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Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.

Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.


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Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.






HR, Performance, & Attention to Detail with Chris Denny #33

Reduce mistakes, improve task accuracy, and improve overall productivity. Chris Denny is a researcher, trainer, author and consultant who specialises in working with individuals and organizations to become more detail-oriented. Following over 6 years of research, Chris has developed a system that can improve performance with attention to detail. Listen in to find out more.


Why Aligning HR with Marketing is Critical with Neil Bedwell #32

Aligning HR with Marketing is Critical which is why Neil wants to inspire HR practitioners to think and work like marketers to build belief, fuel adoption, and create opportunities for all employees to become owners of change. Why? Because the future of work depends on it.


Recruiting in the Age of Googlization with Ira Wolfe #31

Ira Wolfe, President and Chief Googlization Officer of Success Performance Solutions is ranked by Thinkers360 as the #1Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in Future of Work category, #3 in HR, and top 20 for Leadership. He has been described as a “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body and the world’s first Chief Googlization Officer. We discuss recruitment in the age of Googlization!


Employee Burnout & Performance Management with David Shar #30

David Shar examines how organisations can improve their leadership and culture, combat burnout, and design meaningful work. David combines decades of leadership experience with the latest psychological research to help you discover how you can prevent burnout to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.


Remote Onboarding a Modern Workforce with David Secunda #29

David Secunda, The Founder and CEO of WorkBright discusses how we can overcome the challenge of remote onboarding. Clearly a relevant HR topic with the world experiencing repeated lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, David takes the opportunity to demonstrate how a modern workforce can be onboarded remotely, helping businesses to build and support established remote or decentralized teams


The Childcare Provision Conundrum for Working Parents with Tom Broome #28

Childcare benefits can help providers to maximise occupancy for providers, build loyalty for employers and offer huge support for working parents. Find out how HR can maximise employee wellbeing by through the provision of childcare benefits.


Closing the Gap from HRD to CEO with Lisa Haggar #27

Closing the Gap from HRD to CEO with Lisa Haggar explores the main reasons why there are so few Human Resources Directors who make it CEO. We also discover where the CIPD fit into the CEO journey and the one thing in HR that Lisa would change...


Becoming a Leader Worth Following with Tim Spiker #26

Tim Spiker, the author of the book “The Only Leaders Worth* Following,” joins Nick Day to discuss exceptional human resources leadership effectiveness and the tools required to help people become, be, and stay leaders who are actually worth following. Tim has identified the ingredients that create exceptional leaders, so I recommend tuning in if you also aspire to become the best HR or L&D leader you can possibly be.


How Neuroscience can help HR and L&D with Simon Ashton #25

Simon Ashton, a business psychologist, trainer and certified coach and head of Learning & Development at Phoenix Leaders, discusses how neuroscience can help organisations gain a better understanding of how people act, think and feel, transforming performance and maximising potential to achieve tangible business outcomes.


Thriving in Uncertain Times with Suzanne Sibilla #24

Suzanne is an experienced Leadership and Employee Development Coach and best-selling author of “Pivot YOU! 6 Powerful Steps to Thriving in Uncertain Times. Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Goals.”. With working from home (WFH) a hot topic right now as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, we discover how HR Leaders really can thrive in uncertain times!


Putting the Human back into HR with Su Patel #023

Su is author of "Putting The Human Back Into HR - Success as an HR professional Begins With You" which aims to provide leaders within Human Resources with solutions to build credible brands for people. We discuss this concept in more detail to discover the key strategies that can help HR leaders to ensure people are always at the heart of a business.


Creating High-Performing Cultures with Chief People Officer, Jason Treu #022

Chief People Officer, Jason Treu is an executive coach who works with HR leaders, managers and executives to help them build high-performing cultures and teams with unbreakable connections. Jason achieves this by promoting courageous conversations that maximise leadership potential and performance. Jason also helps leaders to build and execute their career blueprint. He's the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships; he was a...


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace – with Woosh Raza #021

Recorded prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nick Day sat down with Senior HR Leader, Woosh to discuss ED&I strategies for the Workplace. His passion for Equality & Diversity (BAME & LGBTQIA+ workstreams) meant I couldn't wait to get his voice on the show! Woosh is also an expert in developing strategic people plans that align with organisational goals and leading high performing HR teams.


Making Collaboration Work with Richard Watkins #020

Richard Watkins, a lifelong collaboration expert, has ran over 75 collaborative projects in over 20 countries. He has led teams to the creation of major brands and products in China, Europe and the US. In this episode of the HR L&D Podcast, Richard explores human dynamics to help us understand how organisations can collaborate better to help them thrive, become more effective and progress.


Management Mess to Leadership Success with Scott Miller #19

Scott Miller serves as FranklinCovey’s executive vice president of thought leadership and the bestselling author of FranklinCovey’s "Management Mess to Leadership Success: 30 Challenges to Become the Leader You Would Follow". Discover what makes a great leader and how you too can become a better leader.


Culture Types and iX Leadership with Dr. Rachel Headley and Meg Manke #18

We explore how an understanding of leadership development and culture types improve can improve corporate strategic alignment, communication, situational awareness, internal cultures and develop skills to help businesses prosper and thrive. We also discuss the IX Leadership Framework and Rachel and Meg's new book: iX Leadership: Create High-Five Cultures and Guide Transformation


Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leadership with Margaret Ochieng #017

Margaret Ochieng is a Business Psychologist and Diversity & Inclusion expert who designs workplace solutions that enable people and organisations to adopt “a village culture approach to inclusion”. Margaret’s approach to D&I helps individuals and organisations to identify and remove barriers to inclusion, performance and creativity posed by silos, “clans” and “tribes” that often emerge explicitly or implicitly in social groups including workplaces. Let's evolve organisational cultures!


Coaching Skills for HR Managers with Matt Somers #016

Matt Somers an MSc HR qualified leading voice on training and coaching in the UK. In this episode, we focus on the importance of coaching skills for HR Managers to discover what coaching means, when it should be used and why. We also learn that when mastered, coaching can drastically improve employee engagement, retention, growth and performance and enable you to leave a lasting legacy on any business.


Aligning Culture with Community, Leadership & Profits with Devin Halliday #015

Devin talks about how and why we need to focus on aligning cultures if we wish to inspire action and improve processes to deliver bigger profits. Most organizations have well-written, well-intentioned culture and values statements but when they are reviewed or challenged, they are often wholly inaccurate out outdated. In this episode, Devin talks about how we can reimagine core values, cultures and brands in a way that inspires tremendous loyalty, builds community, and delivers profits.


The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR – with Emma Wynne #014

The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR - with Emma Wynne is a podcast episode focused on employee engagement, mental health, wellness and workforce management practices that can improve happiness at work. Emma tells us how we need to develop a better understanding of how to create and promote a happy workplace if we really want the people we employ to operate at their best.