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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Growth Show podcast – Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

Welcome to the Gulf Coast Growth Show podcast – Economic Alliance Houston Port Region


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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Growth Show podcast – Economic Alliance Houston Port Region






U.S. Army Captain Wesley Hunt “Texas’ 38th Congressional District” Season 7 Episode 20

Tune into U.S. Army Captain Wesley Hunt "Texas' 38th Congressional District". born and raised in Houston, as he tells us about his military background, his time at West Point, education & his tours in the military. Wesley gives us some insight on what made him want to run for congress. He gives us some information on top priorities for U.S. energy & petrochemical manufacturing as well as road & freight capacity expansion to the Houston area infrastructure. He talks about how Texas’ 38th...


JJ Barrera and Stephen Kelman – Wood – Gulf Coast Growth Show, Season 7 Episode 19

Tune into JJ Barrera, VP of Construction and Maintenance and Stephen Kelman, Director Growth and Development (an Economic Alliance board member), both with Wood. JJ and Stephen talk about Wood’s key focus, growing their footprint, keeping their employees safe and delivering a very valuable service to their customers. They tell us how Wood’s US South Operations team was recognized by the Houston Business Roundtable as Best in Class in the medium General Contractor category for outstanding...


Trae Camble, Director of Environmental Affairs at Port Houston, Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 18

Tune into Trae Camble, Director of Environmental Affairs at Port Houston as he tells us what Port Houston is doing to leave a more environmentally friendly footprint across the great port region. He talks about their sustainability efforts and goals; the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report they are working on. They even put their own spin on it by adding an additional S for safety, making it the ESSG report. Let Trae fill you in on how Port Houston has dropped its carbon footprint...


Mush Khan, CEO & Co-Founder, Alchemy Industrial – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 17

Tune into Mush Khan, CEO & Co-Founder of Alchemy Industrial, Houston Additive Manufacturing Company, as he talks about the need for access to manufacturing of goods, products, and services onshore, here in the great USA. Mush gives us some insight on a partnership with Urban Electric Power that was just landed called "Ohm Core", a new alkaline-based energy storage system. He also talks about TXRX Labs, he is the Board Chairman at this non-profit maker space located on Navigation Blvd,...


Stacy Putman, Mgr of Advocacy, Leadership & Strategic Tech Dev, INEOS – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 16

Tune into Stacy Putman, Manager of Advocacy, Leadership & Strategic Technology Development at INEOS as she talks about career transitioning to deliver value from Safety to Production to Construction to People Development. Stacy gives us some insight on what it means to have a good work life balance and how INEOS is working with their employees to meet their needs. She also talks about a very exciting topic, plastic recycling, and tells us about recycled cold drink cups at McDonalds made from...


Sabrina Schwertner, TCC/ACIT and Dwayne Boudreaux, S&B – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 15

Tune into Sabrina Schwertner, Director of ACIT & Meetings, Texas Chemical Council (TCC) & Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) and Dwayne Boudreaux, Vice President, Commercial, S&B Engineers and Constructors. Sabrina fills us in on her background in the O&G, Petrochemical and Economic Development sectors. She tells us about how ACIT and TCC collaborate/network to build relationships. She fills us in on a few events that are coming up and much more. Dwayne tells us a bit about...


Chris Mudd, Managing Director, Chiron Financial LLC – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 14

Tune in as Chris Mudd, Managing Director at Chiron Financial LLC gives us a domestic and global outlook. He gives us some insight on what the financial community is seeking when funding new projects or when deciding to invest in another company. He gives us some valuable information about what an investment banker does, when to reach out and who to reach out to for help when going through hard times. Chris talks about M&A, the chemical industry, energy transition, new projects the chemical...


Senator Larry Taylor, District 11 – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Eps 13

Tune into Senator Larry Taylor, District 11. He has had a huge impact on our region, being in the Senate for 10 years and in the House for 10 years prior to that. He speaks about his passion on education, a true advocate for educating our children in the best way possible, giving them the needed tools to succeed. Larry talks about what happens during special sessions, and touches on the technology curve. He gives us some insight on the Coastal Barrier – Hurricane Surge Protection project...


Chad Burke & Russell Carter: Gulf Coast Industry Forum – GCGS Season 7 Eps 12

Tune in as Chad Burke President/CEO of Economic Alliance Houston Port Region & Russell Carter, Director of Business Development at Bohler give us some insight on what goes into putting the Gulf Coast Industry Forum together and how each of us play a role in making it a successful event each year. GCIF is held at the Pasadena Convention Center, 7902 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX 77505. 2022 GCIF is on Thursday, September 22, starting at 8AM sharp. This event brings to you speakers from the...


Ryan Sitton Founder/CEO of Pinnacle, Gulf Coast Growth Show, Special Edition Season 7 Episode 11

Tune in as Former Texas Railroad Commissioner and Current Founder/CEO of Pinnacle Ryan Sitton discusses the current state of energy in our nation. How will the Ukraine/Russian war and its’ ripple effects impact our local economy? How will it impact energy exports, and domestic crude oil production? Get his valuable insight into these questions. Stay tuned in & subscribe today, stay in the know! Brought to you by the Economic Alliance...


Amy Skicki, Executive Director at BayTran – Bay Area Transportation Partnership, GGGS Season 7 Eps 10

Tune in as Amy Skicki tells us about how she landed the position as Executive Director at BayTran. She gives us some insight on the mission of BayTran, why transportation/infrastructure & advocating for our region is so important. Amy tells us about some upcoming events that they are putting on, State of the Counties, Galveston County Transportation Summit and a few more good things coming up. She gives us some details of the infrastructure bill and how some of the money has been allocated....


Dr. Veronica Jammer & Katey Crackel, Nursing Programs, San Jacinto College & HAC-SE, GGGS Season 7 Eps 9

Tune into Dr. Veronica Jammer, Department Chair Associate Degree Nursing at San Jacinto College & Katey Crackel, Director of Education & Staff Development at HCA South East. They tell us about their backgrounds and how they got where they are today. These are two wonderful ladies that share with us, information on the RN to BSN programs and what it has to offer. Take a listen to all the good things these two systems have to offer. Thank a nurse today, for all of the hard work and care they...


Roger Pombrol, President, Emerald Standard Electrical Contractors & Engineers – Gulf Coast Growth Show Season 7 Episode 8

Tune in as Roger Pombrol, President, Emerald Standard Electrical Contractors & Engineers talks about how his company originated, how his father came to America as an immigrant, human refugee in 1966 and writing about his journey now. He tells us about how they've been in business for 20 years as of 2021. Roger gives some insight on a course over at University of Houston created for Construction Managers, with a high level of success. Mr. Pombrol tells us how small business, minatory & women...


Philippe Flichy, Regional President, Nexterus Houston – Season 7 Episode 7 Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune in as Philippe Flichy, Regional President, Nexterus Houston tells us a little about his company and the position he holds. Nexterus is a full-service supply chain technology and management company offering customized solutions for businesses and long-term success. He talks about supply and demand, truck driver & chassis shortage, as well as many other great supply chain topics. Stick around and listen to his ideas and valuable input. We appreciate him being on! Reach out to Philippe...


Melinda Torrison & Wendy Ghormley, Women In Alliance Committee Chairman, Season 7 Episode 6 Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune into the Women In Alliance Committee Chairman Melinda Torrison, President & COO, Meador Staffing Services, Wendy Ghormley, Sr. Vice President, Texas Advantage Community Bank. Melinda and Wendy tell us about how they got where they are today. They give some valuable information about the Women’s Leadership Luncheon events that Economic Alliance Houston Port Region holds three times a year, and the wonderful speakers Women In Alliance gain, and much more. Stay tuned in & subscribe today!...


State Representative Ana Hernandez, District 143, Season 7 Episode 5 Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune in as State Representative Ana Hernandez explains why serving district 143 is so important to her. How she got started, at such a young age. She tells how she balances law practice, legislative services and most important, Family. Did you know she is a local, here in the Pasadena area? She talks about "a day in the life of" Ana as state representative. Quite an amazing & busy lady! Get involved, come up to Austin & participate, sign up for alerts, voice your opinion! This is key for the...


Dennis Winkler, COO, Winkler Public Relations, Season 7 Episode 4 – Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune in as Dennis Winkler, COO, Winkler Public Relations talks about public policy, how Economic Alliance Houston Port Region's public policy task force and members along with close relationships with elected officials are vital parts of our voices being heard, thereby, our economic needs being met. He explains how the chemical industry plays a very important role in our daily lives and how the industry changed the way they did business over the last few years, switching what they produce to...


Margaret A. Kidd, Program Director, Supply Chain, U of H, Season 7 Episode 3 – Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune in as Margaret Kidd talks about talks about her background, how she started off on Wall Street and midlife wanted to do something a little more meaningful. Now she runs the Supply Chain and Logistics Technology program at University of Houston. Margaret also serves on the Advisory Board for East End Chamber of Commerce and Houston Maritime Center Museum. She talks about supply chain issues, possible solutions, and a need for digital infrastructure in the US port system. She tells how...


Jessica Blackmore, Corporate Relations Advisor, Shell Deer Park, Season 7 Episode 2 – Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune into Episode 2 with our Sponsor Shell’s very own Jessica Blackmore, Corporate Relations Advisor at the Deer Park Chemicals Facility. Jessica gives us some valuable insight on what’s going on at their facility and Shell around the community. Find out what this location produces and why their product is so important to each and every one of us! She talks about the $2.1M funding that was awarded by Shell to 3 great community causes. Find out about the history of the Deer Park location!...


Chad Burke & Chad Carson, Economic Alliance Houston Port Region, Season 7 Episode 1 – Gulf Coast Growth Show

Tune in as we kick off Season 7 with Chad Burke, President & CEO and Chad Carson, Vice President Economic Development at Economic Alliance Houston Port Region. They give a recap of 2021, from Economic Development Wins, Public Policy & Transportation Advocacy, Workforce Development Accomplishments, Quality of Life Partnerships, Event Highlights, and everything in between. They also address the important initiatives Economic Alliance is working on for 2022. Stay tuned in & subscribe today!...