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Interviews with successful career women from a variety of industries. We hope to empower women in their career aspirations, whether that's climbing a corporate ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.

Interviews with successful career women from a variety of industries. We hope to empower women in their career aspirations, whether that's climbing a corporate ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.


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Interviews with successful career women from a variety of industries. We hope to empower women in their career aspirations, whether that's climbing a corporate ladder or becoming an entrepreneur.




Empowering Women Podcast S4: Jacquie Abram, Bestselling Author of the Hush Money Series, Cost of Racism in the Workplace

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jacquie Abram, is the international best-selling and award-winning Author featured in FORBES of Hush Money: How One Woman Proved Systemic Racism in her Workplace and Kept her Job. Before Jacquie began her journey as an Author and DEI and Antiracism Consultant, she had a career in higher education that she was very good at and that she enjoyed. A career that paid her a lucrative income which, as a single mother of two girls, was the only income that allowed her to provide...


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Carla Vallone, Founder and President of Portavoce PR, Super Power of Storytelling

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Carla Vallone, is a marketing and communications strategist for business-to-business organizations and leaders who are commercializing highly-technical, mission-critical products and services. Marrying business-to-business insights and buying habits with an organization’s inherent expertise, Portavoce PR mobilizes marketing strategies the remove barriers to activation, generate leads and accelerate the sales process. She builds marketing communications strategies that...


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Jamie McKinney, Best Selling Author and Founder of JMD Consulting, Speak UP to Level UP (TM)

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jamie Dandar McKinney, MBA, is the best-selling author of Speak Up, Sister! The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success as well as a certified professional coach for businesswomen, a keynote speaker, and a virtual workshop leader. Jamie ignites action by sharing key lessons learned while working her way up in heavily male-dominated industries. Recognized by the Denver Business Journal as a Top Woman in Energy, she jokes that her stilettos have steel-toes....


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Perri Richman, JASPY Principal & Market and Customer Strategist, Igniting Innovation Possibilities

Episode 4 (Season 4) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Perri Richman is a strategist and marketer blending leadership at complex global public corporations with advisory of private placement portfolio companies to further ESG principles and winning innovation for consumers, businesses and investors. She has guided communications, brand and digital efforts for industrial technology giants, involved with dozens of M&A transactions and integrations, new product and service...


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Vanessa Mathews, Founder and Chief Resilience Office of Asfalis Advisors, Building a Road to Racial Wealth Equity

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Vanessa Mathews ,as the founder and chief resilience officer of Asfalis Advisors, the co-owner and host of the Business Resilience DECODED podcast, and an adjunct professor at Savannah State University, is unmatched in her experience and knowledge with a unique ability to translate complex topics with personal anecdotes Vanessa is a catalyst for change in the world of business and entrepreneurship. She has a passion for women and the black community in highlighting the...


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Nicole Calhoun, Founder of SC Calhoun Consulting, Courage to be Uniquely You

Nicole Calhoun is a high-energy and results-oriented professional who has worked with diverse multi-cultural teams around the world. She brings 25 years of corporate and technology experience to her training workshops. Nicole’s technical experience includes enterprise level technology systems with such roles as Software Engineering, Business Systems Analysis and Project Management. Her industry knowledge includes Financial & Merchant Services, Retirement & Payroll Services, Manufacturing...


Empowering Women Podcast S4: Cherie Hicks, D&I Learning Leader, Dare to Develop

Episode 1 (Season 4) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Cherie Hicks is a thought leader in leadership development, program design, facilitation, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She considers herself a learning technology champion, with experience in developing and implementing virtual learning strategies using a variety of different platforms. As a member of the Leadership Excellence team at Trane Technologies, she manages several different women’s development programs...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Wende Goble, The Gift of Grit

Episode 15 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Wende Goble is a curious, fact finder who does not like the word NO and CAN’T when finding creative outlets to solve problems, who leaps tall orders during disasters and will find generators and deliver water in a quick nano second in an emergency situation. Friendships and networking are her game; she loves to hear others stories of their life goals and careers, everyone that crosses her path has an interesting story....


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Michelle Taylor, Thought Diversity as a Quality Leadership Engine

Episode 14 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Michelle Taylor is the New Product Quality Director for Trane Technologies where she leads the North America Commercial HVAC new product quality team in delivering product development excellence within the new product development lifecycle and the quality transformation process. She is also responsible for leading the Quality strategic decisions team to deliver the strategic focus/direction for the business unit over...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Amy Crosby, Road to Resilience

Episode 13 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Amy Crosby is a degreed electrical engineer leading customer experience for drives at ABB. She has been in the Industrial Automation field for over 20 years, starting her career as a Field Service Engineer. Over her career, Amy has developed a passion to grow STEM talent from early career new hires to late career professionals. By highlighting the strengths of every individual and by providing feedback and growth...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Karen Laos, Uncage Your Confidence

Episode 12 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast ABOUT OUR GUEST: Karen Laos is a keynote speaker specializing in communication and leadership. She is fiercely committed to equipping women in business to speak with clarity and stand out with unshakable confidence. Over her 20+ year career, she has had rave reviews from Facebook, Google, Netflix, Sephora, Sony, NASA, Uber, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Trip Advisor, Bacardi, Levi's, Microsoft, AT&T, UnitedHealthcare and Johnson &...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Michelle Gymiah, Progress Toward Pay Equity

Michelle Gymiah, is the Director of Equality Pays, a gender and ethnicity equality consultancy dedicated to closing workplace pay gaps. With gender pay gap reporting regulation, possible ethnicity pay gap reporting and a workplace talent shortage looming, redressing gender and racial inequalities in the workplace is more important than ever. Michelle is a passionate advocate for enabling women (and men) to progress in their careers in a way that suits their outside of work responsibilities...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Anna Nguru, Bridging a STEM Community

Episode 10 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Anna Nguru, Product Management Specialist BIO: Anna Nguru, an inspiring multi-faceted leader, is a mechanical engineer, immigrant, activist, social media content creator, and rising entrepreneur. She recently launched her journey in Product Management using her successful experiences of aligning business strategy and engineering principles to improve processes, systems and profitability. Previously, Anna has held roles in...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Gina Covarrubias, Bold Boost for Your STEM Career

Episode 9 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Gina Covarrubias, Founder of Deliberate Doing, LLC BIO: Gina Covarrubias is the founder of Deliberate Doing LLC, an exclusive STEM coaching service dedicated to helping technical professionals defeat career despair. Her distinctive background blends life coaching expertise with 12+ years engineering/technology experience in government, academia and corporate aerospace. As an Engineering Life Coach, Gina’s mission is to help STEM...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Abi Olukeye, Raising Next Gen STEM

Episode 8 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Abi Olukeye, Founder of Smart Girls HQ BIO: Abi Olukeye is the founder/CEO of Smart Girls HQ, A National Science Foundation Award Winning STEM education solutions provider that creates engaging content and facilitates exciting experiences to enable young girls achieve STEM Career Literacy by age 12. Core offerings include parent education for STEM informal learning at and Dear Smart Girl kits, a project based...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Christina Chen, Creatively Code Your Future

Episode 7 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Christina Chen, Founder and Vice President of GirlsCodeIt BIO: Christina is, as a high school junior, Founder and Vice President of GirlsCodeIt, a nonprofit initiative led by passionate young women who strive to combat gender and education inequality in STEM. She is passionate about gender equality and the effects of gender roles on society. In her future academic studies, Christina plans to pursue Biomedical Engineering degree...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Patti Perez, Ditch the Drama in your Workplace

Episode 6 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Patti Perez, CEO at PersuasionPoint BIO: Chief Drama Slayer that combines her experience as a licensed California attorney and a professionally-certified HR executive to specialize in the prevention and resolution of workplace drama. Patti is the author of the best-selling, award winning book, The Drama-Free Workplace: How You Can Prevent Unconscious Bias, Sexual Harassment, Ethics Lapses, and Inspire a Healthy Culture. As an...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Cynthia Orduña, The Power of Allyship in Shaping Women’s History

Episode 5 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Cynthia Orduña, Career Coach and DEI Consultant BIO: Career coach and talent development advisor with a background in recruiting, career development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has helped over 50 startup companies in L.A., S.F., N.Y., and Chicago recruit and retain talent, and has coached over 300 people in all stages of their career from entry to senior levels. She specializes in helping people enter the technology...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Pattie Grimm, Power Talk: Making Your Own History

Episode 4 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Pattie Grimm, President and CEO – Advantage Training BIO: With over 25 years of experience, Pattie is an empowerment expert for organizations, leaders, and women. Pattie served as a senior leader for several Global Fortune 100 companies. Pattie was recognized by Executive Women’s Association, Who’s Who in Women’s Leadership. Women of Influence and the State of California. She is the author of Quiet Women Never Changed History –...


Empowering Women Podcast S3: Titi Sule, STEM Superstar: Technical Leader Living Her Purpose

Episode 3 (Season 3) of the Empowering Women Podcast GUEST: Titi Sule, Portfolio Leader – Controls and Technology at Ingersoll Rand BIO: As a Portfolio Leader at Ingersoll Rand, Titi is responsible for strategic direction for Controls Technology including hardware and software. Her portfolio includes onboard controllers, system controls, and IoT integration. Titi has had diverse 13 years of experience in manufacturing companies including control system engineering, application engineering,...