developments, and how EO has evolved since 1999.


Channeling the Entrepreneurial Gift of Ambition

Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann is the Founding Partner of The Brackmann Group, a highly specialized performance consulting group. He is also the co-author of Driven, which teaches driven individuals to master their unique gifts. With two PhDs in psychology, Dr. Doug has spent over 15 years working with top performers like CEOs, entrepreneurs, and athletes to help them overcome limiting beliefs, stop the cycle of shame, and achieve personal and professional success. In this episode… High-performing individuals like entrepreneurs and Navy SEALs possess an innate ambitious quality that enables them to accomplish remarkable feats. However, this trait can also lead to addictive and impulsive behaviors that distract these professionals from reaching their full potential. How can you navigate and harness your untapped gift? After struggling to discover his identity, Dr. Douglas Brackmann researched and wrote a book based on the Hunter versus Farmer theory, which suggests that ADHD and similar disorders are present in highly driven individuals akin to hunters adapting to a gatherer’s environment. Dr. Doug discovered these leaders allow feelings to govern their decisions, so he advises separating rational thinking from emotions to reconcile trauma and identity. Since driven people crave deep, intimate connections, EO forums allow them to express vulnerability without judgment. In today’s episode of The Decision, the co-author of Driven, Dr. Douglas (Doug) Brackmann, joins Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson to talk about leveraging the entrepreneurial gift. Dr. Doug explains the role of genetics in driven identities, how to navigate fatherhood as an entrepreneur, and tools for managing your analytical mind.


Carving an Entrepreneurial Path as a Visionary

Matt Crews is the CEO of Big Machine Music City Grand Prix, a three-day international festival featuring an NTT INDYCAR SERIES event. He has over 25 years of experience in the sports marketing, event management, and entertainment industries. Before Music City Grand Prix, Matt was the President of Fullcircle, where he played an integral role in acquiring key event sponsors and produced signature events for the 2016 Republican National Convention. In this episode… Executing an entrepreneurial vision requires passion, determination, and strategy, as it’s never straightforward and doesn’t always transpire the way we hope. One sporting and events industry entrepreneur proves his perseverance in bringing world-class events to the Nashville area. After a mentor encouraged him to discover his passion, Matt Crews activated a career in the racing industry. He recognized an opportunity to position Nashville as a community-centric, vibrant city through the emergence of INDY racing events. He overcame reluctance from city officials, the obstacles of sourcing venues, selling tickets, and acquiring sponsors, and the pressure of being the primary decision-maker. As an entrepreneur with an ambitious dream, you must be willing to perform even the most mundane tasks because following your passion is an upward trajectory yielding worthwhile results. In today’s episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Eric Jackson and Robert Hartline chat with Matt Crews, the CEO of Big Machine Music City Grand Prix, about his storied career in the events industry. Matt explains how he analyzes performance data from events, his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur in a competitive industry, and his hiring criteria for event leaders.


From Physical Limitations to Mental Breakthroughs: How a Tenacious Entrepreneur Defied His Odds

Gregory (Greg) Luken is the Owner of Luken Investment Analytics, which provides innovative investment research, communications, and compliance for financial advisors. He is also a Smart Diversification Fund portfolio manager, developing math-based solutions for financial advisors for 30 years. As an author and thought leader, Greg has written two books and has been published in Forbes, Financial Advisor, and Wealth Management magazine. He is also a frequent guest on global financial networks, including Bloomsburg and Fox Business News. In this episode… Entrepreneurs are often taught that those who quit never succeed, causing them to avoid crucial decision-making and remain in unproductive situations. Today’s entrepreneur has overcome staggering odds while acknowledging that failure is acceptable. What can you learn from his journey? As a child, investment entrepreneur Greg Luken was told he could never participate in physical activity after three surgeries that left him with scarring on his lung. Despite this, he competed in track and football, consistently striving to enhance his performance. After entering the business world and navigating financial challenges, Greg joined EO and realized the value of strategic failure, allowing him to perform marketing testing on risky new ventures and discontinue ineffective aspects of his business. He maintains that with any endeavor, the work is more demanding than the outcome, so you must believe in your abilities and commitments to execute a decision. In today’s episode of EO Nashville’s The Decision, Robert Hartline and Eric Jackson meet with Gregory (Greg) Luken, the Owner of Luken Investment Analytics, who shares his revelations about failure, limitations, and decisions. Greg talks about how his upbringing influenced his approach to business, the purpose of EO forums, and how the organization altered his perspective on entrepreneurship.