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Everything that is Federal Government Contracting. We inform listeners on the legal, regulatory and compliance challenges in government contracting as well as contract proposals, pricing and changes. With over 60 years of experience and training thousands of government contracting industry professionals, we are the leader in learning and professional development.


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Everything that is Federal Government Contracting. We inform listeners on the legal, regulatory and compliance challenges in government contracting as well as contract proposals, pricing and changes. With over 60 years of experience and training thousands of government contracting industry professionals, we are the leader in learning and professional development.






FPS Podcast #57 - The DCAA and Small Business Contracting

In this episode, I sit down with Katelyn Rigle, Small Business Outreach Coordinator, Defense Contract Audit Agency to learn more about DCAA's roles and responsibilities in the federal contracting life cycle. She discusses all the different areas DCAA is involved in on behalf of the US Taxpayers to ensure contractors and the federal government are providing and receiving fair and reasonable prices for the goods and services purchased by the various defense agencies in order to support the mission of the defense department.


FPS Podcast #56 - The Advantages of Automation in Federal Contracting

In this podcast, Jeff White and Randy Shelby discuss the advantages of automating repetitive processes in the procurement of goods and services in the federal contracting marketspace.


FPS Podcast #55 - Digital Badging

In this Podcast, we talk with Susan Manning from Credly to explain the benefits of digital badging. Recently, FPS adopted digital badging using Credly to enhance the customer's experience and provide a way to highlight the accomplishments of hard work and continuing education in the world of Federal Contracting. FPS is proud to offer digital badging and it is free to anyone taking our courses. Find out more about digital badging and why FPS brought it to the industry!


Podcast #54 - A Sit Down With Jeff White and Randy Shelby

In this episode, I have an opportunity to interview Jeff White and Randy Shelby of JA White & Associates while at the FPS Las Vegas week long conference in September 2023. We discuss a number of things including Randy's background at DCMA and the importance of documentation


FPS Podcast #53 - SMB Contracting and an Update on the Polaris Contract

In this episode Larry Allen of Allen Federal discusses the recent COFC decision on GSA's Polaris contract. This impacts a multitude of small businesses who spent countless time preparing and submitting proposals to be a part of this multi-faceted contract only to see multiple bid protest arise over the NDAA Section 871 clause and a COFC decision to make GSA re-think the contract. Larry explains what happened and what small businesses should do now. Larry also discusses the outlook for Small Business as we approach the Q4 of FY23 and the Biden Administration's push to increase small business participation, specifically in the disadvantage sector. Whether you are a small or large business, Larry's insight is valuable.


FPS Podcast #52 - The 2023 GAUGE Report - Take the Survey

In this Podcast, we talk with Christine Williamson of CohnReznick and Kim Koster of Unanet about the 2023 GAUGE Report. This report has been benchmarking the federal contracting industry and every year a new update to the report is released. This year Christine and Kim want your participation. In this podcast they briefly talk about previous years' findings and how to participate for 2023. To participate, go to: www.unanet.com/gaugesurvey


FPS Podcast #51 - Saving Money with Level 3 P-Card Processing

In Episode #51, we talk with Sean Jones of Revolution Payments about how contractors could benefit from level 3 credit card processing. The option has been around for years but not every contractor realizes it. Though some contracts require level 3, others do not, yet contractors can still take advantage of the savings. Sean explains the history of level 3 and its savings.


FPS Podcast #50 - A Quick Discussion on Subcontract Price Analysis

In FPS Podcast #50, we discuss with Jeff White of JA White and Associates the challenges and solutions subcontractors have with price analysis.


FPS Podcast #49 - CPSR Updates

On March 31st of the FPS' Orlando Government Contracts Week conference, I recorded Podcast #49 with Jeff White of JA White and Associates. Since 2020 there have a been some significant changes to how CPSRs are conducted by the DCMA. These changes have been mostly positive, but as a vendor to the US Federal Government, you need to ensure your documentation and files are both accessible and organized in a manner that will allow for a smooth purchasing system review. Jeff will discuss how things have changed (for the better) and how to be more efficient with your documentation.


FPS Podcast #48 - Supply Chains and Federal Contracting

In Episode #48, we talk with Jeffrey White of JA White and Associates about Supply Chain Management and Compliance. This might be one of a few discussions around supply chain as it is very complicated and very broad. We not only have threats to the supply chain, we have shortages in supply chains which neither is desirable for government suppliers and their customers. This episode is brought to you by CPSR ProDocs and JA White & Associates.


FPS Podcast #47 - Developing Statements of Work

In episode 47, I talk with Eugene Pickarz, a retired contracting officer and instructor for FPS about his new course on Statements of Work. Listen as he explains the development of the SOW, the parties involved and the importance for both the contractor and the federal procurement professional.


FPS Podcast #46 - Economic Price Adjustments

In Episode #46, I talk with John Hindman of RSM as we discuss EPA's - known as Economic Price Adjustments (EPAs). Recently, this has surfaced has a hot topic in the federal government contracting community as inflationary pressure has increased prices for energy and supplies creating situations where costs of finished goods have skyrocketed. The government is keenly aware of the challenges to contractors in controlling prices while still delivering under the contract terms. Some contracts have had a EPA clause in the contract while others have not. John discusses the key elements of EPAs including the difference between EPA and an Equitable Price Adjustment.


FPS Podcast #45 - Protecting Confidential Commercial Information FOIA Exemption 4

In Episode #45, we speak with Nathan Castellano from Jenner & Block about a very important topic to contractors who enter into agreements with the Federal Government. In May 2022 issue of "Briefing Papers" Published by Thomson Reuters, Nathan discusses in length Exemption 4 where in 2019 the Supreme Court decided a case in Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media on that topic. In FPS Podcast Episode #45, Nathan walks listeners through the importance of Exemption 4 and what contractors should do to protect against the release of commercial confidential information .


FPS Podcast #44 - Records Retention for Federal Contractors

In Episode #44 - We talk with Mike LaCorte of HKA about records retention. The FAR has specific requirements for contractors on how long contractors need to keep records related to the contract. Similar to publicly traded companies who have guidelines to follow for the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Government sets guidelines for contract retention. However, contracts may specify retention requirements based on the type of contract and length of the contract. Mike offers some advice on the best approach to this matter.


FPS Podcast #43 - CMMC 2.0 What You Need to Know

In early May at our FPS La Jolla Weeklong, we had a chance to catch up with Eric Crusius of Holland & Knight to discuss CMMC 2.0. With the new federal fiscal year just around the corner, the CMMC requirements are coming into focus. If you are a DOD contractor - large or small, you at least have to be certified at Level 1. But what does all that mean? Eric explains what "Level 1" certification is as well as "Level 2" and beyond.


FPS Podcast Episode #42 - Why You Should Have a Compliant Accounting System

This is Episode #42 . During our La Jolla Government Contracts Week, I sat down with Anthony Kim and Jackie Spalding of Capital Edge Consulting to talk about the importance of a compliant accounting system for government contractors.


FPS Podcast Episode #41 - Small Business Compliance Challenges with JAMIS Software

In this Episode, I talk with Dan Rusert of JAMIS during the FPS La Jolla week May 2-6th. JAMIS Is a long time sponsor of our programs and has a wealth of knowledge related to business systems. They are a leading provider of business systems software in the GovCon space!


FPS Podcast #40 - The Employment Landscape

In Episode #40, I discuss the current employment landscape in the federal contracting industry with consultant Eric Norvell. Eric has been helping federal contractors find qualified mid and upper level professionals for over two decades. The demand for candidates was hot before COVID and now there is even a greater need in our industry. As we saw with the 'great resignation' a lot of employees took advantage to shop around their skills and to demand more flexibility for their work/life balance. Whether you are a hiring manager or a mid-level professional looking for a better opportunity, listen to what Eric has to say about the current employment landscape.


FPS Podcast #39 - GSA's Polaris Contract - What is Going On?

In Episode #39, I speak with Jason Miller, Executive Editor for Federal News Network. He has been tracking the POLARIS Contract. POLARIS is a small business GWAC contract which is being released in 'pools' over the coming months. However, there already is some controversy and a bid protest with one of the 'pools' related to past performance requirements. Jason explains the issue and gives insight into what is happening.


FPS Podcast #38 - Cost Escalation in Construction Contracts

In construction, cost escalation is not an uncommon thing as the price of raw building materials fluctuate often. More recently, prices have been increasingly volatile since the start of the pandemic due to swings in supply and demand as well as political posturing. In this episode, James Newland of Seyfarth Shaw's construction practice discusses cost escalation and the remedies during and after negotiations have commenced.