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The podcast for global marketers to hear experts talk about opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. Explore the highs and lows and then delve into best practices for strategies, technologies, processes and quality for translation, transcreation, localization and more.

The podcast for global marketers to hear experts talk about opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. Explore the highs and lows and then delve into best practices for strategies, technologies, processes and quality for translation, transcreation, localization and more.


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The podcast for global marketers to hear experts talk about opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. Explore the highs and lows and then delve into best practices for strategies, technologies, processes and quality for translation, transcreation, localization and more.




American BBQ Sauce Translates Well in Dubai - Show #81

Walter Brooks, President and CEO of Brooksmade Gourmet Foods, found it easier to expand internationally with his specialty BBQ Sauces than to sell more in the competitive domestic US market. With grants and supports from the US government available for all small and mid-sized businesses, he was able to secure $10 million in business with an investment of about $100k. Calculate the ROI on that! Listen to this episode to hear how he did...


Ukrainian Employees and People - Show #80

Vladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO of Company Folders, Inc. hired employees in Ukraine to access highly talented tech skills to program and design his custom print and promotional products company. Back in 2014, he helped his Ukrainian employees move to avoid a Russian invasion and now again, he’s doing the same. Luckily, as of this recording, all are safe and back to work, some in Ukraine and some in other countries. As a side job, he and a partner founded a non-profit organization,...


Localize your Quotes - Show #79

Mark Ridley, Co-founder and COO of GreenShootsFX talks to us today about cross-border payments or “FX” (foreign exchange). With over 30 years in international banking, he is loaded with suggestions and solutions for avoiding common mistakes in international payments and receipts. He explains why you lose when you work only in US dollars and how to avoid the #1 issue of not knowing what you don’t know about FX. Mark passionately and clearly, entertains and educates us in this important...


What is an NFT - We’ll Translate it into English - Show #78

Mario Nawfal, CEO of NFT Tech and founder of Froothi, engages us with the basics of NFTs and cryptocurrency. You don’t need to understand the technology to see his vision of the future. Listen as he describes the opportunities and tells us his memorable quote about how humans underestimate innovation. Connect with Wendy - Connect with Mario - Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers -...


Translating Education into Experience - Show #77

Dr. Gregory D. Hess, President and CEO of IES Abroad, took the position right as Covid started. With clarity on their values focused on academics, safety, and diversity, and by keeping close tabs on global events, he opens opportunities for students to study abroad for a deep intercultural experience. The best benefit – the students are exposed to different cultures and experiences that give them power to deal with ambiguities. In this episode, we also talk about his research and...


Exporting into Hot Markets in the USA - Show #76

Juha Vaisanen, Managing Partner of Active and Senior Living Markets Business Development and Sales with Technogym, explains why entering the US market is much different from entering other smaller countries. If you don’t have the right segmentation and research, you compete and lose against bigger players. He talks about his experience in finding a hot market for saunas and gym equipment. And what your distributor can handle and why translation is better handled by the company. A steamy...


Podcasts and Translation - Show #75

Lory Martinez, CEO of Ochenta Studios, works with individuals and companies to create and translate podcasts across multiple languages. Her stories are fascinating to hear about the preferences across cultures in storytelling and the varied interests of people across countries. Learn why you may want to consider adapting your podcast into other languages and how to do it in this information packed...


Wendy as the Guest: Conquering Chaos Podcast - Show #74

Once again, the tables are turned as our host Wendy Pease shares a podcast she recently appeared on as a guest – Conquering Chaos. Host Josh Santo (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Parsable) and Wendy talk about global business in the manufacturing industry and how to handle language for non-English speaking customers, vendors, and employees. Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or not this is a great episode! LINKS: If you’re a leader in the manufacturing industry, follow the...


Global Golf and Translation - Show #73

Jean-Pierre Degembe, Global Director, Sourcing – Golf for Wilson Sporting Goods, regals me with stories of golf from around the world as we talk about his experiences with adapting golf products and marketing for different regions. Learn why in France the words – wood, shaft and putter are not translated and why they are in Canada. If you are planning a golf vacation, you’ll hear about the different ways people play golf in Japan, Malaysia, France, in the US and more! Connect with Wendy...


Disney – HP – Visa and Global Marketing - Show #72

Chris Curtin has had an incredible career in marketing for Disney, HP, and Visa. In this episode, he explains how good marketers have to start with having a good sense of self and how they take the complex and make it simple. With this understanding they can focus on making the future brighter than the past. We discuss some marketing missteps that Disney made and how they adjusted for success. And, how they handle localization and translation. And he gives fantastic examples about Visa...


It’s NOT If, But When – Protect your Reputation and Build Relationships - Show #71

Evan Nierman, Founder & CEO of Red Banyan, is no stranger to difficult situations. He’s not Olivia Pope nor is he Ray Donovan, yet he helps people get through crises, in countries all over the world! His stories are fascinating, and his ability to navigate language and cultures is impressive. LINKS: Connect with Wendy -...


What do HP, Adobe, and Ricoh have in Common - Show #70

Fernando Maroniene reminds us that business is business everywhere yet paying attention to details delivers success. In this episode, we have an in depth discussion about how he helped drive efficiencies with content creation across the region to support the local sales efforts. His insights and experience on content creation, translation, and quality can help every country head or marketing person. Connect with Wendy - Connect with Fernando -...


Global Marketing and Translation in Risky Environments - Show #69

Adam Blanco, Founder and Managing Director at e8/Q Technologies, thrives in situations with political volatility and emerging markets. He joined the Peace Corp to go to Russia during their emerging capitalism journey. Now, he consults with companies in the Balkans and Ukraine. Adam’s insights into when to enter, how to succeed, and when to get out in markets lacking infrastructure, laws, financial support, banking systems captivated me. And learn why Russians are more apt to say they are...


Champagne Moment in Global Marketing - Show #68

Nick Leighton, executive coach, international marketer and author of Exactly Where You Want to Be: A Business Owners Guide to Profit & Happiness (, brings adventure and fun into the world of global marketing. As an owner of a creative agency founded in old Dubai, he hired a diverse team to achieve their goals, won large international contracts, and then sold his agency to be with his wife in Southern CA. Listen to this fun episode where we talk about his...


Half Human/Half Machine for Global Business Growth - Show #67

Omer Menashe, CEO at eMojo (, explains why Israeli companies must think global from the start – with a small population there just isn’t room for growth. Over the last 10 years, he’s gone from owner of a start-up in Tel Aviv servicing local companies to now being based in New York City and managing over $10 million in ad spent each year. He expanded globally by reaching out to people in his network to schedule 45 meetings for his first week in New York. He...


Just Jump into Exporting – and Don’t Forget Translation - Show #66

Andy Karellas is so well-spoken, and he graciously takes the time to share information about all the resources available for companies that want to export. He explains why it’s worth it for you to take the time and energy to sell internationally. The payoff for the effort is HUGE. Learn where to start and the 10 top areas to focus on. His role as the Executive Director of the State International Development Organizations (SIDO) and the Director of International Affairs at The Council of...


Winning at Global Business - Show #65

Hakan Ozsancak, EVP Chief Finance and Communications Officer for Washington Institute for Business, Government, and Society, has lived in 7 countries and speaks 5 languages. If he doesn’t feel like he fits in, it’s not “others” that make him feel different, he looks for what he can do himself to get along. Listen to this interesting discussion about what it takes to win at cross cultural and global business. Connect with Wendy - Connect with...


Why Go Global - Show #64

Laurent Kahl, Import-Export Consultant at GlobalFootprints, is a US citizen who was born in Venezuela and lived in 8 countries before graduating from high school. After college, it was natural for him to enter the global business universe. Listen to him talk about his experiences and explain why companies should go global! Connect with Wendy - Connect with Laurent - Music: Fiddle-De-Dee by Shane Ivers -...


Expanding Your Business Internationally - Show #63

In this week's episode we share a recording of a recent webinar "Expanding Your Business Internationally." When expanding a company internationally, there are some obvious things that everyone has on their to-do list, such as arranging logistics and hiring new staff. Behind these obvious checklist items, there is a long list of smaller tasks that are easily forgotten during internationalization. The implementation of these tasks can make or break the success of an expansion. Presented...


Socks for Life - Show #62

Joe Nocito, International Sales and Global Marketplace Business Development at Darn Tough Vermont, laughs as he tells people sitting next to him on a flight that he’s a sock salesperson. It’s true but it’s an understatement to all that he’s done. Over the last five years, he’s taken Darn Tough Socks from 3 countries (US, Japan, and Canada) to 25 countries around the world. We deep dive into how he and the senior management team developed their international growth strategy and talk about...