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The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.

The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.
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The premier podcast for Maine business – conversations about starting, running, and growing a business in Maine.








Mainebiz New Ventures/Start-up Forum

Hey, I’m back with The Grow Maine Show. I’m working hard after a really intense run, and loss, in a contest for US Congress. But I’m jumping right back in with this recording of the really great Mainebiz New Ventures/Start-up Forum held August 21. This is content too good to be forgotten, so I'm really glad to present it to you here: It features: Eliah Thanhauser of NorthSpore Allison Lakin of Gorges ("Gorgeous") Cheeses Becky McKinnell of iBec Creative Bill Kelleher of Kennebec River...


Chris Claudio, CEO of Winxnet

Chris Claudio is CEO of WinXNet of Portland, Maine. He is an extremely impressive entrepreneur that has built a company, together with his partner Mike Williams, into a national leader in the IT services and security space. The company has more than 125 employees and is at the top of many national rankings in their field. Speaking of national leaders, did you know I’m running – yes, that’s me, Marty – am running for United States Congress? It is time we put an end to the partisanship that...


Topher Mallory of Mexicali Blues, Split Rock Distilling and Royal Rose Simple Syrups

Topher Mallory has three roles: he’s CEO of Mexicali Blues, and co-owner and co-founder of Split Rock Distilling, which also owns Royal Rose syrups. So it’s three interviews in one, for Maine entrepreneurs! We recorded the interview at Topher’s office at Mexicali Blues in Newcastle, after a quick visit to one of the Mexicali Blues stores. And if you’d like to put a startup guy in US Congress, learn more about me at And here are those great coupon codes:


Ed McKersie of ProSearch and

Ed McKersie is the founder and CEO of ProSearch Inc., which has been locating talent for Maine based companies – from across the street and across the country – since 1994. I’ve been looking to get Ed on the show forever. He’s founded a large successful Maine company, and now he helps other Maine companies find talent, so he’s got a heck of a perspective. Don't forget: If you believe in firsts, and startups, and want to put a startup guy in Congress, visit my campaign website and make a...


Sarah Parnell of Groups Recover Together

Sarah Parnell is regional manager at Groups Recover Together, which is an intensive Medication Assisted Treatment practitioner with multiple locations throughout New England, including nine in Maine. I am passionate about opioid recovery and am always looking to learn more, and to do more. I have the results that group therapy plus medication can deliver on the road to long term recovery from substance use disorder. To learn more about Groups Recover Together, visit their website. To learn...


Kai Adams of Sebago Brewing Company

Sebago Brewing Company is celebrating 20 years in business, a remarkable thing in any industry. But it didn't happen by chance - the founding partners have relentlessly worked on their business and their partnership, finding ways to work together that have made them all successful. And the impetus for Kai to become an entrepreneur gets even more interesting: diagnosed with lymphoma as a young man, Kai realized that it was now or never to pursue his dream. With 250 employees, six locations...


Derek Volk, President of Volk Packaging Corp. on business in Maine and Heroes Wall Project

Derek Volk is the third generation of the Volk family to run his successful Biddeford packaging business. He has led the company through significant changes and challenges to the company culture, all the while driving growth and acquiring parts of the company's supply chain. He's also a passionate supporter of many local causes, including the Heroes Wall, which is a tribute to veterans.


Gorham Savings Bank 2017 Launchpad Recap with Pitching Tips

Ok, so this episode is really amazing. It’s just the five pitches from last year’s GSB Launchpad and the judges questions, that’s it. Nothing in between, all killer no filler, with the winner announced at the end. Be sure to register for this year’s Launchpad, which is June 6. And stay tuned to the end, when I’ll give my pitch tips based on having listened to hundreds of pitches now. Add your own pitch tips in the comments, too, I'd love to compile a fuller list. Now, register! It's free...


Matt Jacobson of Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative

Now, want to learn about lobster? What is new shell, what you can make besides the traditional lobster bake? You've come to the right place. Matt Jacobson is the executive director of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. But he's also an experienced executive and nonprofit leader. Among other roles, he ran Maine & Co, which focuses on encouraging businesses to relocate to Maine. There's lots of lobster stuff coming up to promote, too. The MLMC plans a live event in NYC - an in-house...


Kay Aikin, CEO of Introspective Systems

Kay Aikin is CEO of Introspective Systems, a developer of electrical grid management software based in Portland, Maine. The company takes on complex systems and makes them simpler. Somewhere between the internet of things and artificial intelligence, there is an immense opportunity to reduce costs and gain efficiency in electrical systems, communications, medicine, and smart homes. And just about everything else. This is clearly an immense opportunity. What is not immediately obvious is...


Entrepreneurial Motivation in the form of Poetry

It might seem odd, but I saw this poem by Gretchen Berg in the Sunday paper, and thought it would make a good episode of The Grow Maine Show. It's part of a column by Portland, Maine's poet laureate, Gibson Fay-Leblanc. As I read it, I thought of all the flip charts and breakout rooms I've been a part of, and how it feels like a road to nowhere. Maybe you feel the same way too. So I put that together as a quick episode, together with some updates on upcoming events from ScratchPad...


Sean Sullivan, Executive Director of Maine Brewer’s Guild

Sean Sullivan, executive director of Maine Brewer's Guild, is a great speaker and entrepreneur who happens to think that Maine craft beer is key to growing our economy. Brewing is a manufacturing business, and everything from ocean freight to a good local malthouse is in our favor. This episode of The Grow Maine Show is brought to you by The Dunham Group. The real estate market is tight. Even if you're not outgrowing your space now, if you think you will, why not check their property...


Maddie Purcell of Fyood Kitchen

Fyood Kitchen of Portland, Maine is a social cooking competition. Maddie Purcell is founder and ceo. Fyood's team sets you up in a professional kitchen with a full pantry and gives you a mystery basket with four secret ingredients. Your challenge is to make it into something that will impress your friends. If you've never participated, you've really got to give it a try - either as a judge or as a cook, it's a blast. This episode is brought to you by The Dunham Group. To get on that Inc...


Heather Blease, CEO of SaviLinx

Heather Blease (rhymes with "skis") is CEO of SaviLinx. SaviLinx is a contact center – that’s them on the other end of the phone when you want to enroll in a new dental plan or have problems with your student financial aid. Savilinx was just ranked #28 on the Inc. 500. May I say, that is just incredible. One of the highest listings achieved by any Maine company ever. This episode is brought to you by The Dunham Group. To get on that Inc 500 list, you need to grow your business fast. That...


Zak Ringelstein, Democratic Candidate for US Senate

Zak Ringelstein is a former teacher who has a strong background in entrepreneurship, and now he's running for US Senate. While I generally don't do politics on the Grow Maine Show, I've had Angus King on twice, and so it's only fair I have Zak on. I will have the Republican candidate Eric Brakey on as well if he asks. Today's episode is brought to you by The Dunham Group. Buying my own building was the single best thing I ever did in entrepreneurship. If you're outgrowing your space,...


Kate Dickerson of Maine Science Festival

Kate Dickerson is the founder and director of the Maine Science Festival. Featuring Robert Krulwich of the popular podcast Radiolab as keynote speaker (listen to the episode to hear of Robert's Maine connections!), this four-day event attracts 12,000 festival goers of all ages to Downtown Bangor and the Cross Insurance Center for more than 60 events and activities available free-of-charge. Featuring forums, workshops, hands-on activities, films, exhibits and presentations, there's no better...


Listen to Bisson

Keith Bisson is president of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) in Brunswick. If you've heard of a startup in Maine, they probably had a hand in getting it going. They are willing to take a risk on early stage innovators that conventional lenders and investors won’t, calculating good jobs and environmental benefits in addition to dollars, as core to return on investment. He's pictured here with ceo Betsy Biemann. Together they lead this organization that is core to Maine's entrepreneurial...


Kevin Cain of MaineSole

MaineSole is bringing handcrafted shoemaking back to Dexter, Maine. It is a remarkable startup story of founders that had no factory, no customers, and nothing but the idea that the proud heritage of a Maine town deserves to be handed down to the next generation. It's like we entrepreneurs do, jump off the cliff and put the airplane together on the way, right? Enjoyed this episode? Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, ....or Stitcher here.


Ben Davis of True Course Yachting and Portland Container Co.

This is our second time having Ben Davis on. His first visit was one of our most popular episodes ever and we're glad to have him back to talk about his new venture Portland Container Company. What I think is amazing about Ben is that he seeks advice and counsel, and he listens to it, and pivots. Frankly, I don’t think I did that well enough as an entrepreneur, so it makes me really appreciate it when I see it. Ben has been relentless in seeking out advice and wisdom, and has done it in an a...


American Author Howard Mansfield, on home and community

Howard Mansfield is an American author who writes about history, preservation, and architecture. He has a particular understanding of what makes a house a home, and a town a community. Learn more about Howard at and purchase his books on Amazon. You can ask a question or leave a comment for a future show at (207) 423-8260. Subscribe to the podcast feed right here using your favorite podcasting app or subscribe using iTunes.