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Safia Minney meets XR Boycott Fashion & XR Fashion Action

EPISODE 7: XR BOYCOTT FASHION & XR FASHION ACTION In this moving interview with XR Boycott Fashion and XR Fashion Action, Safia explores the response of the fashion industry to the “diabolical wake up call” of the Climate and Ecological emergency facing us today. Talking to Safia are: Bel Jacobs, member of XR Boycott Fashion team, former fashion editor for Metro, sustainable fashion writer and speaker, climate change and animal rights activist. Alice Wilby, member of XR Boycott Fashion team...


Safia Minney meets Tamsin Lejeune

EPISODE 6: TAMSIN LEJEUNE In this weeks podcast, Tamsin Lejeune, CEO of Common Objective, and creator of the Ethical Fashion Forum, talks to Safia about the creation of Common Objective, an online platform which helps to connect and scale sustainable fashion businesses. She discusses her many initiatives and work with major retail names and designers, the emerging rental clothing business, Guatemalan box jackets, and what she feels are the next steps in moving both brands and consumers...


Safia Minney meets Clare Farrell

EPISODE 5: CLARE FARRELL Safia talks to Co–founder of Extinction Rebellion Clare Farrell about her personal journey from being “embedded in the machine” of retail fashion to leading the hugely influential activist movement against climate collapse. She tells us what motivates her to go on hunger strike and sit on motorway roundabouts at 6am on a cold winters morning and how Extinction Rebellion came into being. We hear how XR uses it’s unique model of organisation to raise awareness and...


Safia Minney meets Rob Hopkins

EPISODE 4: ROB HOPKINS In this podcast we learn just how good life could be after fossil fuels. Could we transform society to one that would give us the life we all dream of? In this interview, Rob does a pretty good job of convincing me that whilst the climate crisis is real, it is only as big as the crisis of imagination. The Transition Towns (TT) movement started in 2005 in Totnes, Devon to promote solutions and prove what is possible post fossil fuel and solve a whole lot of other social...


Safia Minney meets Caryn Franklin

EPISODE 3: CARYN FRANKLIN Caryn Franklin is a mate and a pioneering voice for gender equality, body and image diversity and discusses the reasons that perpetuate bias and injustice. We go beyond fashion... I caught up with Caryn to talk to her about her work in the advertising and communications industry to bring it out of the dark ages. How brands get it wrong when they don’t represent their customers and the fall of photographer Terry Richardson and the allegations of sexual misconduct...


Safia Minney meets Paul Allen

EPISODE 2: PAUL ALLEN In episode two, Safia meets Paul Allen, project leader for the Zero Carbon Britain at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. He talks to Safia about the science behind reaching a zero carbon target by 2030 and how we can all become “Climate Change Makers”. Paul Allen has been working on identifying and providing solutions for reducing carbon emissions for 30 years. The reports from the Zero Carbon Britain Team in the last 10 years include “Rethinking the...


Safia Minney meets George Monbiot

EPISODE 1: GEORGE MONBIOT In our first episode, Safia meets one of the UK’s best known environmentalists and activists George Monbiot. They discuss his talk at the Oxford Brookes University Annual GPES Lecture, "Environmental Breakdown and How to Stop It." George Monbiot is an author, Guardian columnist and environmental campaigner. His best selling books include Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life and Heat: How to stop the Planet Burning. His latest is Out of the Wreckage: a New...