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Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.

Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.


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Telling the stories behind how stuff (and people!) get from point A to B. Hosted by Blythe Brumleve, a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in the freight and logistics space— helping companies save time, shorten sales cycles, and stand out from their competition with on-demand digital marketing training.




Using Cloud Computing to Solve Supply Chain Problems with Microsoft's Ayman Hussain

In previous episodes, we’ve talked about AI in marketing and AI in the freight broker world but what about on the cloud computing side? That’s what today’s guest, Ayman Husain is here to talk about. He’s the director of intelligent cloud over at Microsoft and because of his experience in the consulting world, he’s bringing that deep level of problem-solving to customers in supply chain by helping them manage technology in a way that makes data actionable. Because we all know collecting...


How AI Can Help Freight Brokers Manage Capacity with Lindsay Watt of Parade

In a previous episode, I spent some time talking about the AI tools that are in marketing but what about AI in freight? If you’re been curious about a different kind of technology entering the freight space, then today’s guest, Lindsay Watt, is sure to pique your interest. He’s the head of product over at Parade dot AI and they’re trying to solve one of the biggest problems for freight brokers and that’s the hated check call. Connect with Lindsay Watt of on LinkedinFollow...


The Logistics of the NFL

As a former sports broadcaster, one thing has always rung true for me; I love game day. LOVE IT. It’s a chance to see my football family. Dress up in my team’s gear. Tailgate with my dad and best friends, and then hope by a 1 pm kickoff that God doesn’t hate my team today. And it turns out, the intricacies of game day, aka the logistics of it all, is a fascinating deep dive. Not just for games stateside but what it takes to have a whole ass team travel to London every year. Connect with...


Why the Global Supply Chain is a Mess

If 2020 was the year people became aware of the toilet paper supply chain, 2021's Christmas is when folks are going to be HIGHLY upset when the gifts they order won’t arrive on time. Why is this all happening and what can be done to fix the global supply chain mess? today's episode features best-selling author and host of Navigate B2B, Steve Ferreira. He’s breaking it all down for us so we as consumers can be better aware of what to expect this holiday season and leading into 2022. Connect...


Deep Fakes, Copy Bots, and How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Creators

Many creatives have felt rather safe from the robot apocalypse that has already affected so many other industries. But with new artificial intelligence tools creeping their way into the creative arts market, soon it may be difficult to tell the difference between humans and robots when it comes to audio, video, or writing. Connect with Blythe via her website or on Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok


6 Core Sales Principals with Forrest Dombrow

Today’s guest is Forrest Dumbrow—he’s the founder over at Solve Sales and has been in digital marketing for *17 years* With that many years of experience, you can bet he has some “learn from my mistakes” energy. Especially when it comes to a step that’s often overlooked like establishing a proper process for your sales and marketing. It's a friendly reminder that you may need to revisit if you hope to hit those 2021 sales goals. Show Links: Follow Forrest Dombrow on Linkedin along with...


Creating Buyer Personas That Don't Suck With Adrienne Barnes

How do we start with great marketing? That’s a question that plagues businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world at various stages of their life. But the consistent way to get to that answer lies with our customers and by having a deep understanding of who we’re targeting and why. Which is why bringing in our next guest is so timely….If you haven't started thinking about some loose plans for 2022, I’d suggest starting with this episode because Adrienne Barnes, founder of Best Buyer...


Planning Manifest: The Future of Logistics conference with Pam Simon

When any new product or event hits the scene, you typically see content and ads centered around “register for my event” or “reasons to attend X event” but i’ve noticed a more creative approach to enticing users to your conference is by previewing the subject matter experts before visitors make that call to drop thousands of dollars and time away from the office for an event or conference. That’s what originally drew me into an upcoming event called Manifest: The Future of Logistics. They...


Why You Need a Driver Feedback Loop with Workhound CEO Max Farrell

We’ve been talking a lot about Truck Driver Appreciation but what we haven’t been talking about is the importance of a feedback loop from your actual drivers. We typically do feedback surveys for customers and leads. But most companies as a whole don’t do it for their internal employees--driver or not. So if you haven’t started up your own feedback loop process, it’s a good time to start--or at least budget for it in the future so you can know those happiness and frustration points of the...


Starting and Growing a Last Mile Fleet with Chris Bright

The last mile is a segment of shipping that has plagued many big logistics companies so as of late, it’s often left to local shipping guys and gals to manage this aspect of delivery. One of those folks who’s managing it, and doing a damn good job of it, is Chris Bright. You might know him as Last Mile Legend on Instagram and he’s been so successful that he’s also now helping other folks get their own last-mile fleets started by following the moniker of “start small end big” Chris is a...


Drivers Deserve More Than a Social Media Post

September has Truck Driver Appreciation Week and that means you’ve likely seen several posts on your social media feeds “Thanking a Trucker.” But what are some ways you can do more than a social media post? We’re breaking down some campaigns being run by some of the bigger companies but also revealing exactly what truckers have previously said they want during this week and year-round. Show Links: her websiteLinkedinYouTubeTikTok


The New Era of Digital Marketing

iOS15 is here and with that, we enter a new era of digital marketing. Why? Because the data companies will be able to collect will be severely limited. Which makes it more important than ever to focus on building your first-party data collection process. So that's what we're covering in today's episode to make sure you're prepared for what's to come. Show Links: her websiteLinkedinYouTubeTikTok Listen to these shows next: The Role of a Marketing Architect with Amanda Natividad How to...


Making the Right Technology Choices with Mike Mulqueen

In this episode, we’re talking about the flood of technology that has hit the logistics market and how it can make or break a company should they choose the wrong provider. But how do you know what technology is right for your business? That’s what our guest Mike Mulqueen of JBF Consulting is breaking that all down today. Connect with Mike Mulqueen on LinkedinCheck out Mike’s website, JBF Consulting


A Freight Family Affair with Burns Logistics

In this episode, we have Big Ed Burns and his son Ed Burns also joining the show to talk about bridging the gap between the family dynamics of running a business together--especially when you can combine the superpowers of the veteran leadership with new insights. Connect with Big Ed Burns and his son Ed on LinkedinCheck out Burns Logistics website Connect with Blythe via her website or on Linkedin, YouTube, and TikTok


The Entrepreneurship Mindset With Metromax’s Demarco Thomas [rebroadcast]

Owner of Metromax Dispatch, Metromax Solutions, and Metromax Express Demarco Thomas sits down with The Digital Dispatch podcast to talk about his entrepreneurship journey, why outsourcing in logistics is important, and the opportunities in the last-mile sector. Many of us in the logistics space weren’t born into it--we came into it by chance, fell in love with the opportunities, and were able to be that fresh pair of eyes on the inefficiencies. That’s the case for Metromax owner Demarco...


How to Make Freight Tech Your Asset with Sandy Vosk

In this episode, we’re talking about the introduction of technology to the freight industry and how making those choices can strengthen, or harm, your overall business. Guiding us through this tech transition is Sandy Vosk of Advanced Technology Solutions to share his lengthy experience with how businesses can set themselves up for success Connect with Sandy Vosk on LinkedinCheck out Sandy’s website, Advanced Technology Solutions


How to Start Your Digital Marketing Plan

The question I was asked the most while on the road was, "How do I start?" This question was asked mostly by folks who know marketing is important but don't have a dedicated employee to handle the tasks. And if they try to tackle it, it's usually the thing that's put on the back burner first. Couple this with marketing agencies as a whole struggling with hiring as folks try to avoid agency burnout by going in-house. So if you're too busy to handle it yourself and marketing agencies as a...


Trucking’s Training Problem With Desiree Wood

In this episode, we’re talking with the founder of REAL Women in Trucking, Desiree Wood. She’s been a driver for years and is shining a light on where the industry needs to improve--and it’s not necessarily in recruiting--but in the retention and training portion of onboarding. She highlights A LOT of areas that most in the industry aren’t aware of--including myself. TwitterLinkedinReal Women in Trucking websiteParadise Highway~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where to Find Digital Dispatch &...


How to Make Trucking Cool Again with Adam Wingfield

In this episode, we’re chatting with former driver and now owner of Innovative Logistics Group Adam Wingfield on the challenges of the perceived “driver shortage”. Adam breaks down how trucking has an image problem and the coolest aspects of the job aren’t being talked about enough. He drops a lot of gems in this convo so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. InstagramLinkedinInnovative Logistics Group website ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where to Find Digital Dispatch &...


Content Creation with The Freight Coach Chris Jolly

In this episode, we’re sitting down with one of the more prolific creators in freight--Chris Jolly. In early 2020, he started creating content and hasn’t looked back since. His podcast, Coffee with the Freight Coach, is considered one of the tops in the industry and after this interview, it’s clear as day as to why. Linkedin InstagramApple Spotify ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where to Find Digital Dispatch & Blythe: LinkedinYouTubeInstagramTikTokDigital Dispatch website Got something to...