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A weekly podcast from the Trade Show, Event and Experiential Marketing side of the world!

A weekly podcast from the Trade Show, Event and Experiential Marketing side of the world!


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A weekly podcast from the Trade Show, Event and Experiential Marketing side of the world!






Chris Griffin at EDPA Access 2022 - Hazel Hayes Award Winner

Prior to receiving the Hazel Hayes award at EDPA Access, Chris took time to talk with Don and Mike as we enter into 2023 about the industry and more!


EDPA ACCESS 2022 SHOW...Jim Wurm, Chris Griffin and more

Don and Mike open with Jim Wurm, celebrating being back together in San Antonio for Access 2022... Chris Griffin sits in to speak on behalf of the Executive Committee and outlook for 2022 and more...


INTERVIEW TRACK - Stephan Murtagh, The Exhibition Guy

Stephan chats with Mike about the European comeback for the industry!


The Exhibition Guy Stephan Murtagh, Associational Events and More!

The Exhibition Guy, from Ireland, Stephan Murtagh chats with Mike about the last two years of development and comeback in the Eastern side of the world, Association end of year focus discussed and poll results as well! and


INTERVIEW TRACK: Sammy Bliss from ASV, Trade Show Budgeting 2022

Sammy and Mike chat about Trade Show Budgeting strategy for 2022 - 2023 and the hurdles to look out for ... and


ASV's Sammy Bliss on Trade Show Budgeting, News and Polls and More!

Sammy Bliss from ASV chats with Mike on Trade Show Budgeting, F2F and Hybrid and More... Don and Mike catch up on industry news, association news and more! and


Interview Track - Julie Kagy from ESCA talks about Winter Awards Ceremony and more!

Julie and Mike chat about ESCA WAC coming up in a few weeks in Louisville! and


ESCA's Julie Kagy talks WAC, Poll Results, Mid Terms and More!

Mike chats with Julie Kagy about Winter Award Ceremonies coming up in Louisville, Don and Mike talk mid terms, poll results eye surgery and more! and


Interview Track - Chris Griffin from Crew XP on Trends, EDPA Access and more

Interview Track only for Chris Griffin Interview


Crew XP's Chris Griffin, Poll Results and more!

Chris Griffin from Crew XP chats with Mike about the new podcast Experience Builders, the new trade show and event world we see now and EDPA Access coming up in San Antonio... Don and Mike look at poll results and other issues in the industry! and


LaShane Smith from The Randy, Big Shows and Big Endings, Inflation and more

Sorry for the technical glitches but its just Mike this week! Don will be back next week. Lashane Smith talks about her great return from an onsite accident and our chat at The Randy earlier this month ... recapping Printing United, Pack Expo and other shows which are hot and and


The Randy Interview with Danny Hollingsworth, Busy Show Season and more

Mike speaks with Danny Hollingsworth, recipient from The Randy Smith Memorial Classic, Don is in Chicago preparing for Pack Expo, Mike in Las Vegas for Printing United, shows setting records and busy season is here! and


Round 2 for the Randy, Mike Youmans from Laser Orlando and more

Don starts the show with a talk with Robert Laarhoven about the legacy of the event, then he speaks one on one with Mike Youmans centered on his Father Nathan Youmans of Laser Orlando who was a recipient for the 2022 class of the Randy Smith Classic. and


2022 Randy Smith Memorial On Location Show

Don and Mike talk with Jim Wurm to open the show on location at Stone Mountain, GA for the 2022 Randy. Exhibitus' Lynn Reves Talks about their hole tent and their activity and sponsorship support and we rap things up with Rich Johnson summing up the effort of the RSMGC event for the 28th year. Congrats to for winning the Sponsor of the Year award!


Employco USA's Jason Eisenhut speaks on AGEISM, Hurricane Ian, The Randy and More

Latest results on the poll question of Ageism, Employco's Jason Eisenhut speaks on the ramifications of Ageism, Don and Mike talk about the Randy, Ian's impact and the spammers are back calling people for scam reasons! and


Bill Arland from Minnesota talks about the industry, Poll results and More

Trade Show Solutions owner Bill Arland chats with Mike about 30+ years in the trade show industry and the changes over time, Don and Mike summarize the latest poll results regarding Recessionary times, and more. and


Jim Wurm and Mike Boone for The Randy! Are we in a Recession and more

Jim Wurm and Mike Boone from The Randy Smith Memorial come on to the show to talk about the 28th annual event coming up in three weeks in Atlanta, Don and Mike talk about whether or not we are in a recession, new poll on the website to gauge the listenership on that question and and


Interview Track - IAVM's Brad Mayne

Mike chats with Brad Mayne from IAVM regarding the associations work and focus coming out of the pandemic. and


IAVM's Brad Mayne, Advocacy Updates, Busy Season and New Air Taxis Coming

Brad Mayne from the International Association of Venue Managers speaks with Mike about the comeback from the pandemic and the issues they face moving forward. ECA's latest updates and tasks to work on with Congress coming back in session, Shows are busy and Air Taxi's are coming from United Airlines! and


Interview Track: Michael McMahon speaks with Don on Industry Workforce

Don in Boston takes time to speak with Michael McMahon on Industry Workforce topics and committees to focus on the challenge of securing labor to the Trade Show and Event industries. and