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E16 | John Terzian & Brian Toll: The h.wood Group

Growing up in Los Angeles, John Terzian and Brian Toll met in high school while they were both throwing parties for their friends and eventually found themselves in the nightlife business. They both promoted for local LA nightclubs until their passion for hospitality led to them eventually partnering and launching their own restaurant concept which was out of business in 3 months, losing $2 million. In Episode 16, hear the story of how the impresario duo overcame multiple failed venues,...


EP15 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

On this episode of After Hours, Pat & Posh tell the story of how a spontaneous, last-minute trip to Coachella ended up with the two getting themselves into one of the weekend’s most exclusive events with A-List guests including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Blake Griffin, and Post Malone. They also provide a recap of the show’s most recent guests with key takeaways and learnings, answer questions from listeners, and announce which founders will be featured on the next episode! Kick back,...


EP14 | Remarques: Teni Panosian

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an influencer? Hint: it’s not what you think! For Episode 14, Pat & Posh sit down with Teni Panosian, beauty and lifestyle influencer/blogger, to learn her story of immigrating to the United States at a young age and the hard work she put into creating a beauty blog, eventually becoming a YouTube sensation and launching her newest project, Remarques. You won’t want to miss this one! SUBSCRIBE TO TFH NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED > FOLLOW...


EP13 | Bacaro: Robert Kronfli

It all started in a college apartment with his roommate, hosting a weekly dinner party for friends and eventually becoming so in demand that it became an almost nightly ordeal. Robert Kronfli continued his journey in the hospitality space, creating a Venetian inspired concept, Bacaro and Bacari, along with a few other ventures. You can find these hotspots in DTLA, Glendale, Playa Del Rey and more to come. Tune in as Pat & Posh sit down with Robert and hear his founder story!


EP12 | Edoughble: John & Rana Lustyan

For Episode 12, Pat & Posh sat down with husband and wife super team, John and Rana Lustyan, co-founders of Edoughble, to talk about how they met and how Rana turned her passion for raw cookie dough into a company. Edoughble is a Los-Angeles-based business that crafts 100% safe to eat, eggless cookie dough with flavors like Candy Crush, Peanut Butta Cup, Birthday Bash and so much more deliciousness. Exclusive offer for TFH listeners: use code Founder20 for 20% off your next order at...


EP11 | HauteLook: Adam Bernhard

Chances are you or someone you know has shopped on HauteLook before. But, did you know that the company was sold to Nordstrom for almost $300 million…3 years after it started? Tune in as Pat & Posh sit down with founder, Adam Bernhard, to hear his incredible story of growing up in LA, working various jobs, and eventually launching HauteLook after stumbling upon an opportunity to create a business “flash-selling” designer brands’ excess inventory at discounted rates. SUBSCRIBE TO TFH...


EP10 | After Hours: Pat & Posh

For Episode 10, Pat & Posh sit down and reflect on the stories of the first 9 guests of The Founder Hour and discuss updates on some of the founders’ projects. While sippin' on rum, Pat and Posh share the story about why they started the podcast and answer questions submitted by listeners. Don’t miss this very first segment of The Founder Hour: After Hours! SUBSCRIBE TO TFH NEWSLETTER & STAY UPDATED > FOLLOW TFH ON INSTAGRAM > FOLLOW...


EP8 | Dust & Mercury Protocol: Ryan Ozonian

After receiving a $250,000 investment for building mobile games from Mark Cuban off a cold email, Ryan Ozonian switched paths and launched Cyber Dust (now Dust Messaging) in 2014. Now, he’s back with an exciting new project that’s aiming to change the way we communicate forever. Built on Ethereum, Mercury Protocol is an alternative to centralized communication platforms that is focused on ensuring the privacy of its users. Tune in as we learn about Ryan’s founder story and chat about the...


EP7 | It's Over Easy: Laura Wasser

Most people know Laura Wasser as the divorce attorney for high-profile celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Reynolds, and Britney Spears. We recently sat down with Laura to learn about her journey as a celebrity lawyer as well as her brand new company, It’s Over Easy, an online divorce service that replaces outdated practices with a seamless, easy-to-use solution.


EP4 | Lumi: Jesse Genet

We had a blast sitting down with Jesse Genet, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumi (YC W15), and hearing about her journey of building a transformative packaging solution for eCommerce brands who want to deliver more “WOW” to their customers…and swimming with some Sharks while doing so!


EP3 | Waiakea: Ryan Emmons

Ever heard of volcanic water? Neither had we. Tune in to Episode 3 as we hear the story of how Ryan Emmons turned volcanic water from Hawaii into a sustainable, charitable, globally-recognized beverage brand that is Waiakea.


EP1 | Five Four: Dee Murthy

Dee Murthy is the co-founder of various apparel brands, including Five Four and Young & Reckless. Tune in as we kick off the podcast and hear about Dee's story of how he turned a college project into a worldwide brand that reimagined the landscape of men’s fashion.


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