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Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.

Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.


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Discussing the future of Learning & Development, Training and HR.






HR Digital Transformation: Advancing Employee Net Promoter Scores with Barry Harper #42

How can companies accelerate their Digital Transformation Journeys? Barry Harper, founder of Nvolve Group discusses how businesses can drive Positive Business Outcomes from reducing costs and workloads to improving productivity, all of which help advance the ENPS (Employee Net Promoter Scores). Find out why the ENPS is a critical component for improving overall employee experience and engagement.


Creating Inclusive Workplaces with Jes Osrow #41

Jes an all-around HR go-getter with 10+ years in HR, recruitment, DEI, and L&D. Her goal is to create fundamental change by empowering inclusive workplaces and cultures that are inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible for all employees. As Co-Founder of The Rise Journey, she works to operationalize DEIBA (diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility) strategies as part of building foundational and sustainable organizational culture.


Protecting employees from Cyber Attacks & Cyber Fraud with Bryan Seely #40

Bryan has advised the White House and is the only hacker and speaker who has successfully wiretapped the United States Secret Service and the FBI, which has put him on the front page of, CNNMoney, CNET, Forbes and The Washington Post. Bryan joins Nick Day on the HR L&D Podcast to discuss the importance of cyber security and why it is essential we protect ourselves, our employees and our organisations against cyber and ransomware attacks, phishing attempts, and the web of lies.


How has WFH impacted our Mental Wellbeing? with Ama Afrifa-Tchie #39

Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of People, Wellbeing & Equity at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England joins Nick Day, Founder of JGA Recruitment Group to discuss the impact Working From Home is having on our mental health in the new world of work. Ama is a valiant cultural builder whose specialism spans people’s experience, workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, mental health and well-being, and corporate responsibility and in this episode, she brings a number of fascinating insights into how...


Achieving a High-Performance Culture with Andrew Freedman #38

Andrew Freedman, discusses the strategies that can help provide global leaders with the foundations required to transform business growth. Co-author of the book: Thrive: The Leader's Guide to Building a High-Performance Culture, we learn exactly what it takes to build and achieve a high-performance culture


Why Performance Feedback is Essential For Success with Tina Clements #37

Tina Clements is a high energy, Learning & Development expert and author of "The Art of Facilitation" who is focused on helping businesses to move forward by motivating and growing talent. Ciritical to optimising the performance of workforces is feedback. We discuss the importance of giving performance feedback; how we can bring it more relevance; and why it is more essential than ever that we provide it as we move in to remote ways of working.


Developing Elite Business Performance with Graham Ravenscroft #36

Graham is not just an elite business performance coach, he someone who has supported the development of athletes at every major global championship, including the London Olympics! We discuss elite level coaching and we explore the characteristics and behaviours behind high-performance within businesses and leaders. We also examine how stress can impact performance and strategies for building resilience.


The Speed of Trust & HR Leadership with Stephen M. R. Covey #35

Nick Day asks the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust” (which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide), Mr Stephen M. R Covey, questions related to how HR Leaders can truly develop trust! Significantly, once trust has is established, we explore how it can positively impact and improve engagement and productivity. Is trust a learnable skill? Discover why Trust is the "One Thing That Changes Everything!". Stephen is also the co-author of the #1...


Investing & Integrating HR Tech with Robert Hicks #34

Robert Hicks, Group Human Resources Director at Reward Gateway joins Nick on the HR L&D Podcast to talk about HR tech, employee wellbeing, reward programmes and Diversity and Inclusion. Listen to this episode to discover why all firms should be considering investing in HR innovation and technology – not just the big brands!


HR, Performance, & Attention to Detail with Chris Denny #33

Reduce mistakes, improve task accuracy, and improve overall productivity. Chris Denny is a researcher, trainer, author and consultant who specialises in working with individuals and organizations to become more detail-oriented. Following over 6 years of research, Chris has developed a system that can improve performance with attention to detail. Listen in to find out more.


Why Aligning HR with Marketing is Critical with Neil Bedwell #32

Aligning HR with Marketing is Critical which is why Neil wants to inspire HR practitioners to think and work like marketers to build belief, fuel adoption, and create opportunities for all employees to become owners of change. Why? Because the future of work depends on it.


Recruiting in the Age of Googlization with Ira Wolfe #31

Ira Wolfe, President and Chief Googlization Officer of Success Performance Solutions is ranked by Thinkers360 as the #1Global Thought Leaders and Influencers in Future of Work category, #3 in HR, and top 20 for Leadership. He has been described as a “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body and the world’s first Chief Googlization Officer. We discuss recruitment in the age of Googlization!


Employee Burnout & Performance Management with David Shar #30

David Shar examines how organisations can improve their leadership and culture, combat burnout, and design meaningful work. David combines decades of leadership experience with the latest psychological research to help you discover how you can prevent burnout to attract, retain, and motivate top talent.


Remote Onboarding a Modern Workforce with David Secunda #29

David Secunda, The Founder and CEO of WorkBright discusses how we can overcome the challenge of remote onboarding. Clearly a relevant HR topic with the world experiencing repeated lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, David takes the opportunity to demonstrate how a modern workforce can be onboarded remotely, helping businesses to build and support established remote or decentralized teams


The Childcare Provision Conundrum for Working Parents with Tom Broome #28

Childcare benefits can help providers to maximise occupancy for providers, build loyalty for employers and offer huge support for working parents. Find out how HR can maximise employee wellbeing by through the provision of childcare benefits.


Closing the Gap from HRD to CEO with Lisa Haggar #27

Closing the Gap from HRD to CEO with Lisa Haggar explores the main reasons why there are so few Human Resources Directors who make it CEO. We also discover where the CIPD fit into the CEO journey and the one thing in HR that Lisa would change...


Becoming a Leader Worth Following with Tim Spiker #26

Tim Spiker, the author of the book “The Only Leaders Worth* Following,” joins Nick Day to discuss exceptional human resources leadership effectiveness and the tools required to help people become, be, and stay leaders who are actually worth following. Tim has identified the ingredients that create exceptional leaders, so I recommend tuning in if you also aspire to become the best HR or L&D leader you can possibly be.


How Neuroscience can help HR and L&D with Simon Ashton #25

Simon Ashton, a business psychologist, trainer and certified coach and head of Learning & Development at Phoenix Leaders, discusses how neuroscience can help organisations gain a better understanding of how people act, think and feel, transforming performance and maximising potential to achieve tangible business outcomes.


Thriving in Uncertain Times with Suzanne Sibilla #24

Suzanne is an experienced Leadership and Employee Development Coach and best-selling author of “Pivot YOU! 6 Powerful Steps to Thriving in Uncertain Times. Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Goals.”. With working from home (WFH) a hot topic right now as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, we discover how HR Leaders really can thrive in uncertain times!


Putting the Human back into HR with Su Patel #023

Su is author of "Putting The Human Back Into HR - Success as an HR professional Begins With You" which aims to provide leaders within Human Resources with solutions to build credible brands for people. We discuss this concept in more detail to discover the key strategies that can help HR leaders to ensure people are always at the heart of a business.