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We talk about getting a head start with the right technology, advice, and tools for the freelancer or entrepreneur! This show is for the freelancer and entrepreneur who needs help with getting that first step in the new digital world.

We talk about getting a head start with the right technology, advice, and tools for the freelancer or entrepreneur! This show is for the freelancer and entrepreneur who needs help with getting that first step in the new digital world.
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We talk about getting a head start with the right technology, advice, and tools for the freelancer or entrepreneur! This show is for the freelancer and entrepreneur who needs help with getting that first step in the new digital world.




FHS 26 Pop Tech ft Pete Rorabaugh

In today's world you cant get away from the internet or digital products. Pop culture is becoming more and more shaped by what goes on online and we need to pay attention. I chat with Pete Rorabaugh about how pop culture, technology, and digital culture tends to shape how we view things. We're almost at that stage where its become one and the lines are blurred.


FHS 25 Tools of the Trade

The awesomeness of being a freelancer or entrepreneur is that you decide how you want to work to get the job done. There are dozens of applications and freelancer tools out there that help you become more efficient and effective at whatever you need to do. They can range from free to pay-to-use but we cant seen to live without them. Freelancer tools wont make or break your company, but here are a few tools that you may find using over and over again.


FHS 24 Minding Your Own Business ft Candace Shilling

We're the experts but sometimes we need to look internally at our business or ourselves to make sure that we're using our own talents. We sometimes forget that WE are the experts! Don't forget to turn our own skills on ourselves. Candace Schilling and I chat about how we can 'Mind our own business' and take a look at our own business from the inside out.


FHS 23 Reiki and Energetic Healing

YOU are one of the most important pieces of your business. How you feel and your energy can cause changes with what’s going on. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that means universal life force energy, and flows through all of life. This technique is an alternative healing method that can help balance your life in ways you didn’t know possible. Noelle Abent and I chat about Reiki, the benefits, and how it might be able to help you.


FHS 22 Roadmapping Sessions

Win higher proposals with a Roadmapping Session. A Roadmapping Session focuses on what a home run looks like for your client, the expected outcomes, the different parts of the project, expected/wanted ROI, and helps identify potential obstacles that we may encounter. The session includes reviewing the business goals behind the project and helping to plan steps to reach these goals. You want to figure out where the client is now and find a path to where they want to be.


FHS 21 Figuring out the "WHAT"

For a lot of people, we get caught up on the “How” of a new business venture. In reality, the “what” is a lot harder to think about or figure out. We'll get charged up with a new business idea, but then get discouraged by the details of how to execute. The 'analysis paralysis’ effect comes out and shuts down out ideas or dreams. We need to push through those doubts and realize that focusing on the “how's" is the easier part. Getting your idea off the ground and past the “what” is the real...


FHS 17 Client Red Flags ft Lashia Levins

Red Flags from clients can sometimes creep in on you when you least expect it. Some red flags are obvious in-your-face problems that pop up right from the get-go. Getting clients is already a challenge in itself. Finding clients that pass the Red-Flag test is a whole nother level. Some red flags aren't even valid, but keeping an eye out for these common ones can save you time and money.


FHS 16 Who the Hell Do You Think You Are!?

The further down the road you get in your career, the more chances that you’ll doubt your success or abilities. This happens more often when you believe good things happened because of luck, timing, or other factors outside of your control. Instead of embracing success and actually taking credit, we sometimes feel that we’ll be “found out” for a fraud. This is all summed up into one phrase: Impostor Syndrome! Don’t worry, you’re not alone and is more common than you think.


FHS 15 Turning "What if..." Into Reality ft Lisa Treadwell

Don't let your doubts hold you back from your potential. Turning "what if..." into reality can take you down a path that find you success. Having that courage to go out and TRY is a huge step forward. I chat with Lisa Treadwell, a Senior Business Analyst who then went to trucking school, on how she takes those big strides in her life to find that success.


FHS 14 A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

“Goals Setting” is something that is thrown out as something that you need to do….but...not that many people talk about the strategies for setting your goal up to succeed. You may have a vague idea of what you’d like to accomplish and count that as good enough. Each goal needs a plan, or it’s just a wish.


FHS 13 Healthy Mind and Body ft Ashley Poptodorova

Don’t ignore your body! Your healthy mind and body is what helps keep your business growing. Too many people think that in order to reach success, you have to work like a machine. Burning the midnight oil is the quickest way to burning out. In this episode, I chat with Fitness Coach Ashley Poptodorova about the importance of taking care of your body and mind as well as tips on getting started the easy way.


FHS 12 Freelancing and Building a Game Studio ft Adam Saltsman

Adam Saltsman and I chat about his journey from freelancing to building a successful game studio. We talk about what some of his first gigs where to slowly building upon his experience and always looking for the next challenge. Networking, understanding and learning when to spot opportunities, and finding your stride is always an ongoing endeavor. Building a game studio (or freelancing/entrepreneur career) wont happen overnight. Perseverance, learning from your mistakes, and finding your...


FHS 11 When to Take the Plunge

No one can tell you 100% when you are ready to step into the role of a full time freelancer or entrepreneur. It’s hard to give you an exact timeline of when you should jump in full time. In this episode we go over a few tips and pointers in setting you up to help make that transition to being your own boss a lot easier and stress free.


FHS 10 "Can you build me an app...?" ft. Alex Okafor

I sit down and have a chat with Alex Okafor about apps and app development. We go through the gambit from what IS an app, where to develop, what to develop with, and what a potential cost of your app. If you’re thinking of creating or asking someone to create an app for you, listen to this episode before you go down that long long journey….


FHS 9 Always Ask for Help!

Getting help doesn’t mean you’re failing. It means that you’re refining yourself, your product, and your craft. Help can come in a lot of forms, such as ideas or tips. No one becomes successful at what they do by themselves. There are a cast of people supporting them. YOU can’t and should not do it all yourself.


FHS Bonus: Ultimate Freelancer 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is right around the corner and a holiday gift guide is just what you need! If you’re like me, you sometimes get stuck on what to get that freelancer or entrepreneur. This handy guide goes through a few gift suggestions for you. Additional content can be found on www.freelancerheadstart.com.


FHS 8 All About Those Technical Writers ft. Stacey Dandridge

I have a chat with the awesome Stacey Dandridge and dive into the world of Technical Writing. Make sure you’re polished before public release with a Technical Writer! In this episode, we chat about why you need a writer, where to find them, and how you can succeed if you are looking to become one yourself. Stacey Dandridge Email: stacey@stroberconsulting.com Website: stroberconsulting.com Additional content can be found on http://www.freelancerheadstart.com


FHS 6 Getting Online

Getting yourself online should not be a challenge. There are many different options and paths to take based on you and your business. Its getting easier to reach people on a global scale with a website or portal, so let’s take advantage of it! We’re going to talk about the basics of getting yourself a website and tools to use to manage your online presence. Additional content can be found on www.freelancerheadstart.com


FHS 5 Money Talk

Getting paid should be pretty high up there on your to-do list alongside making a profit. You’ve just went through the effort of getting your business legal, now lets worry about how many commas you’ll be making. We chat about money and the different apps that can help keep your finances under control. Additional information found on www.freelancerheadstart.com


FHS 4 Why and How to Register Yourself

Your business is how you’re going to be making your income. You’re going to want to protect your business, product/services, and yourself. Why and how to register yourself can be a long winded answer, but to summarize: registering your business will ensure personal liability protection, legal benefits, and tax benefits. Additional content on www.freelancerheadstart.com


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